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When Can I Change My Conch Piercing to a Hoop Ring Jewelry?

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Do you know what couch piercing is all about? Couch piercing is the one that takes place in the middle portion of your main ear cartilage. This makes it come about to be the most famous and customization based face piercing. As you will perform the couch piercing for the first time you will feel that the main area of your cartilage is similar to the shape of a conch shell.

In case if you have finally decided to opt for this type of piercing, then you can either look for outer conch piercing or you can even pick inner conch piercing as well. As we talk about the inner conch it is on the lower cartilage and you can decorate it by using cartilage stud. As outer conch is concerned, it normally sits on upper cartilage and it is always supporting a larger hoop that is positioned around the edges of the ear.

Have you been planning to go for a conch piercing very soon? If yes then this blog will be helpful tips for you to get an idea about what this piercing is all about and how much pain it can be. Plus in this blog I will be guiding you about when can you change your conch piercing jewelry and what are the needed precautionary which you need to keep in mind while changing the piercing rings.

Does a conch piercing hurt?

Pain is completely subjective so it is difficult to conclude how painful this piercing can be for you. It might hurt you but the level of hurt and pain will be different according to different skin textures of the people.

If you are piercing for the first time then it is quite an ordinary idea to get a conception that cartilage piercing is extremely painful as compared to ordinary piercing types. If in case your ears are fully naked except for the logs then in that condition choosing conch piercing is not the best idea for you. In the starting stages of the procedure,you may feel a sharp pain and high pressure on your piercing area for a few hours or even after the days of the procedure ending. Hencea throbbing pain may stay with you for a long time.

This conch piercing pain can get even worse as you will start cleaning your piercing area or during the time of your sleeping posture. In the starting few days the pain gets even worse when you change or roll yourself on the bed during your sleep.

Hence there are different reasons and causes based on which the intensity of pain can be measured. This can be either the kind of method you have picked for piercing or can be based on your tolerance level. This whole pain will last for at least a few weeks.

Everything you need to know about conch piercings?

Before you opt for piercing a beginner needs to know about its complete procedure. Conch piercing is categorized into two different methods in which one method is outer conch piercing and the second method is inner conch piercing.

One of the most common procedures which are probably used for the beginners is all about using a regular piercing needle. Hence in this procedure the expert or the physician with first of all clean the specific area of piercing and later on he will mark points on both sides of the piercing area and at last he will insert the needle and inject the jewelry piece inside your cartilage area.

The whole process probably takes a few minutes to get completed successfully. The second method which most of the people request to do so is the dermal punch method! The reason why most people choose this procedure is only because of their wish or want to wear a larger piece of jewelry. As similar to the rest of the ear lobe piercing, you should not be stretching your cartilage. In case if you want to wear a bigger jewelry piece, you should request your expert to make a bigger hole.

Guideline about conch piercing aftercare

As you are finally done with the conch piercing it is extremely important to pay attention to the aftercare tips. Risks and allergic reactions are common when proper aftercare tips are not followed from your side. It is essential to prevent any sort of infection that might happen during the long healing time. Let’s discuss some of the important aftercare tips for the beginners:

  • Firstly always make sure that you have clean your piercing at least two times a day for the coming next 3 months.
  • Make sure you wash your hands carefully before washing or touching your infected area.
  • Make the use of a paper towel for cleaning of wiping off the area which is infected with a conch piercing.
  • Try to avoid touching the infected area during cleaning or any other hour of the day.
  • You should avoid wearing best jewelry for conch piercing until and unless you are not sure about the 100% healing process.

What is the average cost of conch piercing?

The approximate cost of performing an orbital conch piercing is between $32 to around $90. But besides looking for affordable treatment, it is always recommended to pick an experienced and professional piercing expert on whom you can trust. You should never choose an expert who makes the use of piercing guns in the treatment as there are chances of damaging your ear with the gun.

In case if you are confused about choosing between outer conch and inner conch, you can also look for some other two variations which are part of this category. Hence you can get a little wild with your middle ear cartilage by choosing double or triple conch piercing experience.

It is all about to stack your whole piercing on the top of the skin in a horizontal direction. It completely looks amazing for any Halloween party or a night time club party. But all in all, you should always look for the piercing variation which is suitably matching with your personality and makes you look elegant while walking in the middle of the crowd. No matter whatsoever kind of variation you have selected, at the end of the day you need to take care of it by following some important and immediate aftercare tips.

What are the common risks of conch piercing?

Infection is probably the most common and biggest risks when it comes to conch piercing. But still you can experience some more risks too. Your piercing can even be rejected which is also known as migration. At the time of migration, your whole body will react slowly which makes you feel as if you are pushing your piercing out.

You can raise your changes of migration risk in case you will wear a jewelry piece of metal which can be a lot allergic.  You can ask your piercer to guide you more about some other signs of risks which can be irritating for the skin.

Allergic reactions can additionally make your pores and skin feel itchy. Another chance you run when you get a conch piercing is the formation of a cartilage piercing bump. These are common due to immoderate scar tissue increase (keloids), granulomas, or pustules. The piercing approach itself can additionally lead to cartilage bumps. If a piercing gun is used rather of a needle or dermal punch equipment, you can end up with these bumps too.

You can get more information about piercing risks and its side effects by consulting your piercing expert. Risks and allergic reactions are common when proper aftercare tips are not followed from your side.

How long until you can change your conch piercing?

Through the earlobes, you can choose to change the piercing after 8-9 weeks. But when it comes to the conch piercing, you have to wait for at least 12 months. If you are wearing straight or the curved barbells as a jewelry piece, you can easily change it on your own. You can easily remove it through unscrewing.

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What are the pros and cons of conch piercing?

Besides being cute looking, such piercing is quite a lot versatile in nature when it comes to wearing hoops and studs. You can keep the whole appearance low with minimalist studs or let it be combined with some outdated look.

Its major drawback is that the ear cartilage skin is quite thick so probably it will take a longer time in terms of healing. During the time of healing, irritation and skin infections will be common based on aftercare tips you are following.  Hence you should also limit your physical activities as well.

What size gauge is used for conch piercing?

For the double conch piercing, the most common gauge size which can be used is 14-16 gauge. This size can be used for both inner and outer conch piercing. Before the expert starts your piercing, you need to be sure about the gauge size and how it will react on your ear cartilage at the time of healing.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

when can i change my conch piercing jewelry?

When it comes to changing the conch piercing, you have to wait for at least 12 months. It probably takes a maximum of 9-10 months to heal itself completely.

how long do conch piercings take to heal?

The approximate time for the conch piercing healing will depend on your tolerance level and skin texture. At an ordinary level, the healing time is around 10 months maximum which is quite a lot longer as compared to other piercing types.

how to heal conch piercing faster?

You can easily heal your piercing by wearing the right size of the jewelry. Avoid rolling or changing the jewelry until and unless the piercing is not fully healed. In case if you experience any swelling or redness, instantly use body piercing spray.

how long does a conch piercing stay swollen?

Conch Piercing will stay red and swollen throughout the 3 weeks even after the procedure has been done successfully. As the cartilage area has thick skin, therefore, experiencing redness or swelling will be common.

How do I know when my conch piercing is healed?

You will get an idea about your conch piercing healing once your redness and swelling around cartilage has completely gone off. You will feel no pain while rolling your jewelry or even changing it constantly.

Can I change my conch piercing after 2 months?

No! Conch piercing takes almost 10-15 weeks to get fully recovered. Changing conch piercing after 2 months can cause some skin infections.

can i change my conch piercing after 3 months?

Probably yes! After 3 months if the swelling and redness are completely removed, you can consult your piercing specialist and go for the change.

can i change my conch piercing myself?

If you are wearing straight or the curved barbells as a jewelry piece, you can easily change it on your own. You can easily remove it through unscrewing.


So this was an end of the discussion about how conch piercing is performed and what sort of variations are part of conch piercing. It although looks elegant and charming but at the same time it requires extra aftercare and healing attention as well. Consult a professional specialist or piercing expert and get more data/information about conch piercing.

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