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How Many Piercings Can You Get at Once in Your Ear? Complete Guide

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How many piercings can you get at once in your ear? Currently, the trend of having piercing is becoming the main talk of the town among both men and women. But this art of ping has been further categorized into different types, In which you can get a double piercing, triple as well as quadruple piercings.  As the piercing has become so much famous so probably there is no specific limit about taking into account how many piercings you want for yourself!

During the time of piercing, as the needle will be poking right into multiple areas of your body, you might feel some sort of consequences. Apart from facing the issues of red skin, swelling, or discomfort, your skin will react to so many more piercings which are all done at once.

Right here we will be having a quick guide about how many piercings you can get at once and what sort of recovery precautionary you need to follow first-hand:

What to know before getting an ear piercing?

Visiting a Professional Piercer
You have to first of all done in touch with the professional and an experienced piercer who is having a piece of complete knowledge about the art of piercing.  They will pierce the ears by using a hollow tip based needle besides using any piercing gun.  This is because the gun does have a risk in which they can transmit diseases right through the micro-spray of blood as the gun will be pushed from one ear to another ear.
Using Titanium Jewelry
Hence the most common form of jewelry that you can get pierced with is made with some medical grade surgical steel finishing. In case if you are having some sensitive skin or if you have some sort of nickel allergies, then wearing titanium jewelry is the best option for you. Titanium is a form of bio-compatible material that is most often used for some hip replacements or implants.
Get Ready For Sleep
Once your piercing has been done, you cannot sleep on it. By sleeping on it, it can cause a delay in its healing process and will cause extra swelling and pain.  Sleeping on a pillow with a hole in it can be comfortable for you.  You can even pick a donut or travel pillow as well.
Tie up Your Hairs Completely
Always visit your piercing expert by getting your hairs all done properly. Having your hair on the front of your face or the area of piercing can ruin the whole process or can also damage your ears.  So it is important to make sure that you visit your hairdresser just as before you get away with your piercing as in this way you can all over again visit them again once the piercing has been fully recovered.

Where do you want to do your piercings?

No matter whether you are choosing to do one piercing or more than two, it is always a better idea to re-consider the areas or places where the piercing has to be done.  If you are planning to get more than two after some months, then positioning and the spacing area holds the basic importance. Some of the professionals will recommend you do a maximum of 2 – 3 piercings in just one session.

Can you get multiple ear piercings at once?


The short answer is yes, you can get more than one piercing in one sitting. The number of piercings that you can get at a time will rely on your capacity to deal with pain just as where they are put and how physically healthy you are.

You may feel that healing down various piercings would be more troublesome than piercing just one, yet the procedure will appear to be the same. In such a case, leading various washes down every day will require some investment, so you should be set up to give each piercing the care and the consideration it needs.

 How many piercings can you get in one sitting? 

In the condition that you complete numerous piercings close to one another, remember that stretching will probably be considerable. This will prompt more distress at the beginning of recovery.

At the point when you get another piercing, becoming accustomed to the new hoops can be troublesome. If you have numerous new bits of hoops, you should know about the hoops and cautious not to tangle or tear it.

If you make some hard memories acclimating to new adornments, at that point you may just need to get each or two in turn.

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Can you get your first and second ear piercing at the same time?

Getting numerous piercings immediately relies upon the area of the piercings comparable to one another and your body’s capacity to recover it. are multiple ear piercings unprofessional? It is imperative to search for experienced piercers, and let them know about your basic wants and potential dangers of doing numerous piercings.

Discover a piercer you trust, get a lot of rest, and ensure that you eat before the procedure and you shouldn’t have an issue accepting various piercings.

How long does a double piercing take to heal?

The piercing healing time will all rely upon the area of the piercing as over how thick the tissue is, and how vascular the skin is by then. Ear cartilage takes 6 months to recover and all ligament takes somewhere close to ayear. That ligament period is long, and it truly relies upon how great a healer one is the thickness of the skin and its vascularity.

Tongues piercing rapidly gets heal down within one month and a half because of its extraordinary bloodstream despite being a thicker bit of tissue. Navels and areola piercings take a while to recover.

The measure of shifting the piercing area encounters can influence to what extent it takes to recover for multiple ear piercings. For instance, navels require a long time to recover or heal down in an extraordinary part since we are continually sitting and twisting which squeezes the adornments/piercing. A piercing isn’t completely recovered until there is no redness, delicacy, and no lymph release.

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Double ear piercing one ear or both?

Since multiple ear piercings ideas have gotten so famous, there is no restriction on the number of piercings that you can get. Having your body getting into an experience of redness and skin uneasiness is quite common especially for those who are performing it for the first time.

Piercing Chart

Double ear piercing meaning: If at any point you realize that you need various piercings, it is conceivable – even ideal – to get more than one pierces on your ear cartilage or external ligament in a solitary sitting. The main factor that will decide what number of piercings you can get at one time is the total space available on your ear.

How many piercings can you get on your body?

It was reported that in 2015, almost 1697 nostrils piercings were done and in 2016, 1690 were done and in 2017 it was 1659. A year ago nearly 32 nostril piercings were done every week, or more than four and a half for each day, consistently. The second most well-known piercing is to do at the nipple area.

Things you should know after doing Double Piercing

Is swelling normal for a new piercing?

double ear piercing meaning As you are done with the piercing, it is quite common that your ear will experience some swelling as your body is making an effort to push the blood in the area that is being pierced. This is the sign of healing.  Most of the time, extra swelling and pulsing over the ear can also take place due to the side effect of jewelry you are wearing.

Some people might experience it due to the use of surgical steel jewelry to completely pierce their ears and new ear piercing ideas. Paying a visit to the piercing expert can better give you a detailed guide to controlling the swelling with perfect perfect ear piercing placement.

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Best natural aftercare for piercings

Try not to touch your balancing ear piercings! Try to maintain it fully clean with some sea salt soaks and whatever you do, don’t place yourself in circumstances where it can get knock. When you are in the shower, be extra cautious when you wash your hair or while tucking your hair behind your ears. The same goes for brushing your hair and getting into garments and shades/glasses.

How long to wait to change earrings after piercing?

You should try not to change your hoops until your piercing is completely healed down. Depending upon the area this could be from about a month to a half year or much more. You should ask your piercer when the typical recovery time is, however, everybody is extraordinary, so when you believe it is an ideal opportunity to change your gems, make your way back to your piercer and let them do it.


All in all, at the end of this discussion we would say that, after you have your piercing experience, it is an ideal opportunity to remunerate yourself with some delightful studs! The ideal ear stack is about parity. A mix of humble studs and bands with fascinating subtleties like chains will make the best stacks.

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