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Is Sterling Silver 925 Worth Anything? Experts Opinion

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The fashion world introduces new and versatile things every day. The styles, the stones, the price can vary from article to article but some metals can never lose their value throughout the ages. Same we can say about silver that it’s worth.

Sterling silver is a molded and transformed form of silver that has gained popularity with time. It is a unique and stylish form of metal that enhances the worth of any jewelry and makes it special.

 “Let’s have a look at how much valuable sterling silver is” 

So, Is 925 Sterling Silver Worth Money?

Is 925 Sterling Silver Worth Money

Yes, people! You have made your mind to buy some jewelry for any upcoming event. There are many options in front of you. But you have a simple inclination towards buying sterling silver products. As it is obvious that sterling silver jewelry looks astonishing glamorous.

But wait a bit! There are many doubts you can have while going to buy some sterling silver jewelry. You must have some queries about its value and worth. You must have some question s about its originality and purity.

Sometimes a question resounds in your mind while you are sitting in a jewelry store or buying online that whether the sterling silver ring I am purchasing is that much value as I am spending on it?

Am I making a sane decision to spend on sterling silver jewelry?

Why we are too enthusiastic to tell you about how you can judge between a pure silver jewelry item or some sterling silver item. The reason behind this is very simple that knowing that you are spending your money on an exact item and not draining your money is your right. You must have a better outlook and recognition about silver that is very soft if it is pure. It can never be molded in some jewelry item without some alloy.

The least percentage of pure silver products is 99% or 99.9% and jewelers have to add usually copper in it to develop it in the form of some jewelry.

The value of a silver ring varies according to its design, stones, or brand name. We must be aware of the fact that why it is necessary to add some alloy in silver to make it sterling silver. It is true that if we don’t add any alloy in silver, it will not mold to our required design.

Silver is too soft to be mold into some stylish or intriguing designs. It is the alloy of copper that makes it able to form some classy designs. You may say that this 7.5% of the alloy is kay for the jewelers to satisfy our fashion desire.

So folks! There must be no such question left in your mind that why there is written 925 on the products you buy as sterling silver. You can trust the name of the company and the genuine of the product knowing it is essential to add 7.5 percent of alloy in every sterling silver product.

Many other questions resound in a normal person’s mind. He is very keen to know that whether the jewelry he is going to buy is worth spending so much money on? Is really sterling silver items expensive or not?

Let’s just check it.

Is 925 Sterling Silver Expensive?

Is 925 Sterling Silver Expensive

Some people have a misconception about the value of sterling silver. They can’t determine how much a piece of sterling silver costs. But we can judge that a good piece of 925 sterling silver can be much expensive because of its style and design. The price of sterling silver varies and can range from 20$ to 200$

Why! What is so expensive about this ring or earrings? This question disturbs many of our minds. The answer is very simple. The value of sterling silver increases because of its gemstone or pearls that are fixed in it. If you want a nice and special gift for your beloved with some specific stone or even diamond in it. The cost of that ring in 025 sterling silver will increase up to 400$ or more due to the worth of the stone.

The price of an article made of sterling silver doesn’t need to be always expensive. We can buy a good and reasonable jewelry article on a low budget. The thing most necessary is the judgment of the originality and purity of 925 sterling silver.

There are many tests through which you can never be cheated. You can act upon the following steps to check the authenticity of your 925 sterling silver.

925 Sterling Silver Test Authencity

925 sterling silver test

Before purchasing any piece of jewelry made of 925 sterling silver, we should be more obvious about the authenticity of the metal. Sometimes we get cheated by buying a ring or earrings made of 925 sterling silver plated instead of solid sterling silver. Such plated silver rings lose their luster and shine after a specific time.

Similarly, we are can also get some unpopular, non-allergenic metal in the guise of 925 sterling silver. This may cause serious damage to our pockets as well as our emotions. To avoid all these uncertainties and doubts, we recommend you some tests. They may prove helpful for you to make a decision.

Look For The “925 Stamp” or Sterling Silver marking Stamp

It is every well naming brand or company’s policy to engrave 925 symbols on its product. You must get it noticed whether the “925” monogram is written inside the ring or beneath the article. This tip will help you a lot in recognizing the real 925 sterling silver.

Wipe your Jewelry with a Soft and  Light Colored Cloth

It is a chemical factor that silver gets oxidized after being exposed to air. This is the reason we recommend you this test. If you wipe your jewelry with a clean and light-colored cloth, it will get some stains in black on it. This action will show you the authenticity of the 925 sterling silver.

Test Jewellery with Magnet

We can easily judge the purity of 925 sterling silver by trying to stick it with a magnet. If it sticks to the ring, it will not be 925 sterling silver. But if it does not do so, we can be sure about its originality as silver is non-magnetic.

Test 925 with Nitric Acid

When nitric acid comes in contact with some metal, it loses its color. If we try this test with sterling silver, it will not do any impact on it. This is a very helpful test to check the reliability of your desired jewelry.

Sense Of Smell Plays a Vital Role

If we smell a pure 925 sterling silver jewelry item, we will not get any sharp or odd smell. It is the quality of original sterling that it does not smell odd as other metals do. By smelling other common metals, we feel an odd taste normally. We can better judge our product’s authenticity.

Is Sterling Silver more Expensive than Gold?

Is Sterling Silver more Expensive than Gold

The straightforward answer to this question is “no”. Gold is more expensive than silver because it is rare than silver. It has a more firm and durable composition. We can rely more on gold if we have to compare it with sterling silver.

But sometimes there is a price difference of sterling silver just because of the gemstones that are more expensive than a full jewelry set.  Sterling silver has its characteristics and benefits. Let’s have an ook on these.

Benefits Of Sterling Silver

  • Sterling silver is very affordable and pocket-friendly.
  • It is very stylish and can be molded in almost every intricate design.
  • The form and texture of sterling silver are so classy that everyone can wear it not only at events but also casually.
  • It is hypoallergenic and has no use of allergenic metals as nickel or cobalt.
  • It is durable and strong.

Disadvantages of Sterling Silver

  • It is a normal practice to cheat people by selling sterling silver plated jewelry in place of sterling silver.
  • Sometimes the jewelry made of sterling silver proves allergenic because of the alloys that are mixed with them.
  • The jewelry made of 925 sterling silver tarnishes easily and we have to re-polish them after some time.

Is 925 Sterling Silver Good Quality?

Is 925 Sterling Silver Good Quality

It is a normally asked question that whether 925 sterling silver is of good quality or not? The answer to this question is “yes” because this is a durable metal. We can have more stylish and versatile jewelry with 925 sterling silver.

It is considered a good metal as it more molding power. If we use 99.9% pure silver, we can’t have our desired items. The reason behind this is that pure silver is comparatively softer. It is a difficult task for us to shape its intricate designs.

Sterling Silver Value and Difference between Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum

sterling silver vs white gold vs platinum

Sterling Silver Important Value

While discussing the value and importance of 925 sterling silver, we must look at it not only in comparison with other metals but also individually. It is a fact that sterling silver is too graceful to look at because every gemstone, pearl, or design is enhanced when it is used in 925 sterling silver.

But you know that the number of sterling silver in the queue is 4th. It has more expensive and rare metals than its competitors. They have their value and importance. Gold and Platinum are something more special and expensive.

But you need not be upset. The grace and specialty of sterling lie in its name “925”. It means that the mixture of pure 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or other metal is its main feature.

Why it is a feature? The answer is very simple that If we don’t mix pure silver with 7.5% of the alloy, it will not make you a fine jewelry piece. The finishing and the texture make 925 sterling silver an expensive metal.

Beauty and Durability Is Important

As far as the beauty of sterling silver is concerned, it is sometimes the priority of even royals to fix some stone in it. The jewelry made with 925 sterling silver is more sophisticated as compared to the jewelry made with pure silver.

Maybe some people crazy about pure silver may not agree with this opinion. They may consider silver jewelry more attractive than sterling silver. But it is a common view that mixing a metal to some extent makes the jewelry classier.

And if there is the question of the durability of 925 sterling silver, we can claim it straightforwardly. The combination of pure 92.5 silver and 7.5% other metal makes it a durable metal. We can rely on it so that we can try almost every kind of design on it.

We can safely say that the mixing of these two metals provides sterling silver durability and strength to get ready for difficult designs.

Use Expensive Metals to Add Value

Hey folks! We can add more value and importance to sterling silver by adding some expensive metal into it. We can add the plated Rhodium or Platinum that are more expensive and valuable metals than sterling silver. The addition of Platinum plates will make it more valuable.

If we try to increase the value of our sterling silver product, we can also have other options. We can add gold with it. By adding gold-plated silver, we can make our jewelry items more subtle and stylish. The choice is purely ours that whether we want to add white gold or yellow gold in it.

Design of Jewelry

The ball comes in the court of design. The more complex and intricate designs, the more valuable an item made of sterling silver becomes. We know that in old days people wore simple design jewelry. It can be said that just a simple band an s ring and a round wire of gold or silver around the neck as a necklace.

But with the advancement of fashion, jewelry has got many shapes and designs. This is why sterling silver jewelry if has some unique design and stones in it, can improve its value. A good design with rare stones is a key to value the ring made with sterling silver.

Care and Maintenance Increase Life

Care and love are the essences of every relation. If we want to keep our sterling silver jewelry items long term, we should care for them. If we are exposing our jewelry more to air, it will start to tarnish and losing color.

A tool to make our jewelry long-lasting is getting it polished. By polishing our jewelry, we can increase its luster and life. We guarantee that your jewelry life will extend a lot by just care and maintenance.

How Much Is 925 Sterling Silver Worth?

How Much Is 925 Sterling Silver Worth

It is a misconception that a jewelry item of 925 sterling silver is less worthy than an item of gold. If we consider only the worth of the metals, it is true. But if we see the total design. With durability, texture, composition, and stones, we can guess how valuable it can be.

Preserving Silver Value

Everything can have a long life if it is kept and preserved keenly. All sterling silver items are durable and strong enough to maintain their glam. All you have to do is to give them proper care. You can sell sterling silver after some time if you lose interest in it.

It is true that this metal is a little tarnishing but giving it better care can minimize the issue.

Store Your Jewelry in a Dry & Cool Place

A ring, earring, bracelet, or any other jewelry that you can use casually, needs some care from being exposed to air or water. If we wear it in hot, we get sweaty and it can cause the jewelry to tarnish.

Same if we expose our jewelry to water when washing clothes or dishes, we can mar its beauty. We should put our jewelry in a dry box and there should be no suffocation. The humid air can be a source of discoloring of your jewelry item.

Keep Your All Jewelry Separately

It is a wise suggestion for you to keep all the jewelry items made of sterling silver In separate boxes or pouches. If you have only one box of jewelry, then try to have small clothe pouches and put your jewelry in them.

If we put all jewelry in the same place, it can lose its sparkle because of friction and rubbing. So, you should keep the pieces separated to increase their life.

Polish It Regularly With a Soft Cloth

By polishing and cleaning your jewelry items with a soft cloth, you can increase their life and luster. Try to use a fallen or linen cloth that will not rub the jewelry. Also not using paper or some hard material is good for you. If we use something made of plastic, it can damage the jewelry badly.

The Difference Between Sterling Silver Jewelry and 925 Silver Jewelry

sterling silver vs 925 silver

 The difference between sterling silver and 925 silver is only the name. There is no difference more than this. 

We are aware of the fact that silver is a great metal and is liked for ages. Its history is too old. People love to wear it in different forms and shapes. It is worn in the shape of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and many other jewelry items.

No one can deny the importance of silver in any form. Even it is a common practice to use silver households and utensils. Now with the development in science and technology, silver is used differently to gain more perfect results.

The mixing of silver with some alloys is normal. But the perfect mingling of 92.5 percent of pure silver and 7.5% of copper makes it sterling silver or 925 silver. Same things in silver with a little bit of difference are also available in the market as pure silver, nickel silver, plated silver, and fine silver.

Sterling Silver VS 925 Silver

There is always a curiosity and suspense that what is the difference between 925 silver and sterling silver. We listen and read at different places about 925 and sterling silver and get confused.

But there is nothing to worry about as the answer to all these queries is that there is no difference between 925 and sterling silver. They both are the same. If we can understand the theory behind this 925 and sterling silver then it will be more satisfying for us to rely on any jewelry named 925 or sterling silver.

When pure silver is 92.5 and it is added by some alloy that normally is copper 7.5 percent, the metal it makes is called 925 sterling silver. Normally it can be written 925 only on your jewelry products which is the symbol or hallmark of the product. Sometimes only “STER” or “SS” or “STG” are written on the back or under your jewelry item. But it doesn’t mean that sterling silver is something different than 925 silver. It is the name that differs.

Sometimes the combination of alloy with 92.5 silver can be changed in different countries and they can be zinc, or nickel too. But the product that is made after blending the two metals is a solid, durable, and long-lasting 925 sterling silver.

Durability & Purity of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

It is true that if we don’t mix some alloy in metals used in jewelry, they will not get strong and durable. This is why 925 sterling silver is based on main metal silver which is 92.5% and the second one is a copper alloy that is 7.5% added. The good thing about this strategy is to make the jewelry more long-lasting.

We know that the usage of silver is very far beyond centuries. It was and is still being used as utensils and households. But it also a very well aware fact that we can’t use silver in its pure form. Doing so will not give us our desired results.

The scale normally used for the judgment of pure silver is 1000. If we use 99.9% pure silver, it gives us the very classic and old shiny touch that still is the priority of many people. But such metal is also added with 0.1% of alloy that makes it strong and durable.

The same is the case with 93.5% silver in the combination of 7.5% copper alloy to make your jewelry more strong and long-lasting.

Sterling Silver Existence in Jewelry

People want to wear something that not only looks elegant but also gives a classic look. With the progress in the fashion industry, we have devised many new styles and designs in jewelry. Many new materials are being used as jewelry. But some old thing has their existence and worth.

Silver and gold are above all in the fashion world. Whenever we think of buying something for us In jewelry, the first things that strike our mind are silver and gold.

Silver is one of the best metals that can be molded in different shapes and designs. Silver when mixed in some alloy to form sterling silver becomes more durable and ready to bear all intricate styles. With the use of some precious stones, sterling silver gives a royal look.

Sterling silver can be used in different jewelry items. We can rely on it before going to any type of party, function, event, or even casually. It gives you a promising look and increases your grace.

  • Earrings: Whenever it a matter of confusion that you can’t choose something between two good earrings, you should go for a sterling silver item. You may feel more comfortable and classy by wearing these earrings. The earrings made with sterling silver will not hurt your ear and will not be a source f allergy for you.
  • Necklace: Normally necklaces with precious stones are made in sterling silver because of the durability and reliability of the metal.
  • Rings: If we want to use a ring in a normal routine, sterling silver will be the best choice. It will not create skin allergies and irritation. You can wear sterling silver rings casually as well as formally.
  • Pendants: We can also wear pendants of sterling silver and can use them for a long time by using them with care.
  • Bracelets: Another elegant thing you can wear on your wrist to make your day special is the bracelet of sterling silver. It will not only look stylish but also there is no tension of some sort of allergies.

Experts Advise Before Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

Hey People! We have discussed earlier that what is the reason to use 7.5% of copper alloy in 92.5% silver. It is only to make it more strong and durable. But when we go to buy some sterling jewelry, we should be more cautious and careful.

The label of “925” or “STER” or “STG” must be written or embossed on the product you buy. You should make it confirm that there is the hallmark of all these above-mentioned symbols.

If we don’t do so, we are giving ourselves pain for the remaining time. Because if we are going to buy such a product, we will drown ourselves in troubled waters. Such an item will give you skin allergies and irritation.

Never compromise on your skin! If you don’t take care while spending money on jewelry especially earrings. It will not only cause you skin allergies and pain but can create long-lasting troubles for you.

It can be said that buying sterling silver jewelry blindly is as you are buying some cheap metal products that use nickel or brass.

Why We Love Sterling Silver Jewelry?

The story of silver is very far beyond centuries. It has proved itself to be very reliable and dependable. We know its glamour and class. It can’t get old or outdated. This is why we like wearing jewelry made of silver or you may say sterling silver.

As far as sterling is concerned, it is an updated form of silver that is more reliable and elegant. It can be found in almost all forms of jewelry. It is smooth, shiny, magnetic, and classic.

The 925 factor is an additional quality of sterling silver. These all things make us love sterling silver jewelry.

Is 925 Silver Real Silver?

To discuss above all topic means only to give you some information about sterling silver in detail. We don’t want you to get cheated or take the wrong decision.  A jewelry item made with sterling has 92.5% silver which is more than enough to make it an authentic jewelry article.

The usage of just a bit of alloy which normally is copper is to make your jewelry more durable. If the designers don’t do so, it will result in deforming your jewelry on some mere pressure.

But it is also a fact that there is somewhat a few other metals used in sterling silver jewelry. The jewelers do so just to make it free from tarnishing, Let me show you special video from youtube.

It is an interesting fact bout silver that if there is a 90% or above percentage of silver in any item, the chance of corrosion increases. It is because of its interaction with air and its elements that makes it tarnish.

The added elements in sterling silver are boron, germanium, or zinc that makes it face the outer air more strongly. But sometimes the jewelers don’t polish the item finely and there remain some pores in it. It may also cause the jewelry to tarnish speedily.

Whether above all mentioned facts are true, but it is also true that sterling silver is real silver and it is as reliable as any other metal.

What About Fine Silver?

What is fine silver? Is there any other silver more expensive than sterling silver? IS there any other form of silver purer than sterling silver? These are the questions that always echo in our minds. The answer to all these questions is “yes”.

Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver and only0.1% of an alloy is used to make it somewhat durable. Fine silver is more expensive than sterling silver. It is no doubt purer.

People who still love to remain in old days and memorize the past, wear fine silver jewelry. But you must be careful while using something made of fine silver. It is soft and can get deformed by a little pressure.

If we want to have something for decoration purposes or want to use something less, we can make it in fine silver.

What About Plated Silver?

A plated silver ring is not real silver. It is only the jewelry of other metals that has the plated of silver on it. It can be a good item of jewelry but only for a limited time. It can cause allergies too. It may be a risk for your skin for reason.

If you have to choose between fine silver and plated silver, you should go with fine silver. It can be a little expensive but will not cause any harm to you. Plated silver looks good but there is no originality in it.

We are much concerned even to call a plated silver jewelry a silver item. It is only a metal wearing a guise of silver.

Are There Other Kinds Of Silverware And Jewelry?

Silver is found in many forms and categories. But the best is 925 sterling silver. It is because there is a presence of 92.5% of silver and 7.5 % alloy. This ratio is enough to make a silver item strong and reliable.

If there is the usage of more than 7.5% of the alloy, it means this item has not that much reliability and goodness. We should choose silverware made with the above-mentioned ratio. There is much silverware that doesn’t fulfill this ratio. Such items will lose their shine and even trust soon.

10 Reasons To Start Buying 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

The love of jewelry is very old and it will never get finished. We use different metals to satisfy our desire for jewelry. Silver is an outstanding metal that has many forms and types. The love and craze for silver will never get rusted, Here let me also share with you a video from youtube.

Modern jewelers and designers prefer to use sterling silver that is a fine quality metal. It has great molding power. It is strong and sturdy.

You may wear sterling silver to satisfy your desire to wear white gold. It is reasonable in price and looks classy.

The metal has unlimited qualities that make us love this metal. We can’t resist the charm of this metal. We have found it a timeless jewelry attraction.

We should buy something in jewelry that may not only last for a long time but also look graceful. A ring or earring in sterling silver may give you a surprisingly appealing look.

There are many reasons to love and use sterling silver. Let’s have a look at some of them bit by bit.

Sterling Silver Jewelry is Very Durable

If someone makes his/her mind to buy some jewelry that may last for a long run, he can rely on sterling silver. Sterling silver is very strong as it is an excellent combination of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% some alloy. This makes it a very strong metal and the power to get designed intricately increases.

This durability makes s sterling silver a dependable metal. Just you need to be a little trickier. You should notice the hallmark of 925 on your jewelry item you are going to buy. It will make you buy something original.

Many cheap companies sell fake sterling silver and you pay the price in case you buy one from them. Try to buy your required item of jewelry from a well-known company. Before buying the jewelry be satisfied by reading the particular 925 stamps or STRG or STG stamp on it.

 Once you buy an item, it will make you feel relax as there remains no tension of being broken or torn. 

Easily Keep Up With any Trends

Sterling silver is something that can make you evergreen and trendy. There is always a conflict between what is in and what is out. People want to remain up-to-date and stylish.

The craze to look gorgeous make you select those items that are unique and eye-catching. This is why you can feel the presence of sterling silver all around in the fashion industry. It never has lost its importance and never will do so.

The styles, the stones, the standards of jewelry can change but not the trust in sterling silver or silver will diminish. We believe blindly in a product made in sterling silver.

People choose this metal just to cope with the current trends.

Endless Options of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Hey buddies! You need something different and unique every time? Don’t get sad and just go online to find thousands of new and unique designs and styles in sterling silver.

The desire to collect jewelry and wear something different every time is not bad. Bad is the time of selection and the market where you get confused that what to buy.

But there is always sterling silver ready for you opening its wide range of options even in one jewelry item. If you want to buy a ring or more than one, you will have a great range of selections ahead of you.

So, people! Don’t hesitate in making the right selection by having your jewelry items in sterling silver and enjoy endless options.

Build A New Jewelry Collection Without Wasting Your Time

If you are crazy about collecting jewelry of all kinds, sterling silver is the best option for you. It is reliable in its elegance and designs. People throughout the world believe in it and prefer to add their collection with sterling silver.

Sterling silver is not only a choice for people but also liked by jewelers and designers. The reason is its great molding power. It can bear almost all kind of difficulty and intrigue designs

Sterling silver has an outstanding quality of durability. This is why companies believe it to cast the latest and finest most designs.

Another reason for its liking throughout the world is that it is reasonable in price. But it depends on your choice. If you choose something very delicate and having very expensive stones, the value of the item increases at once.

Incredible Versatility Metal

Sterling silver has versatility and newness that no other metal can surpass. A ring you can wear at a dance party, a club, a business meeting, an auspicious marriage event, or even casually. It will give always a different look and style according to the event.

Sterling silver can never let you down rather boost your confidence in front of anyone. The jewelry made in sterling silver has its class that you even can mix with white gold or platinum jewelry.

The combination of white gold or platinum and sterling silver will look as stunning as it gives as a whole.

There is no way that you may get embarrassed while wearing something in sterling silver. The versatility of sterling silver will make you feel free to increase your jewelry collection confidently.

Sterling Silver is a Hypoallergenic Jewelry

One of the best things about sterling silver is that it is hypoallergenic. There is no usage of allergenic metals as nickel or brass.

You can depend on the jewelry made with sterling silver because it will not let your ears irritated and infected.

People who are worried about the sensitivity of their ears can wear earrings made with sterling silver. Sterling silver has no other metal than copper. The alloy of copper is only in the ratio of 7.5 and it is a hypoallergenic metal.

There is always a complaint about the sensitivity and infection of body parts that are usually caused by wearing cheap jewelry. But believing in sterling silver will make you more confident and easy to carry the jewelry even every time.

925 Sterling SIlver is easy To Maintain

A good thing about sterling silver is that if we deal it with care, it can last for a long time. Most people have a complaint that our sterling silver jewelry tarnishes very speedily even they put it in the jewelry box.

It is true that if you keep your sterling silver jewelry in the jewelry box for a long time without its cleaning, it will start to tarnish.

But if you keep it wearing, it can be cleaned with the skin oils you emit.

You need not worry about this issue. Instead, it is wrong to say it an issue. You should clean your sterling jewelry on a weekly or daily basis. By doing so, you can increase its life.

There are many good quality oils available on the market that can be used to clean sterling silver jewelry easily. Use a soft cloth to clean your jewelry.



Question: Can You Pawn 925 Silver?

Yes, you can pawn your sterling silver. Many pawn shops take your sterling silver item and pay you according to the current rates that are prevailing in the market. So there is no issue if you are fed up with something in sterling silver and want to pawn it. You can do it easily.

Question: How much is a gram of 925 silver worth?

If you are going to buy or sell your sterling silver jewelry item, you should have enough knowledge of the market value that is currently available. If you want to know the actual amount of one gram of your sterling silver item, you should know that sterling silver is 92.5% silver and there is 7.5% or alloy in it.

The grammage will be deducted according to the percentage of silver. It can be scaled in ounces too.

Question: What is the best grade of sterling silver?

The best grade of silver if we want to judge the purity is fine silver. But the problem with fine silver is that it is easily reshaped and loses its real shape and sparkle. Sterling silver which is 92.5% of silver is more strong and durable. It is very easy to use it for every event or even casually. So, we can say that sterling silver is best-grade silver.

Question: Can you wear 925 silver in the shower?

Yes, you can take a shower wearing sterling silver jewelry. But if you put them off, it will guarantee you their long life. Every jeweler or company gives the recommendation that we should put the sterling silver off when we are exposed to water. It can be taking a shower or swimming. The reason behind this safety precaution is that there are many salts in water that can harm the sparkle of the sterling jewelry.

Question: How to clean 925 silver ring?

If you want to clean the jewelry in sterling silver, you can take a polish from the market. But this can be a little expensive and painful task. An easy way to clean the sterling silver jewelry is to use vinegar and baking soda. Take a cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda and soak your jewelry in the solution for two to three hours. After some time, rinse the jewelry with a dry cloth. This procedure will increase the life of your jewelry.

Question: Does sterling silver turn black?

The answer to this question is very simple that sterling silver turns black. The reason behind this is that when the sterling silver jewelry comes in contact with air, it reacts with subpar that is present in the air. A chemical reaction takes place to turn the sterling silver jewelry black. Similarly, our sweating is also a cause of making our jewelry tarnish. Our sweat has ammonia that reacts with sterling silver and makes it tarnish.

Question: What is the scrap price of sterling silver?

The scrap value of sterling silver varies according to the current price of silver. As we know that sterling silver has 92.5 % of silver and when a piece of jewelry goes to a scraper, he melts the jewelry. After melting he pays the actual silver price and not the other things included in it.

Question: How much will a pawn shop pay for silver?

A pawn shop can pay you up to 100$ for silverware but if you bring the finest piece of silver to the shop. The pawnshop is in search of the people who want to pawn their silver jewelry. They may offer you less than how much your silverware precious. But you can sell it at a reasonable price by being a little active and smart.

Question: Can sterling silver stick to a magnet?

The answer to this query is “No”. Sterling silver is the blend of silver and alloy that normally is copper. Both of these metals are non-magnetic. If you have a genuine piece of sterling silver, it will never stick to a magnet. This can be a test to judge your ornament. But sometimes, there is the usage of other metals than copper. It may result in the sticking of silverware to the magnet.

Question: How do you test silver with vinegar?

It is very easy to test the originality of your sterling silver jewelry. Just make a small scratch on the back or under the jewelry by anything. Drop some vinegar on the scratch. If there is a greenish color appears on the jewelry, it means that the jewelry is unreal. But if it is real, it will start sparkling more.


Hey Buddies! We hope that the above discussion about sterling silver will prove very fruitful for you all. You can get more information from it easily. You can rely on sterling silver as a jewelry metal. But a little bit of care can avoid you the risk of being cheated.

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Jasmin Piterson

Hi i am Dr. Jasmin Piterson an Sole owner and editor of The Piercing Home. I works with expert piercer and writes original content based on their recommendations. Previously, I have done my doctorate from the University of California. I covered all kind of stuff related to piercing. My favorite things include Eyebro piercing, septum piercing and all kind of piercing for both male and female

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