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Does Getting Your Ears Pierced Hurt More Than a Shot & an Injection?

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Ear piercing is an ancient practice for body modification, and it has a long history. We use different methods and techniques for ears piercing and mostly use two methods for ears piercing, i.e.

  • Piercing with a needle
  • Piercing with a shot/gun

We commonly use both methods for ear piercing but, when we compared both methods, and how they hurt you, we found the needle piercing safer and less painful as compared to ears piercing with a shoot. We can’t say that it suits everyone, as every person has his individuality and his level of pain tolerance is different.

Some people like to get piercing with the shoot, and they feel more comfortable than the needle. Others feel needles best for ears piercing, so it depends on you what you feel and what is the level of your pain tolerance. As expert opinions, the needle is more comfortable and less painful than the shoot piercing. Needle piercing has more advantages than other piercing methods.

  • Needle use for many types of body piercing.
  • We can easily sterilise the needles.
  • The needle is not reusable and has fewer chances of infections.
  • Needle piercing is sharper than the shot.

So hurting of nose piercing varies for every person, and it depends on varicose factors.

Which Piercing Hurts More Septum or Nose or Ear Piercing

You can’t judge hurting or pain of piercing accurately, as people have not rated their pain in the same way. We associate the pain of piercing with many factors like the place of piercing, is it new, or you repeated it, how you look after piercing areas and the ways and methods you choose for piercing. Nose piercing is more hurting and painful as compared with an ear-piercing.

The major reason is that nose piercing is a cartilage piercing, and it takes much time for its healing process. Nose piercing recovers in 6 to 8 weeks. Ear piercing is getting on the fleshy area of the ear, and it heals soon with little aftercare treatments and precautions.


How numbing reduces your pain during ear piercing procedure?

You want your ear piercing with minimal pain. Numbing is for those people who have a fear of pain during ear or nose piercing. We perform, numbing in four ways:

  • Numbing with aesthetic cream
  • Use of ice cubes for numbing
  • Pain killer medicines
  • Rubbing Alcohol

People try different methods for minimising the piercing pain, and some suggested by their piercer, especially for children. You can apply anaesthetic cream on the skin and it makes piercing less painful by numbing the skin for some time.

We commonly use ice cubes when we get piercing at home. It’s not commercially used for piercing purposes. You can place an ice on the piercing area at least 15 minutes for numbing the skin. Rubbing alcohol and oral medicine also used to make piercing more comfortable and soothing.

What to do before getting a piercing?

You should know of all the basic facts before getting pierced, it’ll help you in mental preparation and make you feel easy and comfortable.

  • Use sterilised tools for piercing
  • Try to get piercing with a needle
  • Don’t try it at home
  • You should be legally enough old for piercing
  • Don’t get piercing just after delivery
  • You may face some pain and irritations
  • Don’t go for a bath and swimming
  • Don’t get piercing empty stomach
  • Try to divert attention on other issues

According to the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), you may pierce with a new and sterilised needle. Pain and irritation link with piercing and you face it, but every person’s experience is different. You can’t get your piercing if you are not over 18. You don’t get a new piercing just after delivery, it may create some problems for you and your baby.

What are safety tips and precautions for ear piercing for babies?

Before getting pierce for your baby, make sure all necessary safety tips and precautions, that can save your baby from any affections. Piercing is not suitable for a newborn baby, although it’s common in some cultures like Indian culture. But it’s not suitable for babies. For piercing in babies follows some steps and suggestions that can be helpful for you.

  • For a baby, choose the jewellery in a small size, that can easily adjust and fit on her/his skin.
  • Don’t compromise on quality and choose professional piercer and sterilised tools for baby piercing.
  • Choose the best material jewellery that suits your baby’s skin.
  • For minimising pain, try numbing cream and clean the piercing regularly.

Does a second ear piercing hurt more than the first?

It’s not right to say that as it depends on you and how many piercings you can bear at the same time. If you have experience in getting ear piercing, you can get a double or triple piercing. Because you know that it’s a straightforward task and it doesn’t last long.

The double and triple piercing must get by a piercer and, what he suggests, try to follow this. Second piercing doesn’t hurt more but as you are already in pain. Second piercing looks more painful. But both have the same rating on the pain scale. Try to get a second piercing with a needle that can do it in the best way.

Can men get ear piercing and is it a customary tradition?

Men can wear earrings and get piercing as history associates piercing with men. Piercing on the body is an individual right, and it’s up to you, what you like to wear and what style you like to adopt.  There were many misconceptions about it, but now it’s all become outdated.

We have found it in all cultures and many celebrities and legends used to have pierced. People copy their fashion, and it’s now famous all over the world. You may use a retainer for concealing it during your job if it creates some problems for you. It is your decision and preference, but it should suit your personality. You can give a trendy and new look with unique and different jewellery and style.

Does getting your ears pierced hurt for guys?

Yes, getting ears pierced hurt you a bit, but it’s just like a punching pain that will disappear after some time. If a baby can bear this pain, it’s easy and bearable for guys. Ear piercing is one of the least painful body piercing as it’s on the fleshy skin rather than cartilage piercing.

Cartilage piercing is more painful and takes more time for recovery. Choose the expert piercer and he can suggest your initial jewellery that can help in the fastest recovery. If you don’t have any allergic health issues, your piercing will heal within a few days. Try to wear a small size and light-weighted jewellery for a new piercing.

Why do some earrings hurt my ears?

Getting earrings hurts your ear if it’s a new piercing, and not fully healed. It may heal, but internally your skin doesn’t fully recover. This is the reason it hurts you when you change or get your earrings. But if it hurts you after a long period, it means your skin is not accepting the metal.

It has become allergic to metals. Change metal that can suit your skin. Titanium is one of the suitable metals and it has no allergic effects on your body. Your body is compatible with it and you don’t feel any pain or hurting while wearing titanium.

Does getting a shot hurt more than getting your ears pierced?

It’ll hurt your ear more because there is scar tissue and piercing on scar tissue can hurt you more than normal skin piercing. But it’ll not last for a long time and your pain will disappear soon. It is essential to consult a professional piercer if your first piercing closeups.

Don’t insert jewellery yourself, it can increase pain. If you have a health issue, it is better to choose jewellery that can’t create a serious health problem for you. We find re- piercing best on a fully healed skin. Don’t try re-piercing immediately after first piercing. Wait, a little is better than facing more complications.

Why is my nose piercing still not healed after a year?

What is the least painful way to get your ears pierced?

There are lots of methods we use for ear piercing, but we pierce one of the best and least painful methods with a needle. Gun looks easier and everyone can operate the gun.

You don’t need any special training for operating the gun. Piercing with the needle requires special training and non-professional can’t perform it. That’s why needle piercing is more secure and widely in use for piercing purposes. It is sharp and the least painful than the gun.

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Frequently Asked Question And Answers

Does getting your ears pierced with a needle hurt more than a gun?

No, you don’t hurt more with a needle because needles are very sharp and the best for body piercing. It doesn’t damage your skin and make healing easier and faster, while a gun damages your skin tissues and makes healing more lengthy and painful.

Does getting your ears pierced hurt more than an injection?

Ear piercing with a gun/shot may hurt more than a needle. If you are getting pierced with a shot, use a numbing cream or you can numb the skin with ice cubes. It will decrease the pain.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does ear piercing hurt?

We can’t measure pain or hurt or piercing on a scale as every person has a unique experience. There are many factors involved in the piercing process and we can’t get the accurate rate of hurting.

Why does the second piercing hurt more?

The reason is that you have to get the first piercing and your skin becomes damaged and sore. This makes the second piercing more painful and hurting. Wait, a little is better for the second piercing.

Does piercing your ear hurt?

Piercing your ear doesn’t hurt more than the piercing of a professional, but it may be risky to do it at home. You must know about piercing and all the tools for piercing. It’s a good idea to go to a piercer shop for this purpose.

Should I be scared to get my ears pierced?

No, you need not become scared. You can mentally prepare yourself for piercing. Take help of your best friend and keep on talking with him/her while getting piercing. Listening to music also proves helpful in diverting attention.

How painful are ear piercings?

It is just like a punching pain, and it’ll disappear after some time. Ear piercing is not unbearable for guys and they easily get piercing. Piercing takes 6 to 8 weeks for healing depending on its aftercare and precautions you follow.

Does getting your ears pierced hurt more with a needle or a gun?

We considered needles much safer and less painful for ear piercing. Piercing with a gun can lead to more complications and problems, and it can be reusable. Needles are more secure and sterilised easily.

Does getting your nose pierced hurt more than your ears?

Nose piercing hurt you as it’s a cartilage piercing. But it doesn’t mean it’ll hurt you all the time. It’ll recover soon and you feel normal as before getting piercing.

Is getting your ears pierced hurt more than a shot?

Professional piercers don’t recommend a shot piercing. It can damage your skin tissue, but it’s not for everyone. Some feel more comfortable with the shot and others prefer needles for piercing.

Does it hurt you to get your ears pierced?

Yes, it’s painful but now with the latest machines and by using some methods, you can make it less painful. Gun piercing is quick and done within a minute and numbing cream and oral medicines also play a key role in minimizing pain and irritation.


Ear piercing is a funny and trendy fashion for expressing your emotions and feelings. It doesn’t give you success and material benefits but gives you aesthetic pleasure and self-satisfaction. It helps you look dominant in a gathering. You can feel a pleasing impact by adopting a modern and latest style of ear piercing.

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