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Ear Piercings For Guys Left or Right – Top Trending Beliefs in 2021

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You might have seen lots of guys and men who have pierced their ears. Some of them pierced their left ears, some have gone for right ear piercing. On the other hand, a few of the guys have pierced both of their ears.

The trend of men’s ear piercing has gained attention for ages and ages. One should not determine the sexual orientation of a guy if he has pierced his ears. According to most of the guys, they do so just for fun’s sake and also to cook.

In addition, here you can check that what it actually means if guys have pierced their right or left ears or both of their ears! There are certain beliefs that are encapsulated in our minds. Here you can check out the details and meaning of ear piercing if done by men!

Moreover, if you know about any of the prevailing beliefs that why guys pierce their ears, then do share that with us. According to many people. They look cool and funky enough when their ears are pierced.

In the past, those guys who used to pierce their ears, they prefer doing so just to represent and display their sexual preference. In other words, ear-piercing used to tell us whether the guy is straight or gay or bi-sexual.

 We are going to share both of the old and current beliefs with you, so let us jump on the details: 

In Which Ear do Guys Wear Earrings to Present that they are not Gay?

guys ear piercing

First of all, we can give you an idea and a little bit hint regarding catching up with the fact of how to know if a guy is gay or not! We are now living in a dominantly heterosexual culture and it has become somewhat critical and crucial for men to give an exact idea about their sexual orientation. Furthermore, it is through certain hints, gestures, and displays that they tell the other person about their sexual identity.

Apart from that, you should not believe in the fact that just queer and strange-looking men wear earrings. This is not the case at all! This is a wrong conception that just queer and odd men wear earrings. Even a normal and straight sexual orientation can wear earrings as well.

If one looks at the hip hop world, then you might have seen many rappers who professionals wear earrings like we have Drake. But this does not mean this rapper and hip-hop artist wear an earring just to display his sexual preference. Many rappers and hip-hop artist professionals wear earrings and pierce their ears for looking super-cooler.

The current times and present beliefs have urged us to stop identifying men’s sexual orientation merely on the basis that they have worn earrings. Furthermore, there are lots of other genres that have successfully displayed and shown to us that straight men do wear earrings regularly and frequently. In this 21st century, you cannot simply conclude that this guy is gay because he is wearing earrings.

How to not Look Gay with Earrings?

left ear piercing meaning

There are a bunch number of prevailing thoughts that are existing and revolving around this piece of the discussion. You can check out the complete details from here. The main question is that how not to be considered and identified as gay!

Some people have started to believe that it tells a lot about your sexual orientation and personality by looking at the earring position and in which ear lobe you have worn that.

As an example, if you are from America and Australia, then it is generally believed and perceived that you are going to wear earrings on your left ear. And Americans, Australians flaunting earrings on their left ears are usually and specifically considered as gays.

All in all, these beliefs and perceptions used to be stronger way back in the time of 1980s and now people’s mindset has become more open and flexible. People now do not care who is wearing earrings and what sexual preference do they have.

Most importantly, in the past, it was considered much embarrassing and humiliating if any guy makes mistakes of wearing an earring in the wrong ear. People at that time used to believe that guys should wear an earring in the correct ear lobe so that desired message can be conveyed to the other person, and in past, this question also raised that Why do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears?

Besides, now we are seeing a prevailing consensus in a few of the countries. Like, if any guy wants to tell and show that he is straight in terms of sexual orientation, then he should get his left ear pierced. On the other hand, if guys pierce their right ears, then it means they are trying to communicate and display that they are gay.

How to Identify Sexual Orientation of Bikers and Pirates?

You might be wondering how to identify the sexual orientation of bikers and pirates; here you can see the guide. Not in the rap world but also in the world of bikers and pirates, there surround some beliefs, theories, and philosophies of wearing earrings by men. Like, if bikers and pirates do the piercing right on their left ear, then it is assumed that they are straight.

There is an interesting belief and opinion that is gathered from lots of gay men out there. They have come up with the notion that wearing earrings has become an outdated and not-so-cool trend. This practice should not be seen just to identify and recognize that who is straight, gay, and bi-sexual. All in all, gay men have urged and convinced other people not to take this trend very much seriously. Even straight men can freely wear earrings if they want to look cool.

Thus, the prevailing perception is here to stay and people are going to constantly recognize their sexual preference on this aspect of wearing earrings. Furthermore, no matter you ask this question from thousands number of people, you will get the explanation that some do not care why men wear earrings and some people do judge them.

To put this argument in the simplest terms, the idea and trend of wearing earrings by men vary and actually differs from culture to culture. Moreover, the overall idea and conception to flaunt an earring to display sexual orientation has become all old enough around and about 30 years ago.

On the other hand, in some of the countries, cultures, and even in a few of the sub-cultures, people over there hold this belief that wearing earrings actually and generally signifies whether they are gay or not! In whatever country you are living, you can ask for the opinion and views of the general public and then decide whether you want to believe this myth or not.

Even more, it is of utmost importance for all of us to know about that country’s deep traditional values that they hold and possess regarding their gender roles as well as masculinity.

Are you gay if you Pierce your Right Ear?

right ear piercing

As we have already mentioned in the above part of this piece of writing that guys piercing their right ears are usually perceived as gays! On the same note, the countries where you are living highly and immensely dictate this belief. As we have jumped into the 21st century, it is now the right time that we should become liberal. One should not believe in these ear-piercing myths at all. It is the correct time that we should become liberal and open when it comes to body piercings.

There we have spotted and seen an immense number of K-pop artists and their bodies are usually filled with lots of piercings and markers. Their fans do not judge and assume about their sexual preference and orientations. Furthermore, K-pop artist sexual preference is never and ever put into question even if their bodies or ears are injected with piercings and markers

We, as a young generation do not judge these K-pop artists and other men who have pierced their ears because we are comparatively more liberal as compared to the older generation.  It is commonly seen that people from the older generation frown upon such people. And millennials and the young generations do not care at all whoever has whatsoever sexual preferences.

The time period of the mid-80s and 90s has shown and proven to us that people do not care and bothered about the perception regarding what people think if they have pierced their ears! In other words, they have thrown and toss away this narrative and now people are free to accept all those guys who have pierced their ears. Moreover, they do not get displeased to see such pierced men.

So, if we talk about the 2021 time, now it is generally conceptualized that any guy can wear earrings and pierce their ears regardless of the fact what their sexual preference is! In the present time, one cannot clearly and directly tell whether the guy is straight or not by just looking at his pierced ears. Furthermore, there is no need to give any attention and heed to the stereotypical ideas regarding and concerning what it means to be gay.

Is It all Alright to Pierce Both of your Ears If you are not Gay?

As described from the above video from youtube. Now, the main question is it alright to pierce both of your ears? As you have collected a suitable amount of information and facts on piercing right and left ears! Here you can check out what does it mean if a guy has pierced both of his ears.

So, what is actually considered a guy, is so far dependent on the practice of piercing his right ear or left ear. And these days, it is even believed that guys piercing both of their ears are considered as gays as well.

With the emergence of K-pop artists, rappers, and hip hop artists, the belief that dual-ear pierced guys are gay started to get fade now. We have lots of rappers and K-pop artists who wear earrings in both of their ears but they are not gay and their sexual preference is even straight. This has become a common and general practice of seeing men with pierced ears and flaunting large earrings and other ornaments embellishments on their bodies.

We say and highlight this thing again and again that it actually depends on the country where you are living and what people think over there about men with pierced ears. Moreover, if you have some other perspective about this trend, then freely share that with us.

Men with Pierced Ears Explains Their Current Attitude

More of now, those men have started to capture more and more attention that have pierced their ears. In other words, they look more unique, creative, and different from the rest of the men. Men with pierced ears carry more attitude and charisma in their personalities. Their styling statement becomes strong and they start to self-love themselves as well.

Wearing earrings is not only about showing and explaining your sexual orientation, it is even more than that! This trend explains your current attitude, personality, and style.

In addition, there are a large number of men’s jewelry lines out there that make unique and trendy earrings for men. This is so much amazing! With the emergency of such kind of jewelry lines, we can say that more and more people have accepted this trend of men with pierced ears. It is observed that a large number of men prefer going for plug earrings as well as Huggies.

If you do not want to give this projection that you are gay or not, then try wearing such earrings that are unisex or entirely designed for men category. Even more, men should avoid wearing flashy jewelry and flashy-looking earrings. They can go for diamond earrings or cubic zirconia earrings. Such options are ideal for men who have pierced their ears.

Benefits of Ear Piercing for Male Adults

benefits of ear piercing for male adults

If a guy has pierced his ear just for the sake of fashion, then there are tremendous other benefits that he will be experiencing and observing. Moreover, men getting their ears pierced are happening for centuries and centuries and this tradition is going to continue in the future as well.

You must even know about the history and ancient details of male piercing. This is not a new trend at all and it dates back to the time 5300 years ago. According to experts and researchers, male mummies went for ear piercings and there are a bunch number of references that tell us that ear piercing was used to be a significant part of ancient times. All guys who wear earrings, this signals and hints us about their wealthy status.

It was way back in the times of 1960s and 70s that ear and body piercings used to be largely and extensively associated with hippies. In addition, this whole phenomenon and who practice was too linked with homosexuals. With the passage of time, heterosexual men started to opt for this trend at the same time.

If we look at the modern era, then it is observed that all kind of men pierce their ears and go for other body piercing just to express themselves. Beyond, if you have keenly and minutely noticed any of the Western cultures, there spotting a guy that comes with an ear-piercing is somewhat a common thing. There is a separate jewelry market that caters and targets to only men’s piercings.

Ear piercing is a way to boost one’s self-esteem

First of all, guys go for ear piercing just to boost their self-esteem. This is one of the common reasons that they pursue and opt for this trend. They do not care what people think about their sexual orientation, they simply wear earrings to increase and boost their self-esteem. On the same note, piercing their ears encourage them to love their own self more and more.

Ear piercing enhances one’s vision and help with digestion

Secondly, guys who go for ear piercing tend to believe that their vision is getting improved. This is a common belief that is generally surrounded by men who pierce their ears. On the same note, men who plan to pierce their ears; their digestive system becomes better and improved. So, if you have deiced to pierce your auricle area that exist between the helix and also the earlobe, then this practice can help you with digestion.

Ear piercing quickens brain development

It is believed and assumed that ear-piercing quickens brain development. This assumption is believed by lots of communities out there. We all know that piercing is considered and marked as an acupuncture technique and it eventually comes out to be a lot more beneficial for your health. Furthermore, this ear-piercing technique heals lots of your body issues and quickens brain development immensely and excessively in children.

Ear piercing treats migraines and back pain

Besides, there are lots of studies that have proven that ear-piercing treats migraines as well as back pain issues of yours. If someone has gone for daith piercing, then keep in mind that this is a kind of piercing that actually and particularly passes through the innermost cartilage section of the ear. And this practice even cures your back pain on ideal notes. It treats chronic pain and helps you out with the muscle relaxation part.

Different Types of Ear Piercings for Guys

different types of ear piercings for guys

Rook Piercing

So far, this is the hardest ear-piercing design idea. However, it is the most popular of all as well. It is explained by lots of ear-piercing artists that going for this piercing might hurt you a lot. You need to have proper cartilage in your ear so that accomplishing this piercing job may become ease for you. Most importantly, the cartilage is pierced right with the help of a piercing gun and then you can inject small loops to give yourself an overall quirky look.

Tragus Piercing

You can well note down that tragus is the external portion and section of the ear. In addition, it is identified as the thick part of your entire and whole ear cartilage. If guys have opted for tragus piercing, then they should avoid wearing big as well as heavy earrings. Instead, it is recommended to wear small and light rings on this section of your ear. Some men like to wear circular rings on the tragus.

Snug Piercing

Snug is the inner part of the rim and it is usually and generally perforated so that it can turn out to look more trendy and fashionable. Even more, ball earrings or a circular earring is worn right on this specific section of an ear. Most noteworthy, the whole process of piercing this section is a bit more painful. You can even call this piercing with the name the anti-helix piercing.

Industrial Piercing

This is one of the unique ear-piercing ways that you can go for! Men look much attractive when they are spotted with industrial piercing. In some of the countries, this piercing type is given the name of Scaffold Piercing. As you can see that two holes are made and created on the ear cartilage and these holes are generally facing each other. After that, a long earring in the form of a piece of wire is driven completely through the holes created between the two punctures.

Other Piercing Ideas That Look Great on a Guy

If you are a guy, then do have a look at these piercing ideas and make your personality more great looking. Like, some men go for the nose and earlobe piercing and some like to go for eyebrow and helix piercing.

Earlobe Piercing

You can either pierce both of your earlobes or one of your earlobes, the choice is totally and entirely up to you. We have seen that piercing an earlobe has always turned out to be the safest bet for all guys out there. Furthermore, it is your overall jewelry choice that can further improve your piercing game.

This is the least painful location that men can pursue. In addition, it is upon doing earlobe piercing that you can easily get to know how well you can handle and manage the rest of the body piercing types. Instead of opting for more painful locations, it is better and advised to go for earlobe piercing.

Helix Piercing

Then we have a helix piercing option for guys! For the information, the helix is located and present in the upper cartilage section. And such a kind of piercing looks great and amazing on guys. If you have gone for helix piercing, then keep in mind that one should inject hoops or studs on them. This piercing idea looks great and wow on all men. This is the common earlobe piercing practice that you must have spotted and noticed on guys.

Eyebrow Piercing

How about doing an eyebrow piercing! Men who have gone for eyebrow piercing look drastically change and attractive enough. In addition, this piercing type instantly changes your overall appearance. But embracing this piercing is not an easy and simple job to do. In other words, this is a painful piercing practice. You have to bear a lot of pain.

Nose Piercing

Next, we have nose piercing that is excessively opted and embraced by men. This piercing idea is getting much amount of popularity as days and time are passing. If any guy has gone for a nose piercing, then remain very wise in your jewelry choice. It is best if you go for nose studs. We are sure that you will be much surprised and amazed to know that how much this piercing changes your overall look.


So, this is all about the set of beliefs and perceptions that we generally carry around us regarding men who have pierced their right ear, left ear or both ears. Keep in mind that this trend and practice only demonstrate that one likes to pierce their ears just to look cool and nothing else. Simply looking at the guy with pierced ears and assuming about this sexual preference is totally and completely wrong.

The overall idea of identifying gays, straight men, and bisexual men no longer exists today. Even straight men wear earrings and this does not mean that they have changed their sexual preference. Identifying the sexual orientation of guys on the basis of this practice is an outdated idea that was used to be witnessed since the time of 30 years.

All Millennials out there and Gen Z and also Baby Boomers are least concerned to know about the sexual preference of guys by looking at their pierced ears. This world has entered the 21st century and the choice of sexual preference is a matter of very much personal choice.

You can keep tuned with us so that more of such details can be conveyed to you. Besides, you can forward your thoughts to us regarding what you think on this practice opted by men having pierced ears and how your overall look at this idea!

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