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How To Keep Hair From Tangling In The Necklace Chain?

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Do you want to explore some of the effective ways when it comes to how to keep hair from tangling in the necklace chain! We have some of the best answers for you. We know that it gets really troublesome when the chain gets stuck in your strands. The whole situation becomes messier and you end up struggling a lot.

There are a few of the hacks that you can try out and we are hopeful that with the help of these remedies, you will not come across such a problem. These are in fact life-changing hacks. Strands around the neck tend to be thinner and finer, but when they get stuck and trapped, it gets so painful to take them out from that jewelry piece.

That pulling sensation is comparatively more hurtful if you have thinner and finer strands as compared to having thicker hair. Certain types of chains pull and trap the hair a lot and some of the chain designs do not give such messier problems.

Now, you can see the details of what hacks can be tried out. If you want to share some other tips on avoiding this kind of situation, you can share that with us. For most people, this irritating sensation becomes unbearable at times. So, let us see and go through what kind of chains pull and tangle your hair and which one does not:

Why Do Necklace Chains Pull-On Hairs?

It is largely because of their design and overall construction that pushes these necklace chains pull on hairs. Most of the jewelry experts from countries like Canada are of the view that there are certain types of chains that do not tangle and trap your hair. Finer and thinner strands have the highest probability to get stuck, that is why such a situation arises. And we have the same reason on why wrist hair of men gets caught by the watches.

If there are thicker stands around your neck, then there is less chance that the necklace or chain will trap your hair. Along with that, the pattern of the link is also largely and extensively responsible for arising this situation. This kind of jewelry has the ability to form and come up with a pincer position for the sake of trapping the hair.

Necklace Chains That Stuck And Trap Your Hair

Necklace Chains That Stuck And Trap Your Hair

Lots of celebs like Mila Kunis have highlighted the fact that there are definitely some jewelry types in the necklaces and chains category that trap the strands around your neck and give you a painful sensation.

  • We have this Omega Chain Link that does pull your strands and gives you the hurtful sensation in the end. If you want to buy this jewelry type, then beware because it is not at all the favorable type so far. It will pull or trap your hair strands. It is because of the link pattern style that comes with a narrow gap. Whenever the chain flexes, it pinches and traps your fine hairs.
  • Then we have Snake Chain Link. This jewelry style has the highest probability to tangle the strands around your neck section. Though it comes in the form of sleek style, still it brings a pinching sensation.
  • The Herringbone Chainsarises the same kind of problem. We know that this respective jewelry style looks so classic and beautiful but the minute it pinches and traps your hair, you no longer become a fan of it.

What Parts Of Necklace Chains Trap Or Catch Your Hair?

You might be wondering which necklace chain parts are that actually traps and catches your strands; here we are going to tell you! The very first and important part that acts as the culprit is the link. In addition, the clasp as well as the jump ring even pulls your hair badly. We have seen that the ends section of this jewelry piece does the pulling as well. You can freely share with us your experience and convey to us whether necklace chains bring such nasty and messier problems for you or not!

Which Chains Do Not Stick And Pull Your Hair?

Which Chains Do Not Stick And Pull Your Hair?

There are quite a few kinds of chains that do not pull your hair and you can worry-free wear them for hours and hours.

  • First of all, we have beaded chains. They do not do the pulling part and instead give you a tangle-free experience. They usually come in different shapes and various kinds of sizes. In addition, they are solid round, look much smoother, and come with polished links. It is because of their design and the nature of the surface that your hair will not be pulled out.
  • Secondly, you can have box chains. They have become the most popular option for those people who have got tired because of this pulling and tangling problem. Besides, they give you a comfortable wearing time and do not bring irritating or pinching sensation around your neck.
  • Thirdly, you can have Figaro chains. Such a jewelry type is available in fine, medium, and also thick dimensions. But it is claimed that they will not pinch your neck or pull your strands.

Tips To Keep Hair From Tangling In Messy Chains

There is a smart way to deal with the messed chains and below you can check out the details about them. If you have bought a piece of necklace on 04-12-2021, and you think that it might trap your strands, then there is a way to deal with them. You should not bear this pain silently and instead face the problem by looking for an authentic solution. This is a common problem that happens to most girls. When their get trapped by the chain, it gets so much and excessively painful.

Detangling The Chain Clasps

First of all, you should unclasp your chains. If they are clasped, then there is a maximum chance that you will become the target of this painful situation. On untangling and unclasping this jewelry piece, you can get rid of this problem and your hair will not be pulled out. We know that it is a lengthy and time-consuming process but trust us, it will make you get rid of this nuisance as soon as possible.

Use A Safety Pin For Detangling The Clasps

Use A Safety Pin For Detangling The Clasps

The process to untangle these messed-up chains is easy to follow. The first step is to get hold of a safe pain. Lay down your necklace on a flat surface. Then minutely notice and look for the tangles. The minute you see the clasp or tangle, you have to insert the safety pin into it. Slowly and gently separate that clasp.

Use Baby Powder Or Coconut Oil For Detangling The Clasps

On the other hand, you can use the baby powder for detangling these clasps. What you need to do is to sprinkle a little bit of baby powder right over the tangle. Then you have to rub it with the help of your fingers. This is how you can remove the clasp without at all damaging the structure, design, and quality of your chain. Some people like to use coconut oil instead of baby powder. You can do so as well. In this concern, you have to apply the oil and simply lubricate the knot.

Remove Unwanted Thin And Fine Hair From Your Neck To Avoid Pulling

It is advised to remove these unwanted strands of yours present around the neck so that none of the jewelry pieces like chains and necklaces trap them. You need to dissolve these stubborn knots by using a hair removal cream. After that, clean the neck section by rinsing it with water.

Still, if you face a similar kind of situation, then the only solution available for you is to cut the hair that got stuck in that chain. This is the last thing that you can do! Simply use the scissors to cut those hairs free! Along with that, we have spotted the presence of hair-friendly necklaces in the shops. You can try using them and let us know if they are of any use to you.

Other Tricks To Keep Hair From Tangling In The Chain

Other Tricks To Keep Hair From Tangling In The Chain

If your chain has become a lot more problematic for you and it keeps on pulling your hair, follow these below-mentioned tips and pay your thanks later on.

Using Candle Wax

You can surely use candle wax for getting rid of this situation. It has become one of the helpful and smart ways to deal with pulling hair situations in which nasty and messier-looking chains and necklaces are the sole culprits. If your jewelry is made of gold or silver and claims to call itself tarnish-free, you can follow the respective solution in this regard.

Simply drip the candle wax on that area of the necklace that has the highest chance of catching and pulling your strands. We know that it is not a permanent solution and you cannot drop the candle wax every single time. Just take this remedy as the tentative one. Below guide is the elaborated one, have a look at it:

  1. You have to look for the necklace section that keeps on pulling your hair. Make sure that you identify the chain section correctly.
  2. Take the candle wax and drip it on that chain part. This is an effective material for all those chains that are made of gold and silver.
  3. Allow the candle wax to dry. Do not put on the necklace if the wax is still dry.
  4. Once it gets dry, you can simply put it on it.
  5. On following this hack, you will see no hair will get trapped in those links.

Wear The Clasp Near The Charm If You Fail To Detangle It

If you could not detangle the clasp, then it is better to wear it around the charm. In this manner, your hair will not get stuck and you will have a comfortable wearing experience at the end of the day. It is true that wearing the clasp around the charm does not look nice at all, but if you do not want to face the painful pinching, then this step has to be followed by you.

Closing The Loops

On closing the loops, you can prevent the pulling problem for sure. In this concern, you have to use the needle-nose kind of pliers and simply close and shut down any of the open rings present in your chain.

Wrapping That Respective Chain Section With Tape

There is another smart way and effective hack that you can go for! Look for the chain section that is producing this nasty problem and simply covers that section with the tape. This is all! You should use clear tape and feel free to have a pain-free and pinching-free experience.

Avoid Wearing the Chain During Sleeping

The last tip that you can follow is to avoid wearing it during sleeping. In this mode, there is a heavy chance that the clasp and links of the chain will get stuck and brings a painful and pinching sensation around your neck. So, to avoid all pulling situations, take off this jewelry piece.


Thus, this is the elaborated answer that we have for you on how to keep hair from tangling in the necklace chains! You can keep in mind that there are certain chain designs that pull your hair and some necklace designs do not catch and pinches your hair at all. There is this general rule of thumb that bolder and thicker chains and larger in size necklaces do not pull your hairs. On the chain, the jewelry pieces that come with intricate designs and do not have a smooth surface, are most likely to catch your hair.

You can follow the above-mentioned hacks to get rid of this problem. Like, you should detangle the clasp, drop the candle wax on the chain section that might catch, and pull your hair. In addition, you can remove the fine hair present around your neck with removal cream so that no pulling problem arises in any case.

Whenever the chain catches your hair, it brings a lot of pain and discomfort. We recommend you have bolder and thicker linked chains. Get those necklaces that come with simple shapes and designs and avoid having that jewelry stuff that is encompassed by the intricate designs. All those chains that have intricate and complex designs, will make you face this irksome problem of pulling.

Experts have advised wearing a box, beaded, and Figaro chains and avoiding wearing this omega style, snake design, and herringbone design chains. So, what do you think about this problem? If you have other ways to deal with it, do share that with us. Now, it is time to prevent hair pulling and neck pinching problems. You have to stop wearing that jewelry that simply pulls the strands and hurts your neck. Stay tuned as more tips on the jewelry and hair world are coming up.

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