10 Best Earring Backs That Don’t Fall Off in 2021 | Complete Guide

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Are you worried about your earring backs to poke out every time? Or are you worried about your earrings to lose again and again? If you are tired of all these problems and looking for secure earrings’ backs, then you will find here the material of your choice. Earrings back to protect the earrings from poking by providing a firm grip, so keeping earrings in the earlobe.

So, here is a list of the simple yet unique earring backs that will not fall off keeping earrings in earlobe but also provide you with a comfy sensation with happiness guaranteed.

best earring backs
4-Pairs Screw Earrings Backs
ear lobe support for heavy earrings
14K Gold Earring Backs
locking earring backs
LOX-Mega-Grip Earring Backs
earring support backs
PARIKHS LuxLock USA Patented Replacement Earring Back
sterling silver earring backs
uGems Sterling Silver Jumbo Earring Backs
best earring stabilizers
Secure Earring Backs Lifters

Fomissky Secure Earring Backs For Studs

4-Pairs Screw Earrings Backs


best earring backs


925 sterling silver earrings backs are the best option for secure earring backs.18K Gold plated earrings’ backs are hypoallergenic. Size is 0.24*0.24 inches.4 pairs of earrings backs with secure grip don’t fall off so preventing earrings from falling off. These earring backs are long-lasting and hypoallergenic.


  • 925 sterling silver prevents your earlobe from any infection so you can use earring backs all time.
  • 1 8K gold gives a long-lasting lustre to the earring backs and prevents it from fading.
  • We design earring backs with a perfect size, so it prevents your earrings from poking and falling off from the ear.
  • We provide 4 pairs of earring backs so you can easily use them with multiple earrings.
  • These screw back earrings are hypoallergenic so best for sensitive ears.
  • We pack the product in a beautiful pouch.
  • We assure e exchange and policy with these earrings’ backs with happiness guaranteed.

14K Gold Earring Backs

ear lobe support for heavy earrings


Uniquely designed 14K Gold earring backs prevents the earrings from falling off. The diameter of the earring back is 5.4mm. Earring back size is also available according to top the customer’s demand. Size perfectly fit the earring post of standard size. These 4 pcs of earring backs are hypoallergenic and provide a powerful grip to the earring preventing it from falling off.


  • We design 14K Gold earrings back in such a way that they will keep your earring in the earlobe, providing a comfy sensation.
  • These types of best locking earring backs are free of toxic metals, so you will face no allergic reactions or infection by wearing them.
  • The perfect diameter and size of the earring backs make them fit perfectly with the earring post so they will prevent your earring from poking out.
  • We provide 4pcs of these earrings’ backs so you can use them for a longer time.
  • We pack earring backs in the beautiful box.
  • We assure you 30 day’s money back and exchange guaranteed with this product.

LOX-Mega-Grip Earring Backs

locking earring backs


LOX- Mega-Grip earring backs are the best choice to keep prevent the earrings from falling off from the earlobe. These simple earring backs give a silver-tone. 2 pairs of these earring backs are available. These are hypoallergenic, so prevent an allergic reaction. Lightweight of earrings’ backs prevent them from falling off the earlobe.


  • The simple design of the earring backs makes it easy for you to wear it easily.
  • We provided these earring backs with a firm grip so you will not worry about losing your earrings.
  • Silver-tone of the earrings backs gives a versatile look.
  • Earrings backs are available in 2 pairs so you can use them with several earrings.
  • These earrings’ backs give you protection against any allergic reaction.
  • We packed this unique product in a beautiful jewellery box.
  • We assured you exchange and money-back guarantee with this product.

PARIKHS LuxLock USA Patented Replacement Earring Back


earring support backs


Replacement earring backs made of white gold keep your earring fit in the earlobe. Weight of the earring backs is 0.64ounces. These are available in pairs. Hypoallergenic earring backs prevent you from infection to the ears. The firm grip of these earring backs protects them from falling off the ear.


  • We design these earrings back to keep your earring stay in the earlobe, preventing poking out of the earring.
  • 14K white gold of earring backs prevent the earlobe from serious infections, so it ensures the durability of earring backs.
  • Weight of the earring backs perfectly fit the post of earrings so you can wear them all time without fear of falling off.
  • We made these earrings from non-toxic metals, so they are hypoallergenic.
  • We pack these pairs of earring backs in the beautiful jewellery box.
  • We assure money back and exchange guarantee with this unique product.

uGems Sterling Silver Jumbo Earring Backs

sterling silver earring backs


We design elegant earring backs in 6 swirl style.. Sterling silver earrings backs prevent the earrings from poking out. Diameter size of these earring backs is 9mm. These earrings back with rhodium finish are available in 6 pairs. These are hypoallergenic and don’t fall from the earlobe because of their perfect size.


  • 6 swirl style of earring backs gives them a versatile touch.
  • Sterling silver of the earrings’ backs ensures long-lasting durability and also prevents your earlobe from infections.
  • Because of the perfect diameter, these earring backs are suitable to prevent tour earrings from poking out.
  • Rhodium touch prevents these earring backs from fading and gives long-lasting lustre.
  • We packed these earring backs in the jewellery box.
  • We guarantee a Money back and exchange policy with this product.

Secure Earring Backs Lifters

best earring stabilizers


Silver-plated and gold plated base earring basks even prevent the heavy earrings from falling off. Lightweight and hypoallergenic earring backs are non-irritating and comfortable to use. These butterfly shaped earring backs are available in 3 pairs. One is gold plated, the other pair is silver-plated while the third pair is rose gold plated packed in a jewellery case.


  • These versatile earring backs are silver and gold plated so you will not face any problem of allergy and infection to your earlobe.
  • We specifically designed these earrings’ backs to keep your earring in the earlobe without falling off the earring.
  • These butterfly shaped earring backs are hypoallergenic and best earring backs for sensitive ears.
  • The lightweight of earring back does not burden the earlobe, thus preventing the earring from poking out of the ear.
  • Different pairs of these earrings’ backs give you the option to choose the material of your choice
  • We assure the exchange guarantee with this product.

Fomissky Secure Earring Backs For Studs


Replacement earring backs are beautifully designed in a spring-lock style. These earring backs are available in 2 pairs, one is white gold plated while the other is gold plated. These provide a secure grip so prevent falling of earrings. Size is 0.28in*0.35in. They don’t fit the plain post. Perfect for a post with diameter 0.028in to 0.036in.


  • Spring-lock style of the earrings’ backs keeps the earring safe in the ear without fear of falling off.
  • These earrings are white gold and gold plated, so don’t contain toxic metals.
  • Their size perfectly fits the earring post, so it does not fall.
  • These are hypoallergenic earring back to stop drooping so prevent you from allergy to the earlobe.
  • You can comfortably wear these earring backs with your expensive earrings, which is also considered the best earring backs for sleeping.
  • We provide these earring backs packed in the box with happiness guaranteed.

Complete Guide About Best Earring Backs That Don’t Fall Off

How to tighten earring backs?

Tightening of the earrings’ backs depends on the type of earrings back used. Each kind of the earring back is tightened differently to best fit in the earring post. Earring backs should not loose enough that they fall off and not be tightened enough that they damage the earring post. Mostly earring back is tightened by use of index finger and thumb.

If you feel the earring back loose, then you can tighten them by applying pressure o the earring back.

 By applying pressure 

Put the earring back in your hand and put a little pressure on it in such a way that it does not change its shape but become tight enough to fit the earring post perfectly.

How to keep fish hook earrings from falling out?

Fish hook earrings are also known as French hook earrings. At the back of the earrings, there is a lightweight thin metal wire that is put in the earlobe’s hole and the wire is hung down.

Sometimes you may face the problem of poking out of the fish hook earrings. You can prevent the fish hook earring by keeping these points in mind:

 Properly hook the earrings 

A most common reason for falling off the fish hook earrings is when they unhook in the earlobe. This causes earring to lose and ultimately they fall down. If you properly hook the earrings after wearing them, you will not face the problem of losing them.

 Use the stopper 

You can prevent fish hook earrings from falling by using suitable stoppers. Most of the stoppers used for fishhook earrings are clear plastic stoppers. Metals stoppers can also prevent fish hook earrings from falling from the earlobe. These stoppers are tube-shaped and come in gold and silver-tone.

How to keep hook earrings from falling out?

Hook earrings are lightweight earrings that are composed of a metal wire. While wearing the hook earrings, the metal wire is hung behind the earlobe to prevent it from falling. But sometimes hook earrings may seem to fall out. You should take the following precautions to prevent your hook earrings from falling off the earlobe.

 Properly hook the earrings 

Hook earrings may fall off from the ear when you don’t hook them properly. In this case, you need to hook them carefully and leave them dangling behind the earlobe to prevent them from poking.

 Use suitable stoppers 

You can use a variety of the stoppers to prevent your hook earrings from falling off. If earring seems to fall, then use suitable stoppers. To secure the hook earrings and prevent them from falling choose the stoppers that perfectly fit the earrings with no irritation. You can use a variety of stoppers including plastic, rubber or stoppers to secure hook earrings.

How to keep threader earrings from falling out?

Threader earrings are composed of a chain that is made of silver or gold attached to the metal post, while the other end of the earrings is composed of a decorative component. To keep your threaded earrings from falling off, know how to wear them properly on the earlobe.

  • First, put the post of earring in the earlobe and nuzzle it and grasp from behind the earlobe to pass the post through the earlobe.
  • After passing the earring post, put the chain portion of the earring in such a way that half the chain passes from the earlobe.
  • To prevent the threader earring from falling, make sure that the post and the half of the chain should dangle behind the earlobe.
  • You can use a variety of stoppers that best fit the earrings and prevent them from falling. Here, you can use rubber stoppers that are commonly found. You can buy hook stoppers to keep threaded earrings in the earlobe.

Why do my daughters earrings keep falling out?

Ear piercing of your little girl beside a moment of treasure may also feel frustrating because of the continual loss of your daughter’s earrings. Your daughter can lose her earrings while playing, or maybe during other activities. The most common reasons for the falling off your daughter’s earrings are as follows;

 Loosening of earrings 

The most common reason for falling out of the earrings is the loosening of the earrings and when you don’t fix the earring back properly. Here, you need to tighten and fix the earrings properly so they don’t fall out.

 Frequently touching the earring 

Another reason for falling out of the earring is when your daughter keeps on touching the earrings. It may also cause to loss the tightness of the earring, ultimately resulting in falling out. Touching the earrings, again and again, can also cause infection to your daughter’s earlobe due to bacteria and germs in hand.

How to fix the back of an earring?

In order to prevent your earring from falling you need your earring backs fixed with the earrings. But sometimes your earring backs may unintentionally break down. So, you need to fix the earring backs to use them again. Various materials are used to fix the earring backs. Most common things used are:

  • Adhesives or glue
  • Toothpick

You can easily fix the earring backs by using glue and toothpick. All you need is to apply the glue with the help of toothpick on the earring back and then put it on the exact position in the earring and apply a little pressure until it fixes on the earring.

You can also use pliers to fix the earring backs.

What do you call the back of earrings?

We use different earring backs for different earrings. Earring backs are recognized by different names given to them. You call different names of earring backs according to the design and the type of the earring back. Following are the specific names that you can use for specific earring backs.

  • Push backs also called as friction backs
  • Screw-On backs
  • Lever back
  • Locking earring back
  • French wire
  • Jumbo earring backs
  • Secure earring backs
  • Butterfly earring backs

All these earrings backs prevent the earring from falling off from the earlobe by providing a firm grip to the earrings.

What to use if you lose the back of your earring?

You can lose the earring backs when you don’t wear them properly or when they are loosened. You can use another pair of earring back in replacement of your lost earring back. But, if in case you don’t have another pair of earring back, you can fix the earring by using different hacks. You can use the following materials to keep your earring in the earlobe after you lose an earring back.

  • Rubber band
  • Tape
  • Pencil erase
  • Lint roller
  • Stress ball
  • Earplugs

You can also use other material of your desire in place of earring back that keeps the earring in the earlobe. These all work as the earring back, keeping the earring in place without fear of losing them.

Why does earring backs stink?

Sometimes you may feel the poor smell from your earrings and earring backs. Stinking of earring backs maybe because of the following reasons.

 Uncleaned earring backs 

The principal reason for stinking of earring backs is that the earring backs are not cleaned properly. You should regularly clean the earring backs before using them. Cleaning the earring backs prevents them from stinking.

 Mixing of dead cells with bacteria 

Infection to the earlobe may also cause the stinking of earring backs. The dead cells may mix with the bacteria and cause the poor smell. Tightening of the earring mack may cause the blockage of the airflow, causing serious infections resulting in stinking of the earring back.

What are locking earring backs?

Locking earring backs are the most secure earring backs that prevent your earrings from falling down. They are designed with highly durable patented technology that ensures long-lasting use of these earring backs. These earring backs automatically lock and lift the earrings.

While wearing these earring backs slide the earring back on the earring post, the earring back will provide a firm grip because of ball bearings inside the earring back  and ultimately locks the earring post

Locking earring backs are plated with the 24K gold, platinum or rose gold that prevents them from fading and provides long-lasting lustre. The inner side of the earring backs is made of surgical steel. These earring backs fit the post from 0.6 to 1.1mm thick. They are hypoallergenic, so prevent an allergic reaction.  They prevent the earrings from falling off the earlobe.

Tips for not losing earrings and earrings backs

There are several reasons for losing earrings and earring backs. In order to prevent your earrings and earring backs from losing, keep the following tips in mind.

Store earrings in a pouch or jewellery box

In order to save your earrings from losing and to use them for a long time, keep the earrings in a pouch or a box when you are not using them. In this way, you will not lose them.

Tightens your earring backs regularly

In case you are wearing earrings, keep on checking if earring or earring backs are loose or tight. If earring backs are loosed, then tightened them enough to prevent them from falling out.

Pair the earrings with earring backs

When you are not using the earrings, do not keep the earrings and earring backs separately. This may enhance the chances of losing any of them, or maybe both. Always keep the earrings by pairing them with their earring backs Pairing earrings with earring back lessens chances of losing them.

How to buy best earring backs that don’t fall off

No doubt different earring backs are available in the markets, but the right choice of earrings back will give you the specific advantage as they don’t fall out providing a firm grip to the earrings. You should not buy an earring back without knowing proper information about it because cheap earring backs may become loose after some days of usage. You should know the following information to get the best earring backs that will not fall off.

  • Brand value
  • Product quality
  • Product material
  • Product cost
  • Features and description
  • Product feedback or reviews
  • Product durability
  • Product value


In case of proper precautions, suitable earrings’ backs are used for the earrings that perfectly fit the earring post. Earring backs that don’t fit the earring post the earring to poke out. So keeping in mind the above hypoallergenic and durable earrings’ backs are not only designed with high-quality material, but it also allows the earring backs to keep the earring in place without falling off from the ear.

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