23 Cheap Promise Rings For Boyfriend And Girlfriend in 2021 | Detailed Review

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Are you searching for something fantastic that will show your pure love for your love of life? Then, Wow, your search is going to an end because you are at an exact place. No doubt there are unlimited choices to show your love, but giving your boyfriend or girlfriend a unique surprise can show your endless love and care.

It is common to give flowers and many other beautiful things to share with your love, but giving the promise rings can show the depth of your commitment to your love. Lady Gaga, for example, previously wore a heart-shaped ring to actor Taylor Kinney. The promise rings are absolutely a promise to stay pure to each other.

Here we are representing for you a list of brilliant cheap promise rings. These rings are less expensive, so you can easily afford them. You can not only find these impressive rings at cheap rates, but these are also a sign of trust and loyalty for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Cheap Promise Rings under $20

Promise rings no doubt are a perfect way to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend. We know everyone looks for the most beautiful rings for his/her partner but everyone can’t afford the expensive rings with beautiful designs but here you can find a variety of rings with elegant designs worth under $20.

Furious Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Princess Heart Crown Pink & Purple CZ Band Ring

promise rings for couples

To impress your girlfriend/boyfriend, this 925 sterling silver ring should be your first choice. We design this beautiful ring with a heart shape crown with pink and purple CZ bands. The size of the ring is 8, with a diameter of 0.72 inches and a circumference of 2.25 inches. The ring weighs 1.9g and available for under $20. This adorable ring is free from nickel, lead, and cadmium, and so is hypoallergenic. You can give this ring to your love with happiness guaranteed.


  • This promise rings for couples 925 sterling silver protects your girlfriend/boyfriend from an infection.
  • A heart-shaped crown with pink and purple bands gives an eye-catching look.
  • The size and diameter of the ring perfectly fit the finger of your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Because of non-toxic metals, it prevents any allergic reaction.
  • You can get these Cheap Cute Rings for Your Girlfriend in a beautiful jewelry box with exchange and money-back guarantee.

Customer reviews:

I just received this beautiful ring, and the quality is just Wow. I am incredibly pleased by the heart shape crown design at much less cost. My girlfriend too loves this promise ring. The colors and the size of the ring are amazing. I highly recommend purchasing this adjustable ring.

EAMTI 2CT 925 Sterling Silver Ring Princess Cut CZ Engagement Ring

promise rings for girlfriend

We made this classic 925 sterling silver ring with a 2-carat princess-cut simulated diamond and paved with the clear sparkling CZ stone to give an astonishing look to your girlfriend/boyfriend. We stamped this high polished ring with a 925 hallmark. We made this studded ring from non-toxic metals and packed it in a beautiful velvet box to give a surprise to your love under $20.


  • Glamorous 2-carat princess cut simulated diamonds are perfect to show your everlasting love for your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Studded central zirconia gives your love an eye-catching look at any event.
  • 925 sterling silver makes the ring durable and anti-allergic.
  • 925 hallmark ensures the better quality of these Inexpensive Rings that Won’t Tarnish.
  • We assure you to get these cheap promise rings for girlfriend with an exchange policy.

Customer reviews:

Yay! I got an absolutely fantastic promise ring with an adorable design at such cheap rates. The quality of the ring is too good. Highly impressed by the customer services. Surely I will again order this graceful promise ring.

Oxford Diamond Co Cubic Zirconia Fashion Promise .925 Sterling Silver Ring

cheap rings for girlfriend

This brand first originated on 12th October 2019. We made this precious cheap promise ring with 925 sterling silver. This ring with clear cubic zirconia is free from toxic metals and so prevents infections. The width of the ring is 4mm with an adjustable size. The ring is hypoallergenic and corrosion-free and packed in a beautiful box. Perfect gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend under $20.


  • 925 sterling silver makes the promise ring long-lasting for your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Stunning cubic zirconia makes the ring trendsetting.
  • The adjustable size of these cheap rings for a girlfriend protects the ring from falling from the finger of your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Hypoallergenic so you can wear it all time with no fear of allergy.
  • Beautifully packed in a box at a much less cost.

Customer reviews:

Hurrah! Finally got this super-duper promise ring. The quality of this brilliant ring is beyond perfect, and it does not cause any reaction and allergy. The size is so adjustable. It is exactly the ring that I was looking for in much fewer rates. Highly recommended from my side.

Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver White and Blue Simulated Sapphire Women Eternity Ring

cheap cute rings for your girlfriend

If you are looking for an elegant promise ring under $20, then this promise ring is the right choice, We made this ring with 925 sterling silver with 2.5×2.5mm round hearts and arrows white created sapphire and 2.5×2.5mm round blue simulated sapphire. The total carat weight of this precious ring is 0.7cttw. Wonderful promise ring for your girlfriend/boyfriend with 925 stamps under $20.


  • 925 sterling silver ring with hallmark ensures the purity of the metal in the Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green.
  • Round white and blue hearts give a versatile look to the ring so you can confidently give it to your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • The carat weight of the ring is 0.7cttw and is free from impure metals
  • This unique promise ring is available at under$20.
  • We packed this cheap cute rings for your girlfriend in a versatile box with a money-back guarantee.

Customer reviews:

I ordered this promise ring, and my parcel just arrived. I’m highly satisfied by this timeless classic design of the ring. I’m just surprised to get such brilliant quality for just $20. I give it to my girlfriend and she loves it. Highly recommended!

Cheap Promise Rings under $50

Finding brilliant promise rings with exceptional quality and good design at less cost is no doubt a hard task. But now you need not worry about finding the less expensive rings of your choice. You can find these stylish promise rings with flawless designs for just under $50.

CDE Heart Birthstone Rings for Women Girls Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Ring

matching promise rings for boyfriend and girlfriend

We made this precious heart ring with 925 sterling silver and plated it with rose gold to completely satisfy your girlfriend. We inlaid the center of the promise ring with the sturdy cubic birthstone. The promise ring is totally nickel-free and lead-free and durable and hypoallergenic. Sizes in the rings are 7-12 and several colors are available to totally impress your girl under $50.


  • We made an impressive promise heart ring with sterling silver to ensure durability to your girlfriend.
  • Because of the rose gold plating, it is corrosion free so your girlfriend can wear it all time.
  • These matching promise rings for boyfriend and girlfriend are free of nickel and lead and so hypoallergenic.
  • Perfect size and a variety of colors are available for under $50.
  • We assure exchange policy and money-back guarantee with this Matching Promise Rings for Couples.

Customer reviews:

Hurrah! I got my promise ring, and it is incredibly amazing. I’m completely satisfied with my experience to get this ring for under just $50. My girlfriend loves it too and is highly impressed by the quality and design of this ring. Just love it.

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Solitaire Round CZ Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

matching promise rings for couples

This brand originated on 25th May 2018. If you are thinking of giving your girlfriend/boyfriend the best promise gift, then this sterling silver ring is the best option. We design this elegant ring with diamond round cubic zirconia. The ring is absolutely nickel-free and stamped with a 925 hallmark. You can get this designer promise ring for just under $50 packed in a box.


  • A designer promise ring made with sterling silver is all enough to show your endless love for your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • The diamond round cubic zirconia gives the ring a wonderful touch.
  • We use no toxic metals in these matching promise rings for couples, hence the metals used are anti-allergic.
  • 925 hallmark ensures you the best quality of the promise ring.
  • You can get this beautiful ring for just under $50 in fine packing.

Customer reviews:

What a brilliant promise ring. This ring is beautifully designed and I’m delightfully surprised at the quality of this excellent product. It is the best promise gift at the cheapest rates. I highly recommend it because it is the perfect gift for your loved one. 

Pophylis Sterling Silver Micro Pave Hand Set 2.4 CTW Cubic Zirconia Cushion Shape Halo Wedding Rings

his and her rings

Surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with the perfect Pophylis sterling silver promise ring. This admirable brand is located in the USA.  We dipped 100% solid 18-karat gold on sterling silver to make this charming ring durable. We made the ring with pure metals and are free from nickel, and so doesn’t cause irritation to the skin. You can impress your girlfriend/boyfriend with this promise ring styled with cubic zirconia for just under $50.


  • 18karat gold on the sterling silver makes your promise ring corrosion-free.
  • The cubic zirconia adds an impressive touch to the promise rings so you can give this stylish promise ring to your love at any special event.
  • These his and her rings are hypoallergenic and nickel-free and so do not cause any itchiness to the skin so your girlfriend/boyfriend can wear them all the time.
  • The perfect size of the ring fits best with the finger of your partner.
  • You can find this admirable Fashion Rings for Fat Fingers for just $50 with an exchange policy.

Customer reviews:

OMG, I got this superb promise ring yesterday and was highly impressed by the elegant design and the quality of this beautiful ring. I give it to my girlfriend and she is surprisingly impressed. I highly recommend this charming product.

NANA Sterling Silver Round Brilliant Cut Lucita Solitaire Engagement Wedding Ring

stainless steel promise rings

Get this brilliant cubic zirconia-styled promise ring for your girlfriend/boyfriend as a sign of your pure love. It is available in sizes 4-12. The cubic zirconia we used in this ring is equal to 2 karat diamond and is surrounded by the 1 accent stone to enhance the grace. We plated the sterling silver with platinum to make this brilliant promise ring hypoallergenic. You can get this amazing promise ring for just under $50.


  • Studded cubic zirconia adds the classiness of the Engagement Rings That Look Like Flowers and gives the ring an expensive look.
  • The surrounded accent stone further adds glamour to the ring and makes it worth loving.
  • No toxic metals are used in designing this ring, so it is free from any allergic material.
  • The suitable size makes it perfectly adjustable to the finger of your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • This beautiful ring with an eye-catching design is available for only under $50 with a money-back guarantee.

Customer reviews:

Superb! I was looking for an amazing piece of rings for my girlfriend and finally, I just got what I was dreaming of. This piece of promise ring is incredibly loveable with high quality, with much less cost. Highly recommend this classy product.

Cheap Promise Rings under $100

Sometimes you may want to surprise your girlfriend/boyfriends with amazing promise rings, but find them expensive because of their high quality and brilliant designs. So, we design adorable rings with the best quality and classy design for you to give as a gift to your love. You can get these promise rings for just under $50 with no regret.

Jeulia 4 Carat Openwork Ring Sets for Women 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Sets Rose Gold Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

couple rings set

This magnificent brand is located in Hong Kong. This sparkly 925 sterling silver promise ring is plated with rose gold. We design it with a round-cut center stone that is beautifully wrapped in a halo frame of round stones. The leaf design in the ring gives it an outstanding look. This outstanding ring is free from lead, nickel, and cadmium. You can get this fancy ring for your girlfriend/boyfriend for under just $100 with beautifully packed in a luxury gift box.


  • Exquisite promise rings with rose gold plated sterling silver makes the rings corrosion resistant.
  • The central round stone with a surrounded frame of stone is a complete package to give as a gift to your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • It is made of non-toxic metals so hypoallergenic.
  • You can get this versatile design for just under $100.
  • We packed this cool product in a jewelry box and assured you of the exchange policy with this product.

Customer reviews:

I recently received this excellent product and was highly impressed by the quality and the design of this lovely ring. It is of course the stunning promise ring to give your love at any special event. Highly satisfied and highly recommended.

Newshe Wedding Rings Set for Him and Her

promise rings for her

Princess cut cubic zirconia promise ring is a classy choice to impress your girlfriend. We made this cheap promise ring with sterling silver. Sizes available in the ring are 6 7 8 9 and 10. For men, it is an 8mm wide tungsten carbide band that is strong and scratch-resistant, so it is long-lasting. Both are free from toxic metals and available for under $100, beautifully packed in a graceful box.


  • The shiny cubic zirconia adds glamour to your girlfriend’s look on any occasion.
  • Sterling silver protects the skin from any serious infection.
  • An 8mm tungsten carbide ring band is the best gift for your boyfriend. It is durable and prevents scratches to the finger.
  • Both rings are hypoallergenic so comfortable to wear.
  • You can get these promise rings for just under $100 with a guarantee of happiness.

Customer reviews:

Hurrah! I bought this ring, and it is absolutely beautiful. I can’t imagine that I found such an outstanding product with the perfect size at much fewer rates. The product also arrives timely. I highly recommend purchasing this lovely product.

TwoBirch Sterling Silver Filigree Vintage Wedding Ring

statement promise rings for her

This brand originated on 6th July 2016. We made this promise ring with sterling silver studded with cubic zirconia to add a classy look to your girlfriend. The length of the item is 0.24 inches and is resizable. The width of the ring is 2mm while the stone weighs 0.98 carats. You can get this comfy and classy ring for your girlfriend for just under $100 packed in a jewellery box.


  • This elegant branded piece of jewellery is designed with cubic zirconia.
  • Sterling silver is the safest metal is comfortable to use so feel your girlfriend.
  • The perfect length and width of the ring make it comfortable to wear all day.
  • You can give these splendid Affordable Engagement Rings Under $200.
  • We assure you of a money-back and exchange policy with this product.

Customer reviews:

Hurrah! I am so delighted and surprised after I got this promise ring. The design, quality, size, and customer services all are beyond perfect. I recommend giving this beautiful cheap ring as a gift to your girlfriend. Love it!

Pandora Jewelry Princess Tiara Crown Cubic Zirconia Ring in Sterling Silver

pandora matching promise rings for boyfriend and girlfriend

We made this magnificent heart shape tiara-style ring to make your girlfriend feel like a princess. Sterling silver used in manufacturing this ring is free of harmful metals and material. We style this promise ring with a shimmering cubic zirconia stone to the ring. This promise ring is durable and adjustable and hypoallergenic. This beautifully designed tiara ring is available for under $100.


  • The tiara style’s promise ring gives your girlfriend a princess look and shows your love towards her.
  • Sterling silver prevents any harmful effect so feels comfy to wear.
  • The cubic zirconia stone enhances the brightness of the promise ring so is trendsetting.
  • The ring is adjustable, so there is no fear of falling off the ring.
  • You can this hypoallergenic ring for just under $100 packed in a box,

Customer review:

Yay! It is the most perfect and dreamy product I ever bought for my girlfriend. The brilliant tiara shape gives her a princess look whenever she wears it. Perfect quality with the perfect design. Highly impressed by this magnificent product at such a cheap rate.

 What is a promise ring mean?

what is a promise ring mean

Promise rings are actually the pre-engagement rings that are often given before the engagement and marriage as a sign of love to your girlfriend or boyfriend. The promise rings represent the love and the commitment between the couples and it indirectly a promise between two persons that they will remain pure and loyal to each other. It also signifies their long-lasting and nurturing relationship.

Promise rings are not actually considered engagement rings. Promise rings are just a commitment way of showing love between two persons, while engagement rings are a proper proposal for marriage.

Promise Rings for Boyfriend and Girlfriend Step by Step Buying Guide

Whenever you go to the market, you find a variety of promise rings with original designs and quality. To get the best promise ring you need proper guidance about the rings, so here we will guide you about choosing perfect promise rings step by step. You just need to understand and follow these steps to get the promise ring of your choice.

First Select the Metal for your Desired Ring

To get a ring of your choice, have complete guidance about the metals that are used in manufacturing the rings. Whenever you go to the market or visit online jewellery stores you find a variety of rings made with different metals like platinum, palladium, silver, and gold. While choosing the exact metal, you should keep the following points in your mind.

  • Your budget.
  • Style preference of your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • The durability of the metal.
  • Whether the metal is hypoallergenic.
  • Colour of the metal.

Decide Stones According to Your Financial Budget

While selecting or buying a ring, know the fact that your item should lie within the range of your budget. The stone used to decorate the rings is available at variable prices, so it depends on you what stone you are going to choose. You should know the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of the stone. You should not select the stone at once, but see several stones that lie within your budget and then select the stone that matches with the stone that you are looking for. You can choose cubic zirconia or gemstone or birthstones that lie with your budget and prove a meaningful gift for him/her.

Ring Setting Plays a Vital Role

The most fundamental part of choosing a ring is to select a ring with the proper setting. If the ring’s setting is beautifully done, then it will appear remarkably beautiful, and no doubt is a center of attraction. While selecting a ring you should observe whether the stone used in the rings is secure or not because if the stones are not placed and secured properly then the stone will fall off. If the ring setting is done in the wrong way, then it results in destroying the ring’s beauty. You can choose promise rings with a heart symbol, solitaire rings, eternity bands or a three-stone diamond ring.

Must Sure The Promise Rings for Boyfriend and Girlfriend Doesn’t Seem Like an Engagement Ring

To choose a promise ring you should keep in mind that the promise ring you are selecting should differ from the engagement ring because both rings are totally different in meaning and as well as features. The promise rings usually contain gemstones, birthstones or plain bands and are less fleshy, while the engagement rings feature a central sparkly stone with fine detail features.

Follow Latest Fashion Trends

The first priority while choosing the promise ring should be the current fashion trends. If you select a ring that is old-fashioned and is not trendy then it will not only disappoint your girlfriend/boyfriend but later you will also regret choosing it. Only choose the ring that comes with new designs and features in the market to give your girlfriend/boyfriend an outstanding gift, but in some ways, it also reflects your fashion sense and choice.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Question: What finger does a promise ring go on?

Answer: There is no exact finger for wearing the promise ring, but you can wear it on any finger of your hand. It is not compulsory to wear it on the fourth finger of your left hand as the engagement ring. You can wear it on the ring finger or any other finger of your left or right hand.  Most people also wear the promise ring on a chain around the neck. You can also wear it on the middle or fourth finger of the left or right hand.

Question: What is a promise ring supposed to look like?

Answer: Promise rings are available in a variety of elegant designs and styles.  But they are smaller as compared to the engagement rings. Promise rings are also less stylish and do not possess finely detailed features. The styles of the promise rings are also different. The most popular style includes

  • Infinity knots
  • Plain bands
  • Engravings
  • Gemstones
  • Interlockings
  • Claddagh rings.

Question: How much does a promise ring cost?

Answer: The cost of the promise rings varies from simple promise rings to more stylish promise rings. Simple promise rings can be found for a few hundred dollars while more stylish and trendy promise rings may range in a few thousand dollars. It is up to you what kind of promise ring you want to buy. But as a whole, the promise rings are much less expensive and easily affordable as compared to the other rings.

Question: Does man wear promise ring?

Answer: The answer to this question is YES! Just like the women the men also wear rings. There is no restriction for wearing the promise rings by the men. Wearing the rings by the men also shows the same commitment and love as in the women. Men’s rings just like women’s rings come in different styles and designs made with different metals. In modern times the wearing of rings by men is no doubt becoming more trendy.

Question: Can I give a promise ring to my boyfriend?

Answer: Of course, just like your boyfriend gives you the rings as a gift you can also share the ring with your boyfriend to show your care and pure love you have for your boyfriend. You can choose a ring according to the choice of your boyfriend or can select it according to your choice. There is no selected time or event for giving your boyfriend a ring but you can surprise him with an elegant promise ring at any time or occasion.

Question: How much should I spend on a promise ring for my girlfriend?

Answer: There are no specific rules for buying an expensive promise ring for your girlfriend. You should buy the promise ring by keeping the budget in your mind. Promise rings from the lesser to higher cost are available in the markets. If you can afford an expensive ring then you must buy it but if you can’t spend too much money then you can also get classy designs of the promise rings that you can get at cheap rates and are easily affordable.

Question: How soon is too soon for a promise ring?

Answer: Sharing the promise rings or giving them as a gift or surprise to your girlfriends or boyfriends just after a few days or months of a relationship is not considered a good idea because it is too soon for sharing the promise rings. Two persons should totally understand each other before making strong commitments and showing their love and loyalty to each other and it of course needs time.


Sharing the promise rings to express true and pure love and feelings is becoming more trendy day by day just like Rebecca Romijn received a ring from Jerry O’Connell in September 2005. People share a variety of elegant and stylish promise rings as a firm commitment between them but not everyone can afford such a high rate or expensive rings.

So the above-mentioned rings are not only available at a cheap rate but you can also find a variety of brilliant designs in them. You can share these well-designed affordable promise rings with your girlfriends or boyfriends to make your relationship purer and stronger.

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