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Why is my nose piercing still not healed after a year?

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Why is my nose piercing still not healed after a year? As you all know that nose piercing is one of the most common elements in our fashion. When I am talking about nose piercing it’s not just in the fashion of a girl but it’s in the fashion of a man too. Before discussing the most common issue of healing up a nose piercing.

I want to discuss all the problems related to nose piercing and gives you some most beneficial tips for those who are facing healing issues after piercing their noses.

Humans are piercing their noses for over 4000 years. Just for making glamour in there looks. Oooh, I think am talking too much now let’s come to the point.

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As you know that Piercing nose is the most painful procedure. After bearing up a pain there are some people that they are facing a healing problem and usually ask me that what to expect after a nose piercing? and they are doing so many things for healing up their nose.

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What are the main causes that nose piercing is not healed?

Tissue damage

  • Nose piercing may damage never and cause too much pain


  • Infection may because when you are not cleaning your piercing area properly. Make clean your piercing two or three times a day. But make sure that not a clean piercing area with hydrogen oxide.

Allergy to the jewelry

  • Some so many people have sensitive skin and using artificial jewelry may cause them an allergy around the nose piercing area. If you are facing allergy just because of the use of artificial jewelry. Then I will suggest you instead of using artificial jewelry use gold, stainless steel, or titanium.


  • The bump is relatively rare and needs to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor or dermatologist. A bump around a piercing will appear like a round and raised bump, darker than the surrounding skin. It can cause pain, itching, or tenderness and will be firm to the touch.


  • Granuloma is the injury to the nose or the area that surrounds the nose which some times cause nose piercing still red after a year. The injuries may be external or internal and that may cause granuloma. that affect the cartilage and soft tissues of the nose.
 After discussing the causes now I would like to share my own experience of nose piercing and its healing process and am pretty sure that it will help you a lot to heal your piercing. 

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Personal experience

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Now I will share my personal experience with you that how I got healed my injured nose piercing. An 8 months ago my nose piercing got cracked and that was nose piercing not healing I don’t know why? But I so thank full to my friend that she told me to use eye contact solution so it will dry your nose piercing. I wear a contact so it was not a problem for me because I always have a contact solution.

Just because of changing a nose stud before fully healed of my nose piercing I think that was the reason that my nose piercing got injured. It was so painful for me. So what I did every morning was to clean with q-tip.

Here I Have also a guide how you can heal your ear piercing fast:


I had applied a contact solution on it and then clean up my nose piercing with that. I was repeating that procedure 2 times a day and that work my nose piercing start healing. If i will not do it  I make sure to apply it from inside and outside of the piercing area.  I also use tea tree oil. And you all know that tea tree oil is too good for killing bacteria. So I used that oil too.

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Some use full tips

  • Use tea tree oil. If you think that your nose piercing is not get healed so use the tea tree oil on your nose piercing. The method of using tea tree oil is that put 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil in water but in hot water and then apply it from inside and outside of the nose piercing 2 times a day. If your nose piercing never heals,I am pretty sure that will help you a lot in healing up your nose piercing.
  • Peppermint tea is the use of a full tip. The method of using peppermint tea is that makes a cup of tea and then dip the bag in it. Use that tea bag when it was a little warm. Put the tea bag on your piercing area and wait for 20 mins or until it gets cold. It will hurt but this tip is so to use full other wise nose piercing hurts after a year definitely.
  • Soybean oil is the most use full oil for healing a piercing. The method of using soybean oil is that first make it a little warm and then use it around the piercing area softly. And move your stud a little softly upward and down it will hurt but seriously it will heal your piercing area. It is an old remedy but it’s so effective.
  • Vaseline is another useful tip for your injured nose piercing. Spread a little deep Vaseline around your pierced area and leave it for 10 mints and then move your stud slowly. It will give you a little pain but after a pain, you will get relief too.
  • Sea salt will help you to clean your nose piercing area. Sea salt has an anti-bacterial property. So it will prevent you from bacteria that will harmful for your piercing. Method of using sea salt is that first took one cup of warm water and then put ¼ cup of salt in it and then rinse the piercing with water and then gently pat it dry.


  • Avoid touching a nose piercing too much otherwise, it will cause infection.
  • Not remove jewelry before your nose piercing is not fully healed.
  • Do not take bath too much when to pierce your nose.
  • Avoid swimming and if you want to swim then apply some oil on your nose piercing and covered it.
  • Do not use cosmetics or lotions and even do not do makeup around or on the area of the piercing.

How to get obviate a nose piercing bump?

There is little reason why this happens. Sometimes like right when it’s new piercing you know this can pop up also if you are using a wrong kind of metal so you want to stick with like 18 or 24 karat gold Metal you also want to do stainless steel or you can do titanium another big thing does not touch it with bare hand because most time your hands dirty now if you just wash your hand good then you just touch it. Does not poking it will get wasted? Clean it with saline wound wash. Clean your nose piercing two or three times a day.

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When to see your piercer?

when do you tip a piercer

When you think that after following that useful tip and your nose piercing is not still healed and you are not seeing any change in the condition of your piercing. And it’s getting painful day by day. When you got pus and you found your nose piercing in the troubling allergic situation then you need to go straight for your piercer. The piercer will guide you properly that how you will get healed your piercing area.

How long does a nose piercing take to heal before you can take it out?

Different types of nose piercings take different times to heal some  ear piercing not healing after 2 years, and each person’s healing time may vary. Usually my friends asked me how long will my nose piercing be sore? In some cases nose piercing taking a long time to heal. However, the nose piercing healing process pictures of the nasal piercing should be completed in a few months as nose piercing healing stages vary.

How to tell if your nose piercing is healed?

The septum piercing will take at least six weeks to heal until the cartilage has accidentally been pierced. Bridge piercings should heal completely within eight to twelve weeks. Nasallang piercings often take four to six months to heal as they are the most difficult to pierce perfectly.

Expert Advice
It’s a humble request that please do not touch your nose piercing with the dirty hand it will cost you so badly and do not change your stud before your nose piercing gets properly healed because in some case nose piercing bleeding after a year if an individual didnt care.

I have seen my friend that she has changed her stud before her nose piercing sinking into hole properly healed then she got pus in her noise piercing and unfortunately her piercing got blocked. And she bears a lot of pain just because of her negligence.


After doing proper research I have come with the conclusion that does not pierce your nose at home go for a piercer and take proper guidelines and information before piercing and make yourself sure too that if your skin is sensitive then piercing your nose is good for you or not. And when I am talking about the time duration of healing so every type of nose piercing will get at least 5 to 6 months.

So you don’t need to get hasty to stay calm and wait for the healed. Use the proper medication and follow the above tips properly I am pretty sure that will helps you a lot. And I am thinking that the soybean oil tip is one of the best ways to heal your nose piercing if your nose piercing is not still healing after a year.

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