15 Best Matching Promise Rings for Couples Under $100 in 2022

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A promise ring symbolizes the love and sincerity of a couple. It also has a deep meaning of long-term and unending relation that a couple makes during their engagement or marriage.

We will help couples celebrate your special event with matching couple rings at an affordable price. The rings will value your relationship and make you feel something special. Such gifts are not given again and again. They do have their value and importance. With the passage of time. such special things memorize us of that golden day when we promise to be with each other forever.

A matching promise ring at a reasonable price is worth of a precious gift. This is only because this promise ring is the symbol of loyalty, love, and long-lasting relation.

cute promise rings for couples
loversring Two Rings Wedding Ring Sets His and Hers Promise Ring Couples
stainless steel wedding bandsMarimor Jewellery His and Hers Stainless Steel Princess Wedding Ring Set
pinky promise rings for couples
Couple Ring Bridal Set Matching Promise Rings for Couples
his and her rings set
Alain Raphael Two Tone Sterling Silver Wedding Band Set Him and Hers Ring
classic gold engagement rings
Peora 14K White Gold Classic Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Bridal Set
cheap promise rings for couples
LaRaso & Co His and Her Wedding Ring Set | Cute Promise Rings for Couples
promise rings for him and her
LAVUMO King and Queen Rings for Couples | Stainless Steel Matching Ring
promise rings for couples matching
LAVUMO Matching Promise Rings for Couples Half Heart Rings Stainless Steel
tungsten promise rings
100S JEWELRY Engraved Personalized Tungsten Rings For Men
country promise rings for couples
NYC Jewellerydesign 3 Piece Engagement Matching Wedding Ring Set

Here is a good list of such matching promise rings that will a couple is searching for. No worries guys! Look at the detail to find a suitable pair of rings to make your day special and unforgettable.

loversring Two Rings Wedding Ring Sets His and Hers Promise Ring Couples

cute promise rings for couples


This is an excellent gift with a strong feeling of royalty. So folks! You need not to look here and there for the search of a special wedding promise ring set. All you have to do is to go lovers’ ring store and buy this pair of rings to make your day stuck in your mind forever.

A woman who wears this promise ring will feel proud on the choice of her beloved. The fixing of zirconia is so special that no one can guess whether it is diamond or zirconia.


  • A ring with heart-cut zirconia is a strong appeal for women.
  • 925 sterling silver makes your ring look bright and attractive.
  • It has aaa+ zirconia with amazing sparkle.
  • The stone is fixed with such expertise that there is no chance to fall it out.
  • Men’s ring is specially made by Tungston carbide with graceful silver and blue colors.
  • It is a strong ring with no scratch or resistance.
  • Both the rings are comfortable and lead-proof.
  • The company gives you a money-back guarantee within 60 days.

Marimor Jewellery His and Hers Stainless Steel Princess Wedding Ring Set

stainless steel wedding bands


A great pair of rings both for boys and girls who are seeking a unique thing for their wedding or engagement. It is a classy stainless steel promise ring pair with beautiful zirconia in a women’s ring. Hey there! You can enjoy a special gift from the wedding band with this promise ring.

A beautiful princess cut stone present in the center of the women’s ring. The band is also decorated with matching cut stones that look very eye-catching. Glassy crystal zirconia makes this promise ring set a brand. You need not worry about its appearance. It simply looks like a diamond ring pair.

The pair is made by Marimor a well-known company. They never compromise on quality. One can easily rely on them. You guys simply go to their online store and order your pair right now.


  • A reasonable gift for every couple with beauty.
  • Stainless steel gives this promise ring set a fine cut and shape.
  • This royal set of rings has good quality zirconia in the center of the ring.
  • The side ring is finished and polished finely.
  • Nobody can easily differentiate between zirconia and diamond.
  • The band is beautifully engraved with cut stones all around the ring.
  • This pair of promise rings has a special gift of the gold box with every delivery.
  • Another good thing about the pair is its 30 days money-back guarantee.

Couple Ring Bridal Set Matching Promise Rings for Couples

pinky promise rings for couples


Wow! We are here to present the outstanding promise ring set for you love birds!

This is an amazing ring set of three. It is a classy ring with white gold mixing that makes it a long-lasting and hypoallergenic ring set.

So don’t waste time loitering on other sites. Just come ad pick the rings with a red AAA+ CZ heart-shaped stone. The color of the ring will certainly be a good surprise for your beloved life partner.


  • The rings for women are available in every size.
  • These rings are made with white gold with an amazing combination of red zirconia.
  • Its manufacturing is very fine and artistic.
  • Men’s ring is designed with Tungston carbide is so heart-touching a way that no one can resist its appeal.
  • The nice gift pack offers you two hers and one of his promise rings.
  • A handsome packaging to present someone very special on birthdays, Christmas, engagements or even the very sacred marriage event.

LaRaso & Co His and Her Wedding Ring Set | Cute Promise Rings for Couples

cheap promise rings for couples


Hurrah! We have found the solution to our problem to find some suitable ring set for our auspicious occasion. Don’t hesitate any more and just visit LaRaso $ so. You will find a very unique promise ring for engagement in sterling silver with superb quality CZ 1 carat princess cut stone for women.

It offers a pack of three with another women’s ring for a wedding with a generously added bright white zirconia. The company is here to fulfill the requirements of all those love couples in search of their promise ring sets.


  • This ring so finely made that there is no need for you to buy an expensive ring for your loved ones.
  • The ring set is exceptionally great with sterling silver and no harmful alloys.
  • The set is purely hypoallergenic with no scratching.
  • The promise ring set is smooth, nicely polished, and cut nicely.
  • We can give this set to any of our loved ones on their special occasions.
  • Men’s ring is made with stainless steel and is finely polished.

NYC Jewellerydesign 3 Piece Engagement Matching Wedding Ring Set

country promise rings for couples


NYC Jewelry design is no doubt a company with quality. It has ever mad e it possible for us to get anything according to our wishes. Here we can again find the very best promise ring set for both love buddies. They claim solid and genuine sterling silver with super polished surfaces.

Hey wow! A new and surprising thing is the set consists of four rings. One nice engagement ring with heart ring design and small 30 stones all around. The other two promise bands are again a stunning beauty with sterling silver and a beautiful rope design inside. Men’s ring is black inside and gracefully assembled.

Hailay Baldwin and Kate Hudson always prefer to wear simple and stylish jewelry. It is easy to buy and you don’t feel sad if it get lost.


  • The designs are fresh and unique.
  • The company guarantees the purity and perfection of 925 sterling silver.
  • There is a stamp beneath every piece that clarifies its true nature.
  • The stones are finely studded that there is no chance for them to fall.
  • Men’s ring is made with Tungsten that is a pure metal and it is made with great expertise.
  • This specialized 4 promise ring set can be a great gift to your beloved people on their engagements or weddings.

LerchPhi Personalized Engraved Promise Ring For Couples Engagement Wedding 

black promise rings for couples


The ring set is based on the concept of wedding or engagement or even proposing someone. Its make is very different from all other rings.

It has an astounding grace that no one can ignore. The rings are made with Tungsten Carbide that is strong and refines metal. It is good to use such rings for your engagement because there is no chance of them being de-shaped.


  • The company has a mind-blowing offer that if you are ordering one ring separately two times, it will cost you only one piece.
  • The Fashion Rings for Fat Fingers are solid and have no scratches on them.
  • They are well-polished and hypoallergenic.
  • They don’t use any impurity in them that guarantees solidity.
  • The design is decent and so promising to be used by men and women equally.
  • The company offers a great gift box with every ring.
  • There is a quick delivery procedure throughout the states within 7 to 10 days.

LAVUMO King and Queen Rings for Couples | Stainless Steel Matching Ring

promise rings for him and her


LAVUMO is a name of quality and trust. It always tries to make people feel happy and proud. Here we go guys! Look at the nice set of promise rings that one can buy with a closed eye for engagement or even as a gift. This promise ring set has an engraved mark of the crown and written His Queen a on women ring and Her King on men’s ring.

Wearing such a royal ring lady feels herself the queen of her man’s heart. Same is the case with man, when he wears this ring with such a title, he feels that his soul fills with treasures of all the world.


  • This is very best ring set of stainless steel.
  • The set can have a multi-tasking usage as to give anyone on birthdays, Christmas, engagement, or wedding anniversaries.
  • The design is so graceful and elegant that no age limit one should follow before buying it.
  • There is the use of stainless steel that makes this set hypoallergenic and lightweight.
  • This is solid enough not to get bend early.
  • It will not get rusty on daily routine usage.
  • One can rely on this set f they feel their skin issues are severe.
  • The rings are polished nicely with charcoal black color.

Fate Love His and Her Stainless Steel Pure Black Matching Set

best promise rings for couples


So folks! Be ready for something very special and quirky. Your wait is over because Fate Love is offering you a glassy black set of promise rings for all lovers. The brand is famous for making couple jewelry. The width of these bands is 6mm/8mm that is perfect size. One noticeable thing about these rings is that they are total different from traditional golden or silver ring colors. It is made with stainless steel and has no allergenic metals included.


  • The company never compromise on its customer’s satisfaction and offers 30 days money back guarantee.
  • It has a distinctive color that has its own weight.
  • One can gift the set to his relations on their birthdays or anniversaries.
  • They are present in almost all sizes for both men and women.
  • These promise rings will make you feel comfortable and easy to wear.
  • You can wear them 24/7 and even during your work with no tension of color fading.
  • The best thing is its price that is very economical and weighs very light on your pocket.

Alain Raphael Two Tone Sterling Silver Wedding Band Set Him and Hers Ring

his and her rings set


Anne Hathaway mostly uses to wear Alain Raphael rings. This pair of rings is very special and lovely. The best thing about this article is that it is a beautiful blend of pure 925 sterling silver and 10k yellow gold. This is a solid ring where no plates are used. Its double tone makes it a prominent thing among many. The company has its name with quality. You can buy this unique thing for your engagement or wedding. It is a little expensive but the use of yellow gold increases its worth.


  • Both the promise rings have beautiful carvings of yellow gold.
  • The combination of sterling steel and yellow gold makes it hypoallergenic ring.
  • This is a best birthday present for any couple.
  • This Cheap Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green is light-weight, smooth set of rings that one can wear comfortably.
  • You can also have a check warranty for your satisfaction.
  • The great feature is its eye catching look and nice finishing that everyone can love with.

Global Jewelry Titanium Stainless Steel Anniversary/Promise Ring

matching couple rings


Hello guys! Are you looking for a nice promise ring set that may suit your better-half and also look special in her finger? Don’t waste your precious time in peeping different online stores. Global jewelry offers you a very special promise ring set made of Titanium. It is good to wear and is long lasting. It’s price is very appropriate and economical. But as far as its look is concerned, it is very unique idea to engrave heart beat on both rings. Such romantic ideas make your day very special. Whenever you look at the ring, you can miss a heart-beat.


  • The set of rings is distinguished with others due to its specific heart-beat design.
  • The elegant rings made with Titanium stainless steel that is purely non-allergenic to sensitive skins.
  • The company promises one ring as a gift on buying on one with a classic gift box.
  • Titanium stainless steel will provide you set of rings that is rust-free and corrosion-free.
  • You can wear your rings any time anywhere.
  • Women ring is two shaded with silver and golden color.
  • Men’s ring is decently made with silver color.

Peora 14K White Gold Classic Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Bridal Set

classic gold engagement rings


Peora is the brand name. It satisfies its customer to their full. Here it is presenting you buddies a charming set of promise rings. The rings are made with 14k white gold and a it has pure zirconia in the middle on women’s ring. This ring has very small and nicely cut zirconia all around the ring. This seems very enchanting to wear such beautifully studded ring.

Men’s ring is also very graceful with small zirconia in a row. Both the rings have 3.00 grams weight.


  • This is a well-arranged pair of rings in white gold.
  • Its make and polish are so acute that refers to the quality.
  • The use of big zirconia in the center and small cubic zirconia all around makes the ring royal.
  • One can feel free to use these rings in daily routine or maybe on special occasions equally.
  • The rings are hypoallergenic and smooth enough to cause no skin damage.

Greenpod EKG Heartbeat Wedding Band Silver Black Tungsten Carbide Ring for Men

tungsten carbide promise rings


Greenpod is famous for its quality and perfection. We can get a full package of luxury ring set that may satisfy our desires. This promise ring set is made with Tungsten Carbide in a stylised hearbeat design. This thing is very heart-touching and inspiring about the brand. It ever cares for the feelings of common people. These classified ring set catches the attention of us at once.

Come on folks! Just visit the store and find something very elegant something very economical.


  • This set has two tones color contrast in black and silver grey.
  • This is very light-weight ring set and one can wear it all the time.
  • Its heartbeat design makes it more attractive.
  • It has no use of any allergenic metals as nickel, or cobalt.

100S JEWELRY Engraved Personalized Tungsten Rings For Men

tungsten promise rings


When you start to feel bores and find nothing new and extra-ordinary for your engagement or wedding, you just go and visit 100S Jewelry store online. What you will see there? Its your dream comes true with spectacular Tungsten promise ring sets. They are again two toned with silver and gold facet. Its very affordable and reasonable that you need not to ponder over its price. It has extremely fine cuts and polish that it gives a real look of gold. No one can differentiate between original gold or this very set of promise rings.


  • The ring is engraved and finely cut in gold facet.
  • It is made with Tungsten carbide that offers you long-lasting sparkle and glitter.
  • The rings are too lightweight and even that there is no risk of any skin agitation.
  • You can wear the rings throughout your routine of the day.
  • This is a nice gift box you can give to your near and dears.

ANAZOZ I Love You Matching Wedding Rings Adjustable CZ S925 Sterling Silver Rings for Couple

best silver couple rings


Hey you love birds! Come quick to grab your set of amazing promise rings. This attractive ring set has a engraved ‘’I Love You’’ that may remain a cherishable memory throughout your life. ANAZOZ has made this glorious set of rings with the pure 925 sterling silver. It has a sparkling main zirconia in the middle and two sall zirconia on both sides for women ring. Men’s ring has twisted lines with a manly grace.


  • The Inexpensive Rings that Won’t Tarnish set first of all has a deep meaning of love, sincerity, and unending relationship in it.
  • The use of 926 sterling silver makes the ring quite light and soft to all skin types.
  • One of the most note-worthy thing about these rings is their delicacy and adjust-ability.
  • You can adjust the ring according to your finger size whenever you feel uncomfortable.
  • One thing you need to do is its cleanliness by using toothpaste to make it shine long time.

LAVUMO Matching Promise Rings for Couples Half Heart Rings Stainless Steel

promise rings for couples matching


LAVUMO is ready again to present you people an outstanding set of promise rings. The beautiful rings give an idea of an unending love and respect. When you will wear this ring, you will feel yourself the richest and luckiest person of the world. The rings are made with 316L stainless steel where an open claim of ‘’love you forever’’ is written. Both rings are beautiful, graceful and according to the budgets of a common man.


  • All the rings are made under strict observation and control.
  • The color and contrast are so nice that it makes a heart when both the rings are joined.
  • They are pure 316L stainless steel rings that guarantee scratch-free surfaces.
  • Both the rings are finely polished and painted and there is no risk of extinction of these words.

MABELLA 3 Pcs His Hers Stainless Steel Women’s Wedding Engagement Rings

stainless steel engagement rings


These promise rings set are a good addition to the jewellery lovers who loves to collect more jewelry to their collection. This set also has a worth to be given as a wedding or engagement gift. Women ring has a high class AAA+ zirconia in middle of the ring with a prong setting. The brand MABELLA uses 316L stainless steel for women’s ring to make it feel delicate. Men’s ring is based on pure and refined stainless steel with long lasting guarantee.


  • We can give the set of rings to someone very special on their anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas day celebrations.
  • 316L stainless steel increases the delicacy of women’s rings and also makes it very strong.
  • Men’s ring is also the very shiny silver ring that has small zirconia stones in the central line of the ring.
  • Available in almost all sizes.

Lam Hub Fong Personalized Promise Rings | Meaningful Name Rings for Womens

personalized promise rings for her


This unique ring set offers you to write your names, some special date, any love phrase on your demand. This is far better gift than buying someone a costly gift. You can make your day memorable for life with these personalized ring sets. Such rings with simulated personalized were first introduced in California USA.


  • They are nice metal rings with beautiful colored stones in the middle.
  • These Affordable Engagement Rings Under $200 are economical in price and one cab easily satisfy his/her desire.
  • The rings are lightweight and non-allergenic.

Madeone 925 Sterling Silver 14K Gold Plated Personalized Engagement Rings

gold promise rings under 100


Madrone is a too good brand to understand your taste and needs. This is why they have offered you a combination of sterling silver with14k gold plated rings. You can make these rings personalized by writing your beloved’s name, dates of your first meeting, and some heart-touching phrase.

The rings are not only beautiful but also solid and pure.


  • You can add your birthstone on the main place of gemstone.
  • The ring is with a different idea to be gifted to your beloved mother, wife, friend, girl-friend or sisters.
  • This Promise Rings For Boyfriend And Girlfriend has an unmatched solid base and an excellent craft.

Knot Theory Striped Silicone Ring for Men and Women

cheap silicone promise rings


This is an unparalleled idea of creating promise ring set with silicon. This rubber is very soft and smooth. It is available in many colors. This promise gift will never deceive you as the material is split free.


  • The Cute Rings for Your Girlfriend ensure safety and perfection.
  • The use of silicon has made the ring set so distinct from other rings that it may appeal to everyone.
  • These rings are hypoallergenic and will make you feel free from the agitation of metal.
  • Low cost and brilliant design and colors.

FAQ’s Best Matching Promise Rings for Couples

Question: What finger do you wear a promise ring in?

Answer: There are many theories about wearing a promise ring. Some wear this ring in the middle finger, while some wear it on their fourth finger. It is also observed that some people wear their promise rings in a chain around their neck. People feel happy and proud to look at the ring again and again. They memorize them of that one special day someone proposed them.

Question: Are Promise Rings Supposed to Match?

Answer: Cara Delevign and Ashley Benson are that sweet celebrity couple who wore matching promise rings in July 2019. It is not necessary to wear matching promise rings but now-a-days, people try to make their event memorable for life. This is why they trt to select that set of rings which is matching. Many brands are here to blow air to such fashions. All you need is to go online stores and put your order according to your choice.

Question: What age is appropriate for promise rings?

Answer: Why are you so conscious about the age of promise rings? Love has no age and similarly, there is no boundary of age to give or receive a promise ring. If a 14 years old boy wants to propose a girl with a promise ring, it means he is mature enough to take this decision. The same is the case with older age. If someone grown-up presents a promise ring to his beloved one, it is his own satisfaction level.

Question: How much should a promise ring cost?

Answer: Normally everyone tries to give a promise ring that may have a reasonable price. It sounds good but if you want to make your day more memorable, try giving something valuable. The reason behind the theory is that the girl will show that promise ring to everyone with love. So giving something worth-attention is a matter of prestige for your beloved.

Question: Are promise rings bad luck?

Answer: The worst most theory or superstition about promise ring is to consider it a bad luck. Instead a promise ring a symbol of good fortune, love , prosperity and long term relation for a couple. It has its worth in our eyes. That’s why youngsters strongly deny such false perceptions. If some relations are having some complications, it has nothing to do with that promise ring. You need to calm yourself and analyse your own mistakes. By gibing room to your loved-ones, you can solve the issue.

Question: What do you say when giving a promise ring?

Answer: Everyone has his/her own way to express his heartily feelings. Some says that the ring they are presenting is a symbol of their strong feeling of love towards their beloved.

Some makes this celebration by promising to take their relation till last breath. There are no specific words, no specific practices ones does during giving a promise ring.

It is up to you and the environment that makes you utter some special words of love.


To sum up the whole survey and discussion, we can easily conclude that wearing a promise ring is a wish of every couple and these chances come rarely in our lives. We should celebrate such moments with full zeal and make them a cherished memory.

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