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Can A Gold Ring Be Dipped In Platinum? (Expert Answer)

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You might be wondering, can a gold ring be dipped in platinum! We have collected the exact answer for our readers, just check out the below-written details. Yes, you can dip gold rings in platinum and people do that just to redesign their rings and give them a new vibe.

Most people are fond of wearing gold and platinum-made jewelry. They have become the sign and ultimate symbol of prestige. All those jewelry pieces that are made of this material, look classic, contemporary, and a lot more traditional.

You might have seen many people dip their gold rings in all platinum and this has become the common practice. Keep in mind that platinum is a kind of natural white metal and it is an expensive metal as well. It is more costly as compared to having white gold.

Individuals dip and pack their gold rings with platinum because they want to increase the durability side of their jewelry piece. Most importantly, gold is softer as compared to platinum, that is why this dipping and plating process is done. If you do not want to go for rhodium plating, then you can plate your rings or other jewelry stuff with platinum for sure. Below you can check out more of the details on this practice:

All About Ring Dipping

To all readers, they should, first of all, get a keen and complete understanding of the ring dipping process. You can even call it an electroplating technique. In the past, jewelry was plated with rhodium and now they are dipped and plated with platinum. This whole process is done just to inject and emboss an extra layer on your rings and eventually making them more durable and long-lasting.

Furthermore, this technique enhances and increases the overall aesthetic value of your piece. Just a thin layer is applied and your piece becomes long-lasting and damage-free. Once your ring will be plated with platinum or rhodium, no person will get a feeling that you have passed your jewelry with this whole processing. But plating does wear off!

The layering lasts for one to three years and no longer than that! We have seen this common practice in countries like France. Their people love dipping and plating their jewelry.

Is There A Need To Dip Platinum?

Is There A Need To Dip Platinum?

No, there is no need to dip platinum. Keep in mind that it is one of the incredibly and massively dense metals, that is why there is no need to pass it through all of this processing. In addition, it is extremely durable and does not require any of these processes at its end. This kind of material easily withstands and tolerates wear and tear situations. It remains scratch-resistant and even claims to call itself knock-resistant.

No matter, you have had the platinum ring for the longest time; it will remain to look brand new for sure because that is its special and unique quality. No doubt, it is an excellent metal and it manages to retain and maintain its natural beauty for years and years. Some metals do need to get dipped and plated, but in the platinum case, you do not have to do that. This happens because it does not have nickel traces in it.

The only drawback of this material is that it is expensive and not budget-friendly. It is just its cost factor that is decreasing its demand. We know that it is an abundant metal but its extraction process needs a lot of costs. Not all people can afford jewelry made of platinum.

Can A White Gold Ring Be Dipped In Platinum?

Yes, you can for a sure dip a white gold ring in platinum. You might have seen a lot of people that love wearing white gold and platinum. What they do is plate their gold rings with this metal. Whenever they feel like giving a silver color to their jewelry, they do go for the dipping process. With this practice, they tend to make their jewelry more durable.

In the past times, rhodium plating was done on the white gold rings and that was believed to be the cost-friendly option. However, if you want to pack your ring with platinum, it means heavy charges have to be paid by you because this metal is by far the expensive one.

Rhodium plating fades away in less time, that is why people go with the expensive option. Instead of electroplating your white gold and yellow gold rings, again and again, people do not go with the rhodium option and prefer choosing platinum because it does not fade. Celebs like Margot Robbie have also liked this concept of dipping a lot.

How Much Does It Cost To Dip A Ring In Platinum?

How Much Does It Cost To Dip A Ring In Platinum?

Lots of people do not have a clear idea that how much does it cost to dip a ring right there in platinum, here we are going to tell you! If you have made up your mind and want to electroplate your jewelry, then some price has to be paid by you. It all depends on your ring size and how much the total cost will come out to be. If the design is simple, then minimum charges can be expected. However, intricate designs cost more. Moreover, it depends on settings as well. There are other factors too that determine the total price of this whole process.

On the general and average note, we have seen that this process charges between 35 dollars to 40 dollars and no more than that. To get more of the exact idea, you can take your ring to the jewelry shop and ask for the charges, they will give you more of the elaborated explanation. Some of the shops even charge between$60 to $120. We like to tell you again that it depends on your ring design and setting complexity setting. The more the complex design, the more charges will it be.

Can You Dip A Yellow Gold Ring In Platinum?

Now, we will talk about the yellow gold ring dipping process in platinum. You can dip this jewelry type as well. Somewhat same charges are demanded as we have above mentioned to you. Most importantly, this entire processing will make your jewelry durable, rigid, and definitely long-lasting. It will give a lot of strength to your ring. Its density will obviously get increased and enhanced.

Thus, all in all, you can mount the platinum setting on the yellow gold and rose gold rings. Individuals opt for this practice just to upgrade their jewelry stuff. Yes, gold is a beautiful and stunning metal but dipping it with platinum metal gives it a different vibe and unique tough.

Rings of all sizes, shapes, and styles can be dipped with this metal. Just go to a reliable and trustworthy jewelry shop and ask for them this plating process. This is an intricate and very delicate technique and you should contact a professional so that they dip your ring with perfection and do not damage it as well.

Apart from plating your rings, you can even pack up your wedding and engagement bands with platinum. This is another common trend that we are seeing in the current times. But you have to be very much considering the cost factor because a heavy price tag is linked with this whole technique.

The common reason that people opt for and embrace this practice! It happens because they feel like giving a modern and trendy vibe to their jewelry. In other words, they want to give it a contemporary feel, that is why they pack it up with the silver color. If you have gone for this up-gradation and dipping technique, then do let us know your feedback on it.

Can You Dip A White Gold Ring In Yellow Gold?

Can You Dip A White Gold Ring In Yellow Gold?

No, it is not possible to dip a white gold ring right in yellow gold material. This never happens and it will never be going to happen in the future as well. If you have a ring or any other jewelry made of white gold, it is not possible and achievable to revert it back to yellow gold. You can say that this is next to impossible thing. Even if you plate it, desired and expected results will not be gained by you. The overall appearance will not look fine and classic enough.

So, if you wish to plate your white gold rings, it is better and recommended to plate them with rhodium or platinum. These are two options that are currently available to you. There is no need to opt for the white gold over yellow gold plating because the whole processing and results will come out to be complicated.

Thus, this is technically not possible and you always have to remember this point. If you have booked the appointment with your jeweler on 26-12-2021, and you want to plate your rings, then better dip it in platinum and not in any other metal. Choosing platinum is a feasible idea and it will further solidify and re-shape your jewelry piece. In addition, you should avoid dipping your rings with rhodium because it had nickel and palladium and does not remain long-lasting.

How Long Does It Take To Dip A White Gold Ring?

Less time is taken if you want to pass your rings to be dipped in platinum. It is because of technological advancements that the whole electroplating process has become quick and comparatively faster.

The jeweler simply tops your jewelry piece with the specific metal and that is all, the plating process is done! If the design looks the simplest and no complex patterns are inducted in it, the dipping process will take a few minutes. However, rings have intricate and complex designs, their electroplating process takes a bit longer.

But the dipping process is not done for a single time. After two to three years, the plating will wear off and you again have to pass your ring through the whole processing. On taking extra and additional care of your electroplated jewelry, their layering will last longer and you will not see the need of dipping them again and again.

If you wear any specific ring daily, then its electroplating will definitely wear off after some months. On the other hand, rings that you wear less often and are also plated; their layering will not get removed even after months and months. It is suggested by the experts that you should electroplate your ring or any other jewelry at least one time a year. If you will not do so, then layering and all the material will wear off and your ring will not look good.

Pros And Cons Of Dipping A Gold Ring In Platinum

Pros And Cons Of Dipping A Gold Ring In Platinum

Now, we have arrived at the last section of this writing and it will help you in knowing what the pros and cons are of dipping your gold rings in platinum. People no longer go for rhodium plating and they prefer to choose this metal. From the above-mentioned information, you might have gained a little bit of understanding of the advantages offered by this metal and below you can see further details:


  • If you will choose this processing, then your jewelry will come out to be brand new. All in all, it will get a lush look. No matter, your ring was ten years old, on electroplating it; it will get the brand new side on it. No one will get the feel later on that you have worn a ten-year-old piece on your finger.
  • Individuals have preferred this technique because the whole process helps to make their jewelry more long-lasting and valuable. In addition, your piece becomes durable, stronger, and more resistant against wear and tear, knocks and scratches, and also dents.
  • Platinum is one of the precious metals and plating your jewelry with this metal, means you are escalating and increasing its overall value. Your piece will come out to be unique.


  • One of the drawbacks of dipping your rings in this metal is that you have to perform this process again and again. This is not a one-time job. Though this plating lasts for up to three years, after this time frame, you have to plate the ring again. That is why for some of the people, this process and practice come out to be a bit hectic and messier.


This is all from our side on the question, can a gold ring be dipped in platinum! So, yes, you can electroplate your white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold rings in this metal. It is a precious and expensive metal and increases the overall value, worth, durability, and lifespan of your rings. Gone are those days when people electroplate their jewelry with rhodium, now, they prefer going with the platinum option!

There are lots of benefits when you dip your rings and bands with platinum. And you can experience all these benefits if you embrace this practice as well. Most importantly, this metal has an intrinsic value. It comes with allergic-free properties and it does not have nickel and palladium in it. By plating your jewelry with this precious metal, your piece will get both a contemporary and luxurious feel.

Moreover, the whole process of dipping depends on the style, design, complexity of patterns, and settings shown by your ring. And the price also depends on all these factors. For a simple design, less price and time are taken. But for rings having complex patterns and designs, more a price is charged and more time is taken.

Thus, it is a durable metal and known for its increased density. You can share with us if you have ever electroplated your rose gold rings or yellow gold wedding bands. Share with us your feedback anytime.

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