How to Sleep with Earrings Comfortably at Night Easily? Complete Guide

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Whenever we go to bed, we want to sleep peacefully and restfully. We don’t want something as small as earrings to bother us or interrupt our sleep. Sometimes earrings can make your ears swollen, annoying, and reddened. Due to the irritation of earrings, some people have the option to remove them.

But sometimes we do not remember to remove them or sometimes there is also a fear of losing them and it is very tough to wear them again. So if you don’t want to remove them, here are some interesting and fascinating points on how to sleep with earrings comfortably.

How to sleep with earrings comfortably at night?

This is a very irritating and difficult task to remove your earrings at the end of a tiring day. When you go to work in the morning, you have to wear them again. It may discomfort you especially when you are going to be late for work. To avoid this inconvenience, you should wear earrings while sleeping. For this purpose, the most secured earrings are screw back and flat back earrings as they cannot be pulled off or hurt your skin. You can use small size and lightweight earrings that comforts your sleep.

 For more details, we try to find out some other points on how to sleep comfortably with earrings. 

best cartilage earrings to sleep in

Important Steps to Sleep with Earrings Comfortably

Here are some important steps and guidelines for everyone who wants to sleep while wearing earrings comfortably at night :

Try to Use Earring Clasps

It is up to your choice that which type of earrings you choose to wear while sleeping. If you choose post earrings and hook earrings, these are the most common and convenient earrings and they have soft clear silicon as it protects the end of the earring from poking and hurting your skin.

If you choose the screw back earrings, backs of these earrings cannot be pulled off; as it has to be fully unscrewed. Screw back earrings, therefore, are a good option that stops the earring from sticking into your skin.

Always Consider the Suitable Pillow for a Comfortable Sleep

how to sleep with earrings in

Sleeping on your back is ideal but if you can’t avoid sleeping on your side, use a U-shaped pillow or ear hole pillow which holds you in an ideal position. These pillows elevate the pressure on your earrings and provide effective relief.

Hoop Earrings You Can Sleep in

Sleeping Position Plays a vital Role

How to sleep with new earrings

If you are not already a back sleeper, you need to teach yourself to sleep on your back because the side and stomach position will bother your earrings.

 Let’s break these sleeping position into further easy steps: 
Step-1 | Time Management
It takes months to learn a new habit, so give yourself enough time to learn to sleep on your back because it’s the best position. So developing this habit could be time-consuming so don’t give up.
Step-2 | Support Back
To keep your body on your back all night, place pillows around you as a support to hold your body in place. This makes laying on your back easier and comfortable.
Step-3 | Proper Arm Replacement
To keep your body on your back, keep your arms by your side, lay on the top of the pillows, or tuck underneath the pillows.

Always tighten your Hair Properly

how to sleep with earrings on

Of course, you want to protect your earrings from getting entangled in your hair. so keep your hair tied at night so that it does not get entangled with earrings. You can use plain rubber bands or a simple silk scarf to avoid entangling your hair with earrings.

Most Comfortable Clip on Earrings

Comfortable Sleeper Earrings is Good Choice

Sleeper earrings

Hoop earrings are lightweight and make your sleep more comfortable. They are also small in size so it’s very easy to sleep in them, also you don’t have to worry about losing earrings while sleeping because hoop earrings have secured clasps.

Flat Back earrings are also a good choice

flat back earrings

Flat Back earrings are another pleasant substitute if you want to wear earrings while sleeping. Opposite to the other earrings, they have a completely flat back end. These earrings are comfortable and do not hurt you while sleeping.

Earring Backs for Sleeping

How long till you can sleep on an ear piercing?

When you get a new piercing, to avoid healing of your piercing, it is necessary to keep on wearing the earrings for as long as 6 weeks or longer, or until your piercer gives you OK. Holes may not get close after only a few hours but when you get a fresh piercing, it is necessary to wear earrings.

How to sleep with new piercings on both ears?

Especially for the side sleepers, it is very difficult to sleep with new piercing in both ears. It may increase the pressure on your new piercing which may cause some infection and pain. So, for the first 6 weeks, you’ll need to sleep on your back until your piercing gets healed enough to sleep on the side. You can place pillows around you as a support to hold your body in place.

Sleeping on your back is ideal with a new piercing but if you are a side sleeper and  you can’t avoid sleeping on your side, use a U-shaped pillow or ear hole pillow which hold you in an ideal position

Make sure to use earrings that are comfortable and skin-friendly. Use silicone stoppers because these are soft, lightweight, and prevent the end of the stud from poking and hurting your skin when you sleep.

When can you sleep without earrings after piercing?

when can you sleep without earrings after piercing

You should wear earrings after piercing. If you start to remove earrings at night, make sure that the earrings can insert into the holes the next morning. don’t leave your new piercing without earrings for a long interval as these holes will start healing at this early stage. Once again this will depend upon the person involved in this. You should keep wearing earrings at least six weeks to three months after the new piercing.

How to stop earrings from poking?

how to stop earrings from poking

We can use flat back earrings that have flat backings and are comfortable as they do not poke. We can also use Hoop earrings. They are small in size, lightweight, and reliable. They have secured clasps which help them not to lose. Other than that, we can also use silicone stoppers. These are gentle, soft, and lightweight. They protect earrings to poke and feel very natural and comfortable.

Is it OK to sleep with earrings in?

This is OK to sleep with earrings only if you keep cleaning the holes at least twice a week. It, also, protects your ears from infection. It might be irritating in the beginning but once you get used to it, it feels natural to wear them at night.

If you are an active sleeper and move a lot while sleeping, you should use silicon backings to avoid losing earrings at night. Wearing earrings at night makes your piercing bearable for all kinds of earrings.

What could happen?

There can also be some negative side effects if you wear earrings while sleeping:

Skin can be torn

During sleep, your earrings can get entangled with your hair or pillow, which may tear your skin or result in enlargement of the ear lobe. Heavyweight, large, or catchy earrings may further increase the risk of the above side effects.

Headaches will be possible

If you usually wake with a headache, you could blame the earrings as the reason for your headache. Especially if you are a side sleeper, earrings may press your head from the side and cause discomfort.


If you don’t clean your piercing for a long time, it may cause infection in your earlobes. It may result in swelling, redness, pus, and pain.

Allergic reactions

Nearly 30% of the persons have an allergic reaction to nickel which is mostly used in jewelry. Material like nickel used in earrings may cause an allergic reaction and discomforts you. Using nickel-based jewelry may cause itchy rashes, redness, and sleeping in these earrings may increase the risk of allergic reactions.

Always clean your newly pierced ear before going to sleep

Cleaning your new piercing may eliminate the risk of all types of infections and allergic reactions. Don’t forget to clean the piercing at least twice a day with antibacterial soap and water.

 Benefits you will get! 
  • Cleaning your piercing will protect your ear lobes from any type of infection or allergies.
  • It always keeps away the infectious germs and prevents your ears from side effects.
  • It improves our ear health.
  • It keeps your piercing away from redness, rashes, and pain.
  • It can’t be tearing and damaging your skin.

How to sleep with new earrings?

With new piercings, you should use flat studs to avoid the risk. New piercings can be difficult to sleep in, especially for side sleepers. You should keep your body on your back all night, place pillows around you as a support to hold your body in place.

This makes laying on your back easier and more natural. You can also keep your arms by your side, lay on the top of the pillows, or tuck underneath the pillows.


Earrings are a symbol of womanhood. The cheap metal used in earrings can cause skin infection, irritation, or some serious health issues. Besides this, the holes stay open for a few weeks or more after if you have been using earrings for several years. So a point reaches when you need to wear earrings to enhance your beauty as well as to keep your piercing opened.

Hence your choice does matter here which may make you comfortable with your earrings for a long time or make you feel unnatural. Your choice may enhance the beauty of your wearing style or make it dull and sick. So the measures which are given above are important to apply while wearing earrings and sleeping comfortably with earrings, without being disturbed or feeling unnatural.

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