10 Best Earring Backs for Sleeping in 2021 | Complete Guide

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We all know earrings are the most important component if you want to look elegant at any event or occasion in this world of trends. Using a different type of earrings not only trendsetting but also add glamour to your look. We use a different type of earrings with unique designs but wearing different beautiful earrings never go out of style. Earrings are designed such that they can be used on any occasion or may be used as sleeper earrings. Earrings are provided with secure backs that not only prevent them from falling off but also provide a comfortable sleep.

Here is a list of the best earring backs for sleeping that prevents your earrings from poking. These beautifully designed earring backs prevent entangling and irritation, thus providing you with a comfortable nap.

Most Secure Earring Back by Chrysmela Platinum Patented 

comfortable earring backs for sleeping

Chrysmela earring backs are the best option to use during the nap. These earrings’ backs are made of platinum, so secure during sleep. They weigh 0.16 ounces, which are best to wear all time. Earrings backs are provided with the patented precision mechanism, so fits automatically to all earrings posts. These are available in 3 colors and comfortably used during sleep.


  • Chrysmela earring back is designed in such a way that they perfectly fit the earring post so prevent earring from falling off during nap.
  • Platinum made earrings backs prevent the earlobe from any infection and irritation.
  • The high-quality earring back ensures you long-lasting durability of the earring backs.
  • Lightweight earrings’ backs make them best for use during sleep because they prevent scratches and entanglement.
  • They are free of toxic metals, so prevent allergy.
  • The patented precision mechanism allows these earrings to fit all the earring posts so these can be used for all earrings.
  • Different colors are available for these earrings, so these earrings can be used at any event with different outfits.
  • These earrings’ backs are packed in a beautiful box
  • 30 days money-back and exchange policy is available for 6his product.

Catinee Earring Replacements Sterling Silver Earring Backs

best earring backs that don't fall off

925 Sterling silver earring backs provide comfortable sleep with no irritation. These earrings’ backs are plated with 18K white gold. Thick ear pins with size 0.8 -1mm perfectly fit these earrings’ backs. The Interior side of earrings backs has non-slippery rubber while the exterior is made of anti-oxidation sterling silver material which is non-allergenic.

The diameter of the earring backs is 6mm, and the height is 6mm. They are lightweight and small-sized and best for use during a nap.


  • Unique Catniee earrings’ backs are designed perfectly to give you a perfect sleep without discomfort.
  • 925 sterling silver prevents your earlobes from any infection and gives you a cosy feeling all time.
  • 18K white Gold keeps your earlobes away from any allergic reaction.
  • The lightweight and small size of these earrings’ backs make them able to wear during naps because they don’t burden earlobes and so prevent irritation.
  • Interior rubber of earring back gives cozy feelings and so doesn’t cause any scratches.
  • Anti-oxidation sterling silver is non-allergenic so also prevents the earlobe from any infections.
  • We assure you 30 days money-back and exchange policy with this product.

Earrings You Can Wear 24/7

14K Gold Secure Screw on Earring Backing

best earring backs for heavy earrings

14K Gold Secure Screw on earring backs are designed so perfectly to wear all time even during a nap. These are made of real 925 sterling silver so ensure its long-term durability.923 sterling silver is plated with 14K Gold. Hypoallergenic secure screw on earring backs is nickel-free so prevent an allergic reaction even during a nap. Size is 5mm. White Rose Yellow Gold colors are available for this product.


  • 925 sterling silver ensures the long-term usage of these unique earrings’ backs so you don’t need to remove the earrings at night.
  • 14K Gold provides the long-lasting luster, so it does not fade even after continuous usage.
  • These are nickel-free to prevent any allergy to the earlobe.
  • The small size of these earrings backs makes them able to wear during naps without causing discomfort.
  • The lightweight of these earrings’ backs is best for sensitive ears as it does not cause any irritation and also feel a comfy sensation at night.
  • Multiple colors are available to give you unique looks.
  • We assure 30 days money-back and exchange policy with this product.

Best Cartilage Earrings to Sleep in

4-Pairs 18K Gold Plated Screw Earrings Backs



best earring backs for babies

Delecoe 925 Sterling Silver earring backs are the best option to give you a comfy nap. Earring backs are 18K white Gold plated and free of non-toxic metals. Weight is 0.634 ounces. Hypoallergenic earring backs are nickel-free so prevent allergic reactions.

Threaded post size screw backs are easy to use and fit the earrings posts perfectly with no fear of poking even during sleep.


  • High quality 924 Sterling Silver earring backs ensure you a comfortable nap.
  • These earring backs are plated with 18K white Gold so these earring backs don’t fade with the time.
  • These earrings’ backs are free of toxic metals, so they are hypoallergenic.
  • These earring backs perfectly fit for the threaded post and prevent the earring from falling off even during the sleep.
  • In spite of their lightweight, these earrings backs keep the earring in the earlobe without poking.
  • These earrings’ backs are suitable for sensitive ears.
  • These are packed in a beautiful box.
  • 30 days money-back and exchange policy is assured with this product.

Earring Backs That don’t Poke

14k White Gold Earring Back Replacement Secure Grip Tight Nut


best earring backs for droopy earrings

14K White Gold earring backs made of pure gold are not gold plated and gold-filled. Best earring backs used for sleeping. Strong friction earring backs are easy to use and prevent earrings from poking during a nap Earring backs are easy to grab and perfectly replace the lost earring backs. Hypoallergenic earring backs prevent allergic reactions so you can use them any time High-quality earring backs are stamped with 14K Gold.


  • 14KL Gold earring backs are free of toxic metals so you can wear them all time with no fear of any reaction to your earlobe.
  • 14K Gold also provides the long-lasting luster and long-term durability of the earrings backs.
  • You can wear these earrings easily because of their suitable size.
  • These are hypoallergenic so best for sensitive ears.
  • The unique design of earring backs prevents the earrings from poking so you can wear these earrings during sleep without fear of losing them.
  • Earring backs are stamped with 14K Gold for authentication.
  • 30 days money-back and exchange policy is assured with this product.

Best Earring Backs for Sensitive Ears

AUBE JEWELRY Hypoallergenic 925 Sterling Silver Backs

925 Sterling silver and silicone earring backs are the best sleeper earring backs. Available in suitable size with weight 0.15g.Perfect for the earring post with size 0.19mm. Hypoallergenic earrings back so prevent allergy and infections to the earlobe. Perfect choice to replace the lost ear studs. Light-weight and small-sized earrings keep the earring in the earlobe even during a nap.


  • 925 Sterling Silver and Silicone give you a long-lasting comfy sensation with no discomfort.
  • Proper size and the weight of the earring back don’t burden the earlobe so you can wear it while sleeping with no risk of falling off the earring.
  • Earring posts with the size 0.19mm are suitable for these earring backs.
  • These earring backs are hypoallergenic so free of toxic metals.
  • You can easily replace your lost earring backs with these high-quality earring backs.
  • This product is available with money back and exchange guarantee.

Hoop Earrings You Can Sleep in

Cushioned Silicone Earrings Backs-Set of 6

silicone button earring backs

Cushioned earring backs are the ideal earring backs to keep your earring in the earlobe. Ultra-soft silicone design gives the earring backs a unique look. 6 pairs of earring backs are available, each with a diameter of ⅜”. The lightweight earring backs are comfortable to use during a nap. Earrings are suitable for post-style earrings. The hypoallergenic property makes them best for sensitive ears.


  • Cushiones silicone earring backs are widely used earring backs because they provide a soft sensation to the earlobe.
  • Due to the ultra-softness, they don’t cause scratches and infections to the earlobes.
  • Silicon provides long-lasting durability of earring backs and also prevents infections so you can sleep with these earring backs with no risk of discomfort.
  • These earring backs are hypoallergenic thus preventing the ears from an allergic reaction.
  • 6 pairs of these earrings’ backs make them able to use them with multiple earrings for a longer amount of time.
  • Because of the perfect diameter, you can easily wear these earring backs and it even doesn’t cause any problems if you wear them during sleep.

Most Comfortable Clip on Earrings

Inverness Replacement Stainless Steel Clutches

how to keep earrings from drooping

Inverness Replacement earring backs are comfortable sleeper earring backs. Stainless steel provides long-term usage of these earring backs. These are intended for Inverness piercing ears. Earring backs with a safe clutch are best for freshly pierced ears. Clutches allow the flow of air through it. These are easy to wear and do not squeeze tightly against the earlobe. Hypoallergenic so best for sensitive ears.


  • Inverness earrings’ backs are made of stainless steel so they provide a long-lasting luster that doesn’t fade with time.
  • These earrings’ backs are free of toxic metals so you can wear them all time even while sleeping with no fear of any reaction and irritation.
  • The Clutch of the earring backs is designed such that it allows the free flow of air through the earrings back so these are suitable for the freshly pierced ears.
  • The flow of the air from the clutch keeps the earlobe away from the infections
  • These earring backs allow the proper healing of freshly pierced ears.
  • These are hypoallergenic and easy to wear.
  • Exchange and money back policy is assured with this unique product.

Earring Hooks for Sensitive Ears

Fomissky Clear Earring Backs Rubber, Secure Silicone


clear rubber earring backs

Fomissky clear rubber earring backs provide you the best option if you’re going to choose the sleeper earring backs.Inside of the earring back is a clear rubber with stainless steel while the outer side is wrapped with the stainless steel ring.Earring backs are plated with white gold with high-quality silicone.Length of earring back is 4.5mm while height is 5.5mm. 6 pairs of earring backs perfectly match the post earring hook earrings.


  • Clear rubber earrings with the stainless steel make these earrings back to use multiple time without causing infection.
  • These earring backs are plated with white gold with,  silicon ensures the long-lasting luster which never fades.
  • Length of these earring backs makes them best to fit in the earring so you can wear the earring while sleeping without fear of losing them.
  • These are hypoallergenic earring backs so free of toxic metals and prevent allergy and infections providing you with a comfy sensation.
  • These earring backs are provided with an exchange and money back policy with happiness guaranteed.

Earring Backs That Don’t Fall Off

3PCS Hypoallergenic Earring Backs Silicone for Studs

hypoallergenic clip on earring backs

Clear silicone rubber earring backs are made of sterling silver and are surrounded by half silicon balls. These are comfortable to wear and can even be used during nap. 3 pcs are available for this product including rose gold, pure gold and sterling silver Strong earring backs provide strong grip to the earrings. These are hypoallergenic and can be used by both women and girls.


  • Clear silicone rubber of earring backs prevents any damages and scratches during sleep so you can have a comfy nap by wearing these earring backs.
  • Sterling silver ensures long term durability of these earring backs so you can wear them even during sleeping without removing them.
  • Hypoallergenic properties make these earring backs free from toxic metals so prevents any risk of infection and allergy to the ear lobes.
  • Multiple pieces of this product give you the option to choose the material of your desire.
  • This product is available with moneyback and exchange policy.

Best earring backs for sleeping (Complete Guide)

What earrings are comfortable to sleep in?

In the case of wearing earrings, those earrings are considered the best that can be used all the time without removing them from the earlobe. Sleeper earrings are the perfect earrings because they can be used during a nap. Sleeper earrings with a screw back give the most comfortable sleep because they perfectly hold the earring in the earlobe. Moreover, it prevents any infection and irritation to the ear.

Which earring backs are best?

Perfect earring backs are those which comfortably hold the earring in the earlobe providing a strong grip without irritating and causing infection to the ear. These earring backs are made of high-quality gold, sterling silver, silicone, and stainless steel and prevent the earrings from falling off from the earlobe.

How do I keep my earrings from poking?

To prevent the earring from poking the use of a suitable earring back is an important factor. Earring backs that perfectly fit the earring posts hold the earring in the earlobe preventing them from falling off the ear. Design of the earring back should be designed according to the earring post. Among the earring backs, the silicon stoppers are widely used because they prevent the earrings from poking.

Why do earring backs smell so bad?

It is an obvious fact that smell always comes when precautionary measures are not taken. In the case of earrings, when earring backs are not washed properly on the daily basis they will start producing smell due to the accumulation of dead cells and bacteria. Moreover, earring backs from which the air cannot flow properly can also cause bad smell.

Why are butterfly back earrings bad?

Butterfly earring backs are bad because they may cause swelling of the earlobe. Another bad factor of the butterfly earrings is that they are designed in such a way that they may trap the bacteria that may cause infections. They are also made of poor quality metal that can cause serious damage to the earlobe.

How tight should earrings backs be?

While wearing the earrings, the earring backs are carefully tightened. Earring backs should not loose enough that they may fall off from the earlobe and are not tightened enough that they press the earlobe resulting in damage. Earrings should be tightened so that they remain away from the earlobe.


We all know that wearing different designs of earrings with a variety of screws backs is always trendy. Using different earrings with fine quality is not enough only but quality and the design of the screw backs are also important. Along with the earrings, different earring backs are also used but the fact is that earring backs can be used at all times even during sleep with high quality.

So, keeping in mind the above list of best earring backs for sleeping is not only designed to give your earring back a comfortable sleep without fear of poking and irritation but also designed with high-quality material to give you long-lasting luster and durability.

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