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How to Prevent Nose Piercing From Falling Out in Sleep at Night?

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My Nose Piercing Fell Out Overnight Can Put It Back In

Falling out of jewellery is a very common problem after getting nose piercing, and you can face it during the healing process. It’s very risky if your nose piercing is fresh. Nose piercing is one of the cartilage piercings, and it can be close after a long time. You shouldn’t remove your nose jewellery if it is a new piercing.

Try to put it back in your nose if your nose piercing fell out, and you didn’t know how long till it closes. You didn’t find it, contact your piercer shop with no delay. They’ll help you and can save your new piercing. There are a lot of reasons for falling out nose piercing. Some major reasons are:

  • Don’t have the fitted jewellery
  • During a bath or swimming, you may lose it
  • When you sleep and pillow entangle with nose piercing
  • Face cleaning with a towel or napkin
  • Children touching your nose piercing
  • Infected piercing or body rejection

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How long does it take for a nose piercing to close?

It depends on you if you don’t want to keep your piercing and want to try again after some time. Then leave the nose piercing open and leave it for full healing. Otherwise, try to put on new jewellery as early as possible and try all methods for how to keep the hole open.

I recommend you to pierce with a nose ring; it doesn’t fall easily and you can change it after a full healing. When I got my nose piercing, my nose piercing fell out and I lost it. I didn’t know if my nose piercing would remain open or close up overnight. I searched my nose everywhere but couldn’t find it. I tried to put it back in, but it’s unbearable.

I didn’t know will my nose piercing close up overnight, or it takes much time for closing; I know after some time new piercing is most prone to close rather than an old piercing. You lost new nose piercing, it’ll close up soon. Consult your piercer and follow what they suggest to you. They know all precautions that can save your piercing.

Will My Nose Piercing Close Up Overnight

How to reopen a nose piercing at home?

Like all other body piercing; nose piercing also takes a long time for its full recovery. You feel pain, redness and swelling in the piercing area. Piercing time varies according to the place where you get piercing, type of piercing and sanitary conditions, etc.

Nose piercing usually takes 3 to 4 months for the full healing process, but it can close up after a long time. Keep your jewellery in the hole otherwise, it will close up soon. Don’t touch it without washing your hands.

Clean nose area with saline solution and don’t spray any antibiotic or alcoholic spray on the new piercing area. You can put on an earring if you lose your nose ring. It will keep the hole open until you get new jewellery for nose piercing. After having new jewellery, you try to search the lost nose ring in different places:

  • Check your pillow or bedsheet
  • In the washroom or the drain hole
  • Attentively check towel or napkin
  • An area where you walk or play
  • Check your cotton wool, you use for cleaning the new piercing

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Will a straight nose stud fall out?

Common Situations/Factors

In all body piercings, you face the risk of falling out of the jewellery. It’s more common and frequently happened in a nose piercing. Some common situations are:

  • During your sleep
  • When taking a Bath
  • Cleaning your face or during makeup

Your nose piercing came out in your sleep or most common situation is when you are taking a bath or shower, your jewellery falls out and it will wash away with drainage water. When you face this situation, check-in the washroom.

Your jewellery is too costly, then you can call a plumber for your help. It will recover after opening the drainage hole and removing the covering sheet of the hole

During makeup and cleaning your face, you can lose your new nose piercing. Check your tissue or makeup box for finding a lost nose ring and you can find it with some effort.

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How to keep my nose ring from falling out at night?

You can make sure to retain your nose ring by following some suggestions. It’ll not eliminate all chances of falling out jewellery but it can decrease it to some extent.

  • Use the safest metal for getting a new piercing
  • Follow aftercare precautions for nostril piercing
  • Don’t touch your jewellery repeatedly
  • Try it, don’t contact with makeup
  • Choose the best and fittest jewellery for a new piercing

You should use the safest metal that can save you from infection and body rejection. Titanium is the most suitable and recommended one. It keeps your nose piercing from coming out. Never use gold, nickel and silver for a new piercing. They are not suitable for skin and your piercing comes out.

By following aftercare treatment and precautionary measures, you keep your jewellery. You shouldn’t touch your new piercing and make sure it didn’t contact with makeup. It’ll save your jewellery from falling out and you never lost it.

Use a curved nose stud for a new piercing, it’s harder to fall out. You don’t face the fear of nose piercing loss.

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How to stop nose stud falling out in sleep?

Nose piercing is not a straightforward task. When you lose your nose ring, try how you can keep your hole open until you can put on new jewellery. A new piercing is prone to close up overnight, but old piercing takes time for the closeup. So get the immediate help of a piercer or your friend.

If you don’t want to keep the new piercing, just leave it for a full recovery. Use saline water or saltwater for cleaning the piercing site. It’ll prevent you from infections and recover the damaged skin. Proper care is essential for the piercing area.

Piercing damaged skin tissues and it needs time for a full recovery. After losing your nose piercing, don’t put in any cheap material jewellery like nickel and silver. It’ll lead to many serious issues of health.

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How to stop nose stud falling out in sleep (FAQS)

Question: Do nose piercings fall out easily ?

Answer: No, it doesn’t fall out easily, although it’s a common problem. It depends on the jewellery that you choose for starting nose piercing. L- shaped nose studs easily fell out, while curved nose studs are more stable for the new piercing.

Question: How to Prevent Nose Piercing from Falling Out in Sleep?

Answer: You can remove your nose piercing if it’s too old and has fully recovered. But if the piercing is new and didn’t fully heal, don’t remove your jewellery. Your nose piercing will close up while you sleep.

Question: Why does my Nose Piercing Fall Out and won’t go back in?

Answer: It means piercing close up and you won’t put in new jewellery yourself. You should consult any piercing professional who can solve your problem by using different reopening methods.

Question: Can a Corkscrew Nose Ring Fall Out?

Answer: Although the corkscrew nose ring is one of the safest and secure types of jewellery, you didn’t consider it 100% safe. You can lose your nose ring if you don’t take care while sleeping or swimming.

Question: Why My Nose Piercing Fell Out While I Was Sleeping?

Answer: Loose and unsuitable piercing fall out or your body doesn’t accept it. That’s why your nose piercing fell out in your sleep.

Question: Why My Nose Piercing Fell Out and I Put It Back in?

Answer: There are a lot of reasons your nose piercing fell out as it entangled with your clothes or hair, etc. You should put the piercing back as early as possible.

Question: Will My Nose Piercing Fall Out When I Sleep?

Answer: It’s not essential, your piercing will fall out in your sleep. Secure and proper fitted jewellery is stable and has no fear of falling out during sleep.

Question: What to do if my Nose Piercing Fell Out?

Answer: Try to keep the hole open by inserting anything like you can put in an earring, etc. You shouldn’t waste time and contact your piercer before it closes.

Question: What to do if Your Nose Piercing Fell Out?

Answer: My nose piercing fell out, I tried hard to search for it, but I lost it. I know it will close up overnight. My mother gave me her old nose piercing, and I wore it till I got a new one.

Question: Why does my Nose Piercing fall out?

Answer: Your nose piercing falls out if you are using cheap material jewellery or your body is not accepting your piercing. Sensitive skin also rejects nose piercing and it falls out.

Question: Why did my Nose Piercing Fall Out?

Answer: Your nose piercing fell out if you used gold or nickel as initial jewellery. L- shaped jewellery is not suitable for a new nose piercing and your piercing fell out.

Question: Will my Nose Piercing Fall out if I go Swimming?

Answer: It’s highly recommended by all piercer and skin specialists, avoid swimming in your new piercing. It’ll fall out and create problems for germs and polluted water. It is not sure your piercing will fall out if you go swimming, but it becomes infected and creates complications.


We associate many complications and risks with the nose piercing. With proper care and treatment, we can avoid all these problems and risks. You shouldn’t remove the nose ring in the new piercing. It’ll close up overnight and you have to go through all procedures once again. So make sure you are following all the recommended steps for its full recovery.


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