Can I Wear My Pandora Ring In The Shower? | Expert’s Answer

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Pandora jewelry is becoming famous day by day. It is getting into the nerves of people speedily. The craze to look up-to-date and fashionable makes pole buy a variety of jewelry. Pandora rings are fancy. Girls want to wear it in different types and shades.

Pandora rings are a blend of 14k gold and copper. Copper or any alloy is necessary to add to make gold strong and sturdy. Similarly, the Pandora rig is more famous in sterling silver. 92.5% silver and other alloys are combined to make a Pandora jewelry piece.

But people are always found complaining about how can we save our Pandora ring from tarnishing. They remain confused about the question that whether they can wear Pandora’s ring in the shower or not.

I come across many people asking the same question that can I wear my Pandora ring in the shower or not?  as well People also Ask Does Pandora Clean Jewelry For Free? This makes Pandora’s jewelry a little questionable. Instead, it can be said that if we use our Pandora jewelry with care and love, it can accompany us for a long time. But wearing it in the shower is never good for it.

What Metal is Pandora Rings Made of?

Before getting the answer to the question that whether I can wear my Pandora ring in the shower or no, we should understand the nature of Pandora jewelry and how it is made. It will make us easy to understand the claim of avoiding our Pandora rings to wear during taking a shower.

The jewelry of gold, silver, platinum, Rhodium, or stainless steel is very common and has a far-off old history. Gold and silver are being worn for thousands of years. There are some areas where gold and silver are worshipped.

Pandora rings or jewelry has not that long history and was started in 1982 in Copenhagen Denmark. But the versatility and style attracted the men and women equally towards this jewelry. Its rings and bracelets are more appreciated and worn throughout the world. It is considered costume or fashion jewelry.

Many celebrities like Emmy Luciano and Jenny Bird like to wear Pandora rings just because of their wide range and beautiful theme and patterns. Gold, silver, and a blend of copper and silver are used to make this Pandora rings.

These rings carry such an appeal is because of the thematic and naming signs that it bars. You can wear the name of your beloved, mother, father or any friend. You can wear your religious symbols and signs. There are many events symbolizes in these panders’ rings.

Its charms and stone can be horoscopes. You can buy your star name even. All these things make Pandora an attraction to the women. But there are main metals that are used as a base for it.

Gold Pandora Ring

Gold Pandora Ring


Pandora jewelry that is made with gold has 14k gold with the alloy. Gold is the most attractive metal and is expensive too. It is soft enough to mix with some alloy to cast a ring. 14k gold increases the worth of Pandora rings and it becomes more fascinating.

But as we know that gold is an expensive metal so it is not that preferable as sterling silver is. A Pandora ring with gold can also get tarnished if we use it excessively with no care of sun or water. Taking a shower with a Pandora ring will ultimately discolor it or will tarnish it.

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Sterling Silver Pandora Rings

One of the most used and loveable metals in Pandora jewelry is 926 sterling silver. It is so popular in all jewelry even we use it to carry our precious stones and diamonds. Pandora rings with sterling silver are too appreciated because it doesn’t cost as much as gold.

Sterling silver with 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper makes a good sparkling Pandora ring. But a little carelessness can spoil its beauty. It can be spoiled by wearing it during the shower or doing any domestic chores with water as cleaning or washing dishes. This is due to the oxidation property of silver. It can instantly oxidize as it gets in contact with water.

Rose Gold Pandora Ring

Pandora has a different and unique feature that it makes rose gold jewelry by using the combination of most copper and a little silver. You can say it is the opposite to sterling silver in which silver is in most quantity and copper shares a little. But this ring is plated with 14k gold afterward. This is why it gives the pinkish rose gold shade. This type of Pandora is also common but not used as much as sterling silver. It also has the same issue of being tarnished by exposure to water or moisture.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wear Pandora Rings In the Shower

Top 5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wear Pandora Rings In the Shower

It is a fact that Pandora rings are too delicate and luxurious rings that they can be worn at any event like marriage, engagement, business meetings, ball parties, or friend’s hang out. This is why Pandora rings or bracelets are too popular among everyone.

It is normally made with 14k gold or 925 sterling silver or sometimes rose gold Pandora is made by some extra quantity of copper and then plated with gold. It gives it a pinkish hue. Pandora rings are made of intricate styles and expressions. There are used different charms, beads, stones, name letters, signs, or shapers to how the religious, cultural, emotional, or traditional feelings.

Pandora rings are featured rings and this is why girls and boys want to wear them equally. This craze lets them use this ring every time day and night. They even don’t care while they are going to take shower. It is never wise and sane to wear Pandora’s ring in the shower.

If you are wearing any kind of jewelry, you must put it off during the shower. But Pandora is something that needs special care and concerns. What makes Pandora too prone to lose its original shine and gets tarnished. What are the reasons for not using our Pandora ring during taking bath, let’s have a look at them?

Pandora Are Normally Made Of Sterling Silver

Pandora Are Normally Made Of Sterling Silver


As we know that Pandora jewelry is made of 14k gold and mostly it is made with 92.5 sterling silver. In this jewelry, 7.5% copper is used and it makes the Pandora ring prone to tarnish or change its original color. Silver is prone to tarnishing, and the alloy in it that is normally copper increases its reaction power.

Silver and copper both have oxidation properties and as far as they come in contact with water or moisture, they start a chemical reaction. The oxides of water get in connection with silver and make silver oxides.

A very interesting and informative thing that most of us don’t know is that any jewelry made of silver starts doing chemical reactions as quickly as it comes out of the box or showcase. We can’t notice it with the naked eye. But if we examine it with the microscope, we can understand that why silver or silver-containing jewelry stars getting tarnish.

This is why Pandora rings must be removed before going to take bath so that can save our rings from being tarnished or discolored.

Water Is Not Pure and It Is D2O Instead Of H2O

Water is sometimes not pure and there are many impurities present in water. So sometimes the water we are taking shower in may be D2O that is very heavy and will ruin the beauty and shine of your Pandora ring at once. It is Deuterium Oxide and is heavier because in this water, not only the oxygen is reactant with silver but also many other impurities that involves the process of discoloration of your Pandora ring.

Soap and Shampoos Chemicals

When we are taking shower with our Pandora rings on our fingers, we are risking the beauty and shine of our ring. Among other reasons, the reason that shampoos and soaps contain many harsh chemicals is very solid.

All the soaps and shampoos contain shampoo bases and other caustic detergents. There are many preservatives and artificial fragrances. All these things are strong enemies to Pandora jewelry. They get instantly in contact with silver and copper and discolor your ring.

A mild soap or shampoo that claims not to damage your hair or skin contains chemicals that can worsen the situation. So better is to put off your rings before going to take shower or using wafers excessively.

Chlorine Is Another Enemy When You Swim

Similarly, when you are a professional swimmer or just do it for fun, you have to care about your rings especially the Pandora ring. The reason behind this is very simple that the water of swimming is made fresh and free from a stagnant smell with lots of chlorine. This chlorine is a good reactant to silver and forms silver chloride on the Pandora ring.

One or two times swim is not a serious issue. But when we do this practice of swimming by wearing our rings on, it will be a threat to your ring’s life. It can destroy its sparkle and shine. It will let your ring tarnish and fade.

Additional Things like Gems and Pearls Are Faded Away

Pandora jewelry specifies just because of its classic styles and themes. It uses unique gems and stones. It is decorated with the use of different pearls and wooden carvings. This makes Pandora not only delicate but also prone to discoloration.

If we don’t care about our Pandora ring bearing some expensive stone or Pearl, it will start to fade away. If we don’t put our rings off during taking a shower, there is a chance to lose some of it or getting it discolored. The harsh chemicals that are the ingredients to soap, shampoo, or other beauty products, will ruin your Pandora ring’s original shine and luster. So avoid wearing Pandora rings or bracelets while taking shower.

3 Ways to Regain the Original Shine and Color after Being tarnished by Water

3 Ways to Regain the Original Shine


Pandora rings have changed fashion patterns and styles. It has made jewelry within the reach of everyone. Its designs and patterns are excellent and elegant. Its base metals are gold and silver. But silver is most commonly used as it is affordable.

This jewelry can be matched with your dress or shoe. This is why is called costume jewelry. But we need to be careful and concerned while using Pandora ring. We can’t use it while taking bath or washing dishes or doing laundry. It will instantly start the process of oxidation with oxides of water. We should put our Pandora jewelry off while doing all water-related work including swimming.

But if we have not taken care of our Pandora rings during the taking shower and it has gone discolored or tarnished, we can regain it with some tips and tricks. We can gain its shine by even doing some DIYs. Lets’ have a look at them.

Use a Silver or Jewelry Cloth

A silver or jewelry cloth is easily available in jewelry shops. It is a kind of cloth that has a rough surface and can easily remove the tarnish specks from your ring. It s an excellent cloth and can be used at home easily. By rubbing it gently on the surface of your ring, you can get the original shine of your ring.

This silver cloth can be used one time on one item’s you have to change new cloth for other jewelry items or the next time you are going to clean your tarnished ring.

The Soapy Warm Water Is a Good DIY

If you don’t have any silver cloth at home and it is impossible to go to the jewelry shop at that time, you can use this DIY. A bowl, of warm water with some drops of detergent can fix your problem. After soaking your ring in this warm water, gently rub your ring with a soft-toothed brush on your ring. It will remove all the tarnish or blackening marks from your ring.

The mixture of warm water and detergent makes the tarnish uproot from the ring and the toothbrush helps to put it off from your ring. But you have to soak your Pandora ring for at least 7 to 8 minutes in the warm water. Be sure to cover or remove the pearls and gems from the ring while doing this procedure. Otherwise, this detergent water can take the shine and color of your ring’s pearls.

Take Special Care about Wood and Murano Beads and Pearls

Pandora jewelry or rings are specialized with different colorful Murano beads, charms, pearls, and gems. It increases its appeal. But all these charms, pearls, gems, and beds whether they are wooden or crystal, need special care and look after. When we are focusing on the tarnish to remove, we should also be concerned about the beads and pearls.

We can take them off and then clean them because detergent and water will fade their color and grace. You can clean your pearls and charms with the help of some cloth dipped in oil like olive or mustard oil.

If you think that the marks or dirt is not removing by mere polishing. Then soak wooden beads in warm water for some time and dry them thoroughly. Then apply some oil and rub it gently. It will get your pearl or gems’ life and shine back.


After discussing the issue that everyone faces and asks that can I wear my Pandora ring in the shower, we reach the final verdict. Pandora rings are too attractive and stylish. They can be worn at all events and casually. The rings are not that expensive that common people can’t wear them.

But due to the presence of silver and copper, Pandora becomes prone to oxidation. So we have to be a little careful while going to take shower. Removing our Pandora ring will guarantee its long life and its long-lasting shine and luster.

Silver is a highly oxidizing agent and as soon as it gets in contact with some oxides as water has oxygen, it starts doing a chemical reaction. So we should put our all jewelry especially the Pandora ring off while getting in contact with water. It can prove beneficial for our jewelry.

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