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Is It Disrespectful To Not Wear Your Wedding Ring?

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A wedding ring is a symbol of getting committed and engaged to your life partner for life. It is a sign of a long-term relationship between couples. When anyone wears a wedding ring, he/she automatically feels responsible for this relation. The sense of responsibility makes them mature for this auspicious relation.

A wedding ring is a thing girls and boys love to wear. They dream to get someone’s companionship by tying a knot with a ring. The ring is a decision that I am responsible enough to bear the wedding duties. The love that was unofficial now getting official and authentic. This ring gets you respect and an honorable place in society.

But is it disrespectful to not wear your wedding ring? Some people consider it quite disrespectful and disloyal if a woman puts off her wedding ring. It is a normal routine that a man doesn’t wear a wedding ring after some time of his marriage. He is too busy with his responsibilities that he keeps his ring in the cupboards. No one thinks it unnatural if a man is not wearing a wedding ring.

But I don’t think that If a woman doesn’t wear a wedding ring, she is disrespecting her relation. It is purely the couple’s decision. If your spouse agrees with what you are going to do with your ring, it’s ok then. No one has the right to speak about your decision being disrespectful or not.

Why Are Wedding Rings Important?

Why Are Wedding Rings Important?

Anyway! It is not altogether right to say that wedding rings are that easy to take for granted. These rings possess a strong base. The history of wedding rings is as old as human civilization. Even the uncivilized tribes of far Africa were using rings as a symbol of a wedding. It has specific importance that nobody can even deny. Ancient Roman culture has a history of presenting rings at a wedding. On the other hand, the exchange of rings on marriage is modern Christian culture.

The powerful history of wedding rings or the special prestige it carries makes it too important not to disrespect them at all. It has deep meanings of respect, love, integrity, maturity, mutual understanding, and long-term relationship. We can’t afford to ignore it or think to wear it off.

The idea of a wedding ring’s importance needs to be explained in depth. Let’s make some points clear in a broader scope.

Symbol of Respect

The first-ever thing that both the genders expect from each other is respect. Every couple exchanges this wedding ring to admit that they respect each other. They have an honorable place in their heart for the one who is getting committed to them.

This old but graceful method of wedding rings exchange makes a man realize that how he is going to sustain the respect of this relation. Similarly, a woman is also bound to keep the promises that she does with her husband on her wedding day. She gives all her best to prove the relation’s integrity. So if anyone of the couple doesn’t care for the ring of their wedding, it is a kind of disrespect he or she is showing to their relation.

Showcases Commitment

It is an old tradition that wedding couple presents rings to each other based on commitment and responsibility. Every one of the wedded people tries their level best to fulfill the commitment. The commitment to keep the promises, the commitment to go hand in hand till the last breath, and the commitment to sacrifice at any moment of need.

A small wedding ring carries too deep a meaning that we expect our partner to wear it all the time. This is one of the major reasons that we can’t disrespect to wear our wedding ring.

Saves from Infidelity or Being Unfaithful

If someone is wearing a wedding ring, he or she is having a tag of “No” to any intruder. Everyone can understand fully that there is no chance of getting engaged to that particular person. On the other hand, the man or woman wearing a wedding ring bears the responsibility of being loyal. They can’t be infidel or unfaithful to their spouse. This thing makes them pretty much careful and loving to that particular knot of marriage.

Increases Attachment

The bond of marriage symbolizes a ring that both man and woman wear to show their love and attachment. It realizes them all the time that they are not alone. A sense of connection and attachment encircles them all the time. It forces all married people to think positively about their life partners.

They feel that they have a relation to keep. Nothing bad or disloyal can divert their attention from that particular bond of love. So if someone doesn’t care for this marriage ring and does not bother to wear it, he/ she is disrespecting the relation. It means that he doesn’t own the attachment this relation demands.

Increases Sense of Responsibility and Availability

Increases Sense of Responsibility and Availability

Every relation has its specific responsibilities one cannot deny. A small wedding ring has the quality to ensure this responsibility. When both man and woman wear this ring, they promise to each other of being available through the entire thick and thin of life.

Whenever they feel their finger-bearing ring, they become more conscious that I am available at any time whenever my partner needs me. This is the reason putting off your wedding ring is considered disrespectful in our society.

What Does Not Wearing Your Wedding Ring Mean?

The wedding ring symbolizes the eternal bond between husband and wife. If a woman does not wear a wedding ring, it raises many questions in the minds of people. They start to think instantly that the wedding has ended now. The woman who has nothing on her ring finger is showing the world that her marital status is not married anymore, Check great tips from youtube.

I have observed people many times that they keep a microscopic eye on the ring finger of married couples, especially women. They consider a woman to keep her ring on her finger every time to show her fidelity. Man is under such conditions to show her part towards his love and its originality.

People think it is a real disrespect if both of them don’t wear their wedding ring in the early days of their marriage. But after some time, man gets some exceptions from society. If he forgets his ring or he doesn’t feel easy wearing a ring, he gets acceptance from society. He has excuses like

  • his work pattern is difficult and the ring hurdles it
  • his office doesn’t allow him to wear any jewelry
  • he feels uneasy carrying the ring
  • he has a fear to lose the symbol of his most precious moment

All this is true and we the society accept these excuses wholeheartedly. But when it comes to the woman’s turns, we become stereotyped and conventional. We give no space to women to give any reason for taking their ring off. We medal the woman with divorced or widowed who is not wearing a ring. We have no other feeling for the woman with no wedding ring that she has parted with her husband.

It is a fact that a wedding ring makes you feel positive for a couple and you think everything is fine between couples. It is a kind of sign of happy married life. When we don’t have any clue or guesses about a woman’s married life, we notice her ring finger. It tells us the whole story. There is no harm in following this sweet tradition of wearing a wedding ring. But if some woman chooses not to wear her ring due to her reasons, we must accept it too. The reasons she can’t wear her ring should be equally accepted as we accept a man’s excuses. It can never be always the reason for her ended married life or separation. She can:

  • takes off her ring due to its looseness
  • have given it to jewelers to polish it
  • have lost it somewhere in the function
  • feel uneasy to wear it
  • have a restriction from her office to follow dress code

All these reasons are genuine and we should not reject them at all. But it doesn’t happen in reality. It is considered disloyal and cheating if a woman doesn’t carry a wedding ring. There are many other reasons we should not forget if a woman has emptied her finger with her wedding ring. Let’s have a look at them.

Fear of Losing Her Ring

It is not always true that a man is afraid of losing his ring and stops wearing it for the sake of safety. Women can also have such fears. She may love her husband, her married life, her family so much that she is afraid of losing the symbol of her love. That’s why she tries to make it safe by keeping it in her jewelry box. She can wear it only on occasions and during special events.

Her Lifestyle Doesn’t Allow Her to Wear Her Wedding Ring

Her Lifestyle Doesn’t Allow Her to Wear Her Wedding Ring

An athlete has to face too many difficulties in her sports career. Her tough routine of life has no space for wearing any jewelry especially rings. The use of gloves, carrying sports kit and the environment creates problems for a sportswoman to wear a ring. Similarly, the women who have to work somewhere can’t wear rings or other jewelry items as X-ray machines operation, MRI, or other working environments using UV rays. It is difficult for someone to wear a ring or any other metal during their jobs. So if a woman has a tough lifestyle and she can’t survive without it, she takes off her ring. If her husband knows her compulsion, he surely supports her anyway.

Careless Attitude Towards Wedding Ring as Other Jewelry Items

There are exceptions of those women who think a wedding ring is a mere accessory. They feel that the wedding ring must be replaced with some other rings as all other jewelry items are replaced. No doubt they love their husbands and their married life. But it is difficult for them to wear the same ring all the time. They love to adopt the latest fashions and jewelry. That’s why changing wedding rings is not a big deal for them.

She Can’t Wear It Due To Medical Reasons

Unfortunately, some women have to undergo some medical tests or surgeries. They have to remove their jewelry or rings due to these reasons. Similarly, they can have some allergies that may swell their fingers. It can cause their rings too tight not to feel relaxed. Many viral infections can swell your fingers and toes. All these medical reasons allow a married woman to take their rings off. We have to understand all these facts she has to face in her life.

She May Be Disloyal To Her Spouse

Along with other reasons, we must not deny the most common and expected reason for a woman not wearing her wedding ring. It may be due to her disloyalty or cheating on her husband. She is carrying her relation and loves her husband but inwardly she cheats on him. She can give several reasons for her not wearing the ring, but in fact, she doesn’t feel her responsibility to wear that ring. She feels it is a burden on her. That’s why she thinks it is an unnecessary addition to her life.

Her cheating can continue successfully till her spouse doesn’t notice it. But some careless husbands let their wives play cheating with them successfully.

Feeling of Discomfort

If a couple is not feeling comfortable with each other, they don’t feel anything with the piece of metal they are wearing on their finger. The ring is no doubt a symbol of pure and innocent love feelings. But sometimes the family gets shattered due to an emotional gap. The psychological misunderstanding leads them to feel nothing for that ring. Even if they don’t wear the ring in front of each other, it doesn’t bother them at all.

Another thing that makes them feel uncomfortable is that their ring is carrying a single or many small stones. Its stones or knuckle are too large that making them uneasy and uncomfortable.

Sense of Security and Protection

Sometimes it happens that you feel uneasy with someone around you. It may be your neighbor or someone in your office. You become insecure in his presence. This may be the reason you make your wedding ring secure along with all other jewelry articles.

Another thing is the happening of some past incident that had made a woman’s nerves shattered and she doesn’t want to compromise her most precious thing of life. This is a solid reason for a woman to not wear her wedding ring.

As a civilized person of society, our duty makes us accept a woman without a wedding ring if she gives us some solid reasons. There should be wide adoption of these women as we welcome the man with his reasons not to wear the ring. Why there is always a sense of negativity and disrespect for married women with no ring in their hand? Why do we try to guess about women with no wedding ring?

Although it is a precious and lovely relation bond or a chain that makes both the partners realize their responsibilities and sensitivities, yet we can margin it. It must not always be disrespectful not to wear a wedding ring.

When A Woman Stops Wearing Her Wedding Ring?

When A Woman Stops Wearing Her Wedding Ring?

When a woman ensures herself with an inner sense of love and respect, she touches her wedding ring unconsciously. She has the feeling of deep love and enthusiasm for this knot she ties in front of many people. A loyal woman always proves her trustworthy and true. She wants the same from her spouse to be faithful and true-hearted.

The beauty of this relation enhanced more with the wedding ring they wear each other on that auspicious day of marriage. It enables them to have the label of a respectful and reasonable person in society. But what happens when a woman stops wearing her ring? What makes her take off the most precious gift of her life?

Along with many, the most basic reason a woman considers putting her ring off is the sense of cheating. A woman does everything to make a family. Her ring is ever here for her to realize that she has a husband to love and children to take care of. The sacrifice she gives to her family becomes unimportant when her spouse owns her. She demands eternal love and faithfulness from her partner. But when she knows of any cheating on her husband’s part, she instantly becomes insecure. The ring loses its importance on her finger. She puts it off to show her anger and distrust.

A wedding ring is not only a tradition but also has deep meanings lie in it. It enables a family to support and follow their commitment. But unfortunately, it happens sometimes that the mutual bounding that is the beauty of every married couple becomes lacking. The psychological knots become unsolved when both spouses are not ready to retreat. The sense of superiority a man shows over a woman is not digested by a woman. It can be the reason for a woman dislocating her ring. She disowns the relation by not wearing her ring.

Sometimes woman herself can’t carry her relation because of the lack of commitment. She starts feeling this relation a mere burden. She reaches the point that she has nothing to do with all her relations who are going to be affected by her dishonesty. This is the time she decides not to wear her ring.

These are the facts of our everyday world but we feel sad and dejected for the one who has no wedding on his or her finger. It is always a noticeable thing if someone we find without her ring. We consider this ring the symbol of purity and perfection. it has fruitful results on the family roots. It makes connected many hearts and lives. But when a woman decides not to wear her wedding ring, she becomes carefree from all these ties. It is a big decision that affects many people around her.

When Do You Take Off Your Wedding Ring After Separation?

It is not easy for anyone to take off his or her ring after separation. The ring is not a mere ring. It is a sign of eternal companionship and devotion. Whatever the relation brings for both the spouses, the ring has its respect and place. When the couple decides to be apart, they have to remove their wedding rings. But it is not that easy. People develop emotional attachments with this piece of metal.

  • Some people take it off instantly after deciding on separation
  • Some people take some time to make sure they are going for such a big and bitter decision in their lives
  • Some wait till the divorce procedure is done completely
  • Many people don’t want to take their wedding rings off to show respect to their ex-spouse
  • Some people remove it to come out of the psychological pressure they are facing after their separation

I think this is purely a personal decision. No one has the right to force someone to stop wearing his ring after separation. Even we can’t stop a person to take off his ring. The game has over now. It is going to be the start of a new phase of their lives. They can think and take steps that they consider better for them.

What to Do With Wedding Ring after Divorce?

Many people feel bad to put off their wedding ring whether they have decided separation. It is an uphill task for them to think about what to do with the wedding ring after separation. Different people behave differently with their rings as

Bury It

Many people consider their wedding ring must be buried after their divorce. They consider that their relationship is dead so the ring is dead.

Give it back

When a man finds nothing to do with their ring, they feel it better to give it back to their ex. They find it their responsibility to give the ring back to him or her so that he may find some finger for this ring.

Throw the Ring

Some people don’t accept this change of separation. They remain panicked till the time they possess the ring. It becomes better for them to get rid of this ring. That’s why they throw it away. As soon as they throw the ring, they feel relaxed and energetic. They regain their decision power.

`Save It as a Memory

Some separated persons are too positive to save their wedding rings as a memory. They keep it in their memory box to show their children the bitterness of their life. There is another reason for saving the ring. They want to learn from their bitter experience. Whenever they look at the ring, they repent what they have done wrong.

Sell the Ring

Some people are too straightforward and practical that they don’t feel guilty to sell their wedding ring after separation. They think that the ring has lost its motive so it is good to sell or auction it.

Donate the Ring

Many of us are too courageous that we find good from the bad. The ring after divorce has no status anymore. People donate it to some charity so that it can work in the best way.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers

Question: Is it ok to not wear your wedding ring?

Answer: Yes! It is ok to not wear your wedding ring. If we look generally at a wedding ring, they are too important for us. They carry much meaning in them. They are the symbol of respect, eternal love, long-term relationship, and commitment. But if you have some essential reasons, you can take off your ring. There should be accepted among people regarding the wedding ring.

Question: What does it mean when a man takes off his wedding ring?

Answer: Normally a man is accepted without his wedding ring for lots of reasons. But, if a man is not wearing his ring, it means he is cheating on his spouse. He doesn’t want to show people his marital status. He wants masses especially the women to guess him single. If a man is not having his ring with typical job conditions, he is unfair to his relation.

Question: What does it mean when a woman takes off her engagement ring?

Answer: A woman is thought to be the epitome of loyalty. She tries her level best to carry the relation. But if she takes off her engagement ring, it means she has no feelings for this relation anymore. Maybe she has found something unacceptable in her fiancé that she finds it better to part from him. On the other hand, engagement gives you time to understand each other’s nature well. That’s why a woman finds a better option to remove her engagement ring.

Question: What finger do you wear your divorce ring on?

Answer: It is not custom to wear divorce rings. But people, who are not ready to accept the change in their lives, wear divorce rings. Generally, divorce rings are for the fourth finger of the left hand. When a divorced person tries to settle himself in his lonely life, he takes the support of this ring. Sometimes people wear it to win the sympathies of others. Another thing is to show the opposite sex that their vacancy is empty and is waiting to be filled.

Question: Should I wear my wedding ring if separated?

Answer: It is your personal decision to wear or take off your wedding ring after separation. If you have some sentimental attachment to the ring, you can wear it on. It will help you come out of that desperation phase. But if you think that looking at your wedding ring is increasing your depression and gloom, you should take it off at once. Maybe it will bring fruition for you to be without that burden


Is it disrespectful to not wear your wedding ring? This question arouses a storm of discussion in a teacup. It is a sensitive topic because it attaches sentiments and emotional involvement of people. Some people think it a sin to wear off the wedding ring. Instead, it is not so. I think all is a matter of thinking and emotions. If both the spouse are agreed to take the rings off due to their reasons, no one has the right to judge them

We have a microscopic eye on the wedded couple and guess the level of their happiness or sadness with the presence of the wedding ring. We perceive a woman in common guilty of taking off her ring, she has some solid reasons. We start guessing that it is the start of her separated life. We blame her for cheating on her spouse.

Wedding rings indeed make us happy and lively. Whenever we feel the ring on our finger, a sense of satisfaction and perfection fills our hearts. We become more dutiful and responsible towards our relationship. But there are exceptions. We can think of something going beyond the rings. Something more important is the real happy life which is more precious than wearing a ring. We must realize that it is not always disrespectful not to wear your wedding ring. It may be because of some new office, changing environment, physical disorder, or emotional disturbances.

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