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10 Best Waterproof Bandages for Piercings in 2021 | Complete Guide

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Girls dream to be the princess of the world. To look gorgeous they adorn themselves by wearing jewelry or applying makeup. Girls’ first and foremost fashion is to pierce their ears, nose, eyebrow, and belly-button.

But we have to participate in different daily routine as to swim, jog, play games, and doing yoga. For this, we should feel free if we are pierced. We should use quality bandages to protect our ears from hurting. Especially, when we swim, we should have bandages that cover our ears completely and must be water-proof.

Different earring companies ponder on the health of their customer. They prefer to make them feel relax while performing their daily tasks, This is why we are here giving an excellent review about those easy cover it bandages that will provide every girl make a good choice to protect their ears from damage.

waterproof bandages for piercings
Curad Bulk Variety Pack Assorted Bandages, Flex-Fabric, Waterproof
cover it bandages for piercings
Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandage Family Variety Pack
bandages for nose piercings
Ultra-Absorbent Silicone Foam Dressing With Border
waterproof bandages for ear piercings
EalionMed Transparent Film Dressing,Waterproof Wound Sealant Bandage

NipEaze - 4pack Value - The Original Transparent Nip Protector 
tiny bandages for nose piercings
Skin Grip CGM Patches for Dexcom G6 (20-Pack)
nose ring cover up sticker
LEXCAM – Dexcom G6 Adhesive Patch (30-Pack) – Waterproof Adhesive
tape to cover piercings for sports
Skin Grip CGM Patches for Medtronic Guardian (20-Pack)
covering piercings for work
Showerproof Transparent Adhesive Film Dressing
waterproof wound sealant bandage
{Pimtox Patch} Micro-Needle Patch for Caring AcneTrouble Cure

Curad Bulk Variety Pack Assorted Bandages, Flex-Fabric, Waterproof

waterproof bandages for piercings


Curad Bulk Variety Assorted bandages are a good and reliable choice for girls. Curad company is providing these Cover it bandages in a good quantity that may be enough for you for a minimum 6 months. You can trust these bandages as the company holds a good repute.

There is a variety of shapes and sizes of these bandages that you can use in any case of injury during play. The quality is so promising with flexible fabric, plastic, and heavy-duty adhesive material. Every girl who is newly pierced should use Curad cover bandages for better results. You can buy them from Amazon only at 12.99$.


  • The bandages have 4 four-sided seals that make them more reliable and durable.
  • More stretchable with the use of plastic and fabric that increases their life.
  • Special pack of 320 that may last a minimum of 6 months or more.
  • They have a good quality adhesive that does not lose its stickiness.
  • They are good antiseptic bandages with no room for germs and dust.

Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandage Family Variety Pack

cover it bandages for piercings


Brand-Aid is a world-known brand that promises 100% results for all bruises and cuts. It is a great packaging of first-aid box with280 pieces. You can buy full boxes and easily sell them at your store or online. You can also keep them at home if you have a large family as these are fine cover-it bandages for all cuts especially to cover pierced ears while playing or swimming.

They are made on special micro event technology that makes these bandages super breathable. They include good tape to cover piercing for sports. They are a pack of bandages with 5 different shapes and sizes.


  • They are super sticky with a good quality adhesive that does not stick to ears or wounds..
  • These bandages are made with keeping a purpose for covering earrings for sports.
  • The strips are tough that makes these bandages durable and long-lasting.
  • They are a good combination of plastic and fabric that gives them a padded form to cushion wounds and pierced ears completely, and considered the best waterproof bandages for ear piercings.

Ultra-Absorbent Silicone Foam Dressing With Border

bandages for nose piercings


Areza Medical presents a good pack of dressing bandages that can prove water-proof wound sealant bandages as well as an out-standing bandage covering for earring and sports. They are 4”x4” central ultra-absorbent cover bandages with trust-worthy results. This packaging is quite reasonable when ordered from Amazon.

The bandages are good to use while swimming if you are newly pierced. But you should be careful while taking shower as it can leak water and may affect the adhesiveness of the bandage.


  • These bandages have passed the LATEX test and are clinically approved.
  • Its goodness lies in its bordering adhesion that nay not stick to your cuts, bruises, or newly pierced ears during sports.
  • These dressings are porous from the center to give passage to air as well as blood flow.
  • They are also a good absorbent with a capacity of 30ml liquid.

EalionMed Transparent Film Dressing,Waterproof Wound Sealant Bandage

waterproof bandages for ear piercings


These bandages are a good waterproof supreme quality packs. They are a product of Ealionmed that is a good name in medicine name. They are available in 2,75” W x 2.46” L size. They are too good for ears to work as a tape to cover piercing for sports and are specially designed to use instantly after tattoo-making.

It uses a good quality adherent that may not stick to the newly pierced ears or wounds and allows the bandage to remove easily. They are sterile and compact that may not allow germs to enter the bruised area.


  • It is 100 pieces pack and a perfect choice for a family.
  • Its transparent and light-weight material makes it easy to move quality.
  • It is a water-proof bandage with premium use of plastic.
  • Its application is easy soft and comfortable.

NipEaze – 4pack Value – The Original Transparent Nip Protector 


The pack is designed by NipEaze that provides you special support to your nipple piercing and prevention from hurting while sports, fashion or doing anything enthusiastically. The product is proven if we consider its results. They are easy adhesive nipple covers promise 10 times greater results than the normal covers. They make you feel free and are good plasters for piercing. The pack is easily available on online stores and is a reasonable 22.99$ pack with 50 pairs.


  • It is available in 2 sizes that can come in contact with areola and not the whole skin.
  • They are excellent sticky material and is a choice of the elite.
  • Girls with newly pierced nipples will use them care-free as to swim, dance, and run during sports.
  • These waterproof bandages for nipple piercings are made with a durable fiber that has the capacity to absorb sweat for both men and women.

Skin Grip CGM Patches for Dexcom G6 (20-Pack)

tiny bandages for nose piercings


Skin Grip presents a unique pack of Dexcom patches that are very best to use as waterproof bandages for piercing. They are made with supreme quality sweat-proof Rayon to give better results. Anyone who is pierced recently and has a wish to swim or he/she wants to cover earrings for sports; can buy them without any hesitation. The basic motive of these patches is to carry a diabetic device but you can use it for the purpose of saving your newly pierced part as it has an excellent capacity to adhere for many hours.


  • A strong grip with extra-ordinary water-proof quality.
  • The tiny bandages for nose piercings can last for 14 to 15 days.
  • It is a good antiseptic and sterile patch that will help you protect your newly pierced ears.
  • The patches are good hypoallergenic, zinc oxide-free, and latex-free.
  • They are so easy, comfortable, and promise to be breathable and skin-friendly.

LEXCAM – Dexcom G6 Adhesive Patch (30-Pack) – Waterproof Adhesive

nose ring cover up sticker


Lexcam provides these super marvelous waterproof swim patch for piercings that can be used easily on your newly pierced ears, nose, or other parts of your body. They are fine waterproof patches with pre-cut facilitation. We should be careful before its application to clean the area around our newly pierced ears. There must be no ointment on your ear as the patch may not give good results in such a situation.


  • These waterproof tape for piercings are made with fine quality material that is sterile and germ-free.
  • They have a nice porous form for air crossing and are comfortable.
  • The adhesive does not create irritation and has the power to be used twice.
  • They are Latex-free and hypoallergenic that have no side effects.
  • Everyone can rely on the product with no hesitation, and especially considered the best waterproof bandages for nose piercings.

Skin Grip CGM Patches for Medtronic Guardian (20-Pack)

tape to cover piercings for sports


Skin Grip also gives another pack of Medtronic Guardian patches you can use care-freely for the protection of your ears. If you are concerned about your newly pierced ears and want some earring protectors for sports, then the patches may give you full support in this context.

The patches are big in size and give you a strong grip with their excellent capacity to stick all around the pierced area. Its waterproof nature makes this patch more dependable. They are available in a pack of 20. You can buy them online easily.


  • The patches are 6G Latex-free and antiseptic with fully sterile formula.
  • Whether these patches are designed for glucose devices but this feature gives it more strong adhesion.
  • They are more comfortable than any other tape to cover piercings for sports as they are sweat proof and saves us from irritation.
  • This cover it bandages piercings grip around the ear and earring is very strong and this ability makes it a good waterproof wound sealant bandage.
  • Boys who are not that much careful as girls can depend on these patches during their rough routine of jogging, running, exercise, or swimming.

Showerproof Transparent Adhesive Film Dressing

covering piercings for work


The product is again by Areza Medical which is a name of quality. This is pack with 50 bandages and each bandage is about 4×4” and ¾” with great shower proof features. It is a deal box for us all to use in the family or can sell them online.

Their grip is good enough to cover all cuts and bruises even can work as nose ring cover-up sticker. These patches are thin film with good adhesive power to make the pierced area covered from all around. One-time purchase from Amazon or online will give you a handsome package to save money as well as your piercing areas.


  • A Glue Henkel brand with extremely powerful results.
  • These waterproof bandages for piercings are unique as they keep the ability or being shower-proof.
  • One can use the pack who is reluctant to rely on normal products as per its good results.
  • The bandages are basically for all injuries to cover and secure this is why can be used as waterproof swim patch for piercing.
  • A thin polyurethane layer that can easily cover all your pierced areas easily.

{Pimtox Patch} Micro-Needle Patch for Caring AcneTrouble Cure

waterproof wound sealant bandage


SkinBuildersIs a renowned company presenting a qualitative pack of waterproof patches for piercings to care for their clients. The packaging contains 27 pieces of bandages of fine quality material. The design suits all skin damages especially acne, pimple issues but its make is so good as to use it for covering ear-piercing retainers instantly after getting pierced.  It has a bit of ginseng included in its ingredients that increase its healing power and are anti-inflammatory.


  • These patches have micro needles on them that have special medicated effects to cure that inflammatory pierced area.
  • Girls with fragile skin types can use the bandage carelessly because the item contains all necessary items to cure their allergic pierced skin.
  • The low-temperature solidification technology makes the ingredients alive for giving better results.
  • These are hypoallergenic patches with no Latex and oxides.
  • Use of ginseng provides it pure compound K that has good healing features.

Nexcare Waterproof Bandages Family Pack Assorted Sizes

3m nexcare clean seals


  • This Waterproof design always stays on skin when you taking bath.
  • It efficiantly covers and protect cuts and piercings, scrapes and blisters.
  • 360-degree complete seal around the pad which offers exceptional safety against the waterand different dirty material
  • Clear design is very comfortable and transparent like mirror, a perfect match for your skin

Complete Guide About Waterproof Bandages for Piercings

How to keep your ear piercing open without earring?

Every girl wants to wear earrings during or after her schooling. It is good to look cool and attractive by wearing different style earrings and in different places.

If a girl gets her ear pierced and because of her school dress code, her parents’ conservative point of view, or some other reasons she has to put off her earrings. She must be aware of the ways that how to save her piercing without earrings.

First of all, the piercer must let the person aware of the timing and schedule of how they can take care of their ears. They must tell them according to their place of piercing, how much time a pierced area will take to heal.

Cartilage piercing takes much time to heal that’s why we should be careful if we want to put the earrings off. The minimum time period for healing earlobe piercing is 6 to 8 months and cartilage piercing takes a minimum12 of months because it is a hard area than the lobe. We should not let the ear without earrings in case of a new piercing.

We will tell you some steps you can take to remove earrings if required.

Cut the ball off of Small Post Earring

While following the dress code and keeping the ear-piercing open, we can cut the ball of small post earrings that can’t be seen easily.

Use Glass or Quartz Retainers

Wearing a glass or quartz retainer is a good choice for a school-going student. A piercer must have a keen eye on such issues and guide the girl or boy to use glass or quartz retainer. These retainers cannot be caught easily in school and will be good to fulfill students’ wishes.

But if it is necessary, you can remove your earrings. If it is the demand of your school, office, or workplace, then you can remove them as ears do not close as instantly within 5 to 8 hours. If you have passed that healing period of a minimum of 6 months, Then be relax to put off the earring for a specific time period.

How to stop ear piercing from closing?

When you get your ear pierced. You have to care for them a lot as they take time to heal. A good piercer has enough knowledge to tell his clients how to keep their ears safe from all kinds of allergies.

Some people have so sensitive skin that they can’t carry any metal. This is why they are recommended to wear rubber earrings for sports.

  • If it is necessary to put off earrings to follow the rules, then try wearing them instantly after school or office.
  • The first thing you should have to do is to complete the time duration of healing ears.
  • If you miss the chance to wear some earrings during your commitment, You must try to insert an earring by force.

You must apply some oil all around the pierced area and pull the skin all-around your ear to make it remain open.

  • Wearing good quality product as of gold, sterling silver and Titanium will increase your ear healing capacity.
  • A daily basis schedule even of some hours can be good to keep your ears open.

How to cover a nose piercing for sports?

If you get a chance to pierce your nose and are not allowed to keep it by your parents, school, or office management, then play wisely and take a sharp decision to enjoy your fashion. Let me tell you some acute steps for this.

Do Yourself Natural Makeup

Get yourself ready by applying natural makeup by using the foundation that can cover your nose during work.

Use Rubber Nose Pins to Hide Your Piercing

If you want not to get your parents angry, teachers and officers angry, you can wear rubber nose pins that are transparent in color and will not get noticed.

Colorful Bandages and Blister Stickers

Today the fashion market is full of a variety of items considering every type of customer. There are beautiful blistering stickers and bandages to cover your nose piercing. Apply the stickers and never let your boss insult you during work.

You Can Wear a Fake Nose Ring

If your parents don’t let you pierce your nose, you must buy a fake nose ring to fulfill your dream of piercing your nose.

How to cover up a belly button piercing for sports?

The fashion world makes you enjoy different styles and fashions as to pierce the belly button. It looks cool if done by girls or boys both. But it is very sensitive part of the body and there is a risk to hurt it especially during sports.

You can use bandages to cover your belly button. Different medicine companies present many good quality bandages or patches to cover your injured area. But they are a good option to cover your belly button piercing while swimming, running or dancing.

But to go to the school pr office, you must cover them with big patches because you have to put on a uniform and there is a risk of damage. Wear soft dresses that may not hurt your pierced area.

How to Hide Helix Piercing?

People normally don’t like odd fashions as to wear earrings around the helix. But if you have achieved this goal, you must be careful to cover this in front of your school and office management. Try some steps to cover your helix piercing as given below.

  • Use crystal color studs to avoid being noticed.
  • Get a hairstyle that can cover your ears but it has some risk to rip off your ears suddenly.
  • Buy a beautiful scarf to cover your helix piercing.
  • Get some tiny bandages that may cover the ears with their beautiful blister look.
  • Get a skin color stud pair to satisfy your desire.
  • Get rubber earrings with a transparent look.

How to Hide Piercings for Work?

People do work day and night to earn money and fulfill their desires. To do fashion as getting themselves pierced or applying tattoos is common these days. But everyone has to follow some typical rules while doing their jobs. The same is the case with a piercing that normally is not allowed. We are going to tell you some technicalities through which you can hide your piercing during work, Let me also share you video from you tube for your better understanding:

Get a Septum to Hide It

If you are worried about hiding a nose piercing, you can buy a septum. It is a great idea to hide it while on duty by flipping it up. You can enjoy your piercing anyway.

Getting Some Retainers is a Good Idea

Piercers have a different nose and ear retainers that can solve their problems. They are small in size and stick to ears.

A Skin color Stud Will Solve the Matter

The market is full of a variety of earrings and studs. Choose a stud to match your skin and feel free to move at your work-place.

How to hide piercings in the military?

The military has very strict rules and they do not allow any type of fashions. Wearing earrings is good but to hide them from the eyes of your cruel military is much better. We can give you some tips to hide the earrings from your officers.

  • You should cut the ball of your stud as not to be noticed by the military.
  • Try wearing skin color retainers.
  • Apply the foundation of your skin type if you are wearing retainers.
  • Get some band-aid applied on your pierced ears or nose to avoid being caught by military eyes.

How to cover up ear piercings for sports?

The ear is a very fragile part of our face and we want to adorn it by piercing and using a variety of studs and earrings. There are many kinds of ear piercing as lobe piercing, cartilage piercing. helix piercing, trogus, inner conch, and anti-tragus. While you want to play a sport, want to dance, or do exercise, you should have to cover them up nicely so that they may not get hurt.

We should prefer rubber earrings for sports due to their light-weight make. Science has advanced in a way to invent unique products. If we want not to hurt our ears while play then we should have earring protectors for sports.

First of all, we have to give the ear-piercing proper time for healing. Then we can start some sports. But if necessary, Then have some good quality bandages as described above to cover pierced ears fully.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers

Is it unprofessional to wear earrings?

It is not unprofessional to wear earrings if you are at work and performing your tasks quite efficiently. Just you need to cover your earrings.

Can you wear earrings in sports?

Yes, it’s good to present yourself in charming looks by wearing earrings and there is nothing bad in it. Bad is not to cover and making yourself secure during play.

How do I hide my earrings from refs?

It is easy to hide your earrings by doing something tricky. You can wear skin color studs or apply foundation on your ears.

Can you play sports with earrings?

Yes, you can play with earrings only by taking some precautionary steps as to tape them with bandages.

Can you take newly pierced earrings out for sports?

If it is necessary to play, then you can go out for sports wearing good quality patches all-around your earrings.

Can you tape your earrings for soccer?

Soccer is the toughest game and needs more energy. But you can also wear earrings during your sports taking safety precautions by applying bandages and padded patches all around your ears.

Can you cover a piercing with a bandaid?

It’s a good option to apply a bandaid only for the cause of covering your earrings from the eyes of your seniors. But never use bandaid while playing as it is so risky.

Can you play sports with earrings?

A sportsman or woman eagerly wears earrings because they can’t wear heavy jewelry. But if they use some careful steps, then they can do their duties really.

Is Taping piercing safe?

A sportsman can’t compromise his/her game for petty reasons. Ear piercing is also one of these things. But he/she should apply some tape to hide piercings all around his/her earrings that they may not resist him during playing.

How to tape earrings for sports?

We provide you a guideline to save you from the risk of being hurt while wearing earrings during sports. If anyone finds himself/herself in a perplexing situation to play sports while he/she is newly pierced, then he must use patches of good quality to cover his ears for sports. Another way is to use soft and rubber earrings that My not cause that damage to your child’s ears.

What tape do you use to cover earrings?

We should use athletic tape to cover ear piercings as to cover the pierced earrings. There many branded waterproof bandages for piercing that may solve your issue.

What are the rubber backs on earrings for

All rubber backs on earrings are to make the earrings less weighty and hypoallergenic. As we know rubber is lightweight and has no dangerous ingredients, this is why they suit newly pierced ears. We can use them while covering ears for sports.

How to Protect Your Piercing as an Athlete?

If you are a sports person and also want to look cool. You will pierce your ears or nose definitely. But it is necessary to protect your ears from hurting while playing. You should use athletic tape as to cover your ears.

Another thing one can do is to use a helmet while playing. You can also put off your earrings when going to play and after the game is over, you can wear them again.


After all the above discussion, we can easily conclude that wearing earrings is a wish of almost all boys and girls equally. But before doing yourself pierced. You should check the guides and take help from the above all the mentioned steps.

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