How to Wear Earrings without Pierced Ears (Step by Step Method)

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Well, there would be no single woman who would not be fond of wearing earrings all the time just to flaunt their ears. But some of the women do think that you can only wear earrings if your ears are pierced. That’s a completely wrong concept!

You can easily wear your favorite earrings and let your ears look flawless no matter whether they are pierced or not. Right here we will teach you how you can easily wear earrings without pierced ears.

Earrings are no doubt stylish pieces of jewelry accessories and women have been wearing them for the last so long decades. There is nothing wrong with giving your ears a pierced to easily let your earrings get stuck in the piercing hold.

But sometimes it does happen that you are not ready to do the piercing but still, you are fond of wearing stylish earring pieces to give your ears a flattering outlook. There are countless reasons with which you can ensure that you enjoy wearing your favorite earrings no matter even if your ears are not pierced.

Is it possible to wear earrings without a piercing?

If in case you are wondering to consider the concept between piercings and earrings, then you will be happy to listen to the fact that you can easily wear it without letting your ears get pierced. And the best thing about this activity is that you will be given countless options.

As you will search for you will be finding so many types of earrings which are best to wear without piercing. They are available in various styles such as studs, dangle style, single design and so many more.

You do have a choice where you can ever choose between a classy and casual design of earrings.

Which style of earring is best to wear without ear piercing?

If you want to know about one specific style of earring which you can wear without ear piercing, then we will recommend you with “magnetic earring”.

This style of earring is best for you if in case you are not in favor of having an ear-piercing. They will give your whole ear an accessorized look. They are available with neodymium magnets which are rare earth magnets.

They are tiny, strong, and are best to wear as stud earrings. The magnet will make its way to the back of earlobes and they are extremely effective to let the earrings be held in one place.

The best thing about these earrings is that you can easily have them created at home on your own. If you are having magnets available with you then creating these earrings is so much effortless. You just need almost 4 of the magnetics of 1/4 inch or 3/16 inches in the diameter, some super glue, and tweezers with clear disk earring backs.

To give your whole earring extra flawless looks, don’t forget to adorn it with some gems and colorful beads. And for this decoration, you will require magnets on either side of the earlobe, and this means all about knowing the positive or the negative side of the magnets which should attract. You will also need superglue to easily attach the magnet to your earrings. Before you apply, make sure the glue is dry.

(3 Ways) How to wear earrings without piercing your ears?

Now let’s discuss the top 3 ways with which you can easily learn how to wear earrings without ear piercing. Check out all methods one by one:

Method No 1: Converting Earrings using a Post

  • First of all purchase the earring converters. Get in touch with a local store or any online shop to purchase your favorite earring set. Try to choose a converter which is having a small tube/barrel on the back.
  • Now insert the post into the barrel. You have to slide the post right inside the barrel of your converter. After it, you have to bend the post to about 90°. Bending the main post will also make your earrings have an extra natural position for your ear.
  • To bend the posts, you have to be slow and steady with the motion. If the posts are thick, then just bend them with the pliers before you choose to insert them into the barrel.
  • You should cut the post off if in case you are not planning to have your ears pierced. It would be best if you will cut the post off most of the earrings and then attach the jewelry onto a piece of clip-on earring mechanism.
  • Make sure you do not bend the converter. You just have to place the post inside the barrel and then let the earrings be inserted inside. This will enable the earring to get seated below the earlobe.

Method No 2: Adapting Dangling Earrings

  • You can buy fish hook converters. Try to choose the converters which are made out of fish hook earrings. These converters will also have a small extra hoop towards the front which you can use to attach the earring.
  • Now remove off the fish hook. You can make the use of jewelry pliers to somehow gently remove the main piece that all in all go through your ear. Just open the small hoop towards the converter and then place it around the main hole of the pierced earring. You can make the use of pliers to smoothly close the loop.
  • In the next step, you have to use a hoop converter. A hoop converter is a sort of thin metal hoop which you need to attach with your pierced earring. If you are using this for your fishhook earring, then you can use pliers to close the main opening of your pierced earring first.
  • Now as the fish hook is closed, you can hang it over the hoop converter. This is probably the quickest method of wearing the earring if your ears are not pierced.

Method No 3: Making Clip-On Earrings Extra Comfortable

  • First of all, use some clip-on cushions. Most of the cushions use adhesive to easily stick to the clips. Other sorts of cushions slide over the clips just to create some extra padding for your ears.
  • Now loosen the tongue. One most common type of clip converters isthe paddle-back clip-on. These sorts of clip-on are yet based on top of the metal tongue that completely makes your whole clip-ons fit nicely and tight.
  • If at any point your ears are hurting, you can use a pair of tweezers or any thin screwdriver to gently lift the tongue. You can continue to lift it until and unless you did not find a comfortable spot. If in case you loosen the tongue too much, your set of earrings will not stay on top of your ear. By lifting the tongue too much quickly will let the tongue to break off.
  • Wear for brief intervals of time. If cushions and/or loosening the tongue do not help, you might also want to restrict the quantity of time you put on your earrings. Your jewelry can also look fantastic for the first few hours that you put on them and commence to damage later. Also, you may be in a position to put on some rings all day and others for only a few hours.
  • It may additionally be useful to put on your clip-on’saround the house first to see how your ears feel over time. Then you will understand your limits for every pair of jewelry that you have.
  • Clean your ears and earrings. To ease your earrings, combine one drop of baby shampoo with water and use a Q-Tip or tender toothbrush to clean. Quickly rinse with cool water and use a hairdryer on cool placing or a gentle hand towel to dry. There is no such difficulty and quickly go for cleansing earrings, however, the rings you put on more have to be cleaned more frequently.
  • Avoid the use of something acidic like vinegar or baking soda to clean.If you observe any inexperienced stuff on your earrings, use a toothpick, gentle toothbrush, or Q-Tip to take away it.Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or pad to smooth your ears. This will dispose of any germs.


This was the end of the discussion about how you can flaunt your ears with your favorite pair of earrings without getting your ears pierced. There are no hard and fast tricks that you need to imply to wear stylish earrings.

If you think that this whole concept will harm your ears or will be painful then you are completely wrong. This is an exceptional opportunity for all those people who are not in the ahead or favor to have their ears pierced.

 So are you ready to try this trick? 


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