15 Best Fake Chains That Look Real in 2021 | Expert Advice

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Fake chains are getting popular among people rapidly. The reason behind this is very simple. Every woman wants to look up-to-date and fashionable. A fake chain has no pure gold in it. But it gives the feeling of gold. Women or even men can get real happiness by not only wearing them but they can also gift them to someone.

Many jewelry brands are fully aware of this craze. They try to help us by introducing new stylish chains with different designs. We can easily buy and groom our personality by simply visiting some online store and ordering a chain.

fake jewelry that looks real
LIFETIME JEWELRY 11mm Cuban Link Chain Necklace for Men 
fake gold chains that look real
KRKC&CO 6/9/12mm Miami Cuban Link Chain for Men, Hip Hop Rapper Chain Necklace for Men
best fake gold chains
Lifetime Jewelry 7mm Figaro Chain Necklace 24k Gold Plated for Men Women & Teen
cheap gold chains that look real
Kooljewelry 14k Yellow Gold Filled 3.2mm Rope Chain Necklace
fake gold chains that wont tarnish
ETEVON initial necklace for Men Capital Letter Pendant Gold Plated Golden Chain
fake diamond chains that look real
Bling Bling NY Unisex 4mm Real Solid 925 Sterling Silver Tennis Chain CZ One Row Choker Necklace 
best fake diamond chains
JINAO 18k Gold Plated 1 Row 6MM Lab Simulated Diamond Iced Out CZ Chain Men's 
good fake diamond chains
KRKC&CO Tennis Chain for Men, 14k Gold Chain for Men
fake gold chains costume
Charles Raymond Iced Out Hip Hop Gold Tone CZ Miami Cuban Link 
Fake Iced Out Chains that Look Real
Men’s 18k Gold Plated 5mm 12mm/14mm CZ Fully Iced Out Cuban Miami Chain Necklace Set

All fake chains don’t have some carat of gold in them. Some chains are plated and look original. Some are made up of brass, some rhinestone, and some with silver. So, we can get the happiness to attend our events and functions by wearing these fake chains confidently.

 Here we will help you choose something new and special Top Fake Gold Chains That Look Real and Fake Diamond Chains That Look Real

Fake Gold Chains that Look Real

Girls and boys are crazy to make them look modern and stylish. To fulfill this desire, they wear jewelry like rings, earrings, chains, bangles, or bracelets.

Normally, everyone can’t afford to wear gold chains. No worries guys! You can have much more than mere gold chains. There are thousands of brands making fake gold chains that look original. These chains are here to pacify our desire to wear gold chains. Such chains are gold plated and they have 14k to 16k gold in them.

Hurrah! We have some excellent varieties of fake gold chains for your buddies to satiate your wishes and dreams easily and comfortably.

LIFETIME JEWELRY 11mm Cuban Link Chain Necklace for Men 

fake jewelry that looks real


LIFETIME JEWELRY 11m Cuban link chain is specially made for males or teenagers. They are 24k gold plated, strong link chains with an attractive setting. So, Guys! Hurry to order your chain from online stores of this most attractive gold-plated link chain. It has the real feel of gold and one can hardly recognize the difference.

This chain costs you almost nothing if you calculate its price. You just consider it a blessing for you to just grab it and wear it. The structure and size of this chain are extremely classic and masculine.


  • It is a hard task for someone to tell whether you are wearing a chain that is not real gold.
  • It is11mm Cuban link in size.
  • It is solid and durable fake jewelry that looks real.
  • The company gives you a lifetime guarantee.
  • If you are putting your first order, it will cost you zero pennies on its delivery.

KRKC&CO 6/9/12mm Miami Cuban Link Chain for Men, Hip Hop Rapper Chain Necklace for Men

fake gold chains that look real


Hey boys! What are you looking for? A stylish Cuban chain in Miami style? No need to look here and there. Just come to the KRKC&CO online store and see how wonderfully the company understands your inner desire. They are presenting a royal look Cuban link chain that may instantly appeal to you. You can never ignore its magic. The chain is so comfortable and excellent that you can wear it any time anywhere. It is an interesting fact that many celebrities use KRKC&CO Miami Cuban Link chain.


  • All the parts of this chain are cut and polished finely and manually.
  • The surfaces of the chain are quite smooth and nicely made.
  • These fake gold chains that look real are very strong and durables chains that can carry pendants’ weight easily.
  • The Cuban chain is strong enough that any player, dancer, or rapper can wear it anywhere anytime.
  • It is an 18k gold-plated stainless steel chain.

best fake gold chains


This time again we have great news from LIFETIME JEWELRY! This is all about you who try to seek something new for the satisfaction of your taste of Figaro chain.

This diamond cut chain is absolutely a unique piece of its kind with 24k gold plates. It is more heavy and strong than an original gold chain. No one can recognize the reality if you don’t tell them personally. This is an ideal choice for men who want a graceful fashion. A great thing about this Figaro chain is that the width of gold plated is the same as real gold I,e 2-4 micro inches.


  • This back fake gold chains has a durable lobster clap that makes it strong.
  • It gives you a lifetime guarantee and its stamp is engraved on it prominently.
  • It has pot metalcore with ultimate perfection.
  • If you feel any dissatisfaction, any breakage, or fading, you can get back your money instantly only by showing the receipt.
  • It has a beautiful velvet gift pouch to make it a very special gift pack for someone special.

Kooljewelry 14k Yellow Gold Filled 3.2mm Rope Chain Necklace

cheap gold chains that look real


Ok folks! We can understand what you want in search of a necklace or chain. It’s simply a charming and worth looking chain with elegant colors. Kooljewelry understands the longings of a common man very clearly. It presents a solid rope chain that is filled with 14k gold inside to make it more strong and look-alike. We can satisfy our desire to wear pure gold as no one can decide about its being fake or original. You should instantly visit the Kooljewelry online store and check that beauty. Its roe style and yellow gold color may neer allow you to resist the item.


  • It is pure copper-based with 1/20 14k gold alloy to make it better than an original chain.
  • Its grip and clasp are much better than a common chain and therefore almost zero chance to break.
  • This cheap gold chains that look real has an original yellow gold color with a standard rope design.
  • An amazing gift zip lock bag and a pretty velvet pouch are a package for you to gift the chain to your beloved ones.
  • Another worth-noticing thing about the chain is both men and women can wear it equally.

ETEVON initial necklace for Men Capital Letter Pendant Gold Plated Golden Chain

fake gold chains that wont tarnish


Wow! A nice gift for a loving girl who pursues to gift something very special for their beloved boyfriend, husband, father, or even brother. It is an outstanding gold-plated chain with A to Z naming pendants. We have seen Joe Jonas, a celebrity wearing a name pendant. It is a royal feeling for someone wearing the first letter of his/her beloved’s name. We feel ourselves in heaven whenever we look at that pendant. So guys! Don’t hesitate to pick the very item from ETEVON online store to make your day.


  • A versatile gift for men and women both on their particular events of birthdays, Christmas, valentine, and anniversaries.
  • The back of this chain and pendant is so smooth that it will not risk your skin.
  • The chain is pure Titanium with 18k IP gold plated premium quality.
  • This fake gold chains that won’t tarnish is the latest design of 2020 with strength and masculine appeal.
  • The pendant has 88 inlaid zirconia gem of 5A quality to décor the letter.

Fake Diamond Chains That Look Real

Fashion has become a common phenomenon. To make yourself up-to-date and fashionable is a craze now. Boys and girls use artificial jewelry to fulfill their craze. The same is the case with fake diamond chains that look gorgeous around the neck.

We have a huge variety of such fake diamond chains in online stores. These chains have artificial gems of excellent quality. There is no need to be sad for having no money to buy original diamond chains. Just be cool, buy chains and look cool.

Here we are giving you an updated review of some great pieces of fake diamond chains that will make you go crazy to buy them instantly.

Bling Bling NY Unisex 4mm Real Solid 925 Sterling Silver Tennis Chain CZ One Row Choker Necklace 

fake diamond chains that look real


Hello! What are you looking for guys? A chain with fake diamond? Go nowhere and just visit Biling Bling NY online store to see what an excellent fake diamond chain is waiting for you. You will feel its excellence only by viewing its picture. And imagine what will you feel when you will have it around your neck.

This fake diamond chain can be the best fashion accessory in all your jewelry collections.


  • The great news for all men having skin issues that it is made from stainless steel, a good hypoallergenic metal.
  • It is a good tennis chain all players can wear during their play.
  • The use of quality cubic zirconia w/4mm enhances its grace.
  • This fake diamond chain that looks real has a strong lock and standard grip over all stones that may not let them fall.
  • You can add your craze cross pendent to it to make it more appreciable.

JINAO 18k Gold Plated 1 Row 6MM Lab Simulated Diamond Iced Out CZ Chain Men’s 

best fake diamond chains


A sure addition to your chain stock when you come to visit this 1 row 6mm simulated diamond chain. It is made with a good quality brass base and 18k gold plated. It is a unique gift for those who want something worth noticing. So buddies! JINAO is here to present you with an amazing chain that is better than an original chain. The quality, the cuts, the specificity is so acute that it is unparalleled to all other fake diamond chains. JINAO uses extremely high-quality materials to satiate its customers.


  • It is a kind of tennis chain we can wear any time during our sports, dance or any other physical activity.
  • It has a high-quality brass base with18k gold plated which makes it a heavy and strong chain.
  • Its manufacturing is done by experts who are adept in their work.
  • This best fake diamond chain is a chain in which CZ stones are highly simulated and look like crystal and sparkling as original diamonds.
  • Its cuts and finishing are so elegant that it gives you a feeling of majestic class.

KRKC&CO Tennis Chain for Men, 14k Gold Chain for Men

good fake diamond chains


Hurrah! We have found the solution for all of you ladies! A great innovation of KRKC&CO by presenting a special tennis chain with fake diamonds. You can give this nice chain as a gift to your beloved at any event. You can also believe in the strength and vigorousness of this beautiful 14k gold-plated chain. Don’t hesitate to buy this item from KRKC&CO’s online store at an extremely reasonable price. The craftsmanship of this chain has its proof. Boys can also use it in the normal routine as it will not let any greenish effect on their neck.


  • The astonishing iced-out chain with a prong setting of A5 zirconia gives it a real look.
  • It is available in many sizes for players, hip hop players, and even dancers.
  • The use of 14k white gold makes this chain an antique piece.
  • One amazing fact about the chain is that it is delicate in looks as well as strong in the grip.
  • Its flexibility makes it an easy choice for everyone and make it most popular good Fake Hip Hop Jewelry That Looks Real.



Sometimes we feel ourselves in a fix and can’t decide about the quality and size of a chain we want to buy for someone as a gift. But now no worries folks! Charles Raymond has brought us a quality product that is not only super elegant but also adjustable in size. If you have uncertainty about the neck size, no need to bother with other stores. Charles Raymond helps you out by giving you an unbelievably special choker chain with bling sparkle stones. Its inlaid Rhinestones are more than 100 in number. We can wear it to parties and specific events confidently.


  • The authentic 14k gold-plated setting makes this chain very sophisticated.
  • The base of the chain is Cuban silver that makes it very hard to face different situations easily.
  • It gives you a rust-free feeling.
  • Its locks and connectors are very finely done to ensure its strength.
  • You will also have a nice gift pack with it.

Fake Iced Out Chains that Look Real

Why can’t we wear iced-out chains? This is a question a common man arises in his/her mind. But there is no need to feel depressed or psychic. We are giving you a long list of beautifully iced-out chains that are far better than original diamond jewelry. There are many renowned companies working day and night to help us follow our dream. We can go boldly in front of our rich friends or girl-friends by wearing these iced-out chains. If you still hesitate! It will be just your fault. These chains with so reasonable a price are a blessing in disguise. Let’s have a look!

Men’s 18k Gold Plated 5mm 12mm/14mm CZ Fully Iced Out Cuban Miami Chain Necklace Set

Fake Iced Out Chains that Look Real


A product of Putouzip Hip Hop jewelry with perfectly iced out stones. The arrangement of these CZ stones is so nice and complete that you will get a royal look by merely wearing it. It is a pure Cuban Miami-style chains that appeal to every man. Girls will feel safe when they are with someone near to their heart will wear this chain manfully. There is no stone unturned to craft such a nice gift for you all! A boy playing DJ will automatically grab such a special item that gives him so hot a look.


  • The chain is available in 5mm, 12mm, and 14 mm width and 18 to 20 inches in size.
  • Its base is pure zinc with AAA+ Rhinestones that glitter prominently from a distance.
  • It is a long chain that fulfills the trendy needs of boys and men equally while in dance parties or on the beach with friends.
  • It is strong and brawny to do all energetic tasks fearlessly.
  • The inner side of this chain is so smooth that it will not harm your skin in case of sweat.

SONGCHANGJEWELRY Iced Out Chain Necklace for Men

cheap fake iced out chains


Well, buddies! You will be surprised by this gleaming iced-out chain necklace’s first look. It is an offer from SONGCHANGJEWELRY who have a vast experience of making jewelry of almost 20 years. This magnificent chain necklace is made perfectly for boys who love to party every time. They need something new that can make their day special. The stones are too sparkling and bling that one can be trapped easily in its magic.


  • A street-style chain that is perfectly engraved by experts.
  • No tension in fading the stones out as their arrangement is quite good.
  • It has a different style buckle box lock with Rhinestones on it that gives it a fresh look.
  • The company designed this Cuban chain with extreme care under high temperatures to make it strong enough.
  • This is such a classy chain that makes you look unique and different among many.
  • No fear of tarnish and rust.

TOPGRILLZ 20mm 6Times 14k Gold Filled Iced Out Prong Setting Cubic Zirconia Miami Cuban Link Chain

cuban link chain for men


A super-luxury Miami Cuban link chain that looks too real to believe. We can buy such a great gift for our loved people instantly. We simply need to check its details and pictures on the online store of TOPGRILLZ and put our order. TOPGRILLZ has fulfilled its promise to all youngsters to make them happy with their stunningly beautiful chain in a prong setting of cubic zirconia. The man who goes to balls and parties, the boys move at beaches with their groups, the rugby players who want something very unique, just come and grab their item from TOPGRILLZ online store at once.


  • One of the best qualities is the standard simulated zirconia that looks much better than the original diamond.
  • The designs are typically made by a team of experts and it is still their priority to control its cost that everyone can afford it.
  • The base metal is brass which has 6 times filling of 14k gold to make it more environment friendly.
  • This classic Cuban chain is skin-friendly, causes no harm to your skin even not turns it green.
  • The chainset is quite a sleek smooth and polished that has no match with other competitors.

JINAO Iced Out 18k Gold Plated Iced Out Lab Simulated Diamond

mens diamond tennis chain necklace


Hey you buddies! Inspires by Valarie Dodds and Gia Bianca! They wear such hip-hop chains and make their audience go crazy. Don’t worry folks! JINAO has settled a great gift for you to make you feel new. They care for the sentiments of both girls and boys equally.

There is a micro paved setting of cubic zirconia and we feel like having an original diamond chain. Girls should dress them up nicely and just wear this chain as a tool to kill the hearts of many boys at the spot. Men can also win the heart of their beloved to wear this chain and make themselves God of their queen’s heart.


  • There are 6 layered settings of 18k gold to make this chain more durable and more original.
  • This chain has a specified buckle design that ensures tightness and more security.
  • A special quality brass is used with multi-layered gold that is enough to make it a brand.
  • The chain has a double lock beautiful clasp that makes its grip much better than another chain on market.
  • You can not only buy it for yourself but also can gift it to your relations as it has an out-class black gift box with it.

JINAO 18k Gold Plated 1 Row 8mm Lab Simulated Diamond Iced Out Chain Men’s Hip Hop Tennis Necklace

hip hop tennis necklace


This is a fine piece of an iced-out chain you can never refuse to like. Those guys who are crazy about their appearance and want a change look in minimum expense. This is a deal. It is a graceful tennis chain in 1 row with magnetic appeal. You can attend all your dance parties, club hip hop, ball dances, and sports by wearing it comfortably.

There is no hesitation about its strength and flexibility. JINAO never lets its standards down and makes its customers happy. So just check the nice hip-hop chain and try to give it as a present bullishly.


  • This iced-out chain will vindicate its quality by giving it a special treatment by dipping it 5 times in 18k gold that makes it more reliable against tarnishing.
  • All the CZ stones are paved exquisitely with hands to grip them well.
  • The design is modern and fits the current trends of the fashion industry.
  • A sober tennis chain that is made for men but in my opinion women can also look classy in this A-grade iced out chain.
  • There are much elasticity and flexibility among each joint and even clasp to move them freely and adjust accordingly.

Beyond Just Basics 20mm Cuban Link Chain for Men, Iced Out Chain

gold plated cuban link chain


This is again something very special thing that can out-class many other link chains. We can buy it for wearing at any special event. We can have it as to gift to anyone near to our heart. We can surprise someone by presenting it on his/her special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries. Beyond Just Basics looks far beyond our thoughts. They make that thing of which we just think. This is why girls and boys! Just order your item instantly if you have to attend any party or go to any ball.


  • This chain is extraordinarily strong and sturdy because of its extra 4 to 5 gold and silver plating.
  • It has delicacy and intricacy in its look but strong enough to support any enthusiastic physical activity.
  • The company offers you a luxury personalized velvet gift box that you can order according to names.
  • This iced-out chain has famous Austrian AAA Rhinestones that are sufficient to make you glamorous among many.

Complete Guide About Best Fake Chains That Look Real

How to spot a fake gold chain?

how to spot a fake gold chain

A very simple theory that how we can differentiate between a fake chain and an original gold chain is that the fake chain has no solid bade of gold. It is instead, made up of plates of gold. You can easily recognize that the chain you are going to buy is fake.

It is because it has a wrapping of gold on it. These items look like real gold items but by carefully examining them, we can have a very clear vision that there are very thin layers of gold all around the chain.

Normally fake chain has a base of brass, silver, or stainless steel on which the sheets or layers of gold are embedded very carefully. A good company tries to satiate its customer’s desires by giving them flawless chain results.

What are fake gold chains made of?

Normally fake gold chains are made of brass or silver besides with some layers of gold plates. A fake gold chain has sheets of gold wrapped all around its base chain. All good companies prefer to mention which quality of gold they are using with their base metals.

How to tell if a gold chain is fake?

There are many ways one can judge that the chain he is going to wear is real or fake.

First of all, you should check the hallmark or stamp of gold that is normally engraved on them.

The second thing is the judgment of karats that is the finest way to understand. Every company has a responsibility to mention the karats on the chains they make. So it is very easy to get it through this step. Normally K, KT, or KP are engraved on the item. We can check if there is written 18k, 18KT, or 18KP.

In Europe, normally karats are mentioned by decimals. We can see on the item that sometimes it is written 583 or 585. It is equivalent to 58.5% of the gold that gives you a clue that this chain is 14 karat.

Acid testing is the very important factor

Nitric acid is a magician to tell you whether the golf chain is real or fake. We can scratch the hallmark after dipping it in nitric acid. There are some testing kits available on market. You just try this out according to the described method.

Color and Discoloration

A very easy and interesting test to judge about a fake chain is its colorIf any chain has full original color as that of a 24k gold chain, it has easily resulted that this is a fake chain. This is because such chains don’t have the original color of golf. But they have very low color.

The same is the case with its discoloration effect. Just keenly check its color when going to buy a chain. A fake chain can fade and lose color.

Magnet test is not the always preferable method

A method is very easy among people to check the originality of gold. It is a magnet test. If the chain does not stick to the magnet, it will be a solid gold chain. As we know that gold is non-magnetic and does not attract the magnet.

And if it sticks to the magnet, it still does not prove it is real gold. Because many metals are not electromagnetic. So you can easily be made a fool.

The same is the case with some alloys, that are electromagnetic. If they are used with gold, then the chain will still stick to the magnet.

Due to the above-described reasons, magnet testing is not a good test to judge about the original chain or a fake one.

FAQ’s About Fake Chains That Look Real

Question: Do fake gold chains look real?

Answer: Yes, it true that fake chains look real. The companies design such a chain that no one can easily grip the reality. This is only because they want their common customer to feel happy by wearing a gold chain. Fake gold chains have gold plates of 14k to 18k gold that is wrapped nicely through perfect processing. But some people are very conscious about knowing about the reality of the chain. Similarly, some companies design so cheap products that are easily judged.

Question: What happens when you wear a fake chain?

Answer:Wearing a fake chain is a trend these days. But if you wear a fake chain made of cheap metals like Aluminium, Lead, or Cadmium, it can cause you some serious disease. Normally all well-known companies use authentic metals. But if this does not happen, it can cause you nausea, fatigue, abnormal heart-beat, etc. If it is compulsory to wear a fake chain, please avoid wearing it for a long time or in the sunshine.

Question: What is the best fake jewelry?

Answer:Many well-known companies sell good quality fake jewellery. Here we will tell you some of them.

  • Beyond Just Basics
  • JINAO Jewelry store
  • Charles Raymond
  • Bling Bling NY
  • Kooljewelry
  • Lifetime Jewelry

Question: Can a fake chain turn your neck green?

Answer:If a fake chain is made up of copper, it can turn your neck green. The reason behind this action is very clear. Copper is a very fast reactant to acid. When we wear a chain we bought from an unknown local company. We are sure to get a greenish effect on our neck. It is simply because when we get sweaty, the acid from our sweat reacts automatically with copper and causes our neck to green. We should put the chain off at once because it can be much harmful than mere coloring.

Question: Does amazon sell fake chains?

Answer:Yes, sure! Amazon sells fake chains of the most authentic and well-known company. There is a huge variety of fake chains in which some are very perfect and some are not of excellent quality. Amazon never compromises on quality. It has made its stature on the principle of excellence. This is the reason, we can buy the fake chain from Amazon fearlessly. It always clears what are the effects and side-effects an item keeps.


All is well if the end’s well. This article fulfills what the proverb says. We have all the clear pictures of fake jewelry. Everything is crystal clear to us. We can have a perfect guideline from above all reviews.

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