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11 Best Fake Hip Hop Jewelry That Looks Real in 2021 | Complete Guide

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Are you ready and all geared up to buying these best and top recommended Fake Hip Hop Jewelry That Looks Real? You should be! The attractive quality of these recommendations is that they look real!

We guarantee you that these accessories will amaze you a lot. If you think that your rapping look is not up to the mark, then try to accessorize your outfit with these hip-hop jewelry pieces.

hip hop fake gold chains
Hip hop Fake Gold (Plated) Chains - Smiffys Chunky Gold Necklace Costume Accessory
best fake designer jewelry
Hip Hop Pendants -Tidoo Jewelry Men's Cool Hip Hop Tape&Microphone Pendant Golden Necklaces
Hip Hop Diamond Chain
Hip Hop Diamond Chain -SONGCHANGJEWELRY Iced Out Chain Necklace for Men
gold plated hip hop jewelry
Hip hop Dollar Pendant - Finrezio Gold Plated Necklace for Men Hip Hop Jewelry Dollar Sign Pendant
Hip Hop Chain Necklace
Hip hop Chain Necklace - Putouzip Store Men's 12MM 14MM 20MM Chains 18K Gold Plated CZ Fully Iced-Out Miami Cuban Necklace
Hip Hop Sunglasses Gold
Hip Hop Sunglasses Gold- Moda High Fashion Metal Chain Arm Flat Top Aviator Sunglasses
Hip Hop Jewelry Watches
Hip Hop Jewelry Watches - Charles Raymond Bling-ed Out It's Lit! Hip Hop Watch & Jewerly Set w/Cuban Chain Bracelet
Hip Hop Rings
Hip Hop Rings - NIV'S BLING 18K White/Yellow Gold Plated Lab Diamond Ring
Hip Hop Jewelry Earrings
Hip Hop Jewelry Earrings - KRKC&CO Sterling Silver Stud Earrings, 14K Gold Iced Out Men Earrings
hip hop cross necklace
Hip Hop Cross Necklace - YL Men's Cross Necklace 316L Stainless Steel Jesus Christ Pendant White/Gold/Black Rolo Chain

The enormous number of styles, designs, colors, and shapes are there and it gets quite exciting enough when you have to choose a single hip hop jewelry accessory from such an extensive range.

100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee are offered as well. Have a look at the details now:

Hip hop Fake Gold (Plated) Chains – Smiffys Chunky Gold Necklace Costume Accessory

hip hop fake gold chains

One of the top recommendations that we have collected for you is this Smiffys fake gold necklace that looks real. If you are a rapper by profession and you do not have enough money to buy real and genuine gold jewelry pieces, then try out this suggestion.

This fake necklace actually looks real. In addition, it is loved and praised by rappers like Jay-Z. Giving you a few of the important qualities of this fake hip-hop jewelry, its length is 26 inches and it is made of plastic. Furthermore, this is an affordable and one of the chunky hip-hop costume necklaces that you can get.


  • This fake hip-hop jewelry is around and about 10 inches wide and it is made by using faux gold.
  • This is marked as an affordable and budget-friendly accessory piece.
  • Its overall texture is composed of plastic and long enough in length to be loved by rappers.
  • This hip hop fake gold chains hang in the perfect manner and does not get stuck with your shirt or any outfit.
  • This jewelry arrives in excellent and ideal packaging and you are going to absolutely love the way it is being packed.

Customer Review

I find this hip-hop jewelry piece pretty much classic and disco-looking enough. It thoroughly and extensively completed my disco effect. This chain arrives in the exact form that I actually expected and it looks pretty cute on me.

Hip Hop Pendants -Tidoo Jewelry Men’s Cool Hip Hop Tape&Microphone Pendant Golden Necklaces

best fake designer jewelry

If you think that it is tough to find the best and fake hip-hop jewelry pieces that look real, then here is this next ideal and exclusive suggestion for you. This chain comes along with a pendant and that is its unique selling point.

We know that the presence of a pendant brings a lot of charm and disco effect to your jewelry piece. In addition, such designs are quite popular in the hip hop industry. Its dimensions are 31.49 x 0.35 x 2.16 inches and this necklace was first available on July 25, 2016. We are sure that you have not worn such a necklace that comes with tape and also a microphone pendant!


  • The overall design of this pendant comes in the tape form and it is currently available in the gold color shade.
  • The chain length of this hip hop pendant is 80 cm and the overall dimensions of the pendant are 5.5cm*4.5(2.165*1.772in).
  • You can freely wear this necklace during the everyday routine yours like you can wear and flaunt it during formal, casual, and day-to-day gatherings of yours.
  • If you do not want this best fake designer jewelry piece to get tarnished, then it is advised to limit its exposure to water and body cream.
  • Its construction material is zinc alloy and the met weight of this chain is 108 grams including the weight of the pendant and chain.

Customer Review

I ordered this necklace for the 90’s party and its turns out to be the best choice on my end. This necklace went really well with my Hammer pants and the great part is that it makes an exciting and funny kind of clacking sound though.

Hip Hop Diamond Chain -SONGCHANGJEWELRY Iced Out Chain Necklace for Men

Hip Hop Diamond Chain

Let us all be reviewing this iced-out chain necklace that has created a lot of hype and gathered much attention among hip-hop lovers and fans. This necklace design is immensely popular in the USA. Most importantly, though it is fake, still it is made of the safest material. This one is a 25mm 6 Times Cuban Link Iced Out Necklace that does not tarnish or fade.

It is because of the induction of the purity of the Austrian diamond that this necklace looks much more shining enough as well as outstanding. Lastly, this chain looks much better than that of a traditional chain and it is comparatively sleeker and well-designed.


  • This iced-out chain necklace shows the elements of new craftsmanship as it is engraved with perfection.
  • Its surface is treated with the help and use of high-tech electroplating.
  • This hip hop diamond chain has a curved parallel design and this design is quite popular among a large number of hip-hop fans.
  • This is a great occasion gift that you can give to your husbands, brothers, and boyfriends.
  • Upon buying it, you will get a 2-month warranty time and if you find any problem with this iced out chain necklace, then you can replace it.

Customer Review

I find this piece super cheap, super budget-friendly, and super stylish. It served by disco entertainment purpose and that I like about it. This chain is so far the perfect purchase from my side. It started to shine as soon as I took it out from the package.

Hip hop Dollar Pendant – Finrezio Gold Plated Necklace for Men Hip Hop Jewelry Dollar Sign Pendant

gold plated hip hop jewelry

Here is this dollar sign pendant for all rappers out there. This one is a bigger size dollar sign necklace that any rapper can get! If you belong to the hip hop industry or planning to make an entrance into this industry, then that is the right hip-hop jewelry piece for you. Its chain is longer and thicker and the service life offered by the brand is quite long enough.

The pendant size is 2.76” * 2.36” (7cm * 6cm) and the Chain length is around and about 30” (77cm). You can note down that the chain width is 9mm and the total weight is approximately 120 Grams. You may have spotted wearing this necklace by 50 Cent and other celebs.


  • This necklace is made by using high-quality materials. In other words, it is made of high-quality Environmental alloy.
  • This piece is gold plated hip hop jewelry and it never and ever changes its color. There is an inlaid crystal present in it that makes it sparkly enough.
  • In addition, this chain has passed itself through 3-level quality control methods and completely hand polished.
  • This pendant is individually packaged and you will be given with Excellent After-sellers Service.
  • This is a risk-free guaranteed product and you will have a pleasant shopping experience for sure.

Customer Review

No doubt, buying this necklace brings a fun addition to my entire costume. This chain is extremely nice and wonderful to put on and it truly represented and showcased the 70s pimp style. Though it is a little bit pricey enough but that is alright!

Hip hop Chain Necklace – Putouzip Store Men’s 12MM 14MM 20MM Chains 18K Gold Plated CZ Fully Iced-Out Miami Cuban Necklace

Hip Hop Chain Necklace

We ate quite confident that you are going to find this imported and best-looking hip hop necklace chain the most desirable looking of all! It is exclusively made for male rappers and considered one of the topmost choices when it comes to fake hip-hop jewelry pieces. This necklace is infused with the combination of AAA + Rhinestone and it is undoubtedly one of the dazzling looking jewelry pieces. You may have observed its craze so far in New York premises.


  • This is a bling-looking hip hop chain necklace that perfectly and ideally hangs on your body.
  • The overall construction on the basis of it this chain is made is by using Alloy+AAA Rhinestone.
  • Keep in mind the necklace length and is 50CM(20INCH)/60cm(24inch)/75cm (29.527in) and the Bracelet is 20cm wide.
  • The style and design aspect incorporated in this chain is pure hip hop and Miami style.
  • This is the best gift that you can give and think for your boys and men and even for teenagers.

Customer Review

I bought this set for my lover, boyfriend. It was an anniversary gift and my boyfriend just loved it a lot. The set comes with a necklace and bracelet and it is a very nice looking set as well. It looks very shiny and ideally remains to stay well fitted enough.

Hip Hop Sunglasses Gold- Moda High Fashion Metal Chain Arm Flat Top Aviator Sunglasses

Hip Hop Sunglasses Gold

To all rappers, they can now revise and revolutionize their attire sense. Just put on these aviator sunglasses and up your rapping game right now. You can see that these are hip-hop chain glasses. They are available in a shiny gold color range and compose of a slip-on closure.

Furthermore, these hip hop sunglasses come along with a plastic frame and the overall frame width is 5.75″ and height is 2.1″ approximately. It was first available on May 6, 2013, and these glasses are exclusively made for the women category. You can now make your mind and up your rapping game by just buying these top-notch hip-hop glasses as soon as possible.


  • These hip-hop chain sunglasses complete your outfit look and they are all gold plated studded.
  • These pair of glasses are accompanied by a plastic frame and infused with a bold-rimmed flat top.
  • You will find the presence of slip-on closure too and note down that this is metal chain is gold-plated.
  • All in all, these glasses are covered and packed with a nice and shiny finish.
  • The product dimensions are 5 x 3 x 3 inches and the weight is 0.63 Ounces.

Customer Review

This is a definite and top recommendation from my side. Friends in my circle thought that this is a designer wear design. Moreover, according to me, this piece is heavy and durable looking. It is marked as a perfect accent and goes in synchronization with my disco costume.

Hip Hop Jewelry Watches – Charles Raymond Bling-ed Out It’s Lit! Hip Hop Watch & Jewerly Set w/Cuban Chain Bracelet

Hip Hop Jewelry Watches

It is all high time to up your rapping and disco playing the game and you can do that by grabbing this set that is included with a Cuban chain bracelet and earrings and also a ring. How cool and amazing it is! If you have not yet tried out this Hip Hop Watch w/ Bling Bling, then it is time to do so. In addition, this is a top recommended 4pc Men’s Jewelry that arrives in a beautiful-looking gift box. If you notice that your closet needs to be updated and the latest fake hip hop jewelry, then try this suggestion now and share your feedback with us.


  • This hip hop jewelry watches is infused and composed of a Shiny Glitter Dial that measures 9″.
  • The overall and whole set is included with a Fully Iced Jewelry that comes with an approximately 9″ Cuban Chain Bracelet.
  • It has got a Rubber Bullet Design Watch Band and this band comes with Bracelet and Kite Earrings as well as a Size 9 Iced Out Ring.
  • Moreover, this set consists of and comprises stainless steel back.
  • This whole set has Japan Movement Parts and it is completely assembled in Singapore

Customer Review

You will not trust me but that is actually true that my son loved this whole set. I bought this set because he needed it for his 8th grade disco hip hop party session. My son wore all the pieces that were present in the set and he simply loved each bit of them. I think this is a great choice!

Hip Hop Rings – NIV’S BLING 18K White/Yellow Gold Plated Lab Diamond Ring

Hip Hop Rings

How about buying this gold plated lab diamond ring that is here to capture your hearts! Just grab this fake hip-hop jewelry that looks real and share your opinion and feedback with us. This ring shines on excellent and ideal notes.

In addition, it can be worn by both men and women who belong to the rapping industry. Furthermore, this ring is flooded and jam-packed with individually set kinds of CZ stones and designed by a professional jeweler. Upon putting on this ring, it makes sure that it shines like that of a real VVS diamond.


  • This hip hop rings is tough and durable looking and it is incorporated with the base of 316L stainless steel as well as 18k gold ion plating.
  • This ring is finished in a way and manner that its color never and ever fades away. Moreover, this ring never tarnishes and made in a manner to lasts for years and years.
  • You will find this ring skin safe, hypoallergenic and it remains to stay lead/nickel free.
  • You will see quality craftsmanship in this hip-hop ring design and it is completely plated with 18K gold.
  • This ring is loaded with top-notch and high-quality cubic zirconia stones and manages to bring out spectacular bling.

Customer Review

I just love this ring because its color and shades hardly fade away. No matter, I wash my hands how many numbers of times, this ring does not lose its shine and spark. I give my thumbs up to this hip-hop ring, you can order it as well.

Hip Hop Jewelry Earrings – KRKC&CO Sterling Silver Stud Earrings, 14K Gold Iced Out Men Earrings

Hip Hop Jewelry Earrings

If you think that your hip-hop look is incomplete, then try putting on these chain earrings that we have recommended to you. They absolutely look real and available in the form of sterling silver stud earrings. Besides, these earrings remain to stay shiny enough forever and ever.

Keep in mind that each of the CZ-stone that is embossed and hand-selected in these earrings is of 5A quality. These stones look totally clean as well as transparent and they shine in a manner as if you have worn real diamonds. Lastly, these rings have adopted 0.3μm gold plating and it assures and promises to give no color fading.


  • These hip hop jewelry earrings reflect plenty amount of light and it creates that ideal and perfect range of bling-bling effect.
  • Note down that these 14k gold plated and iced out stud earrings make use of prong-setting and they do not make use of glue sets.
  • They are of low hypoallergenic nature and safe to be worn on all skin types.
  • These earrings are solid and convenient looking and they are further secured with the help of butterfly backings.
  • They are perfect to be worn during your sessions of hip hop, rapping, party, and also photo and video shoots.

Customer Review

I think that these 14k plated earrings look like real diamonds and they up my disco game look in the best manner. The minute I wear these earrings, they just do not bother my ears at all. This is a great gift that you can consider!

Hip Hop Cross Necklace – YL Men’s Cross Necklace 316L Stainless Steel Jesus Christ Pendant White/Gold/Black Rolo Chain

hip hop cross necklace

The last recommendation that you can try out is this hip-hop cross necklace that is made of stainless steel. It gives us a glimpse and feels as if you have worn a real and high-end jewelry piece for your rapping and all-go disco session.

As you can see that this is a 316L Stainless Steel Big Cross Necklace and this is suitable to be worn by both genders. This necklace is installed and infused with a stylish design and it looks much bigger and classic looking. Moreover, this necklace has a High Polished Beveled Edge and shows a perfect quality at its end.


  • This hip hop cross necklace is made by using top-notch Stainless Steel and it looks quite durable and sturdy enough.
  • Rappers can freely and easily wear this necklace as their daily jewelry piece.
  • You can notice that this necklace has 18 K Black Gold Plating and it successfully offers Long-time Color Retention.
  • You may not see any defect in it but in case of any issue, the brand is going to offer a full and instant replacement.
  • The element of High Polished Beveled Edge is seen in this necklace and this turns out to be its unique selling point.

Customer Review

This whole hip-hop cross exceeds my overall expectations! I bought it for my brother and he has fallen in love with this hip-hop necklace. He loves the size, style, and design of it. The colors of this piece look brilliant and the quality is exceptional as well!

Best Hip Hop Jewelry Websites

You might be wondering which one is the fake hip-hop jewelry site, here you can check out the details. We have collected updated information for you.

By the word fake hip hop jewelry sites, you should not assume this fact that they sell fake jewelry. It is just that they sell inexpensive and cost-friendly pieces of jewelry.

So, grab these best of all jewelry pieces from these sites and share your views on them:

1.King Ice

This one is a trustworthy fake hip-hop jewelry site that you can try out. From here, you can buy some of the inexpensive hip-hop essentials like stainless steel necklaces, rings, and even watches. Furthermore, you can buy any of the interesting pendants from this site that includes brands of Rick and Morty, Spaceman, and brands like Hockey mask.

2.Hip Hop Bling

From this exclusive site, you can buy and shop the best jewelry that looks real. You will fall in love with their top-of-the-line bling watches. Some rappers have loved their diamond-studded pendants and delicate-looking rings. All of their products show the trait of excellent workmanship.

3.Jewelry Fresh

Now, from this site, you can catch up with the largest collection and range of fake hip-hop jewelry pieces. To all hip hop and disco artists, they can buy exquisite-looking chains, earrings, and even bracelets, pendants from this site. No doubt, all of their pendants are versatile looking that comes with crosses.

4.Master of Bling

You can try out this Master of Bling site that is considered the top and highly reputed fake hip hop jewelry site. All of their hip-hop jewelry pieces truly match your fashion and styling needs. In addition, this site offers a product range like that of bracelets, watches, as well as earrings, chains, rings.

5.The Gold Gods

It is now easy to look and search for gold-plated necklaces because this site offers such an exceptional product range. You can buy all kinds of chains and solid gold chains and even bracelets ring from this page. This website offers good quality and high-end gold-plated hip hop jewelry no doubt!

6.Bling Jewelry

This site is known for selling affordable hip-hop jewelry. If you are a fan of wearing and using Bling Jewelry, then that is the right website option for you. They offer customized jewelry pieces and help in diversifying your hip-hop jewelry collection in the best manner.

7.Spicy Ice

This is the kind of website that offers and designs unmatchable hip-hop jewelry pieces for their customers. All of their products are encapsulated with stunning designs; stylish pieces and every single piece of them is pretty much affordable. You can buy watches, chains and all sorts of pendants rings from here.

8.The Bling Factory

We have seen that this site Bling Factory boasts and packed with stylish pieces of best-looking necklaces. You can even buy great and attractive-looking watches and rings and too earrings and anklets from here. Customers are offered hassle-free and free shipping time and the highest level of satisfaction.

9.Frost NYC

If you have not yet shopped from Frost NYC time, then it is the right time to do so. This is one of the biggest brands that sell the best and most trendy looking hip hop jewelry. You can haverings, necklaces, and stylish chains, bracelets from here. From this site, you can even order diamond and gold pendants.

10.Ice Blingers

This is the exclusive brand that offers budget-friendly and not so expensive hip hop jewelry. If you want to buy some disco-looking Grillz, rings, and any trendy chains, pendants, then check out this site. Furthermore, this site is known for designing exceptional and high-end hip hop watches and bracelets.

Extra Choice 

You can visit this Iced Up London site that has got extensive repute and praise for selling top-notch fake diamond jewelry pieces. This site founded in the year 2019 and based in London UK. Besides, this site keeps on updating its trendy hip-hop jewelry pieces. This site has got 300 plus real and positive reviews

FAQS About Fake Hip Hop Jewelry That Looks Real 

Question: What is most fake jewelry made of?

Answer: The fakest jewelry is made with the help of different metal materials. Like, you can either have fake jewelry made of gold or it can be made of silver-plated brass. We have seen that sometimes fake jewelry pieces are made of vermeil or they can be made of sterling silver. It is seen that there are a large number of lower-priced jewelry that make use of gold plating and a few of the fake jewelry pieces prefer incorporating and infusing plastic, acrylic, and even leather, or wood.

Question: How do you tell if jewelry is real or fake?

Answer: To tell whether you have worn a fake piece of jewelry or the real one, there is this simple magnet test that you can carry out. We notice and observe that gold and silver jewelry are commonly not magnetic in nature. What you can do is to hold up a strong magnet right to your piece of jewelry and if that jewelry manages to get a stick, then that is an immediate and instant indication that you are using fake jewelry. Then there is also this fog test that helps us to determine whether you have worn real diamond jewelry or a fake one!

Question: Why do rappers buy jewelry?

Answer: There is this common observation that why do rappers and artists wear jewelry, here we are going to tell you the hidden truth about this fact. Every single rapper prefers wearing gold chains, necklaces, bracelets, and disco-type rings and earrings. These pieces of jewelry are assets for them and up their rapping game too.

Question: Is it OK to wear fake gold?

Answer: Though it is completely fine and alright to wear fake gold you should avoid wearing those jewelry pieces that are infused with metals like lead and cadmium. Furthermore, you should stop wearing those kinds of jewelry pieces that are encompassed with aluminum metal. Such metals may lead your body to become the victim of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s. You may experience fatigue, nausea. Moreover, fake gold jewelry may give you abnormal heart rhythm, and even cancer.

Question: Which rappers wear fake jewelry?

Answer: There are lots of rappers out there who wear fake jewelry and you can check out a few of the names from here. Like, we have Tekashi 6ix9ine, Big Sean, Ugly God, and also Kevin Gates and Plies. If you can think of more rappers who wear and prefer to use fake jewelry, then you can let us know about their names.

Question: What is considered fake jewelry?

Answer: There are a large number of ways that can instantly tell you whether you have opted for fake or real jewelry. Like, you can lightly scratch your jewelry surface and then apply a little nitric acid amount right on that surface. If your jewelry surface turns out to be green, then it means your opted piece of jewelry piece might be gold clad. On the other hand, a milky substance is going to appear if your gold jewelry piece contains sterling in it.


So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of these fake hip-hop jewelry pieces that look real and feel free to pen down to us your feedback.

You will love these recommendations as they are crafted by professional jewelers. Furthermore, these hip hop and disco-style jewelry pieces are creatively designed.

They are available in a fabulous number of designs and shapes. Moreover, these jewelries are packed in beautiful and appealing-looking gift boxes.

Upon wearing and flaunting them, you will notice that these jewelry pieces show a top luster and look much dazzling.


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