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What Does the Bible Say About Wearing a Cross Necklace?

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We all know that Bible is a religious book and it has given Christians lots of points of reference so that they can live their lives in the right direction. But here we are going to discuss and explain a different and unique piece of the topic.

This web page is going to tell you what does the Bible says about wearing a cross necklace. There are many men and women who prefer wearing cross necklaces but they do not have a clear idea regarding what the Bible says about the concept of wearing cross necklaces.

Bible acts as a point of reference and manages to give correct directions to Christians so that they can handle and tackle life’s circumstances. This book is believed to be written and compiled by God-inspired prophets and one will not have any doubt on it.

In the fashion world, there are many trends that do not intermingle much with religious symbols. We are aware of the fact that wearing a cross necklace is a religious symbol, but is it really allowed in the Christian community or not!

On the other side, lots of Christian community men and women are not bothered about the religious perceptions and they are freely seen flaunting these cross necklaces around their necks.

So, let us have a look at the details concerning what does the Bible actually and specifically has to say about wearing a cross!

Bible- Important book to 2.3 billion Christians

the power of wearing a cross

Most importantly, Bible is an important and the most significant as well as a trusted book that is read and recited by a total number of 2.3 billion Christians present in the whole world. Furthermore, the writings present in this book heavily and immensely influence the Christian community.

Moreover, this book was specifically and particularly written, compiled, as well as distributed for spreading the good and authentic news of Christ’s sacrifice that he made for mankind.

Jesus Christ was the Son of God and in this Bible book, he is the main character who gave his life and blood just for cleansing and eradicating everybody’s sins. In addition, this whole accident happened around and about 2000 years ago! It was in Cavalry that Jesus Christ was hung and nailed to a cross and he took his last breath over there.

All in all, this entire event plays an important and pivotal role in the Christian community. The rest of the religious communities can even seek great lessons from this incident. The trust and faith in Bible are truly and genuinely understandable. Besides, any opinion and feedback that is present in Bible give us true and correct direction no matter how minor or major the issue is!

What Does the Bible Say About Cross Necklace?

What Does the Bible Say About Cross Necklace

Pagan Ties

The overall fashion trend of wearing a gold cross necklace is seen in many countries and especially in France and European countries. But the readers should grab a clear understanding of what the Bible has its opinions on embracing a cross necklace! We have observed that Christians always worship the Salvation and also the journey of Christ. On the same note, they have started to believe that the cross is a pagan religious symbol since the past times.

Furthermore, it was specifically Babylonians who managed to popularize the overall use of the cross and marked it as their historical monument. From that time, the trend and popularity of cross started to gain attention. Keep in mind that the cross was associated and linked with the pagan god of fertility. That god of fertility is named Tammuz.

If any of you have read and gone through the book of Deuteronomy 12:29-32, then you should have understood that God has commanded his people to avoid mixing any of his works right with those of pagan gods. Beyond, this book has commanded and instructed his people not to wear and worship cross likewise the rest of the communities are doing.

This book has clearly mentioned not to honor the cross likewise pagan gods are doing. It is now believed that associating and linking the pagan cross symbol to God’s word is now considered and marked as sacrilegious. It is even identified as a great sin.

Bible Forbids the Prideful Adornment and Display of a Shiny Ornament

Most importantly, Bible has completely and fully forbidden the prideful display of these shiny ornaments. One should understand that cross is a religious symbol but it is also opinionated in Bible that the prideful display of such ornaments and embellishments should get stopped. However, it is instructed and guided to carry faith in your hands and all of this is also mentioned in Deuteronomy 6:8.

If people display these gold cross necklaces just to grab and capture attention, then that is the wrong way and such an exhibition and show-off is prohibited according to Bible. In other words, you should not wear cross necklaces just to get admiration and praise. As this is a religious symbol, so avoid wearing it just to capture attention, praise, and admiration from others.

Cross is of Different Types and All Symbolize Different Views

There are many interesting details that you may have heard about on what does Bible says about wearing a cross necklace! And here you can learn and come to know about those interesting details as well. It is observed that the cross is of different and varied types.

All in all, they are currently available in 7 different types and all of these types display a different meaning and belief at their end. In other words, these cross types display and exhibit as well as symbolize different things. It is generally seen and noticed that lots of people wear a cross just to project and display a different symbolism. Not every cross is a religious symbol

Like, if you see 50 Cent wearing these cross necklaces, then obviously being a popular rapper he is not doing it just for admiration and praise sake or religious purpose. The cross necklaces that he wore might not have any religious link, so it is absolutely alright that he wears a cross.

Lots of individuals have this confusion and ambiguity that which cross-type they are wearing and what meaning does it carry! If you are really cautious and worried about cross-beliefs and perceptions, then know about their history beforehand and then wear them.

A Cross or a Tree?

benefits of wearing a cross

This has become a so far unfinished and not so completed discussion that what does Bible say about wearing a cross necklace! Here you can know how the cross has become a significant and important Christian symbol. It is time again and again argued and opinionated by the Bible scholars that Jesus was actually crucified on a cross.

At that time, crucifixion was marked and recognized as a common death sentence. The structure on which Jesus was hung, that term is Hebrew. And according to some of the Bible scholars, Jesus was hung on a tree or pole. Hence, we can say that it is not yet known whether Jesus was hung on the cross, tree, or on the pole and what that specific and particular structure refers to!

But it actually does not matter whether Christ died on the cross, tree or on the pole, the purpose of sacrificing his life was completely and wholly different. Just to give you the information, Christ died and sacrificed his life for the sins of the world.

It is believed by Christians that if they wear and embrace cross necklaces, then this practice further strengthen their beliefs. Furthermore, this practice and habit of wearing the cross simplify the beliefs of their religion. Moreover, wearing a cross brings them closer to their religion as well.

Some Belief Wearing a Cross is Acceptable

Besides a few of the individuals from the Christian community have this belief that wearing a cross is acceptable. They are of this view that wearing a cross accentuates and extends their reverence to Christ’s works and sacrifices. Individuals start to better connect and identify themselves with the Christian community if they have worn and embraced a cross around their necks.

All in all, there are contrasting sets of groups who carry different beliefs and opinions on wearing a cross necklace. You can even shed some light on this piece of the topic and let us know your thoughts about it. In addition, there are a few of the conformist groups who have expressed this belief that there is no need to wear a cross because the faith in religion does not have to be proved to others.

Moreover, it is opinionated by these conformist groups that deeds and actions should not be exhibited by merely displaying religious cross symbols. We need to get pure from within and it is on this notion that our beliefs should be based on. If one wants to actively and thoroughly live a Christ-centered life, then simply displaying these embellishments and adornments is not enough. Thus, if you are a real Christian and you show true reverence to this whole and entire Bible book, then there is no need to wear any ornament to prove your Christianity.

Disciples Example

Readers can come across lots of and multiple disciple examples that let us know what does the Bible says about wearing a cross necklace! Here you can read a little bit of the details about these disciple examples. You might be wondering who are disciples, we can tell you about them.

It is specifically through the Bible that you can learn and come to know about those men. These disciples followed Jesus very much closer and they are the ones who manage to write up the New Testament. You are allowed to call and term as disciples of Jesus.

These disciples possess and carry a huge amount of knowledge regarding this belief of wearing cross necklaces. It is their contribution and overall input that makes them valuable in this part. As they are closely associated with Christ, for the reason that their knowledge and wisdom is always counted as valuable.

The disciples have managed to give and put up an enormous amount of information regarding this practice of wearing cross necklaces too. They have come up with plenty of instructions that how the community of Christians should conduct as well as live their lives.

If one goes through and observes the lives of disciples, then it is observed and noticed that they have not mentioned anything on the practice of wearing these crosses. Disciples are of this view that there is no need and requirement to represent your belief merely on wearing crosses.

Hence, we can say that the community of Christians, they are marked as the best and ideal examples if a person has to live a happy and contented life. You can read more about their lives to know what the Bible and disciples have to say on wearing a cross necklace!

The Practice of Wearing a Cross in the 21st Century

is wearing a cross idolatry

You might be thinking what the people from the 21st century talk about this practice of wearing a cross, here you can know about that! As we have entered the 21st century and lots of beliefs and conceptions have started getting changed now. Most of the individuals now no longer believe in these old myths and they freely wear a cross necklace without caring about people’s perceptions!

According to these 21st-century people, they do not give any attention to these old stories. They are of this belief that they are just fables and fake myths and nothing else. Thus, some people believe it is right and appropriate to wear a cross and some people think that it is not a right and suitable thing to do!

As an alternative, it is suggested to wear a cross necklace if you are out for some religious function and gathering. And avoid wearing a cross if you are out there for some casual party and gathering.

Why should not Christian Community Wear a Cross as a Sign of Being a Christian?

Sound Reasons Given by Bible

Here we have managed to shed more light so that you can know about both of the aspects concerning whether to wear a cross or not! You can have a look at the sound reasons that are given and penned down my Bible.  This is a specific and more important question that has to be answered by now!

We have already told you about the background of the cross as well as the New Testament record and also Jesus’ teachings. Now, you can see what the Christian community can do to display their Christianity.

Who actually Decided that Wearing the Cross was the Sign of Christianity?

This is an essential question that is pondering in the minds of the Christian community and they want to know who actually decided that wearing the cross was the sign of Christianity! You need to understand that the tradition of wearing and flaunting across, this whole practice does not come from the Bible.

There are seven different types and kinds of crosses and people are yet not sure that Jesus was crucified on which kind of cross-like apparatus. It is written down in the Bible that Jesus was put to death right on some upright pole. It was even rendered as “tree” in 1 Peter 2:24.

The Connection of Cross with Christianity

Today many people have made a stronger and firmer connection of cross with Christianity. It is preached by apostles that the cross should be considered as part of Christ’s ministry history and it should not at all be idolized. The teachings given by the Bible regarding and concerning wearing any of the religious symbols, it is according to the Old Covenant that God has made this thing clear that wearing faith and religious reminders should be embraced by hands.

For the sake of fulfilling this respective and specific command, small leather boxes consisting and containing scriptural passages were used to be historically and traditionally worn by Jewish men. They did so during their morning weekday prayers.

Jesus taught to Display Spirituality through Deeds rather Than Wearing a Cross

It is again and again taught by Jesus to display the element of spirituality by showing right actions and right deeds rather than simply wearing a gold cross necklace. Furthermore, it is believed Under the New Covenant that love for God and display of spirituality should be done with a pure and genuine heart.

Those who want to truly and genuinely practice Christianity and want to see themselves as beacons of light, for them, there is no need to wear these external signs. If you are opting for this practice just to show off, it means you are living in a spiritually darkened society. Wearing a cross does not make you a true Christian at all and this is the whole concept that you have to understand.

Types of Crosses and Their Meaning

When buying a cross necklace, you may have seen that a tremendous variety of crosses are there. The Cross has marked a symbol of faith. It is identified as a religious symbol. Below you can see the details about cross types:

Greek Cross

The first one is this GreekCross! It simply symbolizes God himself. If you get such a cross necklace, then you will see that ancient words of life and light are embossed and engraved on it. This cross is basically a sign of Christ and these words are excessively mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. It is perceived that whoever wears this cross, that person is going to find pure light as well as eternal happiness in his life.

Greek Phos Zoe Cross

This is the subversion of the Greek cross. Here on this cross, you will see the engraved and injected words of Phos and Zoe. Both of these engraved words are intersecting with each other. Furthermore, this cross is the symbol of light and life and it makes sure that you move on the path to enlightenment.

Greek Baptismal Cross

This is the kind of cross that comes with a bud design on it. In addition, the Christian community wears it during baptism. You can note down that Baptism is a kind of ritual where people make this desire to wash away and remove all of their sins. Upon wearing this cross, Christians may desire to enter in Heavens. In addition, they start to accept their sins and even repent of them.

Latin Cross and Tau Cross

Moving on to Latin cross-type, it is believed that this cross is bathed with the Christ blood as well as the remnants of Adam. On the other hand, the Tau cross looks like a T capital letter. This cross symbol represents immortality. It even symbolizes resurrection. You can well understand that this whole symbol denotes and signifies salvation for Christians.

Saint Andrew’s cross

Saint Andrew’s cross represents the letter X. This shows us the sign and symbol of humility. In other words, Saint Andrew is a representation and exhibition of a humble Lord servant. Individuals who wear this cross, gradually start to believe that their deeds and actions are nothing whenever compared to the power of the redeemer. Moreover, they believe and perceive that they are nothing at all without God.

Celtic Cross and Carolingian Cross

This cross is characterized by a circle and this circle is specifically and majorly intersecting the Latin cross. Furthermore, this cross represents the sun. Next, we have the Carolingian cross that originated in the fifth century. In this cross, you are going to see the Celtic knot design. For the information, this cross is a sign of the trinity of the father and the Son, as well as the Holy Spirit. You can share with

Everlasting Cross

This cross displays and exhibits interlaced infinity signs. Most importantly, it is the symbol of immortality and also infinite love.  Its common version is Assumptions cross and it is generally used by the Augustinians. On the other hand, its next popular version is Koru Cross and it symbolizes progress and power.

Is sideways cross necklaces marked and identified as disrespectful?

Individuals can understand that sideways cross necklaces are not at all marked and identified as disrespectful. It is completely fine and alright to wear such cross necklaces. Though there is criticism received by inverted crosses and or upside-down crosses, but no criticism is so far received by sideways cross necklaces. They have got no negative connotations and it is fine to wear them according to the Christian faith teachings.

Is it bad to wear a cross necklace if you’re not religious?

It does not matter that you are a religious person or not, you can still wear a cross necklace. Wearing a cross necklace does not exhibit your religious state. You may have seen many people who do not belong to the Christian community, still, wear cross necklaces.

Why is wearing a rosary is believed as disrespectful?

It is seen that wearing a rosary is believed as disrespectful because of many reasons. According to the Catholic religious document and also the Code of Canon Law, it is stated and believed that a cross is a sacred object and it should not at all be designated for display purposes. Furthermore, the cross and rosary are only meant for divine worship and need to be dedicated to worshipping and blessing. If the cross is not treated reverently and is it is employed for inappropriate use, it means you are disrespecting the cross value.

What does it symbolize and explain when a cross is upside down?

In the world of Christianity, when a cross is upside down, then it generally symbolizes the martyrdom of Peter the Apostle. In addition, the symbol originates right from the Catholic tradition. It is believed that Peter made this request to position his cross in an upside-down manner.


So, now we have talked a lot about the details concerning what Bible has to say about wearing a cross necklace. We have shared and penned down all historical details, facts, myths, and disciples’ beliefs as well.

All in all, this has become a matter of personal preference that whether it is right to wear a cross not. If you have read Bible and grabbed the viewpoints of experts, then you can share your thoughts with us as well. No doubt, Bible is a great book and all the details embossed in it are based on ancient and disciple predictions. It means you can even get a clear understanding of how much it is appropriate to wear a cross necklace!

On the other side, we have made our way to the 21st century and individuals now want to experience more freedom when it comes to the prideful display of these ornaments and pieces of jewelry. Freedom of expression is common in the 21st century and now people wear cross necklaces upon possessing different beliefs in their mindset.

You can keep in touch with us so that you can learn more about the cross history and how this pagan symbol made its entrance in Christianity. Keep connected over here.

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