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Can You Shower With Sterling Silver Necklace? Complete Guide

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Here you can check out some of the most interesting and exciting details on whether it is ok to shower with a sterling silver necklace, just check out the details now. This is a common question that is asked by lots of people out there.

If you have purchased a similar kind of jewelry, then you have to very much cautious about whether you should take it under the shower or not.

Furthermore, it is always recommended to take off your jewelry whenever you are about to take a shower or out for your pool time. Moreover, taking your sterling silver under the shower might tarnish and damage its quality.

You need to make it a practice and habit that whenever you hop and jump in the shower, then take off your sterling silver and other jewelry types. By doing so, their quality, color, texture, style, and design will remain top-notch.

Besides, showering your jewelry and introducing it with water make it vulnerable to get tarnished and corrode as soon as possible. So, if you do not want to experience this awful situation and wants to keep your sterling silver jewelry pieces safe and sound, then never and ever take them under the shower. This is the safest and highly accurate answer that we can give it to you. The rest of the details are below-mentioned for you:

All About Sterling Silver

what is sterling silver

You might be wondering what the basics of this sterling silver jewelry are, here you can know about that. This is one of the popular and highly famous jewelry that is loved by common women and even by celebs like  Jennifer Lawrence . If you are looking for a kind of jewelry piece that you can wear regularly, then the sterling silver jewelry type is right and ideal for you.

Furthermore, this jewelry type is considered and marked as one of the go-to metal types so far. It brings a fantastic look to your personality. You can wear this jewelry type for hours and hours and do not get irritated as well. The best part of wearing and flaunting sterling silver jewelry is that you can transition and transform it in any manner you want to! Like you can embrace it casually or wear it formally as well.

In addition, if you do proper care of sterling silver, then such jewelry will remain with you for years and years. Keep in mind that this jewelry type is made by using  92.5 percent 

silver and the rest of the composition is based on other alloys.

The rest of the metals that are injected and infused in sterling silver composition are copper. It is one of the main reasons that this jewelry type gets tarnish immediately and instantly. When copper reacts with water or when it made its reaction with moisture in the air, then sterling silver starts to tarnish itself.

Relation Between Sterling Silver Necklace Jewelry and Showering

sterling silver shower

This is the common question that is asked by lots of citizens from  England  that is it ok to shower with your sterling silver jewelry! It is commonly seen that sterling silver gets tarnished all because of water and moisture and one should not expose such jewelry pieces with water. This metal does get tarnished and deteriorate if you shower with it! Moreover, this is the basic nature of metal that makes it less resistant to water and moisture.

In other words, sterling silver is bound to tarnish and lose its real texture and quality if you constantly expose it with water. If you want to prevent it from further damage and you do not want your sterling silver to become tainted, then keep it away from your shower time.

So, coming to the short and precise answer to this question, it is not recommended to shower with sterling silver jewelry. If you expose your sterling silver necklace with water, then it will definitely and absolutely going to tarnish and fade its color over time.

We have generally seen that shower products are infused with harsh chemicals. They have salts and chlorine in them and these ingredients damage sterling silver quality on drastic notes. In addition, these ingredients even affect the color and appearance of your jewelry.

Keep in mind that you can only shower with a sterling silver necklace or ring if you are using mild soap. After that, you have to quickly dry yourself once you are done with your quick shower time. Regarding cleaning this jewelry piece, you should use mild soap for this sake. Through the application of mild soap, it will be easy for you to remove the build-up present on your sterling silver necklace.

There are lots of other ways and methods that help you preventing and avoiding the tarnishing phase of your sterling silver. What you can do is quickly and immediately dry your sterling silver jewelry once you are out from showering yourself. After a shower, your jewelry piece should not have any moisture and wet stuff on it. You can dry that jewelry piece thoroughly with the help of a towel.

Can you Shower with 925 Sterling Silver Necklace?

can you shower with 925 sterling silver necklace

Here we have this 925 sterling silver jewelry type and it is not suggested to shower with it. If you had this old habit to shower with sterling silver jewelry, then stop pursuing this practice right now. Water contact with such jewelry harms its quality. In addition, exposure to water sources induces tarnishing in 935 sterling silver jewelry.

It is generally seen that water sources are composed of salts and other kinds of harsh chemicals and even chlorine and these ingredients negatively and harshly affect the look and even appearance of your sterling silver. Thus, it is always encouraged to people to take off their jewelry if it is 925 sterling silver made of!

This practice will always turn out to be problematic if you wet your 925 silver. So, avoid pursuing this practice in any case! On the other hand, there are many people who have poured this question that is it ok to wear sterling silver jewelry all the time? You need to know that pure silver is not that susceptible to tarnish whenever you take it in a pure oxygen environment. And copper composed and contained 925 sterling silver, it immediately and instantly reacts to the ozone as well as hydrogen sulfide present in the air and thus brings the problem of tarnishing for sterling silver.

Coming to the sterling silver rust part! You have to understand that silver tarnish is the discoloration aspect of sterling silver jewelry. When it gets tarnished, then it usually and generally becomes yellow or it may appear in the black tint. If you have got the pure silver right there in sterling silver jewelry, then keep in mind that this jewelry type does not react and even tarnish at room temperature.

Interesting Stats on Sterling Silver Jewelry

sterling silver jewelry

Just to give you quick information, the very first legal definition and discovery of sterling silver appeared in the time of  1275 . If you are wondering and thinking regarding how long it takes for any sterling silver necklace jewelry piece to tarnish, here you can have the answer about it! The average tarnishing time is around and about 5 to 30 minutes. Furthermore, you will see that your sterling silver necklace is first of all going to turn yellow in color.

And if you have this question whether it is ok to wear sterling silver and gold together, then the simple answer is yes! You are free to wear and put on gold and sterling silver all together and collectively. In addition, this mixing and fusion of two jewelry types do not bring any negative effect.

If you think that baking soda, as well as aluminum foils, damages your jewelry made of sterling silver, then you are wrong. You can in fact use these ingredients to clean this jewelry type of yours. Furthermore, these ingredients are completely  no-toxic  and they are also great for your sterling silver jewelry. This cleaning method makes use of electrolytic action and does not utilize the chemical-polish abrasion method. With the application of aluminum foil and baking soda, you can allow your sterling silver jewelry to become sparkling again

Important Things to Consider When Showering with Sterling Silver Necklace Jewelry

sterling silver necklace for women

There are certain things that you have to keep in mind when showering with sterling silver necklace jewelry. Below you can see the required and needed details at your end. Like, if you are showering with thisjewelry type, then make sure your water has been free from chlorine traces, salts traces, and also harsh chemicals. If your showering water contains such ingredients and risky chemicals, then there is a  high probability  that your sterling silver necklace will get damaged drastically and instantly.

If you look at the South as well as Eastside of  England 

, then it is seen that they usually use hard water. Their hard water has high mineral content in it and such water instantly deteriorates sterling silver quality. So, if you think that your water is hard, then remove your silver necklace and then enjoy your shower time.

Moreover, there are various kinds of shower gels, shampoos, and soaps that immensely damage your sterling silver necklace texture. If you think that these elements are harsh for your jewelry, then remove your jewelry before taking shower. You have to understand that Sterling silver is a delicate kind of metal. If it gets exposed with any of the strongly perfumed products and fragranced shower products, then your jewelry will love its shine.

Tips to Get Rid of Tarnished Present on Sterling Silver Necklace

tarnished present on sterling silver necklace

If your sterling silver necklace has become tarnished, then there are various useful and great tips that you can follow on your own. First of all, you have to take immense and huge care of such jewelry type. The minute you notice that it is losing its color and getting tarnished, then take it to the professional jeweler right away.

Another recommended way is to keep on polishing your sterling silver necklace. This is how you can preserve its shine, glow, and all luster. The practice of regularly polishing your sterling silver necklace prevents and avoids further amount of tarnishing.

Though you should remove your sterling silver jewelry before showering, but if you forgot to do, then keep in mind the humidity factor as well! It is all because of the humidity presence that affects your jewelry quality as well.

All in all, you have to avoid showering while wearing any of the sterling silver jewelry pieces. No matter, you are going to the bathtub, pool, beach site, you have to take off this jewelry. We have noticed that sterling silver jewelry is known for its shining beauty and to retain this beauty and glow, keep it away from water. This is a tricky metal to deal with and you have to take double care of it.

Hence, sterling silver gets tarnished in a blink of an eye. So, avoid water contact as much as you can. In addition, this is the kind of metal that turns dull and even turns black in a minute, so never take it near t any water source.

It is largely because of copper induction that causes your sterling silver jewelry to get tarnished.  Most importantly , sterling silver is an alloy. In other words, it is a mixture and combination of pure silver and copper. Keeping its contact water-free is going to solve lots of your problems.

How to Keep Sterling Silver From Tarnishing?

how to keep sterling silver from tarnishing

As you may have come across a large number of tips to take care of your sterling silver jewelry and below you can check out and go through some of the easy-to-follow tips. Firstly, it is much important for you to keep your sterling silver necklace in a cool and dark place. Avoid keeping it in wet locations and also avoid securing such necklaces in humidity-filled places.

Secondly, you can shop for a good quality jewelry box where you can secure your sterling silver necklaces. Once you secure them in the jewelry box, then keep that box in a moisture-free location. That jewelry box should not be surrounded by any water, wet, and humidity sources.

Thirdly, you should keep your sterling silver jewelry in separate and individual plastic bags. There should be no air in those bags. And if you are eager to clean your jewelry made of sterling silver, then simply use water and mild detergent. You can use a toothbrush and cotton cloth to remove any residue on them.

Furthermore, you can use a sterling silver cleaner for perfectly and ideally cleaning your jewelry. As a home remedy, you can use toothpaste in this regard. What you can do is to put a little amount of toothpaste on your sterling silver necklace. Take toothpaste on some piece of cloth and then slowly and gradually rub it on your necklace. After that, you can thoroughly rinse your necklace and wipe it down with the help of a dry cloth.

What Type of Jewelry Can You Wear in the Shower?

what type of jewelry can you wear in the shower

You should have a clear understanding concerning what type and kind of jewelry can you wear in the shower! Here we have mentioned lots of jewelry types and you will be able to grab enough information regarding whether you should wet this jewelry or not!

Most importantly, it is ok and fine enough to wear some metal jewelry under the shower, but for the rest of them, you have to remain extremely and immensely careful. If you introduce and expose such metal jewelry with water, then there is a chance that they will lose their quality in a minute.

Moreover, you can go for some DIY cleaning care and professional care to take care of your jewelry pieces. This is a general rule of thumb that you should remove and take off your jewelry when you take a shower. Just make a habitual practice and your jewelry will remain in spic span condition.

As an example, if you do not expose your sterling silver jewelry with water and keep it in a safe and dry place, then its beauty, as well as texture, will be preserved for a long time. This complete and in-detail guide is going to tell you what kind of jewelry withstands water and which one fails to do so!

Can I Shower With Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Moving to the next question that is asked by lots of people, is it ok and fine enough to shower with stainless steel jewelry! So, according to experts, you can shower and take a bath with your stainless steel jewelry pieces.

If your jewelry is made by using good quality stainless steel, then its exposure and contact with water are not going to ever damage and tarnish jewelry it. On the other hand, if you have got jewelry that is made and composed of surgical stainless steel, then keep in mind that such a jewelry piece remains to stay very durable.

Furthermore, it lasts for a long time. Hence, stainless steel jewelry pieces can be taken under the shower, pool, and also at the beach.

You should know that stainless steel is of different and varied types. There are a few stainless steels that are marked and considered to be  100%  ok to be taken with your shower time. This jewelry type reacts a little bit with water and does not lose its quality side as well. However, if you have purchased cheap steel jewelry, then such jewelry immediately reacts with water and gets tarnished.

Can you Shower with Nickel Free Jewelry?

The relationship and connection with nickel-based jewelry and water are quite and much complex enough. In the same way, the relation of plated jewel with water has its own complexity. However, it fine to shower with nickel-based jewelry pieces.

Readers should know that Nickel is an  inexpensive 

and  budget-friendly  jewel type. It is encompassed and packed with a lovely-looking shiny silver color. Though, it is a cheap metal but looks expensive.

If you have this habit of showering with nickel jewelry, then that is fine enough. Experts have said so that nickel is often and frequently mixed with other kinds of metals so that a cheaper alloy combination can be created. It carries more durable plating at its end. That is why this jewelry type is resistant to water and fully withstands moisture.

The only thing that you have to remember is to pat dry your nickel jewelry piece completely once you are out of the shower. By doing so, no adverse reaction will come on your jewelry and it is going to remain much safe and sound.

Can You Shower with Vopper Jewelry and Brass jewelry, or even with Bronze jewelry?

On the other hand, you have to remain much cautious when showering with brass jewelry or with copper jewelry, or even with bronze jewelry. Furthermore, it is generally seen that  copper ,  Brass , and  Bronze  are kind of metals that are not resistant to water. The person has to remain immensely and quite careful about showering with them!

Besides, it depends on your shower water that how much it is going to react negatively water with  copper ,  Bronze , and  Brass  jewelry type! If your shower water has more acidity and mineral content in it, it means your jewelry type will get discolored and fade in less time.

Moreover, such water accompanied by high acidity and high mineral content makes your jewelry stinky. So, if you wish to shower and want to go out in rain or want to have your pool time, then remove your jewelry for sure.

Can you Shower with Platinum Jewelry?

Talking about the water resistance property of platinum property, here you can check out that. If you shower with your platinum jewelry, then this practice will not damage or destroy its quality. But regular and constant exposure to water ultimately  loses its shine .

Furthermore, platinum jewelry is famous and quite popular because of its extraordinary shine quality. It is equally known for its durability. So, if you have this habit of showering with platinum, then that is a fine thing to do. Some of the people have complained that they regularly wore their platinum jewelry while showering and this act makes their jewelry to become darker.

Can I Shower with Pearl Jewelry?

It is never and ever advised to shower with pearly jewelry. If you have this habit to expose your pearl jewelry stuff, then stop doing so right now. In addition, pearls are much delicate all by nature and they should not be exposed to water. We know that pearls come from the ocean and they are cultured in water, but it is not recommended to expose and introduce them to water.

This is commonly seen that water coming from any source harshly and negatively reacts with pearls. No matter, you are using a soap or shampoo or any other oil and acidic product on your pearl jewelry; it is going to get damaged for sure. These kinds of chemicals and sources adversely affect the quality, color, and surface of your pearl jewelry.

So, when you take a shower, take off your pearl jewelry and never forget to do so! Moreover, for cleaning these pearls, just take a soft cloth and gently wipe them off. In addition, you have to limit contact with  oils 

and  lotions  with your pearl jewelry. These are the main and major ingredients that damage your pearls.

Can I Shower with Cubic Zirconia Jewelry?

Discussing the water withstanding property of cubic zirconia jewelry, it is suggested to take off this jewelry before you have your shower time. The repeated and constant exposure to water with this jewelry type damages its overall appearance and quality.

If you do not want to ruin your cubic zirconia jewelry type, then it is always recommended to remove it before starting to shower yourself. You should only wet this jewelry if you wish to clean it, otherwise, avoid wetting it!

Can you Shower with Rhodium Plated Jewelry?

If you have just bought rhodium plated jewelry, then you should have a clear idea regarding whether to shower with it or not! Here we have the exact and accurate answer to this question. It is always advisable to avoid water contact with such a jewelry type!

As we have seen that rhodium plating is typically and generally added in a kind of jewelry that is made by using silver or white gold. This plating and addition are important so that more shine, as well as luster, is added to the specific jewelry type. Beyond, such plating adds more durability.

So, before you enter your shower zone, make sure to remove this kind of jewelry from your body type. You have to make as much as possible an amount of effort and attempt to avoid contact of this jewelry type with any water source.

Hence, if your rhodium plating jewelry gets exposed to water, it will start to wear and tear away. Some of the individuals have even seen that this jewelry type becomes yellow whenever it reacts with water. You can only restore and regain the shine, glow, and luster of rhodium plating jewelry if it does not make a contact with water.

Can I Shower with Pandora jewelry?

One should be aware of this important piece of information that Pandora jewelry is one of the long-lasting jewelry types. If you take care of this jewelry properly and extensively, then it will remain lush looking. Besides, wearing this jewelry  under the shower is not at all recommended and suggested .

The repeated and constant exposure of Pandora jewelry to water sources and other chemicals negatively affects its quality. In other words, this practice potentially and drastically tarnishes it. If you do not want to see your Pandora jewelry getting affected by such a mess, then do not take it with your shower time.

Anyhow, if your Pandora jewelry gets tarnished a little bit, then what you can do is clean it with some warm water and regain its luster and shine. You can even clean this kind of jewelry with some mild soap.

Can I Shower with Solid Gold Jewelry?

It is definitely fine and not damaged at all if you shower with your solid gold jewelry. In other words, it is seen that your solid gold jewelry remains safe and secure if you take them with your shower time. No matter, you have worn yellow gold r rose gold or you have worn white gold, you can expose these jewelry types with water.

But at the same time, you have to remain a little bit careful enough. If you shower with your gold jewelry regularly and frequently, then they are going to lose their shine with the passage of time. Hence, if you do not want to see your gold dull looking, then keep it away from water contact. And when it starts to get dull, then what you can do is to professionally clean it.

Can I Shower with Gold Plated jewelry?

Next, we have this gold-plated jewelry and it is a big no to shower with them! You should never and ever wear gold-plated jewelry while you have your shower time. Instead, take this jewelry firstly and then take a shower. Exposing gold-plated jewelry with water makes it easily and conveniently chipped.

In addition, you should know that gold-plated jewelry is made by using and infusing base metal. This base metal is usually and generally silver or copper. The rest of the gold-plated jewelry is surrounded and accompanied by a thin layer of gold.

It is seen that upon constant exposure of this jewelry type with water, they tend to get lots of scratches on them and they even get chipped in less span of time. All in all, they get uneven coloring on them or you, later on, see no gold color on them.

Can you Shower with Diamond Jewelry?

You can make this habit of yours that whenever you step into your showering time, then it is recommended to take off your diamond jewelry. It does not matter that you have worn a diamond ring or any little diamond jewelry or you have worn diamond studs, it is better to remove them before showering yourself.

It is seen that there are various kinds of lotions, oils, shampoos, and soaps that damage your diamond jewelry. They develop a thin layer on it and make it less shiny and less appealing. So, avoid such contacts with your diamond jewelry. It is advised to keep your diamond jewels in a safe and dry place and avoid water contact with them on the best possible notes.

Can you Shower with Aluminum Jewelry, Niobium jewelry and Titanium Jewelry?

We have these jewelry type categories for you and you need to have a clear set of information regarding whether you should wear or take off this jewelry under shower time! First of all, you have to understand the relationship that exists and present between water and these three metals. In addition,  Aluminum ,  Niobium , and  Titanium  metals are non-reactive whenever they react with water.

Furthermore, they do not get rust on them and they even do not tarnish and fade away.  While you expose these metals with water, then keep in mind that they do not give out any strange odor.

Commonly Asked Question And Answers


Question: Can you Wear Sterling Silver in the Pool?

Answer: We know that sterling silver looks much great and appealing looking when you flaunt it during your beach time, but it is not recommended to wear this piece in the pool. If you do so, then your sterling silver jewels may get damaged. Whenever you are out for your beach party time, then do not bring your sterling silver jewels near to water.

In addition, exposure to water makes them heavily tarnished. Pool water is infused with saltwater and such water deteriorates your jewel quality. So, it is a big no if you are wondering whether it is ok to take your sterling silver in the pool or beach. Moreover, exposure to water causes your jewels to become oxidized and they even become darker in less span of time.

Question: What Jewelry Can you Shower with?

Answer: If you have worn gold or Nickel based jewelry or plated jewelry, then such jewelry is fine to shower with! On the other hand, you are free to wear any solid gold jewelry, yellow gold, rose gold, and also white gold while you are showering. These jewelry types do not react with water and not even get darker, tarnished, and oxidized.

In addition, you can shower right with  14k gold 

. All in all, it is seen that all gold plated jewelry does not get affected by water contact. You can introduce gold-plated jewelry with water and they fail to get tarnish eventually.

Question: Can you Shower with Sterling silver Gold Plated?

Answer: There are certain do’s and dont’s that you should keep in mind while you shower with sterling gold plated jewelry. Like, if you have worn solid gold jewelry or you have worn white gold or yellow gold jewelry, then keep in mind that you can shower with such jewelry. Water is not going to harm these metals if they get exposed to such sources.

On the other hand, if you constantly shower with gold-plated jewel stuff, then this practice will eventually cause your gold jewel layer to wear off wholly and completely.

Question: Can you Wear Sterling Silver 24/7?

Answer: It is not recommended and advised to wear sterling silver 24/7. It is witnessed and observed that sterling silver gradually tarnishes itself if you are going to constantly expose it to open air and water. For the reason that it is not suggested to wear this stuff for the whole time of the day!

If your sterling silver gets tarnished, then you will see that a layer of corrosion will start to appear on it and that piece will become dull and old-looking.


We are quite confident that now all of you are in a better and more confused-free position regarding this thought of whether you should shower with a sterling silver necklace or not! The answer is definitely no. If you are really concerned about your jewelry pieces and you do not want to lose this expensive investment, then take care of them and never shower with them.

However, if your sterling silver necklace loses its shine and luster, then you can follow the above-mentioned tips to regain that shine. In addition, sterling silver is a delicate metal and it is not much resistant when exposed to any moisture and humidity trace. That is why it is recommended to take off your sterling silver jewels while you are at the beach, pool, and bathtub site.

It is largely and primarily because of water exposure that sterling silver jewels get tarnished and become the target of wear and tear. They can remain in their top-notch condition if you avoid keeping them in wet places and instead of storing them in cool and dry places.

So, what you need to do now is consider following the above-mentioned tips to take care of your sterling silver jewelry. If you follow the above guide, then you really do not have to worry about it tarnishing. Keep tuned with us as more details and interesting info is on their way.

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