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Why I Quit Paparazzi Jewelry? (Top Ten Reason)

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Lots of people are out there who have resigned and stopped working for the paparazzi jewelry company. Here you can check out some of the main reasons why I quit paparazzi jewelry! We hope that you will find these reasons well justified enough.

If you have worked in a similar capacity for this company and quit as well, then share with us your reasoning and justification on why you left it. We know that it is one of the popular brands that make cheap, low-price, and high-quality jewelry pieces.

They hire consultants and on selling the product, you get the commission. There is no fake operation that is carried out by this company. But there are a few of their workers who have left this company recently. They have come up with their own reasoning.

In this post, we have collected the top ten reasons that have pushed people to immediately leave and get resigned from it. You can see the details and for more recent updates on paparazzi jewelry, stay tuned over here:

Reason 01: Paparazzi Was Risking Their Employees And Drivers Life During A Pandemic

They were continuously releasing and launching the products during the time of pandemics. According to most of the employees, the company was risking their lives and also the lives of their FedEx drivers. Pandemic emotionally breakdown a lot of people and jewelry is not something that you should be considered as the topmost priority.

The brand was pushing their workers constantly to make and launch as well as sell new products and to deliver them as well and that was believed to be immensely risky for the employees of paparazzi jewelry. That is why a large chunk of them gets resigned. In addition, they put up this post on Instagram and asked their workers and staff what are paparazzi for you, and the majority number of replies said death, which is so shocking.

Thus, it is one of the primary reasons that pushed and convinced people to stop working for them. They do not feel like risking their lives during pandemics and going out for selling their products. Besides, this justification was backed by so many employees especially from countries like Canada.

Reason 02: Runs On The Pyramid Scheme

Reason 02: Runs On The Pyramid Scheme

Another reason that pushed people to stop working for it! They are of this belief that the company runs on the pyramid scheme. Moreover, they have perceived that paparazzi operations do not look valid and genuine enough and they perceive them as fake and sub-standard kind of!

Celebs like Margot Robbie have also started to believe in this speculation that the company functions on the pyramid scheme and that turns out to be one of the biggest reasons that pushed workers to quit!

Some of the resigned workers and consultants who worked for it have advertised this point that staff members do not get equal bonuses and incentives over there. No care and concern is shown towards the employees and information get to keep on being manipulated that is always hard to understand and comprehend by the staff working over there.

Reason 03: Pressure Of Recruiting New Consultants

All the employees faced a lot of pressure when it comes to recruiting new consultants. During their working span, they were asked to bring more and more people so that they can work for Paparazzi Company and that was believed to be one of the toughest milestones to achieve.

To get rid of this pressurized state, employees started to leave and quit their jobs. They were finding it a lot more difficult and challenging to bring in new workers, that is why they thought of the idea of leaving the company and doing some other kind of work instead.

Reason 04: You Will Definitely Go Into Debt

We all know that it is a multi-level marketing company and it pushes its workers to bring more staff for their company. Lots of employees have quit it because they were finding themselves going into debt.

Pushing a person to join the paparazzi was not an easy task and they had to offer some money and incentive to the second person to work for the company. Thus, this whole practice brought the already working employees into debt zone and that encouraged them to quit.

Reason 05: Up-Front Expenses

Reason 05: Up-Front Expenses

Working for paparazzi, all mean that you have to bear the cost of up-front expenses on your own. All consultants who are previously or currently working for it, they have to invest their money while getting a fast internet connection, buying a postage printer, creating a website and there are so many more other factors as well.

Just to get rid of these up-front expenses, employees handed over their resignations and started looking for some other job. If you have recently left this company on 25-12-2021, let us know whether paying for the up-front expenses was one of the reasons that encouraged you to take this bold step of quitting.

Reason 06: Hostess Rewards

According to some of the employees, the paparazzi give hostess rewards to their workers, but they are completely useless and hopeless rewards. Like, they give them orange beaded necklace, pink fringy necklace and the list goes on and on.

These are just silly gift ideas that one can think of! When you quit from here, it is their policy to either return these gifts or to put them into the trash, which is so disappointing! And this factor pushed workers to bid goodbye to it.

Reason 07: The MLM, 15 or 50

Moving to more of the reasons and justifications that pushed people to quit from here! They started to carry this thought in their heads that all economies and countries are facing recession and inflation time because of pandemics.

People will not be interested in buying as long as the pandemic time gets disappeared. For the reason that they thought of looking of some other work opportunity that might give them better returns, satisfaction and better income at the end of the day.

Reason 08: All-New Jewelry Releases Are Not All New

Reason 08: All-New Jewelry Releases Are Not All New

If Paparazzi Company states that they are sooner launching their new jewelry collection, so never believe in that! There is this major speculation going on that not all of their newly launched collections are actually new. Moreover, it is believed that they just change the name and price tag of their accessories.

They just give those accessories a different color and tone and thus give an impression that a new collection has come out. Employees working over there did not like these double standards and they simply make their minds leave the company.

Employees believe that customers should not be given the fake impression that all collections are new and latest and no double standards are embossed in them. In addition, they genuinely believe that being one of the topmost jewelry-making companies, paparazzi should remain honest and loyal to their customers but they are not opting for this practice. Such a fake and low-class practice encouraged workers to stop working for them.

Reason 09: It Is An Oversaturated Market

Yes, it has become an over-saturated market and is getting tougher day by day for the consultants to work for paparazzi Jewelry Company. It is one of the noticeable reasons that pushed them to quit. If you will access their website, simply enter a zip code, and there you will get the complete list regarding how many consultants are working in that zip code location. The numbers are massive and over-saturated.

The company is hiring a mammoth number of consultants and they are least bothered about the fact of how to take care of them. The company is only focusing on the fact to get more and more consultants so that their sales numbers get to grow. Here we do not see any support system and that is the paramount reason that pushed the old employees to resign from here.

Reason 10: Consultants Get Nothing

Reason 10: Consultants Get Nothing

The last reason that clearly illustrates this fact on why workers are quitting paparazzi! It is that consultants working for them do not get anything in return. They just get a small commission and nothing else.

The minute employees reach this state, his all interest level gets disappeared and thoughts of quitting come into his mind. You might have seen many Independent Consultants working for this company reaching the point of giving up and most of them have stated this fact they are not getting anything in return.

Consultants do not have a single idea of how to grow and excel themselves while associating themselves with paparazzi and that is the point to consider and ponder on! For making passive income, this is a suitable place that you can pick up but for growth and long-term success perspective, working for this company is not a suitable and appropriate choice.


That is all we have about the top ten reasons why I quit paparazzi jewelry! To wrap our discussion, you can well understand this point that most of the employees are quitting and resigning because they are not seeing any growth, success, or learning factor. Working over here is just putting them into debt and they are pushed to pay for the up-front expenses.

In addition, there is another pressure that employees had to face and it is the task of bringing more consultants. Even more, some believe that this company functions on the pyramid scheme, its MLM multi-level marketing scheme structure does not look real and genuine. Besides, some think that their claim of launching new collections every single day is fake and they simply use the old collections and give them a different title!

With all of these reasons and justifications, people are not comfortable while working over here. If they improve their structures, working policies and devise programs for their employees’ benefits, then we are hopeful that the perception of people will get changed.

If you had been linked with Paparazzi Company at any point of the time and you have also resigned from it. Let us know why you left it and what the main reason was that you would like to share with your fellow readers. Stay tuned to have updates on the jewelry world, be it anything on rings, necklaces, or bracelets.

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