Why Do My Ears Hurt When I Wear Fake Earrings?

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Did you ever feel pain in your ears after wearing fake earrings?


Do you want to know what is giving your ears so much pain?

Well as you are done with the ear piercing, it is common that you will experience great pain and uneasiness until and unless your wound is not completely healed. If you are experiencing any sort of ear pain after wearing fake earrings, then it is probably happening due to certain reasons.

Right through this blog guide, we will explain to you all those facts which can help you to know why your ears hurt when you wear fake earrings.

 Let’s get into a discussion! 

Why does my ear hurt when I wear fake earrings? 5 Reasons

 Have you ever thought about the main reasons why your ears hurt all the time when you wear fake earrings? 

Well there are several reasons for it and probably from few reasons you will be completely unknown. To help you a bit about it, here we have explained few major reasons to let you know that why does your ear hurts when you wear fake earrings:

Reason No 1: Your piercing need time to heal properly

We all know the fact that piercings are wounds that do need a proper time when it comes to healing. If you are feeling pain while wearing fake earrings, then it is because you are not letting your piercing wound to get healed completely. Cartilage piercing will take a long time in terms of healing as compared to earlobe piercing.

Reason No 2: Your piercing is still fresh

If in case your piercing wound is still fresh and you want to wear some new earring pieces, then it is obvious that you will feel pain and uneasiness. You will feel a sort of hurt and redness around the area of your piercing.

At the time of the healing process, you should never disturb the wound because it has to live alone. If you will change or remove the earring, you are completely undoing your healing process which is a big mistake.

Reason No 3: Your earrings are quite tight

It is important to figure out that you should avoid wearing those earrings which are too tight. Tight earrings are not recommended if your wound is at the healing stages. It can get into an infection if you will touch it with dirty hands.

Reason No 4: You are Allergic to Metal

Another major reason to have ear pain due to fake earrings or fake chains is that the metal of the jewelry is not suitable for you. It might even possible that your piercing wound is completely healed but still you are feeling pain while wearing fake earrings. This is all because you are allergic to the specific metal that you are wearing.

Reason No 5: You are using toxic material in the earring

The last and most important reason is that you are dealing with the toxic material in your earring piece. Some of the earrings have a paint color coating application on them which you are not sure whether is safe for your piercing skin or not. It might probably contain some toxic materials that will eventually cause irritation or might cause an infection.

Can wearing fake earrings cause infection?

No matter whether it is cheap or fake earrings, they will cause an equal reaction to the ears in terms of allergy or infection. Some of the fake earrings do have rough areas over the posts that simply scratch the channel and will result in the infection.

As you will insert the post at any wrong ale, it can scratch the channel. So make sure that you do place a mirror in front of you until and unless the insertion becomes second nature. Posts which are containing nickel can even cause allergic reactions such as itchiness.

Does Getting Your Ears Pierced Hurt More Than a Shot

Is it okay to wear fake earrings?

Earrings which are made out of dubious materials are easy to get damaged. They can oxidize and can also rust in less than a week. Plus their hooks can break off as well.

You do have a choice where you can let the pair of cheap earrings be open for a whole and they will be nearly unwearable.

Why do my ears bleed when I wear earrings?

Most of the time you might have the experience that your ears will bleed often when you wear earrings! This is probably because the earrings are too tight.

Possibly the post is too short or the clasp which you have put on is also tight. Tight earrings would not be letting the air to enter inside the piercing hole all through the earlobe. The required pressure from the right earrings will also reduce the flow of blood to the earlobe.

Why do my ears get hot and red when I wear earrings?

There are quite a few reasons due to which you are facing hot and redness in your ears while wearing any earrings.

If in case your ears are feeling itchy or getting red while wearing earrings, then it is most likely due to the allergic reaction which you faced during the metal on the earring posts. The most common which is allergic to most people is nickel. But for some people, even a small amount of metal can cause an allergic reaction because their skin is too sensitive to it.

Why do my ears hurt when i wear cheap earrings?

The reason why your ears hurt after wearing cheap earrings is because of the cheap and low-quality metal used in it.

It is an ordinary fact that a cheap earring pair is made from low cheap quality metal which is allergic and harmful for the earlobe skin at the time of piercing. It can even prevent or prolong the healing process which can be more harmful to the ears.

Why Does My Daith Piercing Hurt When I Smile

Why does my ear hurt after a piercing?

There are different reasons due to which you can face the complications of certain infections for the ear piercing. Touching earlobes with our dirty hands can also cause some infection.

Another major cause is the tightness of the earrings which is not suitable at all if your piercing is at the healing stages. The post might be too short or the clasp put on is too tight. Tight earrings will not be letting the air to enter the piercing hole through the earlobe.

How to know you have an infection and what to do?

You will experience a piercing infection due to certain reasons which you can easily notice as your piercing earlobe area will experience some changes. Your wound area will be more painful and you will experience swollen, or probably the skin color will change as well.

Plus, it will become so much red as it might make you feel as if the blood is coming out of it. Your skin can also change its color into yellow, white, or green.  Plus you will feel hot or shivery or generally unwell.

Hence you can easily treat an infected piercing at home. But generally, the infection will go away in just 2 weeks. You should avoid wearing such metals or earrings which are tight or are made out of allergic metals such as nickel. Besides, you should also avoid wearing earrings until and unless your piercing wound is not completely healed.

How to wear fake earrings with sensitive ears?

You can make your earring decorations from the polymer clay, and bake them, and later on then glue them right onto the magnets or even clip-on earring backs. You can simply make a small bunch of the earrings and give them all away to the family and friends. If you are not able to get the clip-on earring back, just cut off a bit of a straw and then cut it in the middle. This is known to be a perfect clip-on earring.

Why does my earring hole hurt when I touch it?

Earring holes completely require particular attention and extra maintenance of proper hygiene. Mostly it happens that any person with the pierced ears will experience the sore and irritation or it might give you discomfort.

Infection is yet the main reason, but possibly there could be different other reasons like the non-infectious reactions that are caused by jewelry. If you feel hurt in the earring hole, you have to follow a few basic precautions. A few of them are discussed below:

  • Make sure you wash the hands before you clean or touch any piercing.
  • Clean up all around the piercing area with the help of saltwater and rinse three times a day.
  • Avoid using alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or antibiotic ointments.
  • Do not remove the piercing
  • Clean the piercing over both sides of your earlobe.


So this is the end of the discussion about how you can keep your ears away from the pain which happens after wearing fake earrings. We have also presented you with the reasons to let you know briefly about the causes of ear pain. And generally, all the reasons are quite common and easy to prevent.

We are sure that our given guide will help you a lot and one day you can proudly wear your favorite earrings without feeling any pain. Follow the instructions carefully!

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