Why do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears? 12 (Significant Reasons)

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Do you want to know about earrings, its originality, and misconceptions found about an earring? Is wearing earrings just a fashion trend, or it has some association with men’s sexuality?

Earrings have been using for an extended period for body modification, and it’s predominantly a men’s jewelry. Most people don’t know that, but it’s confirmed from history when scientists discovered an iceman mummy Otzi with piercing his earrings. Now wearing earrings is a personal decision of the person. They can wear in the right, left, or in both ears. It becomes a norm of modern society, and it’s the right of every person to wear what he likes and wants to wear.

Significant Reasons for Wearing an Earring in Both Ears

Reasons for Wearing an Earring in Both Ears

There are many reasons for guys to wear earrings in their ears, and we’re discussing some significant reasons. Each society has its custom and tradition, and wearing earrings is associated

There are many reasons for guys to wear earrings in their ears, and we’re discussing some significant reasons. Each society has its custom and tradition, and wearing earrings is associated with their ideology.

1: A Symbol of Slavery & Social Status:

In ancient Rome, wearing earrings is a symbol of slavery. The slaves wore earrings and bracelets, and this is a sign of slavery. On the other hand, In the Egyptian age wearing earrings is a symbol of high status and wealth, and people having high-rank wore earrings to show their power and status. Wrestlers and warriors also used to wear earrings as a symbol of power and strength. It makes them dominant among other people.

2: Identification of The Last Family Member:

If a person is the last member of his family and all the other family members are not alive. It was custom to wear earrings in his ears to make that person dominant and safe. He couldn’t take part in war and battle as his family is in danger and if he’d kill in the war. His family will not sustain. Therefore people having earrings mean to make them secure and safe for future family growth.

3: Earrings as Religious Rites and Tradition:

In some nations and countries, wearing earrings is linked with their religious tradition. In India, children pierced their ears in childhood, and it’s their religious tradition. They arrange a get-together celebration for the ear-piercing ceremony. Hinduism has a deep inclination towards piercing earrings, and their gods are portrayed and statued with dangles.

In Buddhism, there’s a concept about how long earlobes you have; are close to spirituality. Buddha had wide and big earlobes that show his high status in religious spirituality and his profoundly religious inclination.

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4: Popularity in Lower Classes, Prostitutes and Thieves:

In the 13th century, the Catholic Church banned piercing as they believe God created our body in the divine image. We had no right to damage our bodies. It means piercing earlobes is against religious rules. After the ban of piercing, this became popular in lower classes and thieves. People shot their ear lobes, and it became an identity of thieves and prostitutes in ancient Greece.

5: Trend for Nobility & The Style of Legends:

People love to follow the style of their celebrities and legends and wear earrings to follow them. Wearing earrings is very common in stars, and they have to pierce their ears due to character requirements, and some do it just for making them trendy and prominent. It gives them a new look, and actors try to copy the latest trends and fashion. In history, we found some legends like Shakespeare and King James II with earrings. It confirms that wearing earrings is the oldest tradition and a man’s obsession.

6: To Show Off Their Sexuality:

It used to say that ear piercing in the right means you’re gay, and left piercing means you’re straight. Both ear piercing means you’re bisexual and have an inclination towards both genders. Now it’s an old and outdated notion, and people don’t believe in this silly opinion. It’s just someone’s preference if he wants to have earrings in both ears. It doesn’t affect his sexuality, and both ear piercings are very famous in guys. Someone’s appearance doesn’t have any association with his sexuality, and now guys with both earring piercing accepted and appreciated everywhere.

7: For Healthy Benefits:

Wearing earrings has no health benefits, but in some medical procedures like acupuncture, it believes that the center of vision is in the middle of the ear lobes, and piercing ear lobes have some beneficial effects on your health. Some people thought that it could improve their eyesight at sea. Therefore in the old days, people wore earrings to gaining some health benefits.

8: Protection from Evil Spirits and Luck:

Many superstitious nations and people think that having earrings can protect them from any mishap, keeping them safe from hazardous conditions. In ancient China, sailors pierced their both earrings for their safe journey, and it makes satisfaction

9: As a Fashion Statement:

Every person desires to look trendy and stylish, and guys wear earrings for looking different and modern. They think that girls like the guys with earrings, and it makes them a unique identity. Most trendy guys want to follow superstars and their favorite celebrities, and they carry a new latest fashion. They choose jewelry that is compatible with their dress and give them a stunning look. In this modern age trend and fashion change, guys choose what they like to wear and the direction in their culture. It’s their personal choice, and no one can object to it.

10: To satisfy their rebellion in nature:

Some people have a rebellious nature, and for their satisfaction, they do the things to show their individuality. They want to show others they’re not like other ordinary people and have their personal decision. They can do what they like to do, and no one has any rights to suppress their natural desires and feelings. Therefore some guys wear earrings as an indication of rebellion against society.

11: An alternative of a safe bank:

We know very well that in ancient days protection and safety of precious things was a very hazardous task. People save their precious stone and diamond by wearing them as earrings, and they can use them when the need arises. It will make it easier for them rather than hiding their precious things under the ground or any other hidden place.

12: A gift of a beloved person:

Some celebrities and people wear earrings as their beloved person gives them. They always want to keep with them as a memory of that person and wear them in one ear or two ears. Giving and receiving earrings as gifts were a widespread tradition, and people liked to show off those gifts.

Why do guys wear earring in left ear?

Why do guys wear earring in left ear

Guys can wear their earrings as they like, and it doesn’t have any particular symbolic meaning. There are some reasons why guys wear earrings in their left ears, but it does not apply to everyone.

  • In the 80s, wearing earrings on the left means, he is straight and attracted to his opposite sex.
  • It means that the person feels comfortable to wear earrings and sleep on the right side.
  • The left side is the side we use less for holding a phone. That’s why guys like to wear their left ear.

All these reasons may be right, but not in every case. Who’s straight and who’s gay is now outdated, and people have sense and don’t believe in these silly ideas. It’s your life, and you can wear whatever you like.

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Why do guys wear earrings in their right ear?

  • They’re gay and attracted to the same gender.
  • Copy their actors
  • Have to right to wear it

Guys wore earrings in the right ears and associated that they’re attracted to the same gender, and they’re gay.  It’s not a genuine reason as it’s a new and digital age and changing its trends and fashion every day. People want to look gorgeous, and they adopt things that they see around them. Most guys copy their actors and try to adapt their style as they are the trendsetter in society. Wearing earrings on the right or left can change your personality entirely, so make sure that what you wear should suit you and give you a different look.

Should guys wear earrings in both ears?

Piercing in both ears is the most trendy and popular nowadays. Some celebrities like Usher, Harrison Ford, P Diddy, and Micheal Jordan all look great wearing a single or double earring. Guys should wear what is right for them.

Some people believe that wearing earrings is contrary to men’s masculine nature and makes them look feministic. Others think that wearing earrings show the power and strength of guys.

Guys should follow, and nobody forces them, and there’d be no restriction for them. It’s their right, and their choice should be considered the most important than anything else.

Why do guys wear two earrings?

  • Have bisexual inclination
  • More in trend
  • Preference of the objective

It doesn’t mean anything, and it has no side effects on their masculine power. It was a concept that guys who wear two earrings in their ears symbolize that they are bisexual and attracted to both sexes. Today, men with both earrings are acceptable in every society. You can choose earrings jewelry that is highly compatible with your personality. Try to adopt the style that you like and remember that earrings pierced last throughout your life. You can’t change it so take a decision wisely. You can choose one earring or two earrings and wear stylish and trendy jewelry for giving you a gorgeous look.

Why can’t guys wear earrings at school?

Here’re the following reasons why guys can’t wear earrings at school.

  • They’re against the dress code of the school.
  • Having a catholic background
  • Against rule and regulations of the school

They can’t wear earrings at school as they are against the school code of conduct. Wearing earrings is strictly prohibited in some states and especially in catholic schools. Only girls and some exceptional religious cases can wear earrings to submit a written request by their parents. They have to tell the reason then they are permitted to wear earrings at school. Wearing earrings is not according to school students’ dress code. Students can wear earrings at the university level. People think it a strict rule, and they want to change this rule. Its school policy and each school have his code of conduct, and children and parents should follow them to preserve laws and regulations.

Why can’t guys wear earrings at work?

Guys with earrings are not acceptable in many companies and business forums despite the broad acceptance of guys with piercing earrings. They think earrings don’t look professional and it seems unsuitable on a working forum. The following are significant reasons:

  • Give you Non-professional look.
  • You look immature and non-serious
  • Harmful effects for the company

It gives adverse effects to its work forum, and the company has a lousy image where workers wear earrings. You should not wear earrings on the first day and try to wear men’s accessories such as watches, cufflinks, and ties. They give you a decent look and appearance as compared to earrings that give you an immature appearance.

Guys with earrings do not sound so decent and mature; it gives you an immature look. If you’re allowed to wear earrings, then choose small studs, pearls and diamonds that will be appropriate for an office setting.

Why do guys wear black earrings?

Guys wear black earrings is just an expression of their fashion like much other fashion and nothing else it does meaning at all. They don’t have any symbolic meaning and affiliation.

  • Due to fashion in trend
  • Favourite colour and they like more
  • Grabbing more attraction of people

The black earring was much in trend all the time, and it’s a meaningless body modification. It’s popular in some places as they grab the attention of most people—Guys like black earrings due to their stunning shine and attractiveness. We can find this trend mostly in South America and Africa.

One primary reason is that they like black and its stunning black colour is suitable for different occasions. Black colour can wear with various dressing and style, so guys wear black earrings.


Wearing earrings has been part of society for many years, having great cultural and social significance. No matter what reason you’re wearing earrings. It must be a complement to your personality and enhance your confidence. People shouldn’t judge by books by its cover and respect the feeling of others.

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