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Why Does My Daith Piercing Hurt When I Smile? Experts Advice

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Do you wish to give your ears a subtle and attractive look for others? If yes, then you should have to consider choosing Daith Piercing. Although some of the people do take daith piercing as in view with the medical reasons because there have been so many controversial pieces of evidence in its account.  It has been investigated that this type of piercing has been contributing to the condition of migraine relief and anxiety.

 Is it true? 

No matter whatever the reasons are, at the end of the day you are quite a lot conscious to know about what daith piercing is all about and how much pain it can be. Right in this guide, we will be having a detailed discussion about the daith piercing and how you can heal the pain of piercing in case if it disturbs you.

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Is the daith piercing painful?

daith piercing earrings

Well calling daith piercing to be one of the most painful piercing is a completely wrong statement. Piercing is categorized into different types among which ear piercing is one of the most painful ones to conduct. The main daith cartilage is although a little bit thick so we can say that the puncture working is not as smooth as other piercing options are.

All those people who have ever gone through the procedure of daith piercing, they can let you know that it is not at all painful. You will merely experience the pain for a few minutes, cried out a little and after it, everything will be back to its normal routine.  So you must know about your body pain tolerance before you choose to conduct daith piercing on your ear.

If you feel that your pain tolerance is low, then you should opt for some expensive procedures of daith piercing. Expensive procedures are confident about conducting the whole process and that too according to your body comfort. No doubt that daith piercing is a fun and exciting way to give your ears a better feel of decoration.  And it possibly helps you to deal with certain health issues of anxiety and migraine.

Normally the procedure of daith piercing is a little hard to perform, therefore, you might experience a pinch of pain in the first go.  You can expect redness, throbbing, or high sensitivity in your ear for a few days.  If still you feel pain or more than one week, you should consult a doctor or your piercing expert to get better healing guidelines.

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How much pain is a daith piercing?

best jewelry for daith piercing

Now let’s discuss the level of inner ear pain after daith piercing! Knowing about the level of pain is quite a common question but at the same time, no one can answer it accurately.  Every single body has its reaction over the daith piercing which differs in healing time as well.

According to the piercing experts, you will feel a little intense and sharp pain in the starting few days of your procedure.  You need to be careful about the selection of your piercing expert who can later on the better guide you with some aftercare precautionary measures as well. Not giving it the proper care and attention in terms of healing can lead to redness or throbbing results.

How painful is a daith piercing? is the commonly asked question, The majority of the people who did experience the daith piercing, they did share that the pain of the piercing is not too intense. It might be felt only if you are feeling it to control your body. But on the contrary side, there are some of the individuals who did share that you will experience a little pain and throbbing in your ear skin for the next few days after you are done with the whole procedure. But according to them, this pain is the sign of the fact that your wound is healing.  Sometimes the level of pain is also decided on the fact that how you are taking care of your piercing and your sleeping position.

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How long does a daith piercing hurt for?

rings for daith piercing

It is quite a lot common that you might feel a little intense pain or some sort of sharpness in your piercing area for a small-time period.  This intense pain will last for a maximum of 10 seconds only.  With time and after some days the pain will start to reduce.

Here we would like to mention that the Daith piercing pain relief or the healing time is a maximum of 9 months.  In the starting few weeks of your healing process, the piercing might likely turn out to be sensitive and bring some light touches too.  So it is extremely important to follow proper aftercare tips in terms of getting quick healing of your ear.

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How to ease the pain of a daith piercing?

Rose Gold Daith Jewelry

As we have already mentioned that the pain of daith piercing is a little bit high as compared to the rest of the piercing types. Therefore, there are a few important guidelines that you can follow to ease your pain comfort without any hassle.

  • Soon after the piercing, if in case you feel some little pain or the throbbing, you should instantly ask your piercing specialist to apply some spray or use some numbing cream. You can even perform this tip on your own in which you have to massage your ear tips by applying some cream.
  • Few other basic tips would be to take enough hours of sleep before the piercing day.
  • You should never opt for the piercing procedure if you have consumed alcohol.
  • Take a long deep breath, relax your mind & body and listen to some good music taste to distract your mind from the pain.
  • Make sure that your selected piercing expert is a specialist and they are experienced in their work too.
  • To avoid any sort of allergy, you need to stay alert with your jewelry selection. You can choose stainless steel, gold, or titanium jewelry. Mostly you can face allergic reactions with the use of nickel jewelry.

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Tips to Ease the Pain after Daith Piercing

Now once you are all done with the Daith piercing and have finally crossed yourself successfully through it, still there are some aftercare tips which you need to keep in mind.

  • Washing your hands before touching the piercing area is quite a lot common.
  • You should soak the piercing in some saltwater or saline solution for at least 10 minutes regularly daily. You have to perform this method until and unless your piercing is not fully healed.
  • It is quite common to experience the pain in case if you have touched your piercing area accidentally or even if you will snag the daith piercing.
  • You should avoid wearing hats and should not be covering your ears at all. Be conscious about the dress selections so that your clothing won’t touch your piercing.
  • Plus, you should be sleeping on the particular side which is free from piercing. Sometimes the high pressure coming from your head can also increase the soreness of your piercing.

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What are the main signs of daith piercing infection ?

Now let’s list down some of the major signs of daith piercing infection:

  • Warmth
  • Yellow discharge
  • Severe redness or pain
  • Swelling

 how long does daith piercing take to heal ?

We have already explained to you about daith piercing healing stages! But at the same time, it is extremely important to learn about the approximate healing period.  Probably it will take around 9 months to get heal down completely.  It is quite a long healing time as compared to other piercing types which probably takes a maximum of 2 months.

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What are the basic rules of daith piercing aftercare?

As at one side we have already mentioned daith piercing to be one of the most intricate procedures of piercing, then on the other side, it is also a reality that it demands extra aftercare after the procedure is done.  Let’s talk about a few of them:

Rule No 1:

You have to first of all dip your ear in the saline solution or you can also use some sea salt baths as well.  The soak will help your daith area to stay clean for a long time and that too permanently.  You have to follow this procedure for at least 3 times a day.  While you dip your ear inside the mug, make sure that the piercing has been submerged and let it be soaked for a maximum of 5 minutes.  After it pats your area and dries it by using a paper towel.

Rule No 2:

The next basic rule is to use sea salt or saline compress.  Every single ear has a different skin texture so probably you might find an issue to conduct the accurate sea salt bath.  If you feel it so, then you can soak a paper towel in the sea salt solution and dap it on your ear for at least 5 minutes. Soak your paper towel completely.

Rule No 3:

Never move the jewelry at any cost. Cartilages have more chances to get damaged as compared to the softer skin. So it is important to give extra care when it comes to moving your jewelry at the time of healing. In case if your cartilage has been damaged, it can further give rise to keloids, or bumps. Hence daith piercing bump demands a high medical treatment to rectify it.  You should be leaving the jewelry all alone.  Never put any sort of unwanted pressure on your piercing area during sleep.

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Different type of jewelry styles best for daith piercing

When it comes to daith piercing, you will most probably opt for the 16G, or the 3/8″ curved barbell as well as 16G, 7/16” form of captive bead ring. The reason to choose these jewelry styles is that they can easily get inserted into your piercing area soon after the procedure. Their length is even allowing a wide range of space for the swelling during the time of healing.

Based on your comfort level, you can also switch yourself to some smaller sized jewelry as well.  We will recommend you to choose 1/4″ or the 5/16″ once your healing process has been completed.   Once your daith piercing has been healed, you can even look for some curved barbells or even captive bead rings. Both of them are sported by the beads which are an excellent option to flaunt your piercing area.  As it has been located inside the ear, therefore a feel of bead color will add an interesting impact on your whole cartilage compilation.

Plus, we do recommend you to choose clicker rings as well. They are having flat prong and not the curve one which will let the hoop to sit down easily inside your daith.  To bring a subtle look in your personality, you can even choose some seamless hoops as well. They even look cute and adorable for the women of all age groups.  They have always remained the favorite choice for women who undergo the experience of daith piercing.


So this was an end of the discussion about the daith piercing and how this whole procedure of daith piercing can be healed down easily in case if it is hurting you.  No doubt that daith piercing is a fun and exciting way to give your ears a better feel of decoration.  And it possibly helps you to deal with certain health issues of anxiety and migraine.

Although daith piercing is a little different from the rest of the piercing types at the end of the day, all of them follow similar aftercare tips to heal your pain.  You need to be careful about the selection of your piercing expert who can later on the better guide you with some aftercare precautionary measures as well.

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