19 Best Affordable Engagement Rings Under $200 in 2022

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When you are going to develop a strong relationship with whom you love, you want an engagement ring. An engagement ring is a symbol for the start of deep and long-term relations.

Every woman is a Kate Middleton of her Prince Williams. She has many dreams about her engagement ring. But it is not necessary that she could afford such an expensive ring.

An engagement is an event to represent this memorable happiness of your life. You can consider it a landmark of your strong relation.

best affordable engagement rings
Dazzlingrock Collection 1.80 Carat (ctw) Round Cubic Zirconia CZ Bridal Halo Engagement Ring Set 
unique affordable engagement rings
LANDA JEWEL Pure 14k white gold 2.0 CT Classic 6-Prong Solitaire Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring 
most affordable engagement rings
Clara Pucci 1.1 CT Round Cut Designer Pave Bridal Engagement Wedding Ring Band
cheap engagement rings under 200
BERRICLE Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Wedding Engagement Ring
Promise rings under $200
JEULIA Diamond Band Rings for Women cz Sterling Silver Interchangeable Ring Sets 
beautiful affordable engagement rings
Sonia Jewels Solid 14k White or Yellow Gold Classic Traditional Zirconia Engagement Ring 
cheap engagement rings under 100
TWJC 14k Yellow or White Gold Wedding Engagement Ring
top 10 affordable engagement rings
Brilliant Expressions 10k Yellow, Rose, or White Gold 0.06 CT TW Diamond
simple engagement rings
AVORA 10K Yellow Gold Double Heart Ring with Simulated Diamond CZ
engagement rings under 300
MauliJewels 0.5 Ct. Halo Round Cut Classic Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring for Women 

We must rejoice in this event by purchasing a beautiful engagement ring. If you don’t have enough budget to buy an expensive ring for your fiancé’, there is no need to be worried. Many companies have brought very special and reasonable rings for you guys! These elegant rings help you make your day unforgettable.

 Here is a list of such stylish and dainty Best Affordable Engagement Rings Under $200 you can afford easily. 

Dazzlingrock Collection 1.80 Carat (ctw) Round Cubic Zirconia CZ Bridal Halo Engagement Ring Set 

best affordable engagement rings


Hey you people! Why are you so worried about the lack of budget? Why are you upset about not having enough money to fulfill your dreams about your engagement ring? Just look at the Dazzlingrock Collection 1.80 carat gold ring at a nice and affordable price.

This engagement ring is an outstanding package to make your engagement day an unforgettable day. It is so elegant that your fiance’ will be so excited after wearing it on her ring finger. This ring will never let your love down. It is a great thing to make your beloved realize that how important she is to you.


  • An excellent and nicely cut zirconia is fixed in this beautiful ring.
  • This best affordable engagement rings is delicately designed with the assistance of expert jewelers.
  • This engagement is 10k rose gold plated and is skin-friendly.
  • You can wear it on a normal routine while working because its stones are strongly fixed.
  • The company gives you a money-back guarantee in case of your dislike.

Customer’s Review

I have found this ring something exceptional as the design and material are concerned. This engagement ring is a very handsome package for those who dream to make their engagement day memorable.

LANDA JEWEL Pure 14k white gold 2.0 CT Classic 6-Prong Solitaire Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring 

unique affordable engagement rings


Ok, dude! You have made a promise to yourself to present your beloved something extra-ordinary. You want her eyes will start dazzling and sparkling after wearing the engagement ring. But your pocket does not allow you to do the same.

Hurrah! I have made a plan to take you out of this situation. I tell you that LANDA JEWEL’s 14k white gold classic diamond ring has the specialties you want on a minimum budget. It is something cheesy and catchy. We promise you that this classic engagement ring can make your engagement day full of happiness and smiles.


  • A super-luxury ring that can be used as an engagement, marriage, or promise rings.
  • 14k white gold is pure and polished finely.
  • This unique affordable engagement rings is very gentle to the skin and creates no skin issues.
  • A 6-prong well-cut stone that is simulated enough to give it a pure diamond look.
  • This ring is handmade with expert care.

Customer’s Review

I can advise all of you guys to get this extreme qualitative engagement that is very elegant and nice. I have found it quite relaxing and comfortable to hands. It is very strong and sturdy for normal usages.

Clara Pucci 1.1 CT Round Cut Designer Pave Bridal Engagement Wedding Ring Band

most affordable engagement rings


We know that California is famous for its jewelry. The ring from California we are going to tell you about is so stylish and decent that you may not resist buying it. This ring is specially made in an economic package to suit a common man’s needs. We can make our engagement, marriage, or some other day an everlasting memory. This ring will be able to cherish the event. Your beloved will feel pride while having this gorgeous ring on her finger. She will certainly start flying into the air like a fairy.


  • This ring is an excellent combination of tradition as well as modernity.
  • The stone is high-quality VVS1 and is polished and cut finely with the expert craftsman.
  • The most affordable engagement rings is provided with an ultra-cool jewelry box.
  • The ring too pretty that it can be easily gifted to all your beloved ones like mother, wife, beloved, or girlfriend on some special event.
  • A good quality 14k gold is used for this ring that is stamped below the ring this is why the ring is hypoallergenic.

Customer’s Review

After a long survey and analysis, I concluded that this engagement ring is the best gift for your fiance’. It is decent, dainty, and durable.

BERRICLE Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Wedding Engagement Ring

cheap engagement rings under 200


The history of engagement rings starts far behind from 1477 at the royal court of Vienna. It still exists and we also long to wear our mistress some astounding diamond ring on our engagement day, But sometimes it becomes out of our budget. We can’t get that expensive ring for our loved ones that they are deserving.

But don’t worry folks! BERRICEl online jewelry store can solve your problem. This ring will not let you down in front of your beloved.


  • This ring has a majestic look with high-quality CZ zirconia with a 3-prong setting.
  • The stone elevation is very stylish double paved and fixed keenly.
  • This cheap engagement rings under $200 is made with pure 925 sterling silver that makes it a strong ring.
  • The metal is very gentle and skin-friendly and nickel-free,
  • You can wear it along with a band to give versatility to your ring finger.
  • Get a beautiful gift-box with this nice engagement ring.

Customer’s Review

If you want to get an engagement ring that may not damage your budget but elegant enough to give a royal look, then I will advise you to buy this dainty, stylish and sturdy ring. It is dependable and a safe choice.

JEULIA Diamond Band Rings for Women cz Sterling Silver Interchangeable Ring Sets 

Promise rings under $200


Wow! What a stylish ring set! Look at the stunningly beautiful ring at a very economical price. You can not only enjoy your engagement with grace but also manage all of your other expenses.

If your engagement day is very close and you still fail to buy a luxurious ring for your precious love, then JEULIA band ring will do exactly according to your wishes. It is a very dainty and graceful engagement at a very reasonable price. Just go and get your share hurriedly.


  • The best gift for your fiancé to express your emotions in a way of wearing this ring.
  • The base metal is pure 925 sterling silver that is a super-hypoallergenic metal.
  • This promise rings under $200 has no risk of any skin issues because it nickel-free, cadmium-free.
  • The enthusiastic members of the company prepare the rings under their consideration.
  • The main stone is AAA quality zirconia with beautiful rainbow shades.

Customer’s Review

I tried and tested this ring and found that it is one of the best engagement rings a common man can afford easily. It is very stylish in addition to its strength and material quality.

Sonia Jewels Solid 14k White or Yellow Gold Classic Traditional Zirconia Engagement Ring 

beautiful affordable engagement rings


Hey there! Let’s make our engagement day a history of love. There is nothing wrong if you are on a low budget. This solid 14k gold ring has magical power. It is a fantastic engagement that will never prove a burden on your pocket. But the impact of this ring on both of you lovers will be heavenly.

Your desire to surprise your fiance’ will be fulfilled if you buy this dainty, dashing, and durable ring on a minimum budget.


  • The first and foremost feature of the ring is that it is a pure 14k gold ring, not gold plated.
  • The main stone is fine and stylish 1.2-carat zirconia of best quality.
  • This beautiful affordable engagement rings is a very beautiful gift one can give to someone special on the occasion of her birthday, anniversary, or even valentine’s day.
  • A nice red velvet gift box is also included in its package.
  • The ring stone has a resplendent sparkling shine that will dazzle your eyes once.

Customer’s Review

The best and economic engagement ring that looks so special. I feel no problem with its texture and material I feel it relaxing and comfortable.

TWJC 14k Yellow or White Gold Wedding Engagement Ring

cheap engagement rings under 100


So beauties! You want to look that kind of stunning and beautiful as Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga looked at their engagements. They wore too expensive engagement rings that are out of range from your prince.

But no need to be worried! TWJC provides what you want from an engagement ring. It is simply elegant and pocket-friendly. You can help your boys to buy this nice and delicate ring for you. It will make your boy more proud that how supportive his girl is to him.


  • This item is pure 14k gold with a stamp on it.
  • The cheap engagement rings under 100 is light-weight and soft to the hands.
  • There is no addition of any allergenic metals as nickel, lead, or cobalt.
  • The central stone is 1-carat zirconia that is cut with extreme craftsmanship.
  • It is very easy to wear and very easy to remove and can also be used daily.

Customer’s Review

I will undoubtedly recommend all commoners to think about this very engagement ring. This is very exceptional and economical. We can make the auspicious day of our engagement more beautiful.

Brilliant Expressions 10k Yellow, Rose, or White Gold 0.06 CT TW Diamond

top 10 affordable engagement rings


An engagement band is a band of love that makes your relation strong and respectable. But sometimes we are much upset about having no extra money to buy a special engagement ring for our beloved. Our heart wishes that we may bring stars for her on that special event. And circumstances don’t allow us.

This is the time you come to Brilliant Expressions online store and buy this super-luxury engagement ring for your girl. This dainty and brilliant ring will help you celebrate your day with the joy of love.


  • The specially mined diamond is fixed in this top 10 affordable engagement rings and it can also be used as a promise ring for marriage.
  • The color contrast of rose pink and grey or black makes it a charm on your mind.
  • The use of 1ok gold and well-processed diamond makes it a skin-free and environment-friendly ring.
  • It is a unique design of twisted gold besides high-quality diamonds.
  • You can never get a confusion of mind if you see this luxurious ring once, and nothing can make you reluctant to grab this ring at once.

Customer’s Review

It is a brilliant piece of jewelry and there is no issue I can mention to you. The ring is a combination of beauty and strength at the same time.

AVORA 10K Yellow Gold Double Heart Ring with Simulated Diamond CZ

simple engagement rings


Hurrah! I have found the solution of getting a reasonable ring for our engagement day. We can fulfill our dreams to propose and wear our beloved a gorgeously- beautiful ring that may stun her for a while.

The ring I am telling you about is pocket-friendly, stylish, and dainty. Now you can execute your plans for getting engaged. This ring offers you all the very best of your pure relation. With this, you can add something more to this sacred ceremony as you can now have some savings.


  • Wow! What a stylish intermingled hearts design on this ring.
  • The simulated CZ zirconia diamond enhances its beauty and is too crystal clear that nobody can differ between a CZ stone or a diamond.
  • The company cares about its craft and deals with all the items with special concerns.
  • The simple engagement rings is very gentle to the skin and will never hurt or irritate you.
  • You can wear the ring 24/7 because it is made with great perfection and solidity.

Customer’s Review

Oh! I have found nothing that may compel you not to buy this super delicate engagement ring. The double intermingling heart has an eye-catching impact on us. It is a good choice for us all.

MauliJewels 0.5 Ct. Halo Round Cut Classic Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring for Women 


engagement rings under 300


Yeah! This is something very unique and exceptional guys! This special engagement ring can make your dreams come true. This will not get heavy on your pocket.

This amazingly dainty diamond ring will increase love and respect in your beloved’s eyes. She will again fall in love with you. Everyone present at the engagement celebrations will appreciate your choice and taste.

 So buddies! Don’t get late and buy this magnificent classic diamond ring on a minimum budget. 


  • A great surprise for you with a central big diamond and two side diamonds in small size.
  • 14k pure gold engagement rings under 300 can make this ring more sophisticated and elegant.
  • The company never compromises on the quality of its diamond and uses conflict-free and pure mined diamonds.
  • This is a very great gift to make the day special for all those women around you on their birthdays, mother’s day, anniversaries, or some other day.
  • This ring has a classic royal design and craftsmanship that one can feel in a royal environment.

Customer’s Review

After wearing and handling this ring, I can safely decide that this ring can be a perfect choice for everyone. It is a gentle and skin-free ring and there are no allergenic factors involved in them

Sk Jewel,Inc 1/2ctw Diamond Channel Wedding Band in 10k Yellow Gold


affordable engagement rings under $500


 Hey Girl! Look at this engagement ring and start planning the most important day of your life. You can get the trust of your boy by showing this dainty ring that he can buy you on a limited budget.

You can bug him up and tell him that how qualitative and economic this diamond channel ring is.

This is a good thing that you both plan this very event combine. You should share the idea of this elegant ring with him and make this day very thrilling and exciting.


  • The lush diamonds have enhanced the splendor of this ring to an extreme level.
  • All the diamonds are specially cut and set in an exquisite way that can be seen from a distance.
  • The company offers you 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it.
  • You just feel free after wearing this affordable engagement rings under $500 and perform your normal routine tasks.
  • The brilliance and sparkle of this ring are quite natural and gleaming.

Customer’s Review

If I give an honest review about the product, then it is simply fantastic. It is quite comfortable and easy to wear. It will never resist you in your routine tasks. It is the best engagement ring.

Szul Store AGS Certified ½ Carat TW Channel Set Diamond Band in 10k Yellow Gold


affordable engagement rings for women


Look here, buddies! There is an extremely well-crafted engagement ring for you to make the day of your engagement a blessed one. Love is a blessing itself.

If you get a good engagement ring that may make your beloved cry with joy, it is a blessing in disguise. This great band has something heavenly. It will be handsome and economic to choose this engagement ring. The company prepared this very item for all love-birds.


  • A marvelous usage of diamonds in a channel increases its grace.
  • When a girl wears such an excellent band for her engagement, she feels herself a queen of her boy’s heart.
  • All the diamonds pass the AGS certification to give the customers a reliable approach.
  • This 10k yellow gold band has all the qualities of a hypoallergenic and environment-friendly affordable engagement rings for women.
  • The handling and make of this ring is very crafty and done under the observation of expert jewelers

Customer’s Review

An ideal band one can buy her fiancé on the engagement day. I make a fair conclusion that it is one of the most beautiful rings one can add to her collection of jewelry.

WellingSale Ladies Solid 14k Yellow- Or-White Gold Engagement Ring with Side Stones


best engagement rings brands


Hey you! Look at the amazing heart cut engagement ring you can buy for your fiancé’ on the engagement day. This ring is so inspirational that she may feel herself a celebrity. We know that Lady Gaga wore a heart-cut ring on her engagement day.

The ring is a good combination of classic and modern culture. This ring has many good qualities but the most exceptional is its economic price. A guy who has to meet all the other problems of life will feel a bit relax after getting such a nice ring.


  • Oh! What an offer! The company is providing a three years re-service and polish offer that is a luxury thing.
  • The sophistication of the ring one can only feel at its first glance and a little touch.
  • The ring has simulated CZ zirconia of premium quality that are set elegantly.
  • 14k gold has a very strong base and makes the ring blemish-free ad tarnish-free.
  • The company also gives you a money-back guarantee and will make sure to send your item speedily and in time.

Customer’s Review

The ring has many good things on its usage but the most important thing is its re-service and polishing offer. I don’t think that you should miss this chance of having such a nice offer.

Lamrowfay 1ct Halo Solitaire Cubic Zirconia Promise Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold White Gold 


diamond engagement rings under 200


A piece of good news for you people! There is a very elegant engagement ring you can buy on a very low budget. This may not make your budget upside down. This ring will allow you to manage all other expenses in a very handsome way.

The make of this ring is royal and majestic. There are all the tools available in this ring to freak someone out. So boys! Let’s go and get our share instantly.


  • The quality of the ring Is very special in which AAAAA simulated diamond is fixed.
  • The ring is made with 14k solid gold which is a landmark of quality.
  • This diamond engagement rings under 200 is a dainty-looking ring that is strong enough to bear normal routine shocks.
  • The stone has a handmade setting with masterly strokes of polishing.
  • A best birthday, engagement, anniversary, mother’s day gift with all the traditional class.

Customer’s Review

After using this brilliant ring, I feel that I can never compromise on something other. This is so graceful that one can never resist its appeal.

Clara Pucci 1.4 ct Round Cut Solitaire Three Stone Anniversary Promise Ring 


affordable engagement rings under 1000


The day of engagement is one of the best days of life one can never forget. Similarly, everything we give and get on this occasion is also very memorable. This engagement ring can also become a part of those precious memories of your life.

This ring is stunningly beautiful and should be a choice for those who love and care about their relations. The girl who is dreaming of your love and respect is the best-deserved person for this ring.


  • The stone cut has great craftsmanship that guarantees you super brilliance and sparkle.
  • The ring is very good for the skin and will never make you feel irritated.
  • This affordable engagement rings under $1000 is specially designed for those who represent love and care for their loved ones.
  • The company uses color D stone that is rarely used on jewelry and is very soft glare.
  • We will never get ourselves in a conflict while wearing this ring because its stones and gold both are very pure and real.

Customer’s Review

I will give my best compliments for the ring as I have found no fault with it. This is so cool ring with 3 unique stones which can dazzle your eyes.

LANDA JEWELS 14k White Gold 1.0ct Classic 6-prong Simulated Diamond engagement Ring

simple modern engagement rings


 Are you looking for a ring that may help you propose to a girl decently and respectfully?  LANDA JEWELS can help you do so. The ring they present is elegant and looks magnificent. You can get your fiancé’ this gleaming ring for her special day of engagement.

It may be your wish to plan a trip just after your engagement. This can happen if you limit your expenses. The ring we are telling you is very magical and it will not prove a burden on your pocket.


  • This simple modern Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green is set with hands and all this is done under expert advice.
  • The 6.5 simulated diamond is very sparkling and brilliant one can imagine.
  • The company is famous for using a highly-developed mechanism to create a masterpiece like the very ring.
  • Fine use of 14k pure white gold makes a combination of symbolic purity of white.
  • You are provided with a nice and elegant gift box with every item.
  • This ring is light-weight and easy to use for skin.

Customer’s Review

I think a smart mind can never refuse this luxurious offer. It is a mouthpiece of brilliance, clarity, and sparkle.

Ross Simsons 17.00 Simulated Aquamarine and .30 c.t.t.w CZ Ring in Sterling Silver

gemstone rings under $100


Jennifer Lopaz is your ideal! She wore a big emerald-cut stone in her engagement ring. You can make your wish come true by buying this aquamarine simulated ring from Ross Simons online store.

This ring is a blend of grace ad beauty. You will be very happy to know about its price. This is a pocket-friendly ring and still very lush. It is a nice surprise for your fiancé’ who is depressed enough about not getting something special from her fiancé.

 This ring may sparkle her eyes and will fill her heart with pleasure and satisfaction. 


  • The color of the stone is something that will not let anyone pass unnoticed.
  • The base metal is sterling silver that is a pure non-allergenic metal and there is no inclusion of any harmful metal as nickel, cobalt, cadmium, etc.
  • The CZ stone fixed by the company is fixed in a unique manner that guarantees strength.
  • This gemstone rings under $100 is a special thing one can present as a surprise to his loved ones whom he cares about a lot like his mother, wife, daughter, fiance, friend, or rings for your girlfriend.
  • The company offers a beautiful gift box with this splendid ring.

Customer’s Review

This ring is a low-budget, magnificent emerald-cut stone. This will not let you down in front of your fiancé if you have a lack of money. The ring is strong and is very skin-friendly.

How To Buy an Engagement Ring

It is fact that when you are going to get engaged, you have to buy an engagement ring. But if you don’t know how to buy a reasonable engagement ring, it will be a panic situation. This is why you should have a solid plan about how to buy an engagement ring.

Always Set a Budget

Just estimate your budget, when you are in the mood to get an engagement ring for your fiancé! The first and foremost thing a smart mind should do is the management of all other expenses and then considering a maximum budget for the engagement ring.

This thing will never make you upset and perturbed on the day of your engagement. You can build a structure according to the set budget that which kind and how much cost you may buy a ring.

If we follow some typical steps about the search for an engagement ring, we can enjoy the event in a more good way.

Where and When to Start?

An engagement is a sacred event that is the first recognition of your relationship that is going to be legalized. We always prefer to give our best on this occasion.

An engagement ring is the symbolic representation of a couple that they belong to each other. This ring works as a bond between the two. We should start to collect some money every month when we realize that our engagement is near to happen

According to some old customs, one should collect almost two months’ salary for a good ring. But it is not necessary to do so. The preferences and income sources have got changed. If you are on a good salary, you can buy an elegant and expensive ring for your fiancé’. But if you don’t get a handsome salary, it will be a hectic task to get a ring that may suit your love.

Never try to over-budget everything. This will create problems for you in the future. Get a ring that may cost you reasonably and it will not become hard for you to bear all other expenses.

Maximize Your Budget for Better Results

It is the main key to get good engagement ing that you should maximize your budget if you have decided that this whole money you are going to spend on the ring. Things will become more crystal clear to you if you follow some steps one by one.

 Go for Gold 

Having a look at your pocket, you can decide that it is an extravagance to buy a platinum ring with a diamond in it. You can get a white or yellow gold ring that will look gorgeous too.

  1. Select a Diamond That does carry carat cutoffs

We don’t need to buy a minimum 1-carat diamond ring for our engagement. Instead, we can have a ring that may have fewer carats as a 0.9 or 0.8-carat diamond ring. It will make your pocket much relax than a full 1-carat diamond ring.

  1. A colored Gemstone is an option

Why do you want to stand in troubling waters? If you can’t afford to buy a diamond ring for your fiancé’, You just get a ring with some beautiful gemstone as emerald, sapphire, or ruby.

These stones are also very valuable and stylish-looking in a ring. There are many other options available.

  1. Make a Setting Sparkle

Try to get a ring that has small halo diamonds in a channel setting or some other. But it will make your ring more sparkling and gleaming and will cost you little.

  1. A Band Can Save your Money

If we get a band with small diamonds, we can save some money. Just consider the grace of a dainty band with glossy diamonds! You will start to think about it at once.

  1. What is your opinion about Fancy Shaped Diamond?

Every one of us tries to buy a full round diamond for us. But it is a costly purchase. But if we are sure to lessen our budget, we can buy some fancy-shaped or short-edged diamond ring. It will relax your budget much. There is an oval-shaped, cushion-shaped, or princess-cut diamond that can save a minimum of 40% of your budget.

  1. A Lab-Created Diamond is A Good Choice

With the advancement of science, man has created a tool to satisfy his desires at a very low cost. The same is the case with lab-created diamonds. They look more sparkling and radiant than a natural diamond. They are processed in the laboratory so efficiently that they not only let our pocket relax but also fulfill the dream of a super-cool engagement ring.

  1. Look For Simulated Diamond

The lab-simulated diamonds are much preferable to other rings. These diamonds are very precious gemstones that are simulated in laboratories very carefully to give people an economical engagement ring.

Flexible Payment Options

Many companies offer us flexible payment options by which we can easily get a nice engagement ring for our beloved. Every new couple desires to do something very special for their beloved that will remain in their memory forever.

There are many 12 months of payment and financing plans that can resolve the matter. Some companies provide us lease method that suits us a lot.

By selecting one of these plans, we can get an engagement ring much better than our thoughts.

Important 4 CS of Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

There are 4cs in any engagement ring industry that are the hallmarks of perfection. If we consider the cut, clarity, color, and carat while going to buy a ring, we certainly will get a super-luxury ring for the event.

Every industry considers these 4cs while making their jewelry items. These 4cs are somewhat a scale of perfection. It is decided that every C has its formulation and calculations.

It can also vary from company to company. But ultimately the results are almost the same. We should have enough knowledge about all these 4cs.

We should know that some certifications of perfection are very important for buying a precious ring. AGS and GIA are the best certificates we cab rely upon.

Let’s have a look at all these 4cs that will prove helpful in buying an engagement ring.

Cut of Ring

When we are referring to ‘’cut’’ in a diamond, we should check the angles, proportion, facets, and edges of a diamond. This is a common fault that we consider a cut as only the shape of a diamond. If we only do so, we can never reach the perfection of a diamond

The finishing, fire, and grading of a diamond matter a lot while going to select a diamond ring.

GIA gives a grading certificate to all diamond companies based on their above qualities. It can be excellent, brilliant, Very good, good, fair, or poor.

If a diamond has all the above-mentioned brilliance and fire, it will be given the title of excellent.

Color of Ring

Knowing about the color of a diamond is also a great technique to buy a diamond. It is basic knowledge that a white or colorless diamond is more valuable than a colored one.

GIA has its grading system ranging from D to Z. A most valuable white color diamond will receive D from GIA. Similarly, it varies from diamond to diamond.

A normal man can never judge a slight color difference between two diamonds. The tint of the diamond becomes yellowish when it gains the grade of I or J or less accordingly.

We can never differentiate between two similar tints. It needs an expert certification and also an expert guide.

Not every colored diamond needs to be less valuable. Some fancy green or pink color diamonds are very precious and have their demand or value.

So we must get a certified diamond ring if we want to purchase so much expensive ring for our fiancé.


  • FL: Flawless
  • IF: Internally Flawless
  • VVS1: Very, Very Slightly Included 1
  • VVS2: Very, Very Slightly Included 2
  • VS1: Very Slightly Included 1
  • VS2: Very Slightly Included 2
  • SI1: Slightly Included 1
  • SI2: Slightly Included 2
  • I1: Inclusions 1

This table is an authentic table by GIA and it tells us how a diamond possesses clarity. Clarity means that a diamond does not have any blemishes or inclusions.

The table shows us an excellent diamond will get an FL grading that means it is flawless and has no blemishes.

This grading system has made things very easy and catchable. It is not easy for cheaters to deceive someone. Just be aware that if you have decided to spend some money on a diamond ring, you should get a certified diamond from a well-known company.

Carat Weight

Hey people! Don’t be confused about the carat weight. It is not the size we consider a carat A carat is the actual weight of a diamond. If a diamond weighs 1 carat, it will be equivalent to o.2 grams.

When we find a big diamond is fixed in a ring, we start feeling happy that it must have more carats. But alas! It is not so. Sometimes a small but beautifully cut and shaped 1-carat diamond may look more brilliant than a big but simple diamond with more than one carat.

We can never define the perfection of a diamond by its size but its weight and grace.

Diamond Shape

Above all is very informative and knowledge-providing things. But a diamond shape has its importance. It is our own choice and interest that which shape of diamond we like to wear.

 There are many famous shapes as emerald, round brilliance, oval shape, or princess cut diamonds. 

It is up to our taste that what shape we select for our ring. Each shape is very valuable and graceful.

Precious Metals to Consider for Engagement Rings

Whenever we want to buy an engagement ring, we try to buy a diamond ring. But there is a metal that will carry that diamond. This metal should also be very precious. The most commonly used metals for diamond rings are platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

Let’s have a look at these metals that how they will suit a diamond ring.

Platinum Rings

The most commonly used metal for diamond rings is platinum. It is a very expensive and valuable metal in white color. This metal is the best choice for a diamond ring because of its white color.

White color supports diamonds and enhances their beauty. This metal is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. There is no risk of any allergy or infection by this metal.

This is pure environment-friendly metal with appreciable durability.

White Gold Rings

White gold is another brilliant metal we like to wear with diamonds. It is a good combination of gold and white metals as palladium, silver, and nickel.

These metals enhance the beauty of white gold. Normally jewelers coat it with rhodium that provides it durability and keeps it safe from corrosion.

An engagement ring with a diamond looks more appealing and it makes the diamond more prominent.

White gold is a craze for fair skin people as it always makes their features more glowing and prominent.

An important reason by which people prefer white gold is that it has a similarity with platinum but not as expensive as platinum and it considered the most Inexpensive Rings that Won’t Tarnish.

Yellow Gold Rings

Yellow gold is a tradition for centuries. People wear it in different ways. It is even used by tribes in past as their ornament. Diamond also looks graceful when it is used with yellow gold.

Yellow gold is the combination of pure gold and some alloys as zinc and copper. The shades of gold vary just because of the difference in alloys.

A diamond looks so elegant when it is fixed in gold. If people can’t afford platinum, they prefer to use yellow gold.

This gold can easily beset with a low-grade diamond as j or k. This is another reason for the fame and liking of this metal.

Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold looks stunning with a diamond in its center. Rose gold is a mixture of 75% of gold and 25% of copper and silver. These two metals make their color rose-like. But the real glow and shine of yellow gold never dull.

Rose gold has a specialty that increases the glamour of diamonds. Some decades earlier, rose gold was not so much popular. But with time, it is gaining popularity.

Helpful Hints About The Ring Engagement Ring Size

Find Your Ring Size

If you are unaware of your ring finger size, it will be a hectic task to find a good ring for your engagement. You should be conscious of how to guess your ring size.

We will try our best to guide you on how to find your ring size, Kindly consider the below International SIze Chart.

Inside Circumference US, Canada, Mexico UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa France Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Asia India, China, Japan, South America, Turkey, Israel Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland
1.74 44.2 3 F 44 14 4 4
1.77 44.8 3.25 F 3/4 44.625 14.25 4.625
1.79 45.5 3.5 G 1/4 45.25 14.5 5 5.25
1.82 46.1 3.75 H 45.875 14.75 6 5.875
1.84 46.8 4 H 1/2 46.5 15 7 6.5
1.87 47.4 4.25 I 47.125 15.25 7.125
1.89 48 4.5 I 1/2 47.75 15.5 8 7.75
1.92 48.7 4.75 J 1/4 48.375 8.375
1.94 49.3 5 J 1/2 49 15.75 9 9
1.97 50 5.25 K 1/4 49.625 16 9.625
1.99 50.6 5.5 L 50.25 16.25 10 10.25
2.02 51.2 5.75 L 1/4 50.875 11 10.875
2.04 51.9 6 M 51.5 16.5 12 11.5
2.07 52.5 6.25 M 1/2 52.125 16.75 12.125
2.09 53.1 6.5 N 52.75 17 13 12.75
2.12 53.8 6.75 N 1/2 53.375 13.375
2.14 54.4 7 O 54 17.25 14 14
2.17 55.1 7.25 O 1/2 54.625 17.5 14.625
2.19 55.7 7.5 P 55.25 17.75 15 15.25
2.22 56.3 7.75 P 1/2 55.875 15.875
2.24 57 8 Q 56.5 18 16 16.5
2.27 57.6 8.25 Q 1/2 57.125 18.25 7.125
2.29 58.3 8.5 Q 3/4 57.75 18.5 17 17.75
2.32 58.9 8.75 R 1/4 58.375 18.75 18.375
2.34 59.5 9 R 3/4 59 19 18 19
2.37 60.2 9.25 S 1/4 59.625 19.25 19.625
2.39 60.8 9.5 S 3/4 60.25 19.5 19 20.25
2.42 61.4 9.75 T 1/4 60.875 19.75 20.875
2.44 62.1 10 T 1/2 61.5 20 20 21.25
2.47 62.7 10.25 U 62.125 20.25 21 22.125
2.49 63.4 10.5 U 1/2 62.75 20.5 22 22.75
2.52 64 10.75 V 1/4 63.375 23.375
2.54 64.6 11 V 1/2 64 20.75 23 24
2.57 65.3 11.25 W 1/4 64.625 24.625
2.59 65.9 11.5 W 3/4 65.25 21 24 25.25
2.62 66.6 11.75 X 1/4 65.875 25.875
2.65 67.2 12 Y 66.5 21.25 25 26.5
2.68 68.1 12.25 Y 1/2 67.125 21.5 27.125
2.71 68.5 12.5 Z 67.75 21.75 26 27.75
2.72 69.1 12.75 Z + 1/2 68.375 28.375
2.75 69.7 13 Z + 1 69 22 27 29

Make A Request to Get A Free Finger Sizer

Jewelers and companies have some complimentary ring sizer that can help you find your exact ring size. If you are going to buy an engagement ring for your fiancé, you can request them to send it to you

It will be a good strategy to let the company know about the size of your finger first. Otherwise, it will be so annoying not to find your ring fit on your finger

Find Your Measurement With Some Ring Sizing Guide

Hey folks! Are you sick of not knowing the exact size of your ring finger? Is your engagement near and you still are confused about how to get a perfect ring? Don’t worry guys!

Many jewelry companies have guides that they provide for their customer’s convenience. You just need to find that guide and get the size of your engagement finger.

Now you will get a proper guideline that may be very helpful in finding the exact size of your engagement ring

Helpful Hints

  • Always measure your rings considering the right hand in mind that is normally our dominant hand. But in some cases we are lefties and it is our left hand that dominates. Just be conscious that the right hand is a bit bigger and healthier than the left. Choose a ring by keeping this important point in your mind.
  • You should be wise enough to find a ring if you are facing the problem of the big knuckle. Just take two measurements of your finger and then the exact ring you order will be in between these two. This is because the ring may not be too bigger to not fit your finger after crossing the knuckle.
  • If you want no tension about your engagement ring size. Just be cool and relax! Try to avoid making your body temperature too hot or too cold. If your body temperature is high or low than the normal temperature, it will make your finger shrink or expand for that particular time.
  • Some rings have a tighter grip as compared to normal rings as bands and channel rings. We should keep this point in mind that while measuring our size or that of our partner, we should just measure with the band itself.
  • It is human body science that our fingers vary size in at different times differently. If you want an exact measurement, choose nighttime.
  • If there is some confusion about knowing the correct size of your partner’s finger, just take a standard size ring. You know the approximate of his/her fingers, then order for a standard size. The standard size of a woman is 6 to 6.5 and a man’s size is 9 to 10
  • If you are in a mood to surprise your fiance’ by giving her/him a ring or want to propose to her by giving her a ring, just be tricky. You can consult his/her friend about knowing the finger size. You can also say her that I want to give a ring to my mother, sister or some friend and want his/her ring for size. You can make a tracing of her/his ring and can surprise him/her in this way.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers

Question: What is the cheapest place to buy engagement rings?

Answer: There are many online stores where you can buy an engagement ring at low rates. It is the dream of all of us to present a diamond ring to our partner on our engagement. But our pocket doesn’t need to allow us to buy some expensive ring.

Don’t worry folk! Many companies facilitate us with a ring at very cheap rates doe example Blue Nile, James Allen, and Leibish& Co. They provide us very affordable prices for the rings. But if we buy sensibly and buy some simulated diamond instead of the original diamond, it will cost us little.

Question: What is a good budget for an engagement ring?

Answer:This is an uphill task to find a good ring for our partner on our engagement. There are lots of options available buy the first thing is our pocket.

We must realize that what should be a good budget we can invest in buying a ring.

It was an old notion that we should invest two months’ salary in buying an engagement ring. But now the time has changed. Jewelry has got many options.

If we can afford it, we can buy an expensive ring of our choice. But if we are short-budgeted, we still can buy a good ring that will not let you down in front of your fiancé’.

Question: Is it ok to propose with a cheap ring?

Answer:There is no harm in proposing your love with a cheap ring. It is not a rule or a compulsion that you must propose to your beloved with an expensive ring.

If you have made a plan to propose to someone for some time, you can arrange a valuable ring for her/him. But if you suddenly find yourself in an overwhelming emotion of proposing to someone, this time you can present your proposal even with a simple artificial ring.

You can buy her/him a good one afterward. The real and valuable thing is your love that matters.

Question: How much does the average couple spend on an engagement ring?

Answer:An engagement ring is a symbol of a pure relationship a couple builds. Normally a couple spends 1000$ to 5000$ on their engagement ring.

This is the average amount a couple spends on their engagement ring. But it is not inevitable that they spend this amount on their rings. It is up to the pocket and budget of every couple that how much they want to spend on their rings.

Question: How many carats should an engagement ring be?

Answer:When you are going to buy an engagement ring, you try to buy a diamond ring. Diamonds vary in their carats and quality.

A good engagement ring carries a maximum of 2 carats. But there are diamonds with lesser carats and still are valuable. It is your budget that decides which carat and quality you will buy an engagement ring.

Question: Is a $2000 engagement ring cheap?

Answer:It is your point of view that you choose an expensive engagement or buy a delicate one. A diamond ring with one or less than one carat can easily be bought for $2000.

This is a good amount of money you are spending on an engagement ring. Don’t consider that a below 2000$ ring is less valuable than a ring of $2000 or more price. It is the matter of your heart, not your pocket.

Question: Is a 5000 dollar engagement ring cheap?

Answer: Amy Adams, Christina Ricci, and many other celebrities wore cheap engagement rings that were a surprise to their fans. But it should not be a surprise.

If you are wearing a $5000 ring, it will be a handsome budget you are spending on an engagement. Still, many people spend $25000 or more on their engagement rings.


After reading the above all discussion, we can have the opinion that an engagement ring Is a very sensitive part of our life. The famous film Engagement Ring was made in 1951 in Mexico. 

 Knowing this fact, we can realize that an engagement ring is a very powerful part of our everyday life. 

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