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What Side do Females Get Their Nose Pierced on?

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What Side do Females Get Their Nose Pierced on? When we talk about piercing so how it is possible not to talk about nose piercing.In today’s world it is became a new trendy fashion, specially in teenagers.

Nose piercing is  trendy everywhere.As well as it is a form of a traditional ritual,or religious ritual in some places.In several years this trend got a huge fame around the world.In today’s age there are lots of varieties of nose piercing, and nostril piercing is one of them which is commonly known as” nose piercing”.

I have found that many females are confused to which side should  they have their piercing left or right? In septum piercing, there is no left or right but usually females like nostril piercing more than the septum. So let’s know more about which side? the answer is based on myth, cultural effects, medicinal advise and most importantly “trend”.

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What side should a woman get her nose pierced on?

As soon as the trend of piercing is emerging day by day, females have lots of questions regarding their piercing.One of them is to which side do they have their piercing.

In Western culture left side.In Asia left side too.So the only left side is correct?.

Well,to finding out this answer we need to know a bit about Ayurveda.According to historical database Ayurveda is a medicinal system found in India.It is consist of natural and traditional therapies.Ayurveda says left nose piercing helps to maintain body pressure and it is also helpful to control pain during mensuration and after child birth.But in South India females use to have their piercing on left whether in East, North and West India on right side.By this notion we can also say that It is also depend on culture, Where you are living.

There is also a myth that whoever has their piercing on left, might be a transgender,but again this is just a myth and nothing.

After all, it is not considered by piercer. In a general way,left is good but you are allow to have your piercing right as well.There is no problem in it.

Male vs Female nose piercing.

Now those of you who are thinking that is any side of your nose either left or right compulsory for a particular gender? then that is also wrong.Nose piercing cannot be divided in terms of gender.An individual can get pierced on which side she wants.

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Right nose piercing

It is okay to have a right nose piercing because it is just a myth that only trans person have their piercing on right.But Ayurveda considered Left is beneficial and healthy.There are lots of celebs who have their piercing on right side.So if you want to try right side nostril piercing then no doubt it’s definitely okay.

And yes you can also say it nostril piercing because it does not matter what the side of your nostril region is.

Is right nose piercing more painful ?

The only nose piercing that is less painful,it is nostril piercing.Left and right both are painful but little than Septum or Conch piercing.

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Celebrities with right side nose piercing

When we talk about trend and fashion , celebrities are those who are always popular for their trends.Perhaps sometimes their hairstyles, sometimes dresses, sometimes heals but have you ever notice their piercing ?or on which side they have got their piercing?, left or right.

There are many celebrities who have their piercing .Some of have left,some of have right,and some of have septum as well.

Lauren Jauregui has her right nose pierced. She use to wear mix and match jewelry.Wolftyla has got left and right both sides of her nose pierced.In an Award function Ruth B had seemed with her right piercing.Sara Forsberg also got her nose pierced on right side.

That trendy fashion of right nose piercing among celebs also reject this notion that only trans persons can get right nose piercing.

So which side are you going to get pierced?

When You Get Your Nose Pierced Does it Have to be a Stud?

What side of your nose do you pierce if your straight?

Sometimes nose piercing also depend on factors as well.Lots of females choose their piercing side according to their face,is it suitable on your shape or not? but really this doesn’t affect so much on your piercing.So here is a piece of advise,

You can choose any side of your nose for piercing what you want.

Left side is considered best in such case if your straight.Left side also have some benefits like- it will help to control your pain.

Can i change my nose piercing after a month?

When you get your nose pierced does it have to be a stud?

Yes, for the first time it have to be stud .It is most important that your stud is made up of skin friendly materials.These studs have particular structure which make balance on your nose’s upper side by a longitudinal inner structure.It is easy to wear.In some places It is also use to pierce nose directly but that kind of stud is sharp and consist of needle like end.It is most important to wear tide stud  and Twist it daily.

Now the common question is not that should it be a stud but the question which is kind of critical and In my opinion many people wanted their answer is  “is it necessary to wear it for six months in case if I can get in touch with keloid or I don’t want to wear stud anymore because it is allergic to my skin?”

If you have get your nose pierced, after a month you can put your stud off and can use neem streak in place of a nose stud. Neem streak is healthy for your nose and prevent keloid or any other infection due it’s antibacterial property ,remember if putting of your nose ring is painful then it means it is not cured yet.You need to wait until it becomes painless.

And the last thing that you have to notice is not to use nose ring instead of stud if you are a newbie otherwise it will be painful when you try to change your nose stud for the first time.But yes,after your healing period you can wear any kind of nose jewelry whatever you want.

Can you get your nose pierced with a clear stud?

Left nose piercing meaning?

Left nose piercing helps to lower your pain during menses and after childbirth,It also helps to control body pressure according to Ayurveda (Traditional Indian medicinal system).But In Indian subcontinent not everyone follows Ayurveda.They actually get pierced in the bases of culture.

Left nose piercing or nostril is less painful then Cartilage or any other nose piercing.

Even a twelve to eighteen years old can get this piercing but consult to a piercer before you going to get pierced.And the most important thing is you should be good at taking care of your pierced nose,in case if it does not so it can cause infection.So be aware and make a healthy routine.

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Double nose piercing same side name?

Side nose piercing is choice of a majority of females because it is easy to done and easy to handle piercing.

Whenever someone asked about side nose piercing, which means she is talking about “Nostril piercing”. Nostril piercing is done in nostril region of nose,which is fluffy,soft and broad part of the nose.This is one of the easiest piercing with less pain than the other piercings. A majority of females always want this piercing before going through septum piercing.

This piercing can be done on any side of your nose either left or right. It takes almost six months to be cured.Before curing don’t tease it or touch it unnecessarily.Wash first your hands and touch when you need.

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Nose Jewelries Variety

Today where we have different kinds of nose piercings at the same time we also have a huge Variety of nose rings in market.Now the common mistake that teens make is not to choose skin friendly metal and after piercing they get keloid or irritation.So preventing these issues we have to keep this point in mind before purchasing any kind of nose metal.

Whenever you go to piercer , they will answer Titanium nose rings or studs are best for your nose.The reason behind it they are lightweight and scratch free along with less chances of keloid.

You can also purchase gold nose rings or stainless steel with surgical quality.

Not to go to plastic or nylon nose rings, they can increase the chances of bacterial infection.

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After getting know about different facts,myth, tradition,and Ayurvedic advise in my opinion left side is best because this has some  benefits and the most important thing is trend,this is also in trend now a days.Majority of females have got their pierced on left but right is not bad at all.We have seen lots of celebs with right and left both kind of piercing so it’s up to you.Break this myth that only trans persons can have right side nose piercing.

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