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Can I Use Contact Saline Solution to Clean My Piercing?

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There’re many solutions found, but you must know what works for your piercing and should be suitable for your body. Only one solution can’t work for all people, it’ll be different according to their lifestyle and areas from where they belong. Listen to your body’s requirements and use what suits you.

Contact saline solutions use for cleaning and stylizing of the contact lens. The contact solution has cleaning agents and removes debris, dust, and germs from the lens, but it’s not for cleaning the piercing. Saline solutions are best for cleaning your piercing. It’s a simple ph-balanced solution mixture of water and salt-containing 0.9% salt.

Saline solution use in medicine and for cleaning wounds. So, clean your piercing with a saline solution rather than a contact solution. If the saline solution is not available. You can choose a sea salt solution as the alternative of saline solution. But sea salt solution should be mild as a harsh and strong solution can create irritation in your piercing.

How to Clean Ear Piercing With Salt Water?

It’s best to clean your piercing twice a day. Regularly cleaning proves helpful in irritation and improves blood circulation. Soaking in saline elevates the healing process and reduces infection and complications.

Sea salt soaks use for cleaning piercing, and you can prepare this solution easily at home. Mix sea salt and distilled water with the recommended ratio; don’t change the required ratio or quantity of ingredients. This can be harmful to piercing. Salt should be non-iodized and pure, only containing sodium chloride. Don’t use table salt or Epsom salt; they are different and can’t use for cleaning.

Mix 4 teaspoon salt in one-gallon water for preparing the solution, and after preparation, you can keep it in the fridge. Initially, cold socks may soothe, but after some days you can use warm soaks for cleaning the piercing. Your piercing parts should remain at least 5 minutes in the solution, and dry it with a disposable paper sheet.

Can I use the saline nasal spray for my piercing?

Although a nasal spray is for piercing, experts don’t suggest the use of the nasal spray for your piercing. They may produce nasal spray for the people having any problem like nose bleeding or any other problem. So it’ll be better to use a saline solution for your piercing.

You can opt for any other solution suitable for your piercing. Your body requirements are different according to your lifestyle, and the region from which you belong. Therefore, if one feels comfortable with the use of saline or nasal spray. It doesn’t mean you can also try these products for your piercing. It may create problems for you.

Best Saline Solution For Ear Piercings

What can I use to clean my piercing if I don’t have sea salt?

There are many products and things available in the market for cleaning body piercing.

  • Saline solution
  • Alcohol
  • Tea tree oil
  • Antibiotic ointment and cream
  • Sea salt solution

You can choose one of them, but if you purchase nothing because of some financial problems, you can use simple warm water and a cotton swab for cleaning your piercing. Take a swab of cotton, dip it in warm water, and put it on your piercing area. Keep it at least 5 to 7 minutes and then remove it. After that, let your piercing be dry and pat it with a soft touch of disposable paper. Don’t use cloth for cleaning piercing; it may have germs and can entangle with your piercing.

Don’t try any soap or ointment. They are not for piercing purposes. It’ll be better to clean the piercing with warm water and cotton if you don’t find sea salt or saline solution.

Sea Salt Spray For Piercings

How to clean new ear piercing?

Ear piercing is one of the popular body piercing and it heals easily as compared to the nose piercing.  New ear piercing requires good and regular care to avoid any infection, irritation. There are some common tips to clean your new ear piercing.

  • Clean regularly
  • Don’t touch without washing your hands.
  • Clean with saline solution or rubbing alcohol
  • Don’t sleep on the new piercing side
  • Don’t clean new piercing at a dirty place like a washroom, etc.
  • Use a cotton swab or a soft cloth
  • Be careful while using any other cosmetics or shampoo.

New piercing needs regular take care and a healthy lifestyle. Follow all precautions to look after the new piercing. It avoids you from further complications. Although ear piercing easily healed within two days. But you make sure that your piercing doesn’t infect germs, and you don’t find any discharge or fluid.

Wash your hands with an antibiotic soap before changing and cleaning the piercing. Don’t take a bath when you have a new piercing. A shower is the best in a new piercing. The bathing tub is a hub of germs and bacteria and can infect your piercing. You can clean the piercing with a saline solution or rubbing alcohol. If you find nothing you can use saltwater.

You should clean your piercing in a clean area, don’t clean new piercing in the washroom, there are many germs and bacteria, that can cause infection in your new piercing.

It’ll be better to sleep on the other side, sleeping on the piercing side may affect your piercing and you feel pain and swelling.

Best Antibacterial Soap for Nose Piercing

How to make ear piercing cleaning solution at home?

Looking after new piracy is not a simple task. If you don’t have saline solution and spray. It’s very easy to make it at home. You  require some basic things for this purpose; some of these are:

  • A clean and dry bottle
  • An extensive amount of sea salt
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Tea tree oil
  • Jojoba oil

You need a clean and disinfect bottle for making cleaning solutions at home. You can disinfect the bottle with bleach. After cleaning and disinfecting the bottle; fill it with pure sea salt. Salt dries the skin and takes part in the healing process. Then add some drops of hydrogen peroxide into the bottle.

It’s good for germ infection, and it’ll protect your piercing from germs and bacteria. Don’t use an enormous amount of hydrogen peroxide. It requires a negligible amount of it. Fill the half bottle with water and shake it to dissolve the salt completely. After this step, you can add isopropyl alcohol for germs killing and fragrance.

You can add tea tree oil, it has antiseptic and moisturizing properties. It helps for avoiding your piercing from any germ bacteria and softens the area around the piercing.

Isopropyl alcohol and sea salt can dry your skin. For balancing it, you can add a small amount of glycerine into the solution. It gives moisture and softens your skin. It’s a natural and gentle cleanser with no harm to skin and piercing. It’s not compulsory, but it’ll be better to use it in the cleaning solution.

The last ingredient is jojoba oil that provides your skin oil and protects it from any side effects of the cleanser.

Now your homemade cleanser is ready for use. Lid the bottle and use it for your ear piercing.

How to clean nose piercing with saline solution?

Nose piercing is difficult to clean, it takes much time for healing because of its cartilage piercing. The first time you’ll feel pain and swelling in the piercing, but it doesn’t remain permanent and it’ll disappear after some time. Proper and regular care speed up your healing process and you can use any cleaning solution for cleaning your nose piercing. It is good if you consult your piercer and use the recommended solution for cleaning your nose.

You can buy a good and brand piercing spray or solution made for especially piercing purposes. Choose the product that suits your skin. Before purchasing any product, you must know what is suitable for your skin and types of skin. Saline and spray prove helpful in decreasing healing and speed up the healing process. We also use tea tree oil and alcohol for cleaning the piercing.

Don’t touch your nose and piercing with dirty hands and always touch your piercing with clean hands and cloth or tissue.

Can I clean my nose piercing with just water?

You can clean a nose piercing with water and sea salt. Cleaning with just water isn’t enough for your nose piercing. It’ll be good if you add some amount of sea salt in water making it more effective for your piercing. Simple water doesn’t clean piercing properly and cleaning of a nose piercing requires a good aftercare treatment for the healing process. Use distilled water, or it’s good to boil tap water and let it for drying then use it for making saline solution.

Simple tap water may have many germs and bacteria and doesn’t heal your piercing. You need distilling and sterilized water for saline solution. Therefore, use distilled/sterilized water and Sea salt soaks for a nose piercing and use it twice a day.

Can I use coarse sea salt to clean my piercing?

Coarse sea salt is not a good choice for cleaning your piercing. It has large crystals and they don’t dissolve in the water and create problems for skin and piercing. Epsom salt also doesn’t recommend cleaning piercing, as it makes it too difficult and problematic for healing.

The best choice is pure sea salt that you can use for cleaning the piercing. Sea salt prevents piercing from drying and has amazing beneficial effects. Proper and consistently cleaning makes you comfortable and easy. You get the best result with the use of sea salt. Don’t try coarse salt, it’ll create infection and irritation on your skin.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

1: where to buy saline solution for piercings?

You can buy a saline solution from any pharmacy shop in your country. You can also buy it from any trusted online site like Amazon and Alibaba.  Don’t compromise on quality and always use the best and recommended solutions by your piercer.

2: can i use sterile saline solution to clean my piercing?

You can use a sterile saline solution to clean your piercing. It’s good for cleaning and healing purposes. Cleaning your piercing regularly, it’ll improve the healing procedure.

3:can i use saline solution to clean my nose piercing?

You can use a saline solution for cleaning your nose piercing. It is good and avoids any irritation to appear on the piercing site.

4:can i use saline solution to clean my ear piercing?

Yes, you can use a saline solution to clean your ear piercing but make sure the solution should not be much stronger. Soft and mild solutions are the best choice for your ear piercing.

5: can i use any saline solution to clean my piercing?

No, you don’t use any saline solution for piercing.contact saline solutions are not for piercing purposes. You can use piercing saline solution for cleaning the piercing.

6: can i use saline solution to clean my belly button piercing?

You can use saline solution or wound wash spray for cleaning your belly piercing but just use it once or twice a day; otherwise, it can create irritation. Don’t use table salt or Epsom salt for cleaning your belly piercing.

7: Can I use a contact solution to clean my piercing?

Contact solutions made for cleaning lenses, not piercing. They have cleaning agents or ingredients that are not good for piercing. It’ll be better to don’t use contact solutions for clean piercing.

8: can i use saline nasal spray for my piercing?

We can use a nasal spray for any other piercing, but some nasal spray specially designed for people having some nasal problems. So check it before using a nasal piercing

9: can i use contact lens saline solution to clean my piercing?

Contact lens saline solution doesn’t suit your piercing as it has many other ingredients for cleaning and keeping the lens safe from any damage. It’s not for clean piercing, use saline or saltwater for cleaning your piercing.

10: can i use contact lens solution to clean my nose piercing?

No, it’s not suggested you use a contact lens solution for cleaning your nose piercing. If you use it, you may find a bump or any other skin problems like bleeding or irritation in your piercing.

11: can i use contact solution to clean my belly button piercing?

If someone is using a contact solution for cleaning belly piercing, it doesn’t mean it can also suit your piercing. Maybe your body doesn’t accept it. It’s better to use a simple saline solution or spray. You can also use warm water and cotton for cleaning your piercing.


Piercing is an ancient practice, and we use different remedies for cleaning the piercing. You can adopt one of the best and most suitable methods for cleaning your piercing. By choosing a suitable cleaning solution for piercing, you can make it easy and painless. Use a saline solution rather than a contact solution for cleaning the piercing.

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