8 Types of Cheap Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green in 2021

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All of us love to wear rings all the time no matter whether it is male or female. But have you ever thought about when was the concept of rings initiated for the first time? Well back in the era of 16th century, the earliest ring was found in the tombs of Ancient Egypt. Egyptian had seal rings which had typically the name and titles of the owner deeply sunk into the hieroglyphic characters on an oblong gold bezel.

But as the fashion sense of the people changed and the world transformed, the concept and art of designing rings were equally changed. Different stones began to be introduced for the manufacturing of rings such as diamonds, gemstones, or turquoise. Many people started to look for rings for wedding or engagement purposes.

But some of the people have a complaint that cheap rings turn their finger green? Is it possible? Are you looking for cheap rings that won’t turn your finger green?

cheap wedding rings that wont turn your finger green
Marimor Jewelry His and Hers Stainless Steel Princess Wedding Ring 
cheap engagement rings that wont turn your finger green
Sabrina Silver 8mm Black Titanium Wedding Band Ring
promise rings that wont turn your finger green
MJ Metals Jewelry Beautiful Black Ceramic Wedding Classic High Polished Ring
silver rings that wont turn your finger green
Boston Bay Diamonds Store Titanium Dual-Finish Brushed Satin Matte Ring
tungsten carbide wedding ring
Queenwish 6/8MM Matching Tungsten Carbide Wedding  Bridal Ring 
silicone wedding rings for men
Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring for Men and Women 
affordable rings that wont turn your finger green
Cavalier Jewelers 8MM Cobalt Chrome Ring Classic Wedding Band 
bamboo wood ring
Bodhi Rings Bamboo Rings Eco-Friendly Wood Rings

No doubt that jewelry is one such luxury stone that you cannot afford due to being high-priced. Therefore, some cheaper alternatives are also available. But somehow the cheaper rings can because of skin allergies or various other concerns. Some of the metals can react with certain sensitive skin types and can somehow cause skin discoloration.

Right here we will have a detailed discussion about what sort of cheap rings are best and safe to prevent turning your finger green. Let’s get into the discussion below!

Marimor Jewelry His and Hers Stainless Steel Princess Wedding Ring 

cheap wedding rings that wont turn your finger green

This perfect wedding ring set is best to be worn by both males and females. It is not just affordable but at the same time flexible as well. This is such a beautiful 2 piece AAA grade cubic zirconia wedding set which is made out of solid stainless steel with a series of high polished finish.


  • The women’s cheap wedding rings that won’t turn your finger green is giving out a huge Cubic Zirconia crystal, Princess cut with the 12 extra crystals on the whole inner bar of the stainless steel-pronged ring.
  • In the male ring, you will find a composition of 316 stainless steel that is completely shaped into the beveled edge in a completely rounded interior for extra comfort.
  • Interior of the band has been rounded to provide a comfortable fitting for daily wear.
  • Highly durable and water-resistant ring.

Sabrina Silver 8mm Black Titanium Wedding Band Ring

cheap engagement rings that wont turn your finger green

This is such a perfect ring for wedding or engagement purposes. It is completely made out of durable titanium material which is shaped in a dome style. Real zebrawood has been used as the ring’s inlay which gives it a unique and vintage look.


  • This ring has been made out of a hundred percent hypoallergenic and often comes with a ring box.
  • It rather looks expensive but at the same time classy with an edge.
  • You would love to wear this cheap engagement rings that won’t turn your finger green all the time with the polished smoothness and rounded inside for a comfortable fit.
  • It is rust-proof and can bend in any shape.

MJ Metals Jewelry Beautiful Black Ceramic Wedding Classic High Polished Ring

promise rings that wont turn your finger green

This Rings For Boyfriend And Girlfriend has been such a highly polished ring with a glossy finishing in beautiful blue and black colors. The whole black part of the ring is made out of black ceramic that is resistant to scratch. As the blue color is concerned, it is made out of carbon fiber inlay that has been fully lined all around the main ring’s circumference. This ring is ideal for men use due to the color coordination that is part of it. It is a completely metal-free ring.


  • Ceramic metal has been used for its processing which does not cause any color fading or irritation.
  • Its comfort Fit technology allows this awesome ring to slide out smoothly over your whole finger.
  • Width of the ring is 8mm and thickness is 2.4mm
  • this promise rings that won’t turn your finger green is extremely lightweight Design

Boston Bay Diamonds Store Titanium Dual-Finish Brushed Satin Matte Ring

silver rings that wont turn your finger green

This ring set has been made out of three planes of bamboo wood which makes it so much stylish looking. You will also find some tiny patterns in the bamboo fiber as an added beauty. The whole inlay design of the ring makes it perfect for wedding or engagement events. Hence, this is a complete eco-friendliest ring that won’t cause any sort of allergy to your skin. The carving of bamboo material makes it look extraordinary.


  • The stunning silver rings that won’t turn your finger green ring have been made out of the silver titanium in a completely time-honored design.
  • This ring also features a double channel border which adds a beautiful and classic design to the whole piece.
  • As it does not include sharper edges, therefore, it is a lot comfortable for the finger fitting
  • Suited to wear for all events of weddings, anniversaries, or engagements.

Queenwish 6/8MM Matching Tungsten Carbide Wedding  Bridal Ring 


tungsten carbide wedding ring

With such an intriguing color coordination technique, this awesome tungsten carbide ring has been made out of rose gold color. It has the dark grey shading of the same metal over its entire diameter. Hence it is completely looking classic as it is ideal for both women and women.


  • Inside of the ring has been shaped into a comfortable dome-style which can fit on many different sized fingers. It won’t cause any damage to your fingers or skin.
  • This ring is best to be worn for all occasions of anniversaries, weddings or engagement events.
  • It is Inexpensive Rings that Won’t Tarnish rust-proof and will not be bending into any shape to cause unfitting.
  • It is available in a natural gunmetal grey color.

Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring for Men and Women 

silicone wedding rings for men

All the men out there will appreciate this ring because it is specially designed for men. It is fully made out of a rubber band which is designed with the dome interior as uniquely formed to permit the moisture to fully pass through. This rubber will prevent your finger to get sweat or feel smelly. It is available in various color options and designs.


  • This whole inexpensive rings that won’t tarnish design is available in the set of black, gray and dark gray color options.
  • Rings have been made extra classy and stylish, thanks to the matte-brushed type finish.
  • This is a high-Quality Silicone Wedding Ring for Men. U.S. design patent pending.
  • It can easily withstand to any weather or even prevent discoloration.

Cavalier Jewelers 8MM Cobalt Chrome Ring Classic Wedding Band 

affordable rings that wont turn your finger green

This ring is fully designed in such a classic outlook which makes it best and suited for both women and men. Hence this ring can pass for a pure white gold or platinum piece because it is so much well-polished. And hence it maintains this shine for a longer than you would ever expect a ring under this affordable budget to last.


  • this cheap jewelry that doesn’t turn green has been shaped into a perfect and ever-comfortable dome design inside the interior.
  • It is fully scratch-resistant and skin-friendly.
  • The color of Cobalt Chrome is very much same to that of the White Gold or Platinum

Bodhi Rings Bamboo Rings Eco-Friendly Wood Rings

bamboo wood ring

This has been completely handmade from eco-friendly and re-purposed bamboo jewelry which makes it looks so much unique. It has been fully designed just to show off the intricate detailing of each of the tiny bamboo fiber.


  • The whole inlay pattern has been created gorgeously due to the 3 planes of bamboo.
  • You will find it so much fabulous to wear at weddings or for engagement events.
  • It has ben designed to show off the whole intricate details of each of the tiny bamboo fiber.
  • It is easy to wear and does not cause any finger allergy.

Why does my ring cause my finger to turn green?

Once the metal starts reacting with your skin’s acidity whether it is due to the lotion or the sweat, then it is very much obvious that it can cause skin discoloration. The copper content in metal jewelry is considered to be the main purpose for the green discoloration on the skin and it is even used as a metal alloy.

Although the green color is not harmful at all it would cause some discomfort or some irritation for the skin which is not pleasant at all. Make sure you have removed the ring if you somehow feel any sort of tingly sensation after a while of wearing it.

To reduce this tingling and sensation, you have to follow a few of the basic measures to prevent the effect. You can better look for some expensive jewelry pieces and make sure you avoid handling or wearing them during swimming or bath. Or you also have the choice where you can even apply some thin coating of the clear nail polish to build a barrier.

Some of the best metals on which you should trust are stainless steel, platinum, titanium, or rhodium-plated jewelry like white gold. These all metals have made themselves to be completely hypoallergenic.

Why is my sterling silver ring turning my finger green?

There has been one major myth about jewelry that turns your fingers green. If your finger has been turning into green color, then it does not mean that the ring is of low quality or it is fake. The biggest reason for this whole development of the green tint over your skin is all because of the ring metal composition. Few major things which you should consider about your sterling silver rings:

  • Pure silver is generally taking a liquid form.
  • For that sake, any jewelry made out of silver should be blended or alloyed without any other type of metal.
  • The most common metal type which you should combine with sterling silver for jewelry-making is copper.

As your Fashion Rings for Fat Fingers has been made out of 925 Sterling Silver as well as 925 Sterling Silver all coated with the 14kt Yellow or Rose Gold, then it normally means that the whole composition has been 92.5% pure silver which has been alloyed with 7.5% copper.

How to prevent my finger from turning green?

Well, now you might have known about all those major reasons due to which the sterling silver Jewelry has made your fingers turned green. But now the question is how you can prevent it! There are a few of the measures which you can perform discussed below:

 Avoid low-quality jewelry 

This is not the main reason due to which your fingers have turned green. Most of the rings which are made out of subpar materials will also leave a green imprint over your fingertips. So make sure you know about the material out of which your ring has been made up. You should look for the rings that are made out of a combination of copper and pure silver.

 Keep the area dry 

If you are wearing rings over those fingers which are wet or damp, then it is very much obvious that it will leave a green tint over it. Be sure that you have removed all the rings out of your fingers before taking the shower. You should use some lotions or body products so they can completely get absorbed into your skin to prevent any sort of green tint.

Plus, you should also take off your rings when you are going into the swimming pool. Chlorine in the pool water will also cause your fingers to turn green and damage your rings permanently.

 Use clear nail polish 

This is another simple and easiest method to perform for avoiding the green tint on fingers. You can apply a small coat of nail polish before you wear any sterling steel silvering. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Paint the inside of your rings by using clear nail polish. You can, later on, apply another coat of nail polish that touches your finger.
  2. Now you have to leave the painted ring over the flat surface to get it dry for a maximum of 20 minutes.
  3. Now wear the ring again!

 Try a Polymer Barrier 

Another best method to prevent the green tint on fingers is through the use of barrier products. They are designed just to seal the metal and prevent any sort of staining. You just have to do one application coating of the polymer barrier which is helpful to prevent the staining for the next 2 months. Apply as much is required.

What to do when my fingers turn green?

If somehow your fingers have already turned green due to sterling silver rings, then there are few basic ways which you can follow to remove the stains. Some of the common methods are:

 Eye Makeup Remover & Rubbing Alcohol 

If you are having sterling silver rings, you should keep up with some waterproof eye makeup remover, or rubbing alcohol. This would be helpful to remove the green tint very easily. You can use this method just for the smaller stains. Put the liquid into the cotton ball and gently apply it over that tinted area. Wash your hands after rubbing.

 Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover 

The next method is to look for the non-acetone nail polish remover! For the dark green stains, you can use nail polish remover. Put the liquid into the cotton ball and gently apply it over that tinted area. If you have open wounds or if your skin is irritated, this method is best for you.

Benefits of Wearing 925 Sterling Silver

It would be a little tedious for some of the people to deal with the green fingers. But we have already mentioned above that wearing sterling silver will solve much of your hassle. Some of the major benefits of wearing 925 sterling silver include:

 Safety for Sensitive Skin: 

This sterling silver is known to be a 100% non-reactive metal that can easily get into direct contact with the skin without any sort of adverse reactions. We all know that green fingers are aesthetically displeasing, but it is not a health hazard!

 Energy Stimulation and Focus: 

As you will wear any sterling silver jewelry that somehow comes into direct contact with your skin, the overall proper flow of energy is yet stimulated into your body. This will help you to fight against the lethargy and yet reinvigorate your senses. This sterling silver is even known to improve mental focus and mentalconcentration.

 Help with Inflammation and Arthritis: 

The use of sterling silver is also helpful to absorb it directly into the skin and hence transmits strong pain-relieving effects once into the body. Silver also promotes healthy and sufficient blood circulation and yet targets pain in the muscles or tissues. These are a few of the common symptoms of inflammation and arthritis problems.

Tips to Keep your Sterling Silver in Prime Condition

The use of sterling silver rings is helpful to boost your mood and will also improve your whole character. To let your ring stay in one position and shape for a long time, follow the below-mentioned tips one by one:

  • You should store your rings individually in the pouches or cases in a cool or dry place.
  • Plus you should also consider sealing the sterling silver rings in the airtight bags to yet fight humidity or oxidation.
  • 925 Sterling Silver is equally sturdy and hence it does not need very much frequent polishing.
  • Once you have polished your rings, make sure you use up-and-down strokes and not circle otherwise it will worsen the whole ring color.
  • Avoid using any sort of chemical liquid jewelry cleaners to fully maintain your rings. Make sure you use a simple microfiber cloth or either a specially designed silver polishing cloth with an appropriate and some gentle chemicals.
  • Keep your rings away from sunlight, heat, water, sweat, or harsh chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green

  1. What kind of metal turns your finger green?

You will find a certain green discoloration over your ginger as you start wearing a ring that is made out of copper. Some of the rings are made from pure copper and some of them are made out of the metal copper plating. Hence, copper can be part of the metal alloy such as sterling.

  1. Does 925 sterling silver turn your finger green?

Sterling silver is included with some copper as we already know. This material can easily come into contact with moisture which can make your jewelry fully tarnished. This effect of tarnishing will also cause the finger to turn green which is the major reason you should avoid wearing jewelry in environments with more moisture than usual.

  1. How do you keep a copper ring from turning your finger green?

You can follow the method where you have to coat the ring with a clear nail polish use. Now use a polymer barrier just in between your skin and your ring. Just remove off the jewelry before getting your hands damp or wet.Avoid applying any sort of perfume, lotion, or soaps with your ring on.

  1. Will Titanium turn your finger green?

Titanium is known to be hypoallergenic but at the same time, it is even considered to be medical application. If the titanium is not causing any sort of reaction inside the body for the total hip replacement, you are sure that your titanium ring will not be giving you any rash or turn your fingers fully green. Unlike the rest of the metals, titanium will not at all corrode or might tarnish.

  1. Is it okay to sleep with a ring on?

While wearing the rings at sleep time will not be causing that much risk or damage as compared to the time when you wear them in a swimming pool. But still, you should remove the rings while sleeping. Keep it away from pressure, sunlight or heat. Also, avoid wearing it when your fingers are wet.

  1. What is black rhodium?

Rhodium is known as a type of platinum that is very hard, rare, and is also corrosion-resistant. Black rhodium is one basic color of rhodium. Considering the natural state, rhodium is silver-white and is yet typically plated onto the white gold to give it a brighter and yet more luminous finish.

  1. How long will sterling silver last?

Solid sterling silver can last for centuries. Even with the gentle polishing and regular cleanliness, any sterling silver material can survive for long years. Such pieces which you buy can be handed down even to your great-grandchildren and they will appreciate over the years.

  1. How often should you clean your ring?

When it comes to cleaning your ring, you should be very much careful about it. It is very much common that the rings might get dirty and they do need quick cleaning as well. You should gently clean them at least twice a week or you should go for a more thorough cleaning at least once a month.

  1. Is sterling silver better than pure silver?

Pure silver is also known as fine silver which consists of 99.9% silver and Sterling silver is included with 92.5% pure silver. It is also based on 7.5% of other metals such as copper, nickel, or zinc. Sterling silver is known to be much more durable as compared to pure silver and is extremely ideal to be used in any jewelry.

  1. How do you keep a ring from turning copper?

You have the choice to use clear nail polish. Just paint the inside area of your ring with the help of nail polish. After it, you have to create some layer that needs to be between your ring and your skin. In this way, copper will not be able to react with your fingers. Reapply it again at least once since the layer is always at the risk of wearing off.

  1. Will my finger adjust to a tight ring?

With time, even if the ring is not fully tight on your finger, it will get tight. This is not a big deal to worry about. Your hands and fingers will get adapt to the ring with time. In case you find a tight ring uncomfortable, you should look for the ring a half size smaller than the snug fit.

  1. Is it bad if your finger turns green from a ring?

Due to the acid in your skin getting mixed with the certain metal of your jewelry won’t make the stain harmful for you at all. But it might look disturbing. Some metals can turn your finger green in which copper is the most common one. Gold and silver metals can also discoloration.

  1. Can I wear my Tungsten ring in the shower?

Tungsten carbide is known to be the hardest and the most durable metals. It is completely scratch-resistant which means that it will not bend, and it will not tarnish. For the short-term shower, you can wear a ring but when it comes to a long-term shower, avoid wearing it to avoid any discoloration.

  1. Is it safe to wear titanium jewelry?

One of the biggest benefits of titanium rings is that they are completely hypoallergenic. You will find them completely safe forpeople with contact dermatitis or any other sort of sensitive skin or allergic reaction. But just the two metals used inside the jewelry industry will offer that namely platinum and titanium.

  1. What can break titanium?

Titanium metal is known to be brittle when they are cold. But they are easy to break apart at room temperature. A few of the most common sources of titanium are ilmenite, as well as rutile, and titanite.


Well with the complete shortlist provided below, you have a crystal clear picture in front of you to look for the best ring jewelry for yourself. Regardless of your any skin-type or DNA, it is equally possible to enjoy wearing your beautiful rings daily and yet doing all of your favorite activities without any worry.

We have also given you a complete guide to prevent your fingers from getting green-tinted. Follow the guidelines very carefully and make sure you are free to wear your favorite rings all the time!

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