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When You Get Your Nose Pierced Does it Have to be a Stud?

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Can you get your nose pierced with a hoop? Nose piercing is a daring statement and it is very popular  all over the world. They are more commonly accepted in professional settings due to their tiny, dainty jewelry style. Educate yourself before you have to commit a nose piercing.

It depends on you where you go for piercing. Your best two options for starter nose rings are stud or hoop but most piercers recommend to start with a stud. They refused to use a hoop as an initial starter as it takes much longer time for healing as compared to others like a stud or nose pin.

The usual stud is most commonly used as starter jewelry, if you choose a hoop, you touch it more and may dirt collect and piercing moves more around and it takes a long time for the healing process.

On the other hand, if you choose a stud, it can be inserted without sticking it awkwardly. If you choose a stud, you may not be afraid of losing it as it has a kind of spiral end which fits inside the nostril and it makes them a better choice for making starter jewelry.

Some people also use nose screws for initial jewelry but it would be better to wait a little more. When your nose piercing is fully healed, you can change it according to your choice. You can wear a hoop or something else which you like but when going for piercing, it is not a good choice for piercing. People feel more comfortable in the stud as compared to the hoop, so you have to wait a bit more if you like a hoop. After healing your piercing, you can wear a hoop.

A double nose which consists of two nostrils located next to each other along the crease of the nostril is also becoming popular. For this purpose, people use two small nose studs with sparkly diamond or other gemstones.

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There are some important questions which you need to know about nostril piercing.

Should i get the left or right side of my nose pierced?

Nose piercing is a part of cartilage piercing used for wearing jewellery which is most primarily associated with Indian culture but with the spread of Indian culture has become popular in the wider world as other piercing of body parts. Nose piercing is a matter of facial beauty that ‘s why everyone is very curious about nose piercing and wants to know which side is suitable for him/her.

nose piercing stud sizes chart

You can not make a decision confidently even if you have chosen your nose ring. Nose piercing is one of the most important decisions in your life and if you make a little mistake just piercing the side, you will regret all life, if you do not find it proper for you.

Some people suggest the left side and some give the preference right side for nose piercing but you are a decision-maker. You should be aware of some logical and scientific factors regarding nose piercing. Most important is the side which suits you most according to your face symmetric. There are two types of face shape; symmetric and asymmetric.

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What side should I get my nose pierced? 

People having symmetric side can choose both side right or left side but people having asymmetric side must be aware while deciding their nose piercing because it will change their complete outlook.

You must observe your face structure especially your jawline, if you have cheeks that range from flat to chubby, you can wear according to your choice but if you have chubby cheeks, buy some no piercing jewellery wear it with different style and ask people opinion around you but final decision will be yours. You also use a sticker or marker for marking the spot where you want to nose piercing, mark a spot and look at it with different angles, take photos and select which side suits you most.

There are some other factors which can be helpful in your decision like your hairstyle, if your hair covers your one side then your nose piercing will be on the other side and if your hair covers you from both sides, nose piercing will change your entire outlook. So you should be careful when deciding your piercing side. If you sleep on your right side, your piercing will be on the left side and if you are left-handed or right-handed and have some problem in wearing jewellery. You should select the side in which you feel comfortable.

Anthropology and Eastern tradition prefer the left side as we find in Indian tradition mostly women wear nose rings on the left side, they mostly follow their cultural tradition. According to Ayurvedic the left side in women is associated with their reproductive organs and piercing on the left side will reduce their childbirth pain and also be effective in other health issues like endometriosis.

In Western culture, it is considered that if a guy wears a nose ring on the left side it, he is gay and if a girl wears nose ring on the right side, she is considered as a lesbian.

It will be a rare and unique idea if you piercing your nose midway septum and find very rarely people who have got their midway septum nose piercing, it looks very impressive and ethnic.

One more thing, you should know before choosing your nose piercing side is that if you have any prominent mole or birthmark etc on the one side of your face it will be better to choose the other side, it will look better.

After reading all helpful suggestions and ideas, one thing should be remembered, you should love the piercing side as it lasts your whole life with you side so make sure that your preferred side should be comfortable and look beautiful on your face.

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How do you clean your nose piercing?

Nostril piercing is great to express your individuality and sense of style. So it is very important to clean it otherwise you may have to face many problems. Cleaning your nose piercing is much easier than any other boy piercing. It takes little time for the healing process as compared to other piercing. Like other wounds, nose piercing is also prone to infection so do not touch it without washing your hands with antibiotic soap.

Nose piercing should be clean twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening or night. Clean your nose with a cotton ball soak it in the saline solution and put it on the piercing area, hold it there for three to four minutes and remove it. Do not rub rashly or roughly, it may be harmful and can produce irritation in the wound. Pat it dry after cleaning and apply moisture with the combination of tea tree oil and coconut oil. It will also speed up your healing process. You can also use lavender oil after cleaning it is useful for promoting the healing process.

Do not use anything to clean the surface other than sterile saline. Do not use hydrogen peroxide or any alcoholic substance to clean the surface. They may cause irritation on the surrounding surface and the healing process can be slow. Do not use any other antiseptic products if you find any type of infection in the wound. Keep your hands away from wounds and jewellery and do not remove jewellery from the nose while cleaning the wound. If you remove your jewellery and your healing is not completely healed, it is the possibility to close the piercing. Your healing process can take at least six months for a full recovery, during this period clean the wound twice a day. If you clean more than two it may dry out your skin and maybe cause of irritation. You should avoid anything that causes irritation and infection.

If you clean less than two times, there are possible bacteria to build up in the wound. You can make nose piercing as your routine work, it makes it easy to remember the cleaning.

Dirty pillows are a big source of bacteria so it is necessary to change pillow covers every day and use pillow covers neat and clean. While your nose piercing is not fully healed, do not go for swimming or any submerging of water. It may be a cause of bacteria. Do not touch your piercing unnecessary during the healing process.

Do not use makeup to contact with a piercing, it is also a cause of bacteria.

When your healing process is complete, you do not need to clean it with saline, just clean it with warm water and cotton, this will remove oil and dirt from your piercing.

Follow all these steps and precautions but if you find your piercing is not fully healed, you should consult your doctor and follow the precautions which he suggests you.

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Is it bad to get a nose piercing with a hoop?

It is mostly recommended by the nose piercer to not use nose piercing with a hoop as starter jewelry. If you start your piercing with a hoop, there are possibilities that your piercing healing process may be slowed down. It will take much time as your piercing spreads around the nose area. So it will be better to start with another jewelry like a stud or nose pin. When your nose piercing is completely healed, you can change it.

After healing the wound, you can wear hoop but when you are getting piercing, it will not be a suitable choice. You will not feel comfortable in a hoop . People who wear studs or nose pins, they feel comfortable and comfortable. So you can decide what you like but it is not good to get piercing with a hoop. It will be initiated with a stud or nose pin after that you can wear a hoop.

When you first get your nose pierced does it have to be a stud?

As nose piercing is becoming more and more popular, choosing nose jewelry is also becoming critical these days. Before you get your nose pierced, you have to decide what you can wear when you are getting nose piercing.

Think carefully before taking any steps and keep in mind both internal and external factors like what your clients and coworker says about nose piercing, your social activities, your personality, healing process etc.

When you have to decide your starter jewellery, you have to be careful and choose wisely which is suitable for you. It may be a stud or anything which you like. If you start with a little stud, it would be a good choice. Most people feel comfortable in studs when they get piercing so you can start with a stud and after healing you can change it whatever suits your taste. So a nose piercing stud would be a good choice.

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Can you get a hoop nose piercing right away?

You can choose either a hoop or a stud as your initial jewelry but you keep in mind if you want to choose a hoop for nose piercing. A hoop will cause the healing process longer than other nose rings. It covers more area for swelling.

Most piercers will not pierce with a hoop as except a Daith piercing and on the demand of their client. Because they know that hoop causes extra pressure and is more difficult to heal, even if they had to use the hoop as starter jewellery, they use a large-diameter hoop for nose piercing So you let your nose piercing be healed before you put the hoop without irritating anything.

You can choose anything except hoop like you can choose a bar for your initial jewelry as it is better for allowing swelling and avoids getting any problem during sleeping.

So trust on your piercer and choose what he suggests as initial jewelry or nose piercing because they know much better than you.

Can you get your nose pierced with a clear stud?

Can you have a fake nose piercing?

It is the smartest way to enjoy piercing without any pain. Fake jewellery is available in many colours and different, amazing styles which perfectly suits all people.

If you want to wear fake nose jewellery it is a proper way to improve your personality and look trendy. By wearing a nose piercing fake, you can save yourself a lot of problems relating to piercing procedure.

Is Kangaroo Bone piercing the oldest bone jewellery ever found? Is it the oldest type of ornament?

It ‘s about 44,000 BC, a crafted piece of bone was found in Australia there. It was looking as if it was the first jewellery which is designed to piercing the nose. It was designed to be worn in the nasal septum and it is the oldest type of jewellery ever found in the world. Research shows that the people who reached Australia, before 50,000 years, were also as polishing and civilised as their counterparts in Africa and Europe.

This oldest piece of bone jewellery has been found in the Kimberly region of Northern America. It was unearthed by the archaeologist of Australian National University(ANU).

This kangaroo bone was used to wear through the nose, has been dated more than 46,000 and this discovery debunks the theory that bone tools were not used in Australia for thousands of years. This evidence proves that the earliest inhabitant of Australia has used bone for making tools and ornaments.

One of the researchers says that people had bone tools in Africa at least 75,000 years ago and when people left Africa and reached Australia

So this trend is also coming from African bone. Some people believed that during the journey of Africa and Australia, this knowledge for making bone and tools was lost. Nose bone is also worn in Australia but for a different group, there are different meanings of bone. In some groups, nose bone is just associated with elders but for other groups, there is no age restriction and everyone can wear them

This discovery of ancient bone in Australia is very important because it reshapes our concepts and understanding about the earliest inhabitant. It also proves that early people of Australia were capable of doing all the complex action, it is evidence of their complicated behaviour.

How can i get rid of the bump on my nose piercing?

If you clean your nose piercing regularly and keep it clean from germs and other infected things, this prevents appearing a bump around your piercing area but if a bump appears on your nose piercing, it can remove a bump by following all these steps :

  • Clean your nose twice a day with cotton and saltwater
  • Wash your hands before touching your nose piercing
  • You may need to change your jewellery
  • Apply lavender oil or tea tree oil
  • Do not touch or twist nose ring unnecessarily
  • Try to sleep on the other side
  • Do not go swimming etc
  • Do not apply any antiseptic or alcoholic spray-on piercing
  • Your makeup should not contact with your piercing

If you follow all these steps, your bump will be removed but if it does not remove. Then consult your piercer or your doctor and follow all precautions which they recommend for removing the bump.


Nose piercing is a type of cartilage piercing which is most popular except ear piercing. It adds beauty and style on your facial and has different logical and social concepts and the notion.

But it has much more to you because once you get nose piercing, it will last your whole life with you. That ‘s why before getting nose piercing, you should be careful of all the necessary things that you love your piercing.


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