10 Best Cartilage Earrings to Sleep in 2021 | Complete Guide

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Have you been in search of the best cartilage earrings to sleep in? Do you want to know whether cartilage earrings are comfortable to wear during sleep in?

Well as we define the term cartilage earrings, they are made to easily fit over the top part of the ear. These hoops can easily get fitted within the helix piercings where you can also have it adjusted above the earlobes.

Cartilage earrings are extremely light and you would love to wear them all the time if you are not fond of wearing heavy earrings hanging on your ear lobes.

As they are tiny in shape, you can easily have them mix and match on different occasions of formal parties and weddings. Right through this guide, we will share a list of top best cartilage earrings to sleep in reviews 2020 to pick the remarkable one for yourself right now!

Top Best Cartilage Earrings to Sleep in Reviews 2020

VOROCO 925 Sterling Silver Colorful CZ Opal Cute Unicorn Stud

best earrings to sleep in

This has been such a stylish design idea of the study earring which brilliantly adds up with the unicorn form of finishing. It is looking extremely lovely with the combination of different color shades that is part of it. Using it for your kid’s wear is highly recommended.


  • The shape of the unicorn over this earring is making you show the sign of rarity and fantasy. This makes it look unique and so much different to wear for casual days.
  • The whole body of the earring has been made from the Rose Gold Plated 925 sterling silver and is fully decorated with the Opal that can highlight the overall charm of 925 sterling silver.
  • It is recommended for girls who are fond of pursuing fashion and style stigma. You can also gift it to someone as a present.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is the best cartilage earring piece which you would love to wear all the time to give your ears the best comfort. Try it now!

2 Pair Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

what type of earring to put in cartilage

These stylish bead ball set earrings are known to be best for the ladies, men, and even for the girls with the multi-piercing. It is available in different dimensions to pick the one which suitably matches your ear fitting. They do bring a traditional form of stud earring outlook which even the toddlers can wear.


  • The material of this earring is made out of 14K White Gold Plated Sterling Silver Multi-Piercing Stud Earrings.
  • Plus they are also included with the finishing of the handmade high-quality of the Cubic Zirconia.
  • It is available in different dimensions to pick the one which suitably matches your ear fitting.
  • Plus it is available with the 2 Pair as 1 set where they best fit for Standard Lobe and Upper Lobe.

Final Verdict

Wearing a bead ball set the shape of the earring will always add a classy and elegant outlook for your ear piercing. Your toddlers will also love to wear it all the time as they are extremely durable and comfortable.

Hoop Earrings You Can Sleep in

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Hypoallergenic Earring

best sleeper earrings

This has been such a traditional and pretty designed idea of the cartilage earring which is best to be used at the time of sleep in. You can easily have it worn at formal parties or for wedding celebrations where it is available in different sizes and shapes.


  • This is the 3 Pairs 925 sterling silver earrings that are available with the jewelry pouch.
  • Such silver earrings are available within various forms of colored stones as well as sizes for actually meeting your different needs.
  • This is often added up with the 3mm natural amethyst gemstone stud earrings best for the little girls.
  • These are the >5mm round AAA+ Cubic zirconia stud earrings which are best for men.
  • It is also available as >6mm created white fire opal stud earrings for women.

Final Verdict

On the whole, this has been a traditional and much stylish designed idea of the cartilage earring piece, which you can wear best for formal parties and casual gatherings.

Sterling Silver 12mm CZ Pave Small Hoop Huggie Earrings

If you are fond of wearing huggie earrings then this is the best option for you to pick right now. They are such an elegantly designed piece of earring that you would be fond of earring at formal parties. They are very much lightweight and are round in shape.


  • These are the stylish petite simulated diamond huggies that are perfect for everyday wear.
  • They are very tiny and yet versatile to wear with any of the earrings in the same ear. These gorgeous gold earrings are all in all perfect for any occasion.
  • These are the 12mm inner diameter small hoops which are featuring 9 small CZ stones each earring and are set on a 3mm pave band.
  • They are a perfect gift to present to someone on the anniversary or birthday.

Final Verdict

Hence these are such an elegant form of cartilage earrings that are perfect to be worn on all occasions. You will be falling in love with the beauty of these earrings.

Earrings You Can Wear 24/7 

FetteroHuggie Earrings Gold Hoop Stud Ear Cuff

huggie hoop earrings with charm

This is the minimalist and stylish earring for the lady’s daily wear. It looks so stylish and very elegant for daily wear as well. For the first time cartilage piercing, we will be highly recommending it.


  • This earring is available as a 1 pair of gold chunky crossover x ear cuff earrings available in a wonderful small box.
  • The ear cuff is hence opened perfect for 3.8mm-3.9mm and the crossover x band width is 7mm.
  • It is available in the 14k-gold-plated-brass within a shiny lifetime protective finishing.
  • It is 1005 Nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a minimalist earring set, then choosing this earring piece is the best option for you. It is lead-free and is completely safe to wear during sleep time.

8Pcs Ear Cuffs for Non-Pierced Ears Gold Ear Cuff Earrings

endless hoop earrings

This has been such a perfect and best ear cuff that you can wear for the cuff earrings. Wearing it for formal gatherings or casual wear will make you look so elegant and classy.


  • It is a perfect combination of the timeless golden hardware through a freshwater pearl embellishment which makes it look chic and sleek.
  • Plus it has been adding up with the freshwater pearl material with the brass casting and shiny gold plating.
  • Being small in size, it is best for nose, ear, and lips piercing.
  • They are best in comfortable adjustable with the help of cuff earrings.

Final Verdict

Hence, all in all, this is such a perfect and outstanding piece of the earring set which is so shiny and glossy over the appearance. You would love to wear it all the time.

14k White Gold Solitaire Round Cubic Zirconia Earrings

fine jewelry for cartilage

This is a stylish designed round shape cubic earring which is extremely beautiful to wear. Its main attraction has been its white gold beauty which has made it look so much pleasure to wear for women of all age groups.


  • These stylish earrings are made out of 14K solid white gold which has been guaranteed to bring extra authentic outlook in the jewelry.
  • This is the 3mm Solitaire Sparkling Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings with the course of 4-prong Basket Setting.
  • You can easily wear it as they are secure and extra comfortable to wear.

Final Verdict

If you are in search of an excellent fitted and comfortable earring piece, then do choose this perfect pair of earrings right now.

14k Yellow Gold Hand Engraved Full Hoop Earrings

best hoop earrings to sleep in

This is yet the classic and stylish looking earring piece which you would love to wear all the time. You will find it so much comfortable to wear even if you are sleeping where its yellow gold finishing will make you fall in love with you.


  • It is made from 14k Yellow Gold and stamped “14K”.
  • The outside diameter of the hoop is around 13mm = 1/2″ inch, which is much slightly smaller than a Dime (Dime is 18mm big).
  • These earrings are all styled up into the 14k yellow gold with a high polished finish.
  • These earrings are yet fastened with the durable click-top closure for a much easy ad comfortable wear.

Final Verdict

This is yet the best earring set which so superbly adds up with the yellow gold finishing for an extra classiness. Wearing it at parties and formal events will look mind-blowing on women's personality.

Small 14K Gold Huggie Hinged Hoop Earrings.

flat back stud earrings

If you want to make yourself feel comfortable during sleeping hours with earrings, then choosing this earring set is the best option for you. It is finished with the beauty of gold touch to make it look elegant and graceful.


  •  Diameter is 0.5 inch (13mm) Huggie Hoops which you can wear comfortably.
  • It is also adjusted with the 5mm wide across the width of the hoop which is best if you are looking for a larger size of huggie hoop.
  • It is available in different larger sizes including 8mm.
  • Its material finishing is 14k gold and not gold-plated.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is such a stylish and modern designed finishing of the earring which you can easily wear at sleeping time. It is lightweight and its gold plating is so incredible looking.

14k Gold Hand Engraved Diamond-cut Hoop Earrings

hoop earrings for women

This has been such a traditional and pretty designed idea of the cartilage earring which is best to be used at the time of sleep in. You can easily have it worn at formal parties or for the wedding celebrations where it is available at different sizes and shapes.


  • It is made from 14K gold, as these 1” diameter hoop earrings are hence beautifully detailed with a usage of hand-engraved diamond-cut pattern
  • You can definitely bring exquisite detail to your casual and more formal outfits with these best gold hoop earrings do.
  • The diameter Outside is 1 inch and the thickness of the earrings is 2mm.
  • These earrings do have a secure latch-back fastening

Final Verdict

All in all, this is the best cartilage earring piece which you would love to wear all the time to give your ears the best comfort. Try it now!

A Quick Guide about Cartilage Earrings to Sleep in

Now as you have finally reviewed the top best cartilage earrings to sleep in, now this is the right place to learn some quicker guide instructions to have in-depth know-how about cartilage earrings. Let’s discuss it below:

When can you sleep without earrings after piercing?

All the new piercings are made out of professional grade based materials which are hypoallergenic. In this way, you will be able to leave them safely for many weeks as the piercing starts to heal down.

You should not be taking out the new piercings even at night time. This is because the holes can easily close up. If somehow it happens, make sure you wait for a couple of weeks for your skin to be healed until you won’t feel comfortable sleeping with piercing.

A professional piercer will recommend you wait for a maximum of 6 weeks before you plan to take out the original stud piercings. Don’t forget to take an appointment with the piercer so you can easily figure out whether the lobe hole has been healed or not.

How to sleep with earrings comfortably?

Over a natural basis, you should always tie your hairs before sleeping so they won’t tangle up around your earrings. During sleep, you are moving your head in different directions which even let the hairs to move around as well. It can irritate your ear lobe and can damage the earrings.

The use of earhole pillows can also work best for you. You can look for earring pillows that are designed to let you provide the sleeping experience even if you are wearing earrings during sleep. Horseshow pillow type is the best example to pick right now.

Usage of different types of ear backs can also bring a strong effect on your sleeping cycle with earrings. Screw back earrings are available too which are in screw-in shape having a sharp pointed end in a rounded shape. They are having a flat back which lies all against the ear and screws itself into your earring by securing it.

What type of earring to put in cartilage?

The majority of the cartilage piercing is hence pierced all through the captive or straight barbell which are made out of 14k gold, 18k gold, or high-quality titanium. The set of standard sizes for the cartilage piercing is around 16 gauge (16G), but most of the time 18G is used as well.

Cartilage piercings are a little difficult because they will take a long time period to get heal down and you might have to take your jewelry out. There is no need to have to take out in the starting 10 weeks. Once it gets healed, you can switch it off.

Are cartilage earrings the same as regular earrings?

Cartilage Piercing Chart

Cartilage is basically a sort of connective tissue which is meant to be used for the upper section of the ears. It might be tough for the skin but it is softer than the bone and is enough thicker for the earlobes. This makes it completely different from the regular ear piercing.

Cartilage earrings are known to be very much different as compared to regular earrings in so many ways. They will somehow be thinner as in view with the smaller gauge bar which will be used for the cartilage piercing. Plus the wearable length of the barbell which has been going all through the cartilage has been shorter as compared to the regular earrings.

When can you leave earrings out overnight?

You should not be removing your new earrings at night time. The duration which is required for the healing process is almost 6 weeks. You should not be moving it in any direction until and unless your ear is not completely healed.

If you are not wearing earrings, then it is very obvious that the new piercing will get closed very soon. This whole process will take just a few hours. If in case you remove your new earrings overnight, putting them back can be painful for you. Wearing the earrings at the time of sleep will make you feel so much uncomfortable.


Frequently Asked Questions about Best Earrings to sleep in

  1. Can you sleep in huggie earrings?

You can look for the 13 huggie hoop earrings which are best to wear while you are sleeping in. For you, that normally means that one less thing to do before you simply hit the sack. Hence huggie hoops are earrings that completely hug the earlobe. The 20mm diameter somehow makes it possible to sleep in.

  1. Can you sleep in small hoop earrings?

Yes, you are allowed to sleep while having your hoop earrings but this can be little dangerous for the ear health and your hoops. After 6 months as your piercing gets healed, you can plan to wear hoop earrings and dangling.

  1. Can you sleep in threader earrings?

Yes, you can! On the basis of your comfort level and design, you can choose to wear threader earrings at any occasions or throughout the whole night.

  1. Can you sleep in sterling silver earrings?

No, you should never sleep in sterling silver earrings because they can damage your ear lobe piercing and will make it feel irritated and redness.


So this is an end of the discussion about which top best cartilage earrings 2020 are best to sleep in. Look for the ideal piece of earring right now and make sure you do feel comfortable while you are on asleep with them.

We have already mentioned the best earring designs for you, so without wasting any time pick the remarkable one for yourself right now.

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