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Best Painkiller for Ear Piercing in 2020 | Nipple Tongue Septum

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Best Painkiller for Ear Piercing in 2020:Well, most of the time when we do any sort of strenuous activities or sports, then getting into injuries and body pain is so much common. When I started playing outdoor games for the first time, I remember I felt severe pain in my body due to muscle stiffness and contraction. This probably happens because your body is not in a habit of muscle contraction and minor body pain will stay with you all the time in the beginning stages.

For me, water had always remained the best choice to clean out any affected area and for relieving body pain. But one of my friends suggested me about the painkillers which are made out of natural ingredients. This best painkiller for piercings can be in the form of a spray, gel creams, or painkiller medications which are excellent to bring extra relief, soothing nature, and comfort for the body pain.

Like you, I also love physical activities, or going on outdoor adventures and just as having exciting gastronomic experiences. I could not even count the number of times that I have to treat myself from all these burns or aches.

Well,I’m pretty sure you understand how these things work!

Now, just to save you time from having to look through various vendors and compare its features, here we have listed down the top best pain killers for ear piercing today. Check out the reviews of the products given below to pick your favorite painkiller for nose piercing products right now.

Amazon Basic Care Ibuprofen Tablets 200 mg

best painkiller for piercing


Amazon Basic is one of the best painkiller for piercing and most trusted brands in the market to manufacture some pain-relieving sprays and products for piercings.  As we talk about this product of ibuprofen before piercing, it is encountered with the extreme goodness of the natural ingredients for the pain relief of piercing.


  • With the help of this best painkiller for tongue piercing, you will encounter long-lasting and permanent results.
  • You can also make the use of it against the issues of stiff shoulders, body aches, and some general backaches.
  • Thus, it is also one of the top leading sprays which you can use to better deal with the stiff necks or the lower back pain issues.
  • At first, the user is treated with the means of a feeling of warmth on the application, which will enable the pain to subside eventually.

Final Verdict

All in all, this spray painkiller is extremely effective and provides long-lasting results.  You can use this painkiller in case maximum sensation or pain is happening to take place in your piercing area.

Customer Review

Willy Says

Visiting a Professional Piercer
I got a massive relief within 2 hours after I applied this painkiller spray.  For me, it is extremely effective and successful to use.

Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets with Acetaminophen

best painkiller for tongue piercing


This has been yet another best and top leading painkiller after nose piercing to spray on! It completely helps you to manage all your self-application. You just need to take the painkiller medicines after consulting your doctors or piercing experts.


  • The overall use of this medicine has been so simple and easy for beginners.
  • It offers instant relief for the first time piercing.
  • It is best for all types of body pains.
  • Plus, it is even best in giving out the soothing aroma of menthol
  • It hence contains natural oils

Final Verdict

On the whole, this is a super-effective painkiller which is excellent for reducing the sensation of the nose or ear piercing.  It is available in both 4% and 5% options.

Customer Review

Marie Said
For me, this pain medicine after the piercing is effective and long-lasting in its results.  It was a little expensive but overall its quality of pain control functioning is tremendous.

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Aleve Liquid Capsules, Naproxen Sodium Capsules 220 mg

best painkiller for nipple piercing


Next on our list of best pain reliever for tongue piercing, we have Aleve Liquid Capsules! This has always remained one of the top-recommended products against the pain relief solutions at the time of piercing.  It is also effective to be used for muscle pain and different sorts of aches.


  • It is included with the richness of Linseed oil and hence, all in all works wonders in just a few moments.
  • This product is best to be used for all types of aches as well as pains, in which we have neck pains, back pains, muscle strains, and joint pains.
  • It brings instant relief from the pain in just a few minutes with an easy and simple application process.
  • It is best for multiple pain areas.

Final Verdict

Neosporin is the #1 doctor recommended wound care ointment. Where many OTC creams are only compliant with FDA standards, Neosporin is FDA approved. It is an excellent pain relief product.

Customer Review

Elizabeth Said
For me, this painkiller was not just helpful in controlling infection but was also commendable in controlling the maximum sensation. I would highly recommend it.

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Motrin IB, Ibuprofen 200mg Tablets for Fever

painkiller for nose piercing


Among so many different best medicines for piercing pain, we would not be missing out on the name of Motrin IB, Ibuprofen! This medicine is best to be used against pain relief in just a few moments. Consuming it after the doctor’s prescription is highly recommended.


  • This product is suitable for all types of pain; Muscular, neck, back, head, joint pain, foot aches to name a few.
  • This is a nice product even for the relief from tension or the condition of fatigue.
  • It brings instant relief from the piercing
  • The product reduces swelling and is quite easy to use

Final Verdict

Well, this is a powerful and extremely consistent overall best pick of painkillers for your nose piercing. It is highly trusted by the tattoo artists for yet helping the numb sensitive areas.

Customer Review

Olivia Said
I found it effective as I can easily apply it or use it as a spray-on my piercing areas. I would highly recommend it.

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Advil Coated Tablets Pain Reliever Ibuprofen 200mg

painkillers for new piercings


These tablets are not just effective for pain relief but even reduce the fever. It can even work best when it comes to some occasional muscle aches, backaches, minor arthritis pain, or other aches and pains.


  • Advil Coated Tablets do contain 200mg of Ibuprofen. Tough headache, or minor arthritis, menstrual cramps, as well as backache, and other pains don’t stand a chance against the use of Advil.
  • This has been one of the most powerful pain reliefs.
  • It can be used as the fever reducer and hence to completely help alleviate common pain symptoms including the headache, backache, toothache as well as pain caused by the common cold.

Final Verdict

It is known out to be the vegan-friendly plus steroid-free. Steroids are completely anti-inflammatories. But if you are too much sensitive to the steroids, they may eventually cause a full harmful allergic reaction.

Customer Review

Rossy Said
I did not find this painkiller unsafe and in-effective at all. I applied it firmly and in just a few hours it started to show successful results.

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Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy [2 Oz]

can you take painkillers for piercings


It is recognized out to be the nice pain relief therapy for cartilage piercing which is considered for the least expensive pre-procedure of painkiller options. For any piercing, it can work in simply a few minutes and that too on a budget-friendly basis. You can even use it for relieving the ache of waxing, injection, or micro-blading.


  • It has the ingredient of Aloe Vera which soothes the irritation.
  • Excellent for the splendor painful treatments.
  • It is extraordinarily not pricey and can additionally be used for tattoo removal.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is an extraordinarily high-quality and first-rate painkiller to use right now in opposition to the speedy ache relief.  Applying it day by day will be useful for you to manage the numbness or pores and skin irritation.

Customer Review

Kim Said
For me, this painkiller before nose piercing is first-rate and pleasant to use for nostril piercing, and I even use it for my tattoo removal. It is so extraordinary.

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Neosporin + Maximum-Strength Pain Relief Dual Action 

what painkillers to take for tongue piercing


This has been the topmost rated exceptional best painkiller for a nipple piercing which completely numb the whole area with no hassle applied. It has the aspects of liposomal in it which moreover numb the undersurface area of your piercing/skin.


  • Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are some of the commonplace elements which are blanketed in this painkiller for your pores and pores and skin hydration.
  • It has a slippery texture which can moreover affect your hands.
  • Before your piercing, you have to practice this cream for at least 30 minutes to almost two hours for most numbness.

Final Verdict

All in all, this painkiller is surprisingly brilliant and affords long-lasting profitable results.  You can use this product in case most sensation or suffering is taking place to take place on your piercing area.

Customer Review

Jenny Said
I received a massive treatment inner two hours after I utilized this numbing cream.  For me, it is exceedingly excessive fine and profitable to use.

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Numb Master 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream

best medicine for piercing pain


This product of great topical painkiller for piercings is identified out to be the extraordinary product that is regarded for the low-budget pre-procedure of pain relief options. For any piercing, it can work indefinitely a few minutes and that too on a charge effective basis. You can even use it for relieving the anguish of waxing, injection, or micro-blading.


  • It has the ingredient of Aloe Vera which soothes the irritation.
  • Excellent for the painful treatments.
  • It is rather inexpensive and can moreover be used for tattoo removal.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is an incredibly wonderful painkiller to use right now in the direction of the fast affliction relief.  Applying it on every day will sincerely be beneficial for you to control the numbness or pores and pores and skin irritation.

Customer Review

William Said
For me, this painkiller is super and super to use for nostril piercing, and I even use it for my tattoo removal. It is so magnificent.

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BoironArnicare Gel 4.1 Ounce Topical Pain Relief Gel

painkiller before getting a piercing


For controlling nostril piercing scarring and numbness, this great gel cream for stomach piercing is the satisfactory choice of all.  It has a dual-action and most energy in it which quite simply controls the whole depth of the piercing area and its pain. It is surprisingly advocated using piercing artists and doctors.


  • This antibiotic ointment cream is having two hours of contamination safety of some minor wounds. It even helps to soothe and minimize the ache with excessive strength.
  • Few frequent components which are part of this gel cream are bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate, and polymyxin B sulfate antibiotics.
  • You simply want to practice this cream on the particular place of piercing at least three instances a day.

Final Verdict

To sum up the whole discussion, this gel-cream is extremely effective to control the piercing pain or the swelling which probably takes place after the piercing. You can control it with no hassle through the application of this gel cream.

Customer Review

Rossie Said
I was so much disturbed when I did the piercing for the first time as it was so much pain. But I got a vast maximum relief with this gel-cream which is worth using.

Australian Dream Arthritis Pain Relief Cream, 4 Ounce

tramadol before piercing


This product is an ordinary special where it is imparting different body products for decreasing the prolonged ache or swelling over the piercing areas. It is additionally available in a spray structure so you can without problems follow it over some touchy areas barring any itchiness.


  • It is one hundred percent vegan & cruelty-free.
  • Plus it is additionally Epinephrine-free and best pain reliever for tongue piercing
  • You can use it for touchy areas
  • Being accessible in gel form, it is greater cozy as in contrast to the cream base.

Final Verdict

This gel-cream product for piercing pain relief is so effective and probably helps to control the pain in the least period. It brings long-lasting results and that too with a 100% guarantee.

Customer Review

James Said
I have personally used this gel-cream and for this, it is extremely effective and best to use. I always recommend it to my friends as well.

Quick Guide About Top Best Painkiller for Ear Piercing

How do Painkillers for piercing work?

All across history, almost all the ancient medicine experts were very much creative in view with the pain-relieving which is quite an interesting thing to know. Straight away from the acupuncture to alcohol and some plant-based medicines, pain relief based spray stems right through these practices which is not something new.

It makes the use of some plants and they do have the healing power which can relieve your pain very easily. It is less terrifying to use just due to its external applications and does not involve any sort of alarming acts such as the usage of the needle.

If you are using painkillers for Daith piercing in the form of a spray, then you just need to spray the nozzle over the affected area and later on wait for few minutes so it can moisture to seep all through the skin. Its basic ingredients will allow the medication of more than just of the pain, but also inflammation, as well as allergies and, some viral infections.

What is the Advantage of Painkillers?

  • It is quite a lot easy to use without any need for complicated machines or any operations.
  • It is excellent when it comes to showcasing a fast and immediate set of relief actions because of the spray method and yet the direct contact.
  • Plus it is even excellent to promote natural healing as it is made out of the natural healing ingredients.
  • Besides, it is also comparatively safer as compared to the oral pain relievers as it is having less contact with the digestive system.

Are numbing cream bad for piercing pain relief?

Numb anesthetic cream is the best and safe option to apply on your nipples for at least 5 minutes just as before the piercing is being done.  This will help your nipples to get numb against any sort of pain and redness. You can reapply one more layer after 15 minutes for better relief.

What do I put on my baby’s ear piercing?

You should clean away your baby’s earlobes with the antiseptic lotion, as well as antibiotic lotion or alcohol two times in one day. It is suggested that you should not be removing or changing the baby earrings for a maximum of six weeks after the ear piercing procedure.

What is the top best ointment for ear piercings?

Gently pat dry the entire affected area with some clean gauze or tissue. Then you have to apply a small amount of thebest over-the-counter antibiotic cream (Neosporin, bacitracin, others), as directed on the product label. Turn the whole piercing jewelry a couple of times to prevent it from getting stick to the skin.

How to apply gel cream for healing ear piercings?

For ear piercing, there are different gel creams among which Emla cream is highly recommended by the doctors.  This Emla numbing cream for nose piercing can also be applied for the ear piercing or tattoo removal.  You just need to apply this cream on your nose for at least 30-50 minutes just as before getting your nose all pierced.

Where can I get painkillers for piercings?

Some of the piercing artists already have the painkillers available in their piercing centers which they recommend and offer to their clients free of cost. Otherwise, medical stores also offer creams or painkillers of all brands.

Which different ingredients are included in numbing creams?

Some of the active ingredients which are found in numbing creams are lidocaine, as well as prilocaine, and tetracaine. They help to reduce the level of pain or sensation in the piercing area.

FAQs About Best Painkiller For Ear Piercing

Question: How can you ease the pain of an ear piercing?

Answer: For cleaning your new fresh piercing, you can use a machine through the rubbing of the alcohol.  It might give you a feel of the sting, but it is the best way with which you can get an idea about whether your ears are clean or nice. If you experience soreness in your ears, you can use true Neosporin. The best Neosporin to use is the numbing pain relief type.

Question: Can you easily take painkillers before your piercing?

Answer:To limit the bleeding in cartilage piercing pain relief, we will be recommending you to avoid the use of aspirin for at least one week just as before piercing and different other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen or naproxen) for maximum a day before getting pierced and for seven days afterward.

Question: Does ibuprofen relief your ear piercings?

Answer:Anti-inflammatories such as OTC Ibuprofen or Naproxen Sodium easily help your ear piercing against any sort of swelling and the pain which is associated with oral piercings.

Question: Can you take paracetamol after a piercing?

Answer:Do not choose to take aspirin for pain relief. An aspirin substitute including the Ibuprofen or Cuprofen is advised &is available from chemists in variable strengths. 1 or 2 Paracetamol may also be taken.

Question: What antibiotics treat piercings?

Answer:Conservative treatment of the minor local infections includes with the warm compress and yet with the over the counter or any prescription topical antibiotics in which we have bacitracin or mupirocin. Oral antibiotics in which we have cephalexin or clindamycin provide a great set of coverage for streptococcus as well as staphylococcus.

Question: How long does it take for a piercing infection to clear up?

Answer: With great and proper care, most mild earlobe infections will the time of maximum 1 to 2 weeks to get clear up easily. Infections keep on coming back if you are not at all conscientious in-ear and earring care.


This was an end of the discussion about the top best pain reliever for piercings 2020 which you can purposely use for your ear piercing relaxation. Painkillers in the form of pain relief sprays have already become the top most popular medications for the treatment of pain relief today. Such painkiller for septum piercing is so much easy to carry about, plus simple in application and yet is instant right into their actions. Consult your piercing expert and pick the superior reliable painkiller for your ear piercing relief.

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