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It is time to have a look at the best options when it comes to nipple rings, belly buttons, and tongue rings for breastfeeding moms. We have reviewed top-notch recommendations for you. In this same piece of writing, you will know how much it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms to go for piercing on their belly buttons and nipples.

Furthermore, these rings are encompassed with trendy designs, stylish colors, and comfortable textures. These sets are available in premium designs and budget-friendly prices. They are also nickel and lead-free. You are free to opt for them as belly button rings or nose rings and nipple rings.

Have a look at this large assortment of nipple rings and share your feedback with us. They are available in barbells, hoops, and even in charms and many design variations. There are stone options available for you too! Keep in mind that these rings are designed in a way that breastfeeding moms will be enjoying a superior fit and comfortable time.

Thus, this is an excellent and super body jewelry time that you can wear! It is all high time to make your breastfeeding time super fun and super trendy. Only remember that your piercing should be properly healed while you breastfeed your baby. Check out the details now:

Longita Plastic Pregnancy Nipple Rings for Maternity Sport Pregnant Women

Nipple Rings for Breastfeeding

One of the top recommendations that we have for you is this Longita Plastic Pregnancy Nipple Ring set. This is the best and ideal nipple ring if you are pregnant and involved in a breastfeeding job. Furthermore, if people from the USA plan to get this set, then keep in mind that you will be getting 15pcs pregnancy nipple rings. These rings come along with varied and different bar lengths. In addition, you will be getting 16pairs of catchy-looking different balls if you feel like replacing them.

Women have loved using this set and they have fallen in love with this nipple ring set because it arrives in the cute and impressive looking black velvet pouch. Keep in mind that the long bar pregnancy nipple ring has got a wearable bar length of 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, and also 25mm, 32mm. On the other hand, the top ball diameter of this nipple ring set is 3/16″(5mm) and the button ball diameter is 5/16″(8mm).


  • This Nipple rings set is made by using clear and highly flexible Bioflex and keep in mind that this material is highly and immensely Hypoallergenic.
  • This set remains to stay Nickel-free and Lead-Free and it is embossed with a highly polished smooth surface.
  • These plastic nipple rings for pregnancy are comfortable to wear for hours and hours and it is highly ideal for pregnant women out there.
  • You can well note down that these plastic nipple rings are available in different and cute styles.
  • Their construction material is flexible and bendable and you can try out their different length of bars so that you can well and fulfill any of your pregnancy needs.

Customer Review

I am in love with these nipple rings. I bought them only for the sake because my current nipple piercing is out of fashion now. This set works fine and best for men. I have seen that they are available in the correct gauge and the presence of multiple lengths is one of the nicest things about this set.

Ruifan 5-10PCS Pregnancy Sport Maternity Flexible Bioplast Nipple Ring

nipple rings for breastfeeding moms

There are lots of pregnant Hollywood celebs out there who have loved flaunting their nipple rings and among them, we have  Gigi Hadid . If you wish to embrace this trend, then you can do it as well. Trust us, this ring will not disturb your breastfeeding routine and comfortable to wear as well. In addition, these are super long and super flexible nipple rings.

They are great to be used in the form of pregnancy nipple rings. You can even use them to sport belly rings. How amazing it is! As these nipples rings are made of Flexible Acrylic and they are easy and convenient to cut down as well. They seamlessly get fit on all nipple types. So, what are you thinking now? Are you interested in getting this nipple ring set if you are a breastfeeding mom!


  • This set is packed with hypoallergenic property and marked to be nickel free body jewelry type.
  • This nipple ring set is made with the help of Surgical Steel and composed of High-Quality Acrylic material as well.
  • In the package, you will be getting 5-10PCS Belly Rings and you will also be getting one free gift in the form of a velvet bag.
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed upon getting this bag and this is a safe setting for all breastfeeding mothers.
  • This set is 100% metal-free and no side effects are offered by it.

Customer Review

I can say that this set works nicely for me. Overall, this is the right set that I have been looking for a long time. The best part is that you can cut these rings in any manner and length you want to. They are much flexible and do not bring any discomfort/pain.

Ftovosyo 32Pcs Nipple Rings 14G Surgical Steel Barbell Bar Hoop Ring Piercing Jewelry for Women

nipple rings for nursing

How about buying this set? If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and you still want to wear a nipple  ring, then this is the right set that you should grab. No doubt, this is the value pack that breastfeeding and pregnant moms can get for themselves. Furthermore, this whole pack is included with 16 Pairs of 14 Gauge Nipple Rings.

Moreover, you will get 8 Pairs of Straight Barbells as well as 8 Pairs of Horseshoe Barbell. Regarding the ball styles, they are available and designed in Glitter Ball, Solid Color Ball, Shiny Ball, and also Bling Gems Ball. It is in the rose gold color that you can have these rings. Apart from that, they are made and designed by using Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel. This whole construction material is Durable and Hypoallergenic. The best part of this ring set is that it is Completely Non-corrosive and it was first available on July 29, 2019.


  • This set is exclusively and particularly resistant to Acid and Alkali and at the same time, it does not fade and distort at all.
  • This one is a multi-purpose nipple ring set and you are free to use it as Tongue Piercing Jewelry type as well.
  • The package arrives in a Velvet Gift Bag and this is the best gift option for Birthday, Christmas Day times and even for Anniversary Days.
  • Customers are given 180 Days Exchange time and Money Back Guarantee time.
  • You will be offered Excellent and satisfactory Pre-sale Consulting time as well as great After-sale Customer Service.

Customer Review

The set manages to arrive quickly and it is available in a nice variety and range of colors. On the other hand, the price factor is also great. These are great and wonderful rings and I adore them a lot! Get them for yourself because the sparkle ones are quite pretty looking. This is a great assortment that I am recommending to you!

VCMart Nipple Rings Tongue Ring Surgical Steel Nipplerings Piercing

nipple rings affect breastfeeding

The next recommendation that we have put up for you is this vcmart Nipple Rings set for breastfeeding. For breastfeeding and pregnant moms, this is the cutest and super stylish set that they can surely buy. Most importantly, this piercing type is super comfortable to wear and injected with smooth surfaces and edges too. You can either emboss them on your belly buttons or on your tongues.

In addition, these great and exceptional-looking nipple rings are real and hypoallergenic. You can have them in 4 kinds of bar length. Just to give you the basic information, this ring set is made of genuine and high end316L Surgical Stainless Steel. Those girls who are the biggest fan of embracing and hugging these rings on their nipple should immediately grab this ring set without wasting any time.


  • This is the most suitable and convenient to wear nipple ring set that women can wear and flaunt.
  • In the package, you will be getting 6 pairs of Silver Nipple Rings along with a velvet gift bag
  • Upon buying this set, you will be offered with 100% and 90 days money-back guarantee span.
  • These are multifunctional piercing barbells and do not hurt and bring any discomfort and pain to you.
  • These rings are super stylish and made according to the latest trends.

Customer Review

I have always been eager to try out the set of this brand. For me, these are super cute little dainty barbells. This set has always been my first choice. The attractive part is that these rings have not irritated and harmed my skin and no matter you have eczema-prone sensitive skin, you can still wear these rings.

Lcolyoli 36Pcs 14G Glow in Dark Flexible Acrylic Straight Barbell Nipple Ring

maternity nipple rings

You might be wondering why to buy this set, here we are going to tell you. It is time to fall in love with this Lcolyoli 36Pcs set for breastfeeding as it is made of top and high-end materials. Most noteworthy, this  nipple ring set is made by injecting safe  and  nickel-free materials .

These rings do not bring any harm to breastfeeding mothers. No doubt, this is a healthy and safest choice that you can go for. In a single order, you will be getting 36 Pieces of Flexible Straight Barbells and the great part is that they are available in 3 attractive and creative styles. Like, you can flaunt these rings in Glow in the Dark Ball style and also in Glitter Ball style as well as in Solid Colorful Ball style. Moreover, they are fashionable and special looking and you can easily screw on and screw off the balls of these rings.


  • These are multi-purpose rings and you can wear them as nipple rings or in the form of a tongue ring retainer.
  • Customers are given and provided with ideal after-sale service and you can directly contact their team in case you are dissatisfied with the quality of this ring set.
  • These rings fit for all women and girls and arrive in the super beautiful-looking velvet bag.
  • These are such kinds of rings that they manage to heal your piercing in less span of time.
  • They glow on the best notes and their sparkling effect remains as it is for months and months.

Customer Review

This is finally a great and good piece of jewelry that I have got for myself. I just swear that they look remarkable and easy to wear. If you have got the worst luck while trying out nipple rings, then try this set. They even heal piercings better.

Prjndjw Jewelry, 5/8in(16mm) L, Multicolor Surgical Stainless Steel Long Nipple Piercing Barbells

If you are planning to get 14G Nipple Piercing Barbells, then that is the best decision that you have ever made. This is an ideal nipple ring set for breastfeeding mothers. Furthermore, in the single and exclusive set, you will be given 12 pieces of Rose Surgical Steel Tongue Studs. The unique selling point is that it is in the 8 different designs and styles that this set is available.

Moreover, all designs are flexible and clear looking. The package is too included with Clear Flexible Bioflex Retainers and Silver Glitter Balls. You will get Basic Steel Balls and also Steel Matte Balls. For those, who love to flaunt Heart-Shaped Nipple rings, then this is the right and the perfect set for them. Apart from that, these same rings are present in Rose Flower style, T-shaped style, and in the Skull Head style.


  • These rings are made of healthy and top quality Surgical 316L Stainless Steel and this built makes them Durable and 100% Hypoallergenic.
  • The attractive quality of these Nipple rings is that they do not give out any kind of allergic reaction.
  • They are inducted with Surgical-grade Bioflex and Acrylic and very much Flexible and Comfortable to put on.
  • They are ideal for Tongue Piercing and suitable to be availed as Long Nipple Rings and Bridge Piercing.
  • They are wrapped and covered all with Nice Velvet Pouch.

Customer Review

They are good and ideal for nipple piercings. I initially bought them for the heart-shaped tongue ring. They are so much comfortable to wear and do not tear my tongue apart as well. I absolutely love and praise using these tongue rings. They are not bulky and I guess that they are perfect for all of you!

QWALIT 14g Plastic Pregnancy Nipple Piercing Retainer Flexible Clear Curved Barbell Replacement Balls for Work Surgery

nipple piercing retainer for pregnancy

Next, we have these adorable-looking nipple rings made and designed exclusively for breastfeeding moms! If your current Nipple rings are giving you pain and any discomfort, then replace them with this set. Furthermore, the package officially comes with 16pcs of different lengths as well as Clear straight bars. You will too get 24 pieces of replacement balls that are packaged in the velvet pouch. Besides, they are made by infusing and inducting flexible Bioflex kind of UV material.

The USP is that these rings are surrounded by a high polished smooth surface. They are immensely comfortable to wear and ideal to be put up on sensitive skin. No doubt, these rings are here to make your pregnancy time equally trendy and stylish enough. So, get them and share your feedback as well.


  • These are clear-looking retainers and ideal for work as well.
  • These are industrial barbell earrings and suitable to be worn as pregnancy nipple rings and nipple retainer as well tongue retainer.
  • Their styles and designs look much adorable looking and girls have loved their dainty styling element.
  • These metal bars are small in size and do not chip off as well.
  • They work great throughout your whole and entire pregnancy.

Customer Review

This ring set really comes out to be perfect for my daughter, she is super sensitive to metals but this set works for her! It even worked great and ideally throughout my entire pregnancy! The impressive part is that they are easy to put in and also remove.

Forbidden Body Jewelry Nipple Rings Flexible Acrylic Barbell

best nipple rings for healing

This brand has a history of making amazing and impressive-looking nipple rings and tongue rings. Besides, this brand was founded in the year of 2013, and since then, it has created and come up with eye-catchy designs. If you want to wear quality body jewelry, then you should try out this brand that is backed and supported by a trust-building and happy customer experience.

Their body piercing jewelry collection has always grabbed our attention and all of these nipple rings are available at accessible and budget-friendly prices. Furthermore, this exclusive set is made of high-grade materials and they are even routinely tested as well as approved. All breastfeeding mothers can wear these rings as they are known for their safety and functionality.


  • This piece is embossed and composed of Surgical Steel and Titanium; some of the rings are even made of 14k White and Yellow Gold.
  • This is an expressive and amazing art of body jewelry that you should get and shop for yourself.
  • It is ideal for nipple piercing and tongue piercing and you can conveniently use it in the form of retainers for surgery as this set is 100% Metal free.
  • You just have to unscrew these balls and simply insert them to enjoy a comfortable fit.
  • Their colors, textures, and styles do not fade away for months and months.

Customer Review

The length of these rings is just perfect! They are not too short nor too long. As I was looking and hunting for a nonmetal tongue ring and guess what! I got this set and really happy to use it. I love their length and color and they fit me greatly too.

Ruifan 14G 16mm Glow in The Dark Flexible Acrylic Straight Nipple Ring Retainer Piercing

plastic nipple rings for pregnancy

The next suggestion that you can get hold of is this Ruifan 14G 16mm Glow in The Dark Flexible ring set. As you can see that these are Bioplast barbells and these nipple rings are extremely flexible and even hypo-allergenic. In addition, they remain to stay Metal Free and Allergy Free. You can seamlessly wear them during MRI. If you are a fan of trying  Acrylic Tongue Rings , then have this set.

You can either use them on your nipple or immerse any of these rings on your tongue. They have got14 Gauge (1.6mm) and contain 6mm balls. In addition, these rings are available in 2 White shades and 2 Light Blue colors and also 2 Purple


  • This ring set construction does not contain any allergens and UV or any other kind of nickel presence in it.
  • They are comfortable to wear and you can resize these screw-on balls if you wish to do so!
  • They are equally safe to be worn during an MRI.
  • It is in the gift velvet bag that this package arrives.
  • They are accompanied by these high-polished smooth surfaces and do not carry any harsh edges.

Customer Review

Though my wife has metal allergies but this set works for her! We took the risk and we got successful. These rings work great as retainers. In addition, these rings are ok and fine enough to wear even if you have some surgery recently.

The Jewelry Archivist Pair of 14G Medical Grade Flexible Nipple Barbell Retainer Ring with Clear UV

plastic nipple bars for mri

These are the Flexible Nipple Barbell Retainer Rings that you can shop for! You can well note down that these are 14G/4mm balls. They are sold as a pair and ensure a comfortable fitting time. Most importantly, these rings have got a Nickel Free Wire and remain to be marked as super and 100% Allergy Free. For basic training times and surgery times, this is an ideal option for you.

No matter, you are cheerleading; you can still hug these rings on your nipple. Hence, they are comfortable and discreet, and re-sizable as well. You just have to put a little amount of pressure on them and guess what, they get resized according to your needs. As this set is going to be shipped from the USA, California, for the reason that you will always be provided with a tracking number along with your order.


  • You are free to put on them on any of the body parts of yours and this brand promises to offer a perfect fit time.
  • They are ideal for pregnancy, sports time, and maternity.
  • This set is available in a variety of styles and accommodates breastfeeding moms as well.
  • It is from the high-quality acrylic material that these rings are made of and some are even embossed with 316L surgical steel.
  • You can have them in a variety of colors like silver, gold and also in the pink, rainbow, and even in red, rose gold colors.

Customer Review

Well, I can say that this is probably the fastest order that I received! And regarding quality, they have met my expectations. I am even blessed with a little and somewhat extra rings. They offer me a perfect fit. I once again give and pay my thanks to the seller.

Buying Guide Best Nipple Rings for Breastfeeding 

Nipple Rings Sizing

Quality Construction: You should look for the belly button or nipple ring that is made of high-quality material. In other words, it has to be made of top-quality 316L Stainless Steel. The construction phase of such rings should be non-allergic. The kind of materials used in these rings has to be safe, metal-free, nickel-free, and allergic-free. High and top-notch piercings remain to stay comfortable for a long time wearing.

Easy to Screw Off and On: It is advised to look for the rings that are easy to resize and also Easy to Screw Off and On. This is the common problem faced by girls that most of the rings do not fit them properly and they fail to resize them as well. But high-end piercing options are easy and convenient to resize, so prefer such options.

Focus on comfort: Most importantly, grab those nipple rings that show focus on comfort. They have to be specifically designed in a manner that breastfeeding moms experience safety and also precision. Moreover, if these rings are made by using piercing-safe and 316L Surgical Steel, then that is great. Along with that, look for the ring option that has a High Polished Surface.

Handcrafted: It will be great if you buy a  and tongue rings that are handcrafted. Such rings turn and transform you into the brightest star and thus make you stand out in the crowd. So, try buying handcrafted rings for such body piercing zones. In addition, handcrafted rings guarantee to offer high quality and available at an affordable price.

Package in beautiful gift box: Lastly, hunt for the rings for your nipples and belly buttons that arrive in beautiful and impressive gift boxes. Their packaging should look great enough.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Question: Do Nipple Piercings affect Breastfeeding later in life?

Answer: If you have gone for nipple piercings, then keep in mind that this practice will not affect your breastfeeding later in life. On a general note, this habit does not bring any negative effects on your breast milk supply. Furthermore, your ability and tendency to make breast milk will not be affected. So, if you are concerned that nipple piercings may interfere with your milk production, then that is not the case at all.

Piercings on the breast have become a normal thing and you can still be able to breastfeed. But according to a few of the experts, it is observed that breastfeeding with nipple piercings can potentially and significantly cause choking or this practice may bring damage and harm to the infant’s mouth. This fashion may turn out to be problematic if there is any kind of scarring or nerve damage already.

Question: Will an old Nipple Piercing affect breastfeeding?

Answer: If you are currently breastfeeding and you have also got previously pierced holes, then there is a high chance that this fashion may become problematic for you. There is this evidence that moms who have gone for nipple piercing, cases of choking, and damaged infant’s mouths have been reported. In addition, old nipple piercing may get infected after some time gap.

So, if you are breastfeeding, you need to know beforehand whether your nipple piercing is infection-free or not. Piercing embossed with any infection may in return bring complications for breastfeeding moms like bleeding.

Question: Do Nipple Piercings stop you Breastfeeding?

Answer: If we see on the general basis and notes, then it is noticed that nipple piercings do not stop you from breastfeeding. Moreover, pierced nipples do not bring any of the complications and tough times when it comes to breastfeeding. You need to understand that piercings in the nipple are not going to affect your breast milk supply. They will not hinder and hamper your ability to make breast milk.

Some moms prefer taking out their rings while they are breastfeeding and some do not do that. All in all, it is recommended and suggested to completely remove and take off nipple jewelry during the time you are breastfeeding your baby. It is always safe and secures your baby if your nipples do not have rings on them.

Question: Can you pump breast milk with Nipple Piercings?

Answer: This complaint is filed by lots of breastfeeding moms that their breast milk supply is affected by nipple piercings. In other words, nipple piercings do impact and negatively affect breastfeeding for both mother and baby. In addition, one of the common concerns that arise for mothers may include nerve damage. This practice impacts the phase of the milk ejection reflex.

Moreover, it brings scarring and thus obstructs the milk flow. However, you can still use breast pumps for the sake of pumping milk and thus be able to feed your baby conveniently. If you feel any pain because of nipple piercing while using a breast pump, then it is advised to take off those piercings.

Question: Can I keep my Nipple Rings in while Breastfeeding?

Answer: You can keep your nipple rings while you are breastfeeding. They do not affect your ability and tendency to nurse. On the other hand, you have to wait until and unless your piercing fully and completely heals before you start to breastfeed your baby. Besides, it is okay to breastfeed while having these nipple piercings. It is noticed that they typically and particularly do not damage milk production.

One should know that breast milk is produced right by these mammary glands and they present in the breast tissue and behind the nipple. So, it means you can freely keep your nipple rings while breastfeeding. The only thing that you have to remember is that piercing could slightly and a little bit interfere with your milk flow but this problem is not faced by all mothers so relax!

Question: When should I take my Nipple Rings out when Pregnant?

Answer: While you are breastfeeding, then you can keep your rings. But while you are pregnant, it is not suggested to keep on wearing nipple rings. Most importantly, breasts become much more sore and tender during the time of pregnancy. So, it is advised to take off and remove jewelry from your nipples and belly buttons. There are lots of piercers out there who do not pierce the nipples during pregnancy time as it is not a safe and secure thing to do.

Nipples healing time is around and about 12 months and you should not get pregnant in between this time phase if you want your piercings to be fully healed. On the other hand, during pregnancy, the abdomen tends to gradually expand until and unless your belly button protrudes. So, for experiencing the safest pregnancy time, avoid going for piercings.

Question: Can I keep my Nipple Rings in during Pregnancy?

Answer: As it is already mentioned to you that it is suggested to avoid going for piercing until and unless you are done with your pregnancy phase! It is not at all advisable to keep your nipple rings in during pregnancy. By doing so, your breast may start to bleed, become sore, and lot tenderer. So, it is best to wait. You can opt for piercing when your pregnancy time is over.

We know that nipple piercing is just a form of self-expression and all pregnant and breastfeeding moms love to embrace this trend. But pregnant mothers should avoid this piercing and they should take precautions because a little mistake in nipple piercing may affect their milk supply and nursing phase.

Question: What I wish I knew before piercing my Nipples?

Answer: There are lots of important things that you should know before piercing your nipples. Like, you have to make sure that your piercer should be using sterile piercing needles. You have to take and opt for aftercare precautions so that you can easily prevent infections right after you are done with piercing. In addition, you have to avoid putting any lotion or soap on your piercings until and unless it is fully healed.

Moreover, you should not change your nipple jewelry until any advice is given by your piercer. After a nipple piercing, you should limit and minimize the use of caffeine, alcohol because these substances lengthen the piercing healing process.


Now, we have reviewed for you the top 10 nipple belly button ring options for all pregnant and breastfeeding moms. You can let us know which style you have loved the most and what other information you are looking for!

Moreover, we have already explained to you that pregnant moms should avoid wearing these rings and breastfeeding moms can hug these rings along with taking some precautionary measures. No matter, whatever nipple belly button ring you have gone for, make sure it is metal-free and safe to be worn.

Furthermore, while you handle nipple piercing, always wash your hands properly and prefer using  antibacterial soap . In addition, before reinsertion, you have to clean your nipple jewelry with some warm water as well as gentle unscented soap. For cleaning this stuff, you are free to soak it in sea salt as this ingredient is marked as a natural antiseptic.

You can keep tuned with us as more styles and designs related to piercing are coming sooner on this platform. Besides, you can share with us what kind of piercing you have gone for and how was your experience!

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