Best Earrings for Daith Piercing in 2021 | Experts Guide

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Best Earrings for Daith Piercing in 2021 Well, we all know that as we talk about ear piercing, the demand and popularity of Daith piercing are becoming the main talk of the town. It has made itself to be the biggest trend in the market which is hugely loved by women of all age groups.

It is not just unique looking, but at the same time, it is stylish in appearance too.  Hence it is the best way with which you can experience your whole personality in a better way.

What is daith ear piercing?

Daith piercing is also known as an act of piercing which is going all through the small section of your ear which is known as daith.  This specific area is made through the thick fold of basic cartilage which is located right above your ear canal.

Besides, the Daith piercing is a little bit expensive as compared to other types of piercing available in marketplaces. This is because it requires high skills and is also intricate when it comes to the execution over earlobe piercing.  Therefore, it is important to look for the right piercer so the whole task is performed perfectly and with less bleeding.

 Now you might be thinking which jewelry you should choose for platinum daith jewelry piercing!  Well below we have a complete guide for you about Best Earrings for Daith Piercing reviews 2021: 

Every-Day Surgical Steel Captive Bead Ring Piercing Hoops

best jewelry for daith piercing


This gold earrings for daith piercing is available in the hoop design which makes it so much easy to wear and is versatile looking as well. This has been one of the most common jewelry pieces which are selected for the Daith piercing.


  • It is rather presented in the fixed bead rings and captive rings which is most often used for the daith jewelry piercing due to the easy cleaning.
  • It can sit comfortably within your ears and might be causing less pain for you.
  • It is a perfect jewelry piece for everyday wear as it is made with 316L Surgical Steel and even with a polished smooth finishing.

Final Verdict

This versatile titanium daith earrings piece is famous among both men and women. It is available in different gauges and diameters based on the needs and requirements of the piercing.

Customer Review

Gerry Said
I loved the whole styling and finishing of the jewelry where I loved the suiting of the hoops. For me, they are perfect for everyday wear.  I even find it comfortable to wear although I have sensitive skin.

OUFER Heart Sharped Right Closure Daith  Earrings

best type of jewelry for daith piercing


Daith jewellery gold in heart shape has always remained a beautiful choice for ear piercing. It is perfect where it simply tends to mimic the whole curve of your ear to add extra charm and appeal to it.  It is easy to clean and perfect for daily wear.


  • Available in 16 gauge size of around 1.2 millimeters
  • 3/8 inch of 10-millimeter barbell length is also included
  • It is made from stronger 316L stainless steel
  • Included with butterfly detailing with some clear accents

Final Verdict

This pretty daith jewellery is perfect to be worn for Valentine’s Day occasion.  It is also highly recommended for the people who are performing the ear piercing for the first time. It is smooth to wear and has fewer nooks that can collect bacteria.

Customer Review

Denia Said
I love this earring. I have gotten a lot of compliments as even the man at the piercing shop loves it. I will buy them again.

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Ruifan 16G Daith Clicker Ring with Surgical Steel 

best earrings for daith piercing



If you are in search of opal daith jewelry which you can also use for nose piercing, then this is the best option for you to pick right now. This Ruifandaith jewelry is incredibly designed in small finishing of stones touch in it.


  • septum clickers for daith piercingis having a hinge that can easily open and yet clicks closed
  • Hypoallergenic and having nickel free body jewelry
  • Made from 316L Surgical Steel + CZ
  • Gauge size is 16G (1.2mm) with an Inner diameter of 9.5mm and it is considered the best-curved barbell for daith piercing

Final Verdict

Hence these earrings for daith piercing are exceptionally designed in the simple and elegant touch of the beads to fall your heart out. It is satisfactory for your daily wear. It even fits first-class for touchy skin. You can wear it for everyday or formal parties.

Customer Review

Georgia Said
I have both sides of the Daith piercing done just to wear this superb piece of jewelry. I purchased it at an affordable price and I am happy with its quality.

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FANSING 316l surgical steel daith earrings

best metal for daith piercing



It’s time to fall in love with this superb piece of hinged daith earrings which is so fantastically designed simply and elegantly. You will admire the whole beauty of the jewelry which goes best for your daily wear purposes.


  • It is made from durable quality of 316L Stainless Steel, with Nickel and is Lead-Free.
  • It is best for sensitive skin.
  • Hence it is a great earring piece set that is available at the affordable price range.
  • It is multi-purpose where you can use it for helix piercing, conch piercing, or as a lip ring too.

Final Verdict

On the whole, this is a piece of excellent and clear jewelry for daith piercing which is highly recommended for both men and women. It is best for your everyday wear. It even suits the best for sensitive skin.

Customer Review

Elizabeth Said
I found the fitting superbly great. It closes comfortably as I did not find any issue in it. I don’t have to worry about it falling out.

OUFER 16G Stainless Steel Daith Earrings Hoop Cluster

what size earring for daith piercing


This stainless steel daith earring piece is so remarkable and stylishly designed for everyday wear.   You can find it so much light in weight and easy in handling for wearing it long hours.


  • Made from durable material of stainless steel
  • Inner gauge diameter is 10MM with the bar thickness of around 16G/1.2MM
  • It is excellent for sensitive skin people
  • Highly recommended position for wearing is Datih Helix Rook Septum

Final Verdict

This best metal for daith piercing jewelry is the perfect size for any daith piercing which even sensitive skin people can wear comfortably. They are light in weight and do not give any discomfort to the ears.

Customer Review

Genelia Said
I find them super pretty and is in a perfect size. I fall in love with the whole beauty of this jewelry piece.

Formissky 16G 18G Segment Daith Earrings Jewelry

Best daith piercing earrings


You will completely be falling in love with this daith piercing to add an extra charm and flawless outlook in your ear piercing area. Although it is simple and plain in design and you can choose it to wear on daily or casual parties.


  • It is made from hypoallergenic 316L daith jewelry surgical steel16G (1.2mm), plus 18G (1mm) as well as inner diameter 6mm, and 8mm, 10mm, 12mm forgold daith piercing jewellery.
  • It is available in steel, rose gold earrings for daith piercing, multicolor and black color.
  • It is a multi functional form of body piercing jewelry that you can use for the septum nose, or lip, cartilage, as well as daith, or auricle, tragus, snug, and orbital.
  • It is comfortable to wear for daily purposes.
  • You can get a cute bag with a gift box in it.

Final Verdict

Being available in so many options and color variations, this daith piercing jewelry, gold is one of the topmost recommended ones.  You would love the whole beauty of the jewelry which is best to be worn by women of all age groups.

Customer Review

Harry Said
I completely love how the whole finishing and styling of the earring has been done in a completely elegant manner. I would love to buy it for my sister as well.

Body Candy Women’s Heart Right Closure Daith  Earring

best heart earrings for daith


Daith earrings simple colorful designing form has continually remained as the lovely preference for the ear piercing. It is ideal where it tends to mimic the complete curve of your ear to add more appeal and enchantment in it. It is effortless to smooth and best for everyday wear.


  • This earring is best to be used for tragus or multiple piercings
  • Cartilage Gauge is around 16 gauge; 1.2 millimeters
  • Length is almost 3/8 inch; 10 millimeters
  • 316L stainless steel post
  • Helix earring for the best cartilage piercing

Final Verdict

This daith piercing rings are best to be worn for formal occasions. It is additionally pretty endorsed for the people who are performing the ear piercing for the first time. It is easy to put on and has fewer nooks that can gather bacteria.

Customer Review

Garry Said
I am falling in deep love with this jewelry piece and how elegantly this whole jewelry has been designed for daily wear. It is pain-free to wear and comfortably sits on your ears even for long hours.

OUFER 18KT Rose Gold Heart Daith Earrings Hoop 16Gauge

first earring for daith piercing


It’s time to fall in love with this exquisite piece of Daith earrings which is so beautifully designed easily and stylishly.This has been one of the most common jewelry pieces which are selected for the daith piercing. You will truly admire the complete splendor of the rings which goes fine for your day by day wear purposes.


  • It is available in three different styles
  • Paved CZ Cartilage is best designed for the right ear. Heart Shape CZ has been designed for the Left Ear.
  • Bar Size is around 16Gauge=1.2mm.
  • It is available in different color variations and one of the best hypoallergenic daith earrings.

Final Verdict

On the whole, this is an exquisite daith earring that is distinctly encouraged for both men and women. It is satisfactory for your daily wear. It even fits first-class for touchy skin.

Customer Review

Stephen Said
I discovered the whole fitting beautifully great. It closes without difficulty as I did not discover any difficulty in it. I don’t have to fear it falling out.

Complete Guide About Best Type of Jewelry For Daith Piercing

How to pick the best type of earrings for daith piercing?

It is quite an exciting experience to have your ears being pierced. But at the same time, it is extremely important to be careful about the selection of earrings as well. There are so many factors which you need to consider picking the right best jewelry for daith piercing. Let’s help you a bit to explore some important elements right below:

  • You should make sure that you are getting the earrings in the right proper metalwork. Surgical stainless steel earrings are taken to be the best option for the new piercings as it can cause less allergic reactions.
  • Cobalt and nickel are few metals that can cause an allergy so you should better avoid such metals especially in your first earring for daith piercing.
  • The next important guide is about the selection of the small hoop for daith piercing or rings for easy cleaning or healing. Small hoops are made from stainless steel material and they are extremely ideal when it comes to the starter jewelry for a lobe piercing.
  • Since the slight swelling might be happening when you have done the ears pierced, or getting hoops or also rings that won’t put any pressure on your whole healing piercing like the studs sometimes can.
  • For your ear piercing, you should be choosing studs. They are extremely popular for people who are having to pierce for the first time. They are cute and are small in size.
  • Studs are quite easy in cleaning and they do not get easily infected from any allergy as well.  If you are choosing studs, you should make sure that you are giving it extra daith piercing aftercare at the time of the cleaning process.
  • Lastly and most important tips for Daith piercing is about the selection of the right earring for the piercing. Try to pick light in weight earrings so you won’t be facing any issue or hassle in changing it all the time.

Where is your daith piercing located?

daith piercing location

Daith is normally positioned over the inner fold of your ear based on which it is named Daith piercing. This specific area is made through the thick fold of basic cartilage which is located right above your ear canal. This is the place where you can easily spot your daith.

To perform the act of piercing in this area, extra skill and expertise are needed to cause less bleeding and pain, Here let me also share you complete guide video about daith piercing.

is a daith piercing more painful than a nose piercing?

Well calling daith piercing to be one of the most painful piercings is an incorrect statement. Piercing is classified into exceptional kinds among which ear piercing is one of the most painful ones to conduct. The primary daith cartilage is though a little bit thick so we can say that the piercing working is no longer as easy as different piercing alternatives are.

All these humans who have ever long gone via the method of daith piercing, they can let you be aware of the fact that it is not at all painful. You will experience the Daith piercing pain for a few minutes, cried out a little and after it, the whole thing will be lower back to its routine.

So you should recognize your body pain tolerance earlier than you pick out to habits daith piercing on your ear.

If you feel that your pain tolerance is low, then you must decide on some highly-priced strategies of daith piercing. Expensive approaches are assured about conducting the complete method and that too in accordance to your body comfort.

No doubt that daith piercing is an enjoyable and thrilling way to supply your ears with a higher feel of decoration.  And it even helps you to deal with sure health troubles of anxiousness and migraine, Sometimes daith piercing for

Do daith piercings work for migraines?

Normally the whole process of daith piercing is a little difficult to perform; therefore, you may experience a slight pain in the first go.  You can anticipate redness, throbbing, or excessive sensitivity in your ear for a few days.  If nonetheless, you experience pain for greater than one week, you have to seek advice from a medical doctor or you are piercing professionals to get higher recovery guidelines. Also, different news channels are also sharing their experiences below:

What Kind of Jewelry For Daith Piercing According to Face Shapes?

Oval face shape piercings

Oval face Shape earrings

If you have an oval face shape, you can choose any best earrings for daith piercing which are triangle and circular in shaping from the pointed top. This will bring a balancing effect on your face shape. You should avoid wearing earrings that are flat and they do have a long drop. You can besides it choose for the three-dimensional shapes as well as styles to add some fullness.

Round face piercings

Round Face Shape EArrings

For the round face shape, we have the option of oversized oval fine jewelry for daith piercing. This will add a balancing effect to the whole face shape. You can search for the flat styles over the three-dimensional ones. Try to avoid the hoop, circular or short, or the triangular earrings as they can easily accentuate the roundness of this whole face shape.

Best piercings for square face

Square face shape earrings

Circular or drop earrings can easily soften up the whole look of your square face. Drop style of earrings also assists to hence lengthen the face and to try makes it appear softer. Round earrings with button shapes are equally flattering.

(FAQs) About Best Earrings for Daith Piercing

Question: How to change daith jewelry?

Answer: Well, you can easily change your rook piercing after the period of at least 2 months as it might not be risky for you.  Daith piercing will probably take the time of 6-9 months to get properly healed against any sort of pain or allergy.

Question: What size earring for daith piercing?

Answer: A 3/8” (10mm) hoop of daith barbell is the best sizing for the perfect visibility of the daith piercing.  It is also large enough in which it can easily get fitted into your conch piercing as well. You can also use it for the cartilage piercing or inside your lobes.

Question: What size gauge is a daith piercing?

Answer:As the gauge size or the diameter of the daith piercing is concerned, it should be around 16g and 5/16″ (8mm). A larger diameter can be almost 3/8″ which is best for any daith piercing.

Question: What type of earring is used for daith piercing?

Answer: Hoops of the best type of jewelry for daith piercing are available in so many styles and types. You can look for the one that fits best in your piercing area. They are available in the designs of segmented rings, captive bead rings, as well as seamless rings.

Question: How bad does the daith piercing hurt?

Answer: Well calling daith piercing to be one of the most painful piercings is a completely wrong statement. Piercing is categorized into different types among which ear piercing is one of the most painful ones to conduct.

Question: How long does a daith piercing hurt for?

Answer: It is quite a common that you might feel a little intense pain or some sort of sharpness in your piercing area for a small-time period.  This intense pain will last for a maximum of 10 seconds only.  With time and after some days the pain will start to reduce.


So this was the end of the discussion about some of the top best jewelry pieces for daith piercing. All the titanium earrings for daith piercing which we have highlighted right here are exceptionally amazing and unique to wear. Pick the one which you think looks great on you and is best in terms of fitting as well. Which one of these Best Earrings for Daith Piercing is your favorite one?

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