19 Best Fashion Rings for Fat Fingers in 2021 | Complete Guide

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Jewelry is one of the most important parts of your personality and in our opinion, your jewelry introduces you before you even speak. So how can anyone afford an item that dulls their sparkle rather than adding to the beauty of their personality? Rings are the utmost part of jewelry. It means that one must be very conscious and wise while choosing for your rings. Besides being comfortable, durable, and affordable, the design of the ring should match your finger size and type.

fashion rings for chubby fingers
Finejewelers Solid 10k White Gold 6x6mm Cushion-Cut Topaz Ring
engagement rings for fat fingers
Boston Bay Diamonds Store 14K Yellow or White Gold Wedding Band Ring
diamond rings for fat fingers
CIUNOFOR Gold Statement Rings for Women Girl Fashion Chunky Diamond CZ Cocktail Rings
wedding rings for fat fingers
Molten Jewel 14k Gold Plated Cuff Ring | Gold Band Ring
silver rings for fat fingers
Boho-Magic 925 Sterling Silver Spinner Ring for Women
fashion rings for large fingers
American West Sterling Gemstone Choice Colors 3-Stone Friendship Ring Sizes 5 to 10
cute rings for fat fingers
JINEAR 18k Gold Plated Croissant Braided Twisted Signet Chunky Dome Ring Stacking Band for Women
different types of rings for fingers
Boho-Magic 925 Sterling Silver and Brass Leaf Adjustable Ring for Women
wedding rings for big fingers
Ross-Simons 0.13 ct. t.w. Diamond Hammered Ring in 18kt Gold Over Sterling
best style engagement ring for fat fingers
FABIN JEWELRY Handmade 14K Gold Filled 'Wrapped up' Ring

When it comes to chubby fingers, people having short and wide fingers tend to find themselves in a difficult situation while selecting rings for them. But if we told you that you have more options than any other finger type. You always face the risk of buying the wrong ring for you, but if you have chubby fingers, you don’t have to struggle that much. Most of the heavy, large, and whelmed rings are just carried off only with chubby fingers. This way, you are having a wider range of varieties to choose a perfect ring from.

Let’s discuss some of the perfect examples of rings, made just for you with chubby fat fingers. Not only the size and style of the ring but also the quality and affordability of these rings will shock you. And your satisfaction is our happiness, so let’s get started.

Finejewelers Solid 10k White Gold 6x6mm Cushion-Cut Topaz Ring

fashion rings for chubby fingers

This ring is made of 10 karats white gold and further plated with rhodium plating. This ring features a simulated Emerald which is a green color simulated birthstone for May. This simulated Emerald said to improve memory, wisdom, intuition and is a sign of long life. To some Romans, this Green Emerald stone symbolizes nature and aids fertility.

Additionally, there are four further white-topaz stones embedded, two on each side of Emerald stone. These are 0.2-carat cushion-cut stones, which are white and transparent. This ring, in terms of beauty, is one of the best rings and gives you sparkle to charm anywhere you go. This is an excellent ring to buy for yourself or to gift your loved ones like your wife, daughter, sister, mother, to make them feel exceptional.


  • Made of 10 karats white gold with rhodium plating on it.
  • Features one large simulated green Emerald Birthstone, which symbolizes immortality and to Romans, it symbolizes nature and enhances fertility.
  • Further, This fashion rings for fat fingers has two 0.2 karat cushion-cut white-topaz attached on each side of this Emerald Stone.
  • Gives you a charming sparkle that catches everyone’s attention.
  • An excellent choice for yourself or to buy for your sister, mother, daughter, wife, rings for you girlfriend to gift them on special occasions like engagement, marriage ceremony, birthday, graduation day, etc.

Boston Bay Diamonds Store 14K Yellow or White Gold Wedding Band Ring

engagement rings for fat fingers

This is a 2-millimeter stackable band crafted with 14 karats gold that features thirteen natural garnet stones on the top of it. Real 14k gold is nickel-free and hypoallergenic and is always a good choice for people with sensitive skin. This does not tarnish and will stay shiny and polished for years to come. The 13 excellent crimson-red garnet gemstones are set in a shared prong style. Each gem is expertly cut and hand-picked to ensure its spectacular sparkle from every dazzling facet.

These natural garnet stones are January’s Birthstones. This ring can be stacked in multiple birthstones, wear alone, or paired with a wedding ring. This could be the best gift for a birthday for your mother, wife, sister, or best friend. You can surprise your wife, daughter, or sister on their anniversary. You can also treat yourself with this outclass ring to wear on weddings, nights out, parties, holiday celebrations, or any special event.


  • This is a 2-millimeter 14k gold stackable band with 13 deep crimson-red natural garnet gemstones aligned on the top.
  • 14k pure gold is nickel-free and does not cause any skin complications.
  • Comfortable to wear, durable, does not rust, tarnish, and the shining remains for a year to come.
  • This fashion rings for chubby fingers can be worn either solo or paired with a wedding or engagement ring.
  • Perfect gift for your mother, sister, daughter, wife, or best friend on special occasions like birthday, holiday celebration, anniversary, wedding, anniversary, etc.

CIUNOFOR Gold Statement Rings for Women Girl Fashion Chunky Diamond CZ Cocktail Rings

diamond rings for fat fingers

One of the most unique design rings made with the parallel design. One of three cubic bars is made of silver and further, there is one golden cubic bar on each side of this silver bar. These three bars are attached in parallel by thin steel rods.

There is several first-class grade cubic zirconia embedded on the middle silver bar. This ring is made with high-quality silver and premium cut cubic zirconia. Each cubic zirconia is hand-picked and crafted to ensure the spectacular glam of the ring.

High-quality silver is free from any cheap metal like nickel and lead that can cause skin complications. The high-grade electric gold plating on the outer bars makes them even more durable and resistant to tarnish. The shining look of polished bars and the sparkle of gems catches every eye towards you. This fashion rings for large fingers, to be honest, is perfect for those who want to look unique and different.


  • Inspired by parallel design.
  • Two golden cubic bars, one on each side of the middle silver cubic bar.
  • The side golden bars are highly polished and electric gold plated, while the middle silver bar is embedded with cubic zirconia gemstones.
  • Made with high standard silver and A+ grade cubic zirconia.
  • These Inexpensive Rings that Won’t Tarnish Extremely hypo-allergic, durable, and comfortable for daily wear.
  • Best choice for yourself if you want to be unique, or a unique gift to surprise your daughter, mother, sister, or wife on very special days.

Molten Jewel 14k Gold Plated Cuff Ring | Gold Band Ring

wedding rings for fat fingers

Unlike other brands, this is a comparatively wide and glossy statement piece. The width measures 0.5 inches and there is a cut that makes it a comfortable fit. This ring is made of 14k gold-plated thin wide plate of titanium. It is free from nickel, lead, or other cheap metals. This makes it hypoallergenic and resistant to oxidation. The color of the ring will not fade away and it gives you the quality, color, shape, and comfort that last for years to come. This is a stackable ring.

Wear it solo or with other wedding jewels, this will always enhance your beauty and charm. If you are afraid of tight and uncomfortable rings, this ring is very comfortable and automatically gives your finger the best fit by bent easily. Perfect stackable ring for yourself or a casual gift to make someone feel special.


  • Made with gold-plated wide titanium plates having bendable property.
  • A highly polished surface gives a lustrous look and protects moisture from reacting with the inner metal.
  • Nickel-free, lead-free, allergy-free, and perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Durable, long-lasting, do not rust, tarnish, and this type of rings that won’t turn your finger green.
  • Comfort fit size with bendable quality that perfectly fits your finger.
  • Excellent everyday solo wear or to match with your wedding or engagement band.
  • Great gifts to surprise your loved ones like your mother, sister, wife, daughter or your best friends on wedding, anniversary or birthday.

Boho-Magic 925 Sterling Silver Spinner Ring for Women

silver rings for fat fingers

This ring is made of 925 sterling silver with stamped beautiful rough designs on it. There are four glossy bands made of brass that spin freely around the silver plate. The silver plate is sleek and emerged by the ends. Having no sharp edges or bends, this ring is extremely comfortable. If you are a natural fidgeter, this spinner ring will help you by providing meditation, anxiety relief, and calming effects.

This ring due to its emerging design is mostly used as a thumb ring but also good to wear in the middle or index finger. Your satisfaction is our priority, that’s why we made this ring to meet all your necessities. Whether you are looking for a wedding band or everyday wearing jewels, this ring will be a perfect choice for you. You can also present this spinner ring to the exceptional people in your life to make them feel exceptional and extraordinary.


  • Made with an extra-wide sterling silver plate emerged by the ends and four glossy brass bands spinning freely in the center of this silver plate.
  • Beautiful designs are grooved on the exterior of sterling silver plates.
  • This ring has no sharp edges and bends that makes it very comfortable.
  • Sterling silver does not oxidize or damage and is durable throughout the years.
  • Along with durability, you get comfort and satisfaction because this ring is skin-friendly and causes no skin complications.
  • An exceptional gift for the exceptional people to surprise them on special days and otherwise.

American West Sterling Gemstone Choice Colors 3-Stone Friendship Ring Sizes 5 to 10

fashion rings for large fingers

This ring comes with three beautiful oval-shaped rhodonite gemstones of pink color, one large gemstone at the center, and two comparatively small gemstones at both of its sides. It is made of recyclable silver which is nickel-free hence safe for sensitive skin and environmentally friendly. This ring is made in a prong-style design and the gemstones look elegant under any light color.

It is partially polished and partially oxidized with flower accents to give you a classical tune of the ring. It is 3/8 inches wide. This ring gives the reflection of the rich lifestyle of New Mexico. The moment you put this unique item on, you will feel very confident anywhere you go. It is the best reflection of your independence and beauty. So carry it off, anywhere you go, whether at work, party, social event, meeting, brunch with your friends, or any other special occasion.

This ring is also a great gift for the exceptional people in your life. Present it to your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, wife, or best friend to indulge them on some special occasions like anniversary, marriage, birthday, graduation, etc.


  • This ring is made in a prong-style design and three very elegant oval-shaped pink rhodonite gemstones embedded at the center.
  • Made with recyclable silver which is environmental-friendly.
  • Nickel and lead-free makes hypoallergenic and a good choice for sensitive skin.
  • It is roughly polished and partially oxidized with a flower accent in a classic manner.
  • It is a result of excellent craftsmanship and a reflection of the rich lifestyle of New Mexico.
  • This unique engagement rings for fat fingers makes you feel confident and encourage you to face every situation.
  • Best present for your mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, wife, or even yourself.

JINEAR 18k Gold Plated Croissant Braided Twisted Signet Chunky Dome Ring Stacking Band for Women

cute rings for fat fingers

Unlike other ordinary bands, this band is given the status of the ring by the dome-like design on the top of the golden bar. This ring is made of 18k pure solid gold that is not going to damage throughout life. The 18k solid gold bar is thickened at one side giving a dome-like shape. This statement ring is majestic and can be paired with other wedding bands or even worn individually.

The smooth interior gives you a comfortable wearing experience while the silky exterior gives mirror reflection that sets off an attractive temperament. This ring is such an inexpensive but elegant choice for yourself or your loved one. This is a ready gift for your mom, best friend, fellow, wife, or any special person to whom you want to show your sincerity and love.


  • This cute rings for fat fingers is made of 18k pure solid gold with no additional jewels on it.
  • The band is thickened at one side and gives a dome-like design.
  • Pure gold is free feather-like metal and is highly skin-friendly.
  • Pure solid gold is very durable and does not oxidize, decolor or turn your finger green.
  • Extremely comfortable smooth interior and highly attractive silken exterior, which gives an attractive look and additionally don’t let moisture stay on the ring.
  • Want either for yourself or your loved ones, this 18k gold statement ring is an adorable choice for everyday wear as well as to carry off while attending special events.

Boho-Magic 925 Sterling Silver and Brass Leaf Adjustable Ring for Women

different types of rings for fingers

This is an open wrapping feather-like ring. There are two plain feathers or leaves made of sterling silver and brass, wrapped around with a bent brass bar into a circle. This leaf ring is simple yet unique. This ring is partially oxidized in a special accent to create a feather structure. There is a delicate line of brass bars in the center of each feather that adds to the beauty of the ring design.

This wide chunky ring can be worn on the middle or index finger and even on the thumb. And there is nothing to worry about, as this ring is adjustable and fits every finger from 7 to 9 US ring size. This ring is handmade and an example of excellent craftsmanship. This ring has precise but very obvious details that enhance your natural beauty. We love to offer our customers unique items that are satisfactory to them.

This jewel is truly a lovely gift for yourself or for someone you love. This ring is worth your money, time, and purchase.


  • This is an open-wrapped feather or leaf-like ring, a simple yet unique item.
  • The two leaves made of sterling silver are wrapped with brass bars in an elegant way to make a circle.
  • It is partially oxidized to create an obvious feather or leaf structure.
  • It is a wide chunky stackable ring that can be worn on the index, middle finger, or thumb.
  • It comes with adjustable sizes from 7 to 9 US ring sizes.
  • All in one package, this ring is comfortable, lightweight, durable, and attractive.
  • Perfect gift for your loved ones on special days or for yourself to wear on special events and gatherings.

Ross-Simons 0.13 ct. t.w. Diamond Hammered Ring in 18kt Gold Over Sterling

wedding rings for big fingers

This ring is made of sterling silver that is plated with 18k yellow gold and embedded with 13 ct. t.w. diamond. The exterior is hammered, depressed, and highly polished, while on the edges are 13 ct. t.w. diamonds attached. This ring is half an inch wide and available in 7 US ring sizes.

This is a long-lasting and luxurious choice of ring. You can treat yourself with this extraordinary charming item or present it to someone exceptional to you. Perfect gift for your mother, sister, daughter, wife, or friend on wedding, anniversary, engagement, valentine’s day, birthday, and other special occasions.


  • Made with 18k yellow gold plated sterling silver with 13 ct. t.w. diamonds attached on both edges all the way around.
  • The exterior is hammered and polish finished to give a smooth look.
  • Half an inch wide and edges are in crossover zigzag pattern.
  • Free of nickel, skin-friendly, comfortable, hypoallergenic, durable, and long-lasting.
  • A charming gift for your mom, sister, co-worker, daughter, wife on special events or to treat yourself with an exceptional ring.

FABIN JEWELRY Handmade 14K Gold Filled ‘Wrapped up’ Ring

best style engagement ring for fat fingers

This ring is made from a thin brass bar rounded into a bunch of circles to make a wide ring. The thin brass wire is plated with pure 14k gold by extreme heat and pressure, that won’t fade away. The surface of the ring is having the properties of pure 14k gold, so it will behave as if it was made of real solid gold.

The gold plating is durable hence the ring is long-lasting, anti-scratch, and resistant to tarnish. The color of the ring will not go away so this ring will not color our skin or turn your finger green.

We feel so glad when we provide you with such elegant items for very low prices. This Promise Rings For Boyfriend And Girlfriend is an example of such rings that have the properties of pure solid gold rings but in fact, it is much cheaper than those rings, and not less valuable in terms of quality. You can buy one of these rings when you have to wear something different but you are low on budget. It’s also a perfect gift for your loved ones on any special occasion, and you can afford it even without disturbing your budget.


  • Made of brass thin wires folded in circles to give a wide statement ring.
  • Brass wires are professionally gold plated with 14k real gold under high temperature and pressure.
  • The color of the ring will not fade off and it will never turn your finger green.
  • The 14k gold plating protects your skin from getting in contact with any cheap metal, so this ring is hypo-along-lasting skin-friendly.
  • It is a very durable, long-lasting, comfortable, and adorable ring.
  • Great gift for your loved ones or yourself to wear on wedding, engagement, birthday, or anniversary ceremonies at such a low price.

Boho-Magic 925 Sterling Silver Band Ring for Women with Brass Wrap Wide Statement Ring

sterling silver wide band rings for ladies

This ring is made up of a wide and chunky sterling silver band. The thin brass wire is wrapped around the wide silver band in the center. Further, the silver plate is hammered and given the matte finish to it. It is stamped to provide a twinkling and shimmering pattern. Interior, on the other hand, is designed in a brushed pattern. This ring is enough wide and measures half an inch wide, therefore, you can select half or full size up than your standard size for best fit.

We are so happy to introduce such an amazing and unique style ring. Whenever and wherever you carry this ring, whether at any event or ceremony, get ready for lots of compliments. It is good on every finger, middle, index finger, or even on the thumb and also a good match with both casual and formal dresses. You can wear this ring to very special events to get a bold, attractive, and charming look. Additionally, what a great and unique gift it could be for your loved ones, and they will admire it a lot.


  • Made of wide 925 sterling silver band with hammered and stamped patterns.
  • A thin brass wire is wrapped around the band in the center.
  • Very typical and classical design ring created with the shimmering exterior and brushed interior.
  • It can be worn with casual as well formal dresses at work, education, events, parties, ceremonies, and celebrations.
  • It is a unique gift for your mom, grandma on Mothers day, or for your best friend’s, sisters. daughter’s birthdays and also for your wife on your anniversary.

American West Sterling Choice of Gemstone Color Bold Ring Size 5 to 10

gemstone engagement rings

This ring is made of 925 recycled sterling silver. An elegant Green Malachite Gemstone gives this ring a beautiful charm. The center cabochon green malachite is in a serrated bezel-style pattern. There is a rope structure pattern around the gemstone and the silver bar and a flower detail on each side of the bar. The ring is partially oxidized with a flower accent. This ring looks great with flowy skirts and strappy sandals.

This ring is 0.625 inches long and 0.75 inches wide roughly. Since it is made out of 925 sterling silver, it is 100% nickel-free, hypoallergenic, comfortable, and durable. Wearing it makes a southwestern classic statement, wherever you take it, whether at work, an evening at a restaurant, a special event, friends gathering, or anywhere. This ring is earthy, yet elegant, for yourself or also ready for birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any special occasion gifting.


  • this Matching Promise Rings for Couples Made of 925 recycled sterling silver and a center Green Malachite Gemstone.
  • Partially oxidized with flower accent and rope structure pattern all around the ring.
  • It measures 0.625 inches long and 0.75 inches wide.
  • 100% nickel-free, lead-free, allergic-free, comfortable, and skin-friendly.
  • Do not rust, corrode, tarnish, decolor, or turn your finger green.
  • Can be worn everywhere, whether a night at movies, an evening at a restaurant, at work, celebrations, or at other events.
  • A worthy gift for your mom, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, or best friend on their birthdays, anniversaries, Mother Day, or any other special occasion.

How To Make Rings Look Good on Fat Fingers

What type of rings look good on chubby fingers?

No matter how long or short your fingers are, whether they are short, long, wide, or slender, there are rings made for everyone out there, for any type and size of fingers. The only difference are specific designs are made for specific finger type.

So the major point is not the rings do not exist for chubby fat fingers, but to choose the perfect match for them. You can boost your beauty, confidence, satisfaction level, and wearing experience just by trying the right statement rings made for chubby fingers, Here I also have the answer of What Rings Look Best On Short Fat Fingers?, Which will definitely help you to make decision.

So why not consider some of the very basic and necessary rules of shopping for rings. Instead of choosing randomly, you must do a little effort and consider the suggestions described below. We have narrated some of the advice on what measurements should keep in mind while shopping for the rings for chubby fingers.

Go Big with your Ring’s Gem

Always choose big, bold, and brilliant middle stone rings for the fat, chubby, or short fingers. The stone could be diamond, emerald, zirconia but the important thing is the size and style which should be in round, oval, or heart shape. It should be a big center stone that will elongate your finger, helping them appear long, slender, and slimmer. Moreover, the single-center large gemstone draws attention towards the ring and away from your knuckle. This way, the ring attracts people’s eyes toward itself and your chubby fingers do not cause losing their interest in you. Of Course, with brighter color charming gemstones, you can enhance the sparkle of your ring even more.

Option for Wide Ring Setting

If you don’t like your whole ring to be wide, large, and chunky, choose a setting instead that gives such a thick effect. Rings with wide settings greatly cover chubby fingers and give great looks to them. The large wide setting will help in appearing your finger more lengthen, slimmed, and slender look and also gives you a unique option rather than just selecting a solitaire.

You can choose a three-stone design ring and it gives you the accent of love, faith, and happiness. Three-stone or four-stone rings are chunky statement rings that are very appropriate choices for people with fat or chubby fingers.

Choose a Thicker Band Ring

If you choose a thin band, it covers less skin of your finger and hence emphasizes it and makes it appear even more wide and fat. But you should choose the opposite, the thick wide band that hides more skin on either side of the finger and draws attention towards the ring rather than towards the finger, making it look more precise and slender.

If you have to consider an appropriate width of band for your chubby fingers, the band that measures 3 to 4 millimeters will be perfect on those fingers. This thickened band will be proved as a game-changer and adorably elongate your chubby fingers.

Make a Statement with your Statement Ring

If you think chubby fingers have bad luck when it comes to ring designs, you are probably wrong in it. Even women with chubby fingers have the benefit to rock with almost every ring design, even the rings with too large settings or heavyweight rings that are impossible to carry off with slender fingers.

If you are thinking about getting a unique engagement ring for chubby fingers, consider asymmetrical rings or even big floral rings as the best choices for fat, short, and wide fingers.

Think about Sizing and Customizing Ring

In case of having chubby, fatty, wide, and thick fingers, your size might not be commonly available. But wait, do not worry at all, getting a customized ring size is not difficult or impossible. All you need to do is to measure the proper size of your ring and get it customized from us. We will provide you with customized-sized engagement rings for plus-size fingers.

That looks easy, right? So what are you waiting for? If you are unable to find the right size that perfectly fits your chubby fingers or always get too tight sizes, get a customized size ring to avoid all the complications and stay comfortable and easy.

How to wear rings with chubby fingers?

Wearing rings on chubby fingers might be a painful experience for someone. But you can make it a lot easier and in a fun way. There are several ways you can easily wear on and off your ring on chubby fingers without facing pain and irritation:

  • Use a lubricant while wearing on or off your ring. You can use any slippery substance such as petroleum jelly, vaseline, vegetable oil, liquid dishwashing soap, etc.
  • If you are unable to find or use lubricant anyway, you can simply also wrap any tape or floss around your knuckle, tighten it, and easily slide on or off the ring.
  • Raise your hand overhead for a few minutes and the blood supply will decrease to the hand. Further, use ice to reduce the temperature of your finger. After it, you can easily put on the ring.
  • You can also use a string of dental floss or any thread, tie it around the knuckle, and tighten to compress the finger. Then you can easily wear your ring on or off the finger.


Having chubby fingers does not mean you have to compromise on some sort of dull ring designs and styles. There are tens of different ways to choose the rings for your chubby fingers to make them look slender and longer than they are. And as always, our happiness relies on your satisfaction, so the tips and suggestions we have shared with you above are providing you with some of the best advice on HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT RINGS FOR CHUBBY FINGERS. Please don’t get frustrated by the short, fat fingers as you can turn your weakness into your strength and derive new opportunities from it. Just remember the two main rules and there you are done.

The first rule is ringing with small stones and extra thin bands create the illusion of chubbiness, width, and make your fingers look even shorter and fat. The second rule is ringing with large, round stones and thick bands will elongate and make your fingers appear long and slender. Now you demand to make your chubby fingers look long and slender, not even more fat and short. So you simply have to follow the second rule and go with rings having large, round, soft edges stones, and thick bands. Happy chubby fingers!

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