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How to Clean Gold Jewelry with Baking Soda and Vinegar? Experts Advise

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If you have got a bunch of gold jewelry collections at your end, then it is very much important for you to clean it regularly. Any jewelry tends to lose its shine and glow if it is not maintained properly. Here you can check out lots of methods that guide and educates you on how to clean gold jewelry with the help of vinegar and baking soda.

Furthermore, you can perform this cleanliness job at home. As we all know that gold is a magnificent and expensive jewelry piece and it is expensive as well. People buy jewelry for future investment purposes and it will eventually lose its value if the look of gold jewelry starts to deteriorate.

In addition, you can follow these cleaning methods no matter you have got white gold or rose gold, or yellow gold in your closet. Gold jewelry looks beautiful and timeless only if it shines and glows constantly. And if it looks dirty and un-cleaned, then there is no point in wearing that gold ornament.

Apart from that, gold jewelry goes well with all kinds of outfits and styling attires, so it is better for you to thoroughly and extensively clean it. This is a general phenomenon witnessed and observed that gold ornaments tend to get tarnished and they automatically lose their luster. But if you follow these below-mentioned methods, then this problem may get solved in less time.

Variety Number of Methods to Cleaning Gold Jewelry with Vinegar and Baking Soda

cleaning gold jewelry with vinegar and baking soda

You may have come across a variety number of methods regarding cleaning gold jewelry with vinegar and baking soda and here we have penned down some of the easy-to-follow methods for you. There are lots of people out there who are tired and exhausted while following messy gold cleaning processes and they are eagerly looking for reliable solutions.

To this gold-loving world out there, it is time to bring the utmost glow, shine, and luster to your gold jewelry pieces. If your jewelry does not look catchy and glow enough, then your whole attire look will be ruined as well.

Most importantly, with the use of vinegar and baking soda application, it will be easy for you to prolong the shelf life of your gold jewelry ornaments. You will be surprised to know that even Hollywood celebrities like Nicole Kidman have given thumbs up to these gold jewelry cleaning processes.

So, let us all jump into this respective gold jewelry cleaning process and you can share with us your feedback and viewpoint as well. This is a common situation when you see your gold ornament get stuck and deep-seated with grime and dirt.

The accumulation of dirt and grime gives a disappointing and not so appealing look to your gold jewelry pieces. Hence, the use of baking soda and vinegar helps you take out excessive dirt and grime from your gold ornament deepest carvings as well as crevices.

The Using Vinegar and Baking Soda to Clean Jewelry & to Bring Back Gold Plated on your Old Gold Jewelry

using vinegar and baking soda to clean jewelry

First of all, we are going to discuss the great and highly beneficial use of baking soda and vinegar for the sake of bringing back a lush look to your old jewelry. In addition, the purpose of using these two ingredients is quite clear and evident enough. These two powerful ingredients remove and successfully extract deep-seated dirt and all possible amounts of grime.

We have seen that baking soda and vinegar are two such kinds of household items that offer a maximum number of uses to the individual. The most interesting and attractive part is that they help you clean your gold embellishments.

All in all, the versatility and power showed by these two ingredients is just wow and amazing. Both of these ingredients are cheap to buy and the results showed by them are fast and quick enough. Furthermore, baking soda and vinegar even do not deteriorate and damage your gold jewelry quality. They are gentle and safe enough to use.

Method 1- Use Baking Soda and Vinegar to Clean Gold Jewelry

use baking soda and vinegar to clean gold jewelry

Most importantly, baking soda and vinegar are marked as one of the great and also ideal cleaning products. The only thing that you have to remember is that try using these two ingredients only on your gold jewelry. However, if your gold ornament comes with a gemstone and opal or if it is embossed with some pearls and embellishments, then avoid using these two ingredients.

One has to remain cautious while following this method. Gold jewelry is usually and generally infused with delicate-looking pearls and gems, so it is essential for the person to perform this cleaning job with maximum care and attention.

Furthermore, you should not harshly rub these ingredients on your gold jewelry. If you do so, then there is a chance that these ingredients may damage and corrode your gold layer.

You have to make the correct and proper use of baking soda and vinegar while cleaning your gold jewelry. If you do not want to damage and hurt your gold ornament, then gently and smoothly rub these chemical solutions on your gold ornament.

Step 1

The very first step is that you have to mix one part of water right with 3 parts of baking soda. Start to mix both of these two ingredients. Keep on mixing until and unless you get a consistent paste. This paste should come in the form of toothpaste.

Step 2

In the second step, you have to take a small cotton ball. Or you can even take a cleaning sponge in this regard. The paste that you have made by using baking soda, simply apply it to your gold jewelry. Furthermore, you have to apply this whole paste and mixture to your gold ornament and cover it thoroughly.

Now, take a small plastic container and place your baking soda-covered gold jewelry in that container.

Step 3

Moving to the third step, take white vinegar and it will be best if you get stilled vinegar for this cleaning job. Pour a little amount of white vinegar into the bowl in which you have also immersed your jewelry. Simply allow that vinegar solution to sit there on your gold jewelry for about a time frame of 5 minutes.

Step 4

As soon as 5 minutes are gone, you can take out the gold jewelry piece from that plastic container and rinse it off right under some warm water. While you rinse your ornament, make sure that there should be no paste residue and left-over on it.

Step 5

Now, the next step is to dry your gold jewelry piece. Just take a soft cloth and gently part dry this jewelry piece of yours. In addition, you can keep on pat drying your gold piece until and unless you get satisfied. Another tip is that you should not ever and ever make use of a toothbrush to clean your gold jewelry.

Lastly, we again tell you this cautionary measure and major tip that avoid using baking soda and vinegar if your gold jewelry is surrounded by pearls or gemstones.

Method 2 – Use Baking Soda and Boiling Water to Clean Gold Jewelry

use baking soda and boiling water to clean gold jewelry

The next method is about using baking soda and boiling water for cleaning gold jewelry pieces. Besides, this method is encapsulated and surrounded by a milder cleaning option. So, if your gold jewelry piece is infused with gemstones and gold pearls or with some diamonds, then it is always advised and suggested to try out milder cleaning options.

Hence, simply use boiling water and baking soda and bring all luster look on your gold ornament. This cleaning method is excessively witnessed in Asian countries like India and Pakistan.

Step 1

In this milder and gentle cleaning method, the first step is to get a small bowl. You can even take a pan to clean your gold jewelry piece. Whatever kind of pan and bowl you get, make sure that it should be lined by using aluminum foil. The shiny surface of that aluminum foil should be facing in an upward direction.

So, it is better to use a baking pan or utilize a saucepan for proper cleaning of your gold jewelry pieces.

Step 2

Now, start placing your gold jewelry pieces right on the aluminum foil surface. After that, you have to put a little amount of baking soda completely on your gold jewelry ornaments. Make sure to cover your gold jewelry thoroughly and properly with baking soda content.

Step 3

The next step is to pour two cups of boiling water on your baking soda-covered gold jewelry pieces It is for 5 minutes duration that you have to leave your gold jewelry like this! In other words, allow your gold stuff to sleep and rests in that hot water/baking soda solution for the time frame of 5 minutes.

Step 4

With the passing out of this time frame, you can remove your gold ornament from the pan and rinse it completely right in cold water. While you wash and rinse your gold jewelry piece, you have to make sure that no traces of baking soda should be seen in your gold piece.

Step 5

The last step is all about drying your gold jewelry ornament. Do this drying job utilizing a clean and soft cloth. You can even use a lint-free piece of cloth. Simply allow your gold jewelry piece to get air dry. This is the ideal tip and procedure that you have to follow.

Method 3 – Using Baking Soda, Water, and Dishwashing Soap to Clean Gold Jewelry

dishwashing soap clean gold jewelry

The last gold jewelry cleaning method is using the combination of baking soda, water, and some dishwashing soap solution. Like, if you have bought some gold jewelry stuff on 10th Jan 2020, then it is essential for you to clean it now after a year’s time gap.

With the help of this method, you are allowed to clean your gold jewelry pieces that come with delicate and light embellishments.

Furthermore, this is a milder cleaning process that you can go for. In addition, it works best and remains to stay ideal for cleaning gold jewelry delicate pieces.

As you can see that in this method, we are not using vinegar because it is somewhat a harsh ingredient. It is seen that the use of vinegar may possibly corrode and damage your gold gemstones. So, follow this method instead:

Step 1

Take one cup of clean water and one teaspoon of baking soda in it. You need to further add a teaspoon of gentle and mild dishwashing soap. Moreover, mix all of these ingredients properly and thoroughly. If you think that this mixture is not enough for cleaning your gold jewelry pieces, then you can increase their ratio and proportion for sure. In other words, you can double your ingredients. Once the mixture is made, you have to submerge your gold jewelry pieces in it.

Step 2

Take a bowl and place this whole mixture and your un-cleaned gold jewelry in it. Make sure to soak your gold jewelry in that well-prepared mixture for half an hour duration. This is the maximum time frame that you have to pass and bear, otherwise, your gold jewelry will not get properly cleaned.

Step 3

Now, right after 30 minutes duration, you need to start gently scrubbing and rubbing your gold jewelry stuff. In this step, you can use a soft-bristled and gentle toothbrush. If you think that toothbrushes may damage your gold jewelry texture, then it is advised to use a soft cloth. Moreover, you should use your thumb and forefinger to properly clean all sections and crevices of your gold jewelry stuff.

Step 4

As soon as you are done with this cleaning job, now your job is to properly rinse your gold-plated jewelry. Just take it under warm running water and rinse all sections of it. In addition, you have to perform this rinsing job severally as well as thoroughly. You have to remove all cleaning agent residue from your gold jewelry.

Step 5

After rinsing, here comes the drying part! You can dry your gold jewelry by just using a soft and also lint-free cloth. If your cloth is made of cotton, then that is great. Air-dry your gold jewelry and perform this step for 30 minutes duration. When your gold jewelry gets completely dry, then you can put it back in your jewelry box.

 More ways to clean gold jewelry 

Using Ammonia to Clean Gold Jewelry

use ammonia to clean any gold jewelry

The use of ammonia is quite evident and common enough when it comes to cleaning a gold jewelry piece. This is an effective cleaning solution that you can opt and pursue if you notice that your gold jewelry pieces have become much dirty enough.

Furthermore, the use of ammonia keeps your gold jewelry in up-to-date shape and maintains its shine and luster for a longer period of time. There is no need to use any commercial gold jewelry cleaning product. Apart from using baking soda and vinegar, this is a handy solution as well available for you.

So, the first step is to take some warm water and mix a little amount of dish detergent in it. After that, add a few drops of ammonia to that solution.

Take a new and baby-size soft bristle toothbrush and immerse it in the solution. Rub it on your gold jewelry piece. Remove and take off all dirt and then rinse it underwater.

The last step is to air-dry your gold jewelry or you can even use a paper towel for this respective drying job. You have to make this thing sure that gold is an extremely soft and delicate metal. So, clean it with care and caution.

When you do the scrubbing job by using ammonia solution, they remain gentle and avoid damaging your gold jewelry edges and sides.

Using Seltzer Water to Clean Jewelry

Using seltzer water clean jewelry

You might be wondering how seltzer water is used and marked as highly effective for cleaning gold jewelry, here you can check out that! Instead of using warm water, you can use seltzer water and see great and desired results at your end.

To perform this job, you have to soak and immerse your gold jewelry in seltzer water. Prepare mixture containing seltzer water and dish soap. Submerge your gold jewelry in that mixture for 10-15 minutes.

Moreover, take a soft toothbrush and scrub all dirty sections and sides of your gold ornament. Simply rinse your gold pieces and dry them up by using a soft and lint-free cloth.

Most importantly, seltzer water is an effective and result-driven option if you do not want to use warm water. It is all because of this seltzer water that it will be easy for you to lift off a possible amount of dirt from your gold jewelry.

Using Bleach-Free Detergent for Cleaning Gold Jewelry

According to experts, it is best and highly appropriate if you use a bleach-free detergent for effectively and perfectly cleaning your gold jewelry. Below you can check out the detailed steps of this cleaning procedure.

You just have to prepare and make a mixture containing bleach-free detergent and warm water. This is the simplest and quickest way to clean your jewelry. In other words, you just have to add half a teaspoon of bleach-free detergent right in one full cup of water. You have to make sure that this bleach-free detergent is completely and thoroughly dissolved.

So, just soak your gold jewelry in that solution and further brush, scrub and wipe dry it later on. Moreover, if you have already followed this method of cleaning your gold jewelry pieces, then share your results and experience with us.

Using Club Soda to Clean Jewelry

club soda to clean jewelry

Next, we have another great gold jewelry cleaning method for you and it is about using club soda. The cleaning method is quite simple enough to follow and gives you desired outcomes and results in just 10 minutes.

So, let us all jump on the details! You need to soak your gold jewels in the club soda mixture for a duration of 5 to 10 minutes. After that, you have to lightly brush and scrub these gold jewels of yours.

 The later on steps is rinsing and drying that we have already told and explained to you. 

Using Alcohol and Beach Chalk for Cleaning Gold Jewelry

You should now possess this interesting information that the use of beach chalk and alcohol may help you in cleaning your gold jewelry. You might be thinking about how all of this is possible, below you can see the details:

Talking about the significance and usage of alcohol, many people use it to clean their gold jewel stuff. This ingredient is used for removing and taking off stubborn grease right from your gold jewelry. You just have to dip your gold jewel into alcohol and take it out after some time. Your eyes will not believe that how much shinier-looking gold jewel comes out!

Rest, the powerful use of beach chalk for cleaning gold jewelry is clear enough. This is the smart trick that you can go for! You just have to get a piece of chalk somewhere from the beach. Rub your thumb right on the beach chalk and then rub that chalky thumb of yours on the gold jewel that you want to clean! Do this rubbing for a few of seconds and see the expected and amazing results. Once done with rubbing, do wipe your gold jewel with the help of a dry cloth.

How Shampoo Helps you to Clean Gold Jewelry pieces?

Next, we have a shampoo application method that helps you conveniently and quickly clean your gold jewelry. So, what you need to do is to take a warm water bowl. Furthermore, add a few drops of good quality and chemical-free shampoo in it. Prepare the mixture by stirring it well. Now, you can soak your jewelry in that mixture containing chemical-free shampoo and leave it like this for 10 minutes duration, here I have also 1 video from you-tube for you:

Moreover, if your gold jewelry has got any of the crevices as well as filigree work in it, then it is important for you to remove that grime and dirt from there by using a soft brush. You need to brush and scrub these gold jewelry pieces lightly and also gently. You can even scrub the rim sections of your gold ring.

After that, rinse your whole gold jewelry in cold water and completely wipe dry it with the help of a soft and 100% lint-free cloth. To bring a more polished effect on your gold jewelry stuff, you can rub it with a high-end polishing cloth. In this manner, you will be able to bring back that sheen and shine and all glow and luster on your jewelry piece.

How to Clean Gold Jewelry with Toothpaste?

It is revealed and opinionated by lots of experts that the application of a light coat of toothpaste brings a real and genuine glow to your old jewelry pieces made of gold. The procedure is much simpler if you are interested in following it!

What you can do is to apply a little amount of toothpaste on your dirty jewelry piece and leave it like this for a 5-minute time frame. Besides, soak them in a warm water bowl for further 5-minute duration, Let me also share with you a detailed video from youtube:

Now, comes the brushing part! You have to gently scrub and rub that toothpaste on your gold jewelry stuff and try removing all dirt, grease, and grime from it. Rest, you can rinse those gold pieces and air-dry them for a sufficient and maximum amount of time. Just keep in mind that this gold jewelry cleaning procedure might become tough to be followed by you if your jewelry stuff is accompanied by a filigree type of work.

How Turmeric Powder Cleans Gold Jewelry?

It is time and again repeated that household cooking ingredients help you greatly as well as immensely to clean your gold jewelry stuff. That is why here we are talking about the great and effective use offered by turmeric powder.

You can freely use this ingredient to properly and quickly clean your gold jewelry ornaments. In this job, boil one cup of water and further add half a teaspoon of shampoo in it. You can even add detergent if you are not comfortable using a shampoo.

Stir this solution and now you can add around and about half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Furthermore, allow this mixture to bubble up and after that, you can turn off the heat. Take a bowl and place your dirty gold jewelry in it. You will see that the mixture color is going to get changed from yellow to red, but you do not have to get worried because this usually and generally happens! It is all because of the addition of turmeric powder that this reaction happens and occurs.

So, soak your gold jewelry in that turmeric powder mixture for a duration of 10 minutes and further remove the dirt by using a soft brush. Finally, rinse your gold jewelry and air-dry it.

How to Clean White Gold and Maintain it?

Most importantly, you should clean your white gold at least once a month. This way, it can remain in good and in excellent shape. On the other hand, if you wear a white gold ring for 24 hours, then it is suggested to clean it after every week.

It is all because of this regular cleaning job that your gold jewels stuff will remain shiny enough. However, you should even avoid excessively cleaning your white gold. This practice may wear down and tear down the rhodium plating present on your white gold.

It is suggested to prepare a white gold cleaning product if you think that soapy water is not working well for you. It is observed that white gold tends to carry more build-up in terms of dirt and grease. So, you can make your own cleaning product to easily tackle this tougher build-up. In the market, there are various high-end sprays that help you clean your white gold.

When you start to notice that your white gold is turning yellow, then take it to the jewelry store as soon as possible and sort out this issue. It is better to visit and check out a reputable jeweler and such professionals will end up giving your white gold a refreshing amount of rhodium coating.

You need to understand that white gold is more vulnerable in terms of getting scratches and dents on it. So, it means you have to take care extra care of it. In addition, you should keep this white gold in a place that remains free from getting bumps and scratches.

Furthermore, if you have got a good quality jewelry box, then make sure to dedicate one exclusive section of it to your white gold jewels. According to experts, they have advised keeping your white gold jewels away from high heat. You should not store them near locations that have got a heating vent or any kind of radiator.

How to Clean Rose Gold Jewelry and Maintain it?

Regarding rose gold cleaning, there are some easy tips for you. It is always recommended that you should not be using ultrasonic cleaners on your rose gold jewels. Besides, you have to avoid using harsh chemicals on them. These kinds of ingredients ruin and harm your rose gold quality. Furthermore, this practice even decreases and brings down your jewelry’s value.

You should only use water and mild dish soap for cleaning your rose gold stuff. And these same ingredients can be used for cleaning the organic stones and porous stones of your rose gold. This tip may help you avoid bringing any of the expensive damage to your rose gold jewelry pieces.

It is even seen that with the passage of time, rose gold acquire a greenish patina, and this induction increases and enhances its overall value.

So, if you do not want to diminish and decrease your rose gold value, then avoid removing the patina. What you can do is take your rose gold stuff to some professional jewelry cleaner and opt for water-only cleaning methods only.

Lastly, you can wipe down your rose gold pieces with some dry and lint-free cloth. There is no need to go for a major cleaning job if it is a rose gold jewel.

Tips to Consider While Cleaning Gold Jewelry Embossed with Precious Stones and Pearls

As an example, you have to very much careful while cleaning such kinds of gold jewelry pieces that are embossed and inducted with precious stones. If you have got jewelry that has diamonds and rubies or sapphires in it, then you can follow any of the above-mentioned cleaning methods.

On the other hand, jewelry having emeralds and opals or turquoise, for this category, it is advised to only makes use of mild dish soap and water. Beyond, if you use any harsh and chemically filled solution on these jewelry pieces, then there is a chance and high probability that their look may get ruined.

We have seen and it is also proven that emeralds, opals, and turquoise are porous and one should not ruin them easily by using harsh and tough chemicals on them.

Lastly, for cleaning pearls, you have to keep in mind that they are comparatively more delicate. They should be cleaned and maintained with the help of a make-up brush. Just take a little warm water and mix it up with a little gentle shampoo and scrub that brush on your pearls.

Ingredients to Avoid When Cleaning your Gold Jewelry

how to clean gold jewelry at home with baking soda

There are certain ingredients that you have to avoid and immediately stop using if you plan to clean your gold jewelry. So, let us all check out what kind of those ingredients are:

First of all, you have to stop cleaning your gold jewelry with soap. This substance immediately and instantly damages your jewelry glow. In addition, it makes your gold jewelry less shiny and do not even properly clean it.

Apart from that, stop using chlorine on your gold jewelry pieces. It is seen that the use and application of chlorine damage and even discolor your gold jewelry. If you want to clean your gold jewelry stuff, then never and ever clean it with a chlorine solution.

Other Ways to Take Care of your Gold Jewelry

So, apart from preparing these cleaning solutions, there are other tips that you can follow to properly and professionally take care of your gold jewelry.

Most importantly, you should wear and put on your gold jewelry once you are done with your makeup application part. If you wear jewelry first and then apply makeup, then there is a chance that creams and powders may damage your gold jewelry texture.

Secondly, before you put on jewelry, make sure to wash your hands properly. And while you perform any of your household tasks linked with the usage of bleaches and harsh chemicals, then take off your jewelry for sure.

When it comes to storing gold jewelry, then it is advised to secure it separately. Moreover, it is recommended and suggested to keep these gold jewelry pieces in velvet-lined jewelry boxes. You can even wrap them in some soft tissues or silk cloth.

It is never advised to throw and toss away your gold jewelry in a messy manner. You have to organize and place them properly in whatsoever jewelry box. If you throw them clumsily, then chances are high that your gold jewelry may get scratches on it. Furthermore, it may get tarnished and instantly loses its luster.

Most noteworthy you should store and organize your gold jewelry separately. Like, you should not mix your gold jewel stuff with your artificial jewelry or with any other jewel type.

You have to avoid wearing gold jewels while you are out to perform any of your strenuous activities. Such activities cause you to sweat a lot and it is a proven fact that sweat is acidic. Moreover, acidic presence damages your gold quality. So, take off your gold while you are involved in such activities.

Lastly, before jumping in the pool, make sure to remove your gold jewelry. You should know that swimming pool water has chlorine in it and this ingredient instantly damages your gold jewels. So, remember to take off your gold jewels before you enjoy your pool time.


Hence, all suitable and popular gold jewelry cleaning methods have been identified and provided to you. As we have told you about the importance of using baking soda and vinegar, in the same way, you can follow the rest of the gold jewelry cleaning tips as well.

You have to understand that gold is a soft, precious, and highly expensive metal. Its cleaning job should remain gentle and harsh-free. You should only use those cleaning products on it that do not tarnish and damage it. Cleaning gold jewels is necessary once a month and they need polishing once a year.

So, which cleaning method you are interested in following, do let us know. There are lots more other methods that can educate you how to take care, clean and maintain your gold jewels. We can give you more of the handful tips that prefer storing your gold jewels in some cotton-lined boxes and also at the moderate temperature range.

If you think that cleaning gold jewels is not possible at home, then as an alternative, you can take your gold to any professional and ask him to thoroughly clean and polish your jewelry pieces. Furthermore, if you are interested in polishing gold-filled jewelry, then it is advised to skip the use of baking soda and one should use just dish soap and water.

You can let us know if you have ever used baking soda, vinegar, or any other home-based ingredient for cleaning your gold jewels. Keep in touch with us as more details are arriving sooner.

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