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Can You Get A Hoop Nose Piercing Right Away?

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Hey ladies! I am anxious to discuss with you the most desired nose piercing. It is our dream to wear hoops on our noses. It looks stylish and trendy. But can you a hoop nose pierce right away? When you get your nose pierced once, you want to get the hoop instantly after it. When you look at girls wearing stylish and trendy hoops, you crave it.

But Does It Hurt Changing your Nose Piercing? Our nose becomes too sensitive and hurt after piercing. The process of piercing is painful and takes time to heal. We should have to care for our newly pierced nose so much that it will not rip. We have to be more watchful during the procedure of wearing a nose hoop if we are newly pierced.

It is the heartiest feeling of almost every girl that she must have a hoop nose ring that they can move and sit in society with confidence and pride. It is not only an old tradition to pierce the nose and ears but it has become a craze now to adopt this fashion. Every one of us loves that people think him or her trendy and up-to-date. The vibe makes them courageous enough to face the painful process of piercing.

All is set but what if you get a hoop nose piercing right away? Will it not tear your injured nose? I think buddies! It will be a bit dramatic and painful if we try to get a hoop right away in our newly pierced nose.

Can You Wear a Hoop Nose Ring Instantly After Getting Pierced?

It will be bullshit if we do not know nose piercing and its after-effects. We must have complete information about what we can face if we are making a plan to get a hoop ring in our nostrils. If it is possible to visit your piercer’s clinic, it will be a blessing in disguise. You can not only check the environment and the tools he will use on for your piercing but also can discuss your inclination to wear your hoop nose ring immediately.

It will prove beneficial for you as your piercer can give you wise counsel and let you inform about what can happen with your nose. His experience will greatly help you to understand whether wearing a hoop ring will be good or bad for you.

I have seen many people getting hooped piercings. They look quite relaxed and normal. Even they claim to feel much better than before. Their nose proves no harm to them when they get a hoop in. What does it sound like? Does it mean everyone can wear a hoop ring instantly after piercing?

No! The answer is a straightforward “no”. It will not only hurt your operated nose but also can cause serious infections. No doctor or piercer can recommend you to do this trick.

It is a trick to do something bad with your nose knowingly. It will have consequences that may last months. The wish and enthusiasm you have in your heart to wear a nose ring will dim away and you may have to wait months to settle the matter down.

I know many of us are too courageous that they take this risk of getting a nose ring just after one week of their nose piercing. But they had to suffer great pain after doing this act. The normal healing time of nose piercing is 3 to 4 months. It is the time not to do extra activities. You have to care about your pierced nose as it is the most prominent part of your face. Many times it can get in touch with something hard and tangled. It brings harm to our newly pierced nose. It will start to bleed again and can get ripped.

If we try to do this adventure, we must get thorough information about the effects and side effects one can face. It will make us think and decide about getting hoop nose ring piercing instantly or not. Otherwise, we should avoid taking the risk. It is the best suggestion for us all to give our pierced nose full healing time to get a perfect recovery.

How Long Does It Take For A Nose Piercing To Heal Completely?

How Long Does It Take For A Nose Piercing To Heal Completely?


The nose is made of cartilage and it is in the most prominent place of your body. The upward stature of the nose lets it confront many things. This is the reason that there are 00% chances that our nose can get hurt while it is undergoing its healing process after piercing. An estimated and observed fact is that nose takes a longer time than ear piercing. The minimum time interval is 2 to 3 months that it gets recovered. If we have sensitive skin or some other issues, the healing time can increase.

On the contrary, if we leave our nose open for some hours, it can close as early as possible. The skin and cartilage heal soon and the hole shuts. And if we try to experiment with a hoop in our nose soon, it has maximum chances that it may get close. The time we are letting it open and trying to put another hoop in it can prove sufficient for our skin to regenerate and close the pierced areas.

Another thing we must keep in mind is that the piercing process can be speedy or slow as it depends on the people and their skin types. The minimum time one can take to recover his nose piercing is 3 months. But the time doesn’t need to remain the same. If we think that our ear piercing healed only in 6 to 8 weeks, we are mistaken. There is a huge gap between these two piercing points. Patience is needed for the nose piercing healing period. Otherwise, we can regret what we had done in our haste to look trendy.

Scientific research shows that ear piercing and nose piercing have a difference based on blood circulation. When blood moves freely in our earlobe it can increase the chances of healing. But cartilage is a kind of soft bone. It has not that excess blood circulation and this is the reason it heals late.

Another most important thing about nose piercing is that it heals and we start to think that we have qualified for hoop wearing. But what happens next! When we try to put the nose hoop in our pierced area, it starts to bleed and gives pain. It has an internal wound that is still green. So I think when we have taken a bold step to pierce the sensitive part of our body, we should have to wait peacefully for its full recovery. Otherwise many infections and allergies will increase our agony. These infections will become the biggest hurdle in our way to show our friends our pierced nose and dainty hoop.

All women who are ready to adopt the nose ring trend must have to be a little careful and concerned because if they think they can do it right away, it will be their great mistake. A little patience will let the healing time pass safely and then you can enjoy styling your nose as you wish.

Can You Get a Nose Ring As Soon As You Get It Pierced?

Many women are anxious to know the answer to this pretty repeated question that whether they wear their nose rings as soon as possible. It becomes their utmost desire to style themselves by having a ring in their nose. But sometimes it results negatively on our nose. The newly pierced nose can hurt badly and it slows down the healing process.

There is no issue in getting a nose stud instantly after piercing. Some people have hard skin and have the ability to heal quickly. But most people possess sensitive and soft skin that may be the cause of skin allergies and infections. If you have a strong belief in your skin type and the atmospheric conditions of your area, you can take the risk. If all these conditions are in your favor, your nose will not hurt you.

The jewelry you want to adorn your nose may not make it difficult for you to stun your friends with your new look. Make a sense? I mean that if you don’t choose an article for your nose that is not hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, it will be alarming for your nose. The decision is yours that you are going to risk your newly pierced nose by choosing some wrong stud or ring. The better is the metal of your nose ring, the sooner it will heal.

If you find yourself fine with putting a nose stud in your nose right after it is pierced, then go for it. But be careful after getting it done. Feel acutely the changes or any sensation in nose, you should have to consult your doctor soon. In case of any swelling, discoloration, or any discharge from the hole, must try to reach your piercer or the doctor. If we act lazily on some pain or infections, it can prolong the process of healing too.

Things You Need To Know About Keeping Your Piercing Clean If You Want To Get Hooped Right Away

Things You Need To Know About Keeping Your Piercing Clean If You Want To Get Hooped Right Away

We must be careful about nose piercing as it is quite a different and a bit painful phenomenon than that of ear piercing. Ear piercing needs less healing time as compared with a nose piercing. People feel free to get hooped instantly after two or three days of their ear piercing. The level of blood circulation, the flesh, and the location of the ear help your ear heal soon. You face not that kind of skin issue as you have to face in a nose piercing.

Nose piercing has many kinds and methods. It is not simply the nostril piercing. There are many categories in nose piercing that make the difference.

  • Nostril
  • Septum
  • Rhino or Vertical
  • Bridge
  • Nasallang

All these above categories have their way of getting pierced. But the thing that deals the same is the nose itself. It has a lack of fleshy area and cartilage is dominant in it. It makes our pierced area pain much. Its healing period is long as that of the ear. Similarly, the treatments, the way of dealing, and care for nose piercing need much of our concerns. And when it comes to the matter of getting a hoop right away after piercing. The situation can worsen if we don’t act on all the cares told below.

Use Sea Salt to Soothe Your Pierced Nose

We know about the healing property of sea salt. Its amazing results will be great magic for your newly pierced nose. If you soak cotton in saltwater and put it for a long time on your pierced area, it will prove amazing for your nose to heal its wounds soon.

It is a great remedy to disinfect your nose or even ear completely from bacteria and viruses. While you are pierced, your chances to get infected increase. All the pierces and skin consultants recommend sea salt-soaking as the best treatment. It can not only be done with the help of soaking it with salt cotton balls but also you can do it by dipping your full nose in sea salt water.

Do Proper Hygiene

If you have done the nose piercing process successfully, then try to provide it with perfect hygiene. Try to keep the pierced area clean every time. If you touch your pierced area again and again for the sake of curiosity or a sense of sensation, it can cause your nose severe infections and can trouble it a lot.

  • We should avoid touching and twisting the nose ring
  • We should never try to make our pin up and down for the sake of movement because when it is newly pierced, it is difficult to move it backward and forwards
  • We have to use paper towel or soft tissues to clean the pierced area
  • Every time we want to clean the area, we should use pyridine for its cleanliness
  • Some antiseptic ointment will help you boost the healing process
  • Cartilage can quickly heal if you spare your nose with a nose stud, never experience this for a long time otherwise the consequences will be quite severe and painful
  • Always try to sleep on the opposite side of your pierced nose because it would bring plenty of pain for you if touches something unconsciously
  • Wash your hands properly if you are applying some ointment or cleaning it with some antiseptic because dirty hands can bring harmful bacteria to your wounded nose

Don’t Do Late If Your Nose Hoop Falls

Don't Do Late If Your Nose Hoop Falls

Sometimes it happens that your nose hoop falls because its screw loosens or the lock opens during sleep. It is normal but if you don’t put it back in the nose immediately, it will close soon. We know that cartilage gets close early as compared to the earlobe.

Avoid the Use Of Chemicals Without any Prescription

Many chemicals are quick in the healing process like alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. But it can give your pierced area some harsh reaction instead of soothing it. All these rigid and harsh chemicals including soaps and face washes will slow down the process of healing. They are too active agents that sometimes they can remove the outer membrane that is newly formed.

Try to Keep the Pierced Area Clean

As it is necessary to keep your pierced area clean and hygienic, similarly it should be kept clean. By not keeping it dry, we increase the chances of bacteria coming and developing their medium. If you are soaking your nose with cotton balls, never let any cotton thread remain on the nose. If you are washing your face, tap it dry with a soft paper towel. Otherwise, it will harm your pierced area.

Be Cautious To Recognize Any Infection

If we don’t touch our nose again and again and keep it hygienic, then its healing process gears speedily. But sometimes the apparent healing is not the real healing. Outwardly the membrane is perfectly developed on our pierced area, but the inner area is still wounded.

When we think that our piercing is perfectly healed and try to do some new experiments in the way of changing some new nose jewelry, it hurts us a lot. This may cause some infections to be produced. We must be watchful about the proper healing and make it sure with the advice of our piercer.

Another very obvious thing is the bacteria that are frequently found in our noses. The nose has God gifted ability to filter and buffer the particles that have harmful viruses and bacteria. In the case of a newly pierced nose, these bacteria have strong chances to act on the wounded area and infect it. We have to be too careful during all the healing piercing till the healing process. Otherwise, there is a risk of some dangerous allergies or tissue death.

Consider Your Jewelry Style First

If you have a plan to get your hoop instantly after getting the nose pierced, choose the jewelry carefully. Everyone knows that the hoop has a slight curve in it that makes it a difficult choice to wear. Wearing a nose stud is good when you are going to pierce your nose. It is straight and easy to handle. Pierces recommend to keep wearing studs for a long time after getting piercing. But if it is your final decision to go for hoops, be careful as it can hurt due to its curve style.

Similarly, there are other intricate styles of nose jewelry available on market. But don’t try to adopt one of them because they normally are made with cheap metals and are not hypoallergenic. We should avoid wearing these hoops to be safe from allergies and infections.

Avoid Swimming Pools and Outdoor Water Activities

When we dream to have a beautiful hoop in our nose instantly after getting pierced, we have to care for it. We should have to avoid all those activities that can risk our wounds. The water in swimming pools and clubs is not clean and hygienic. Many people with lots of germs and bacteria come and pollute the water.

If we don’t stop this swimming activity until our piercing fully healed, it can infect our nose. So it is wise to stop swimming or other public water when you are undergoing the piercing process till healing. 

Can You Get Your Nose Pierced With A Hoop Right Away?

Can You Get Your Nose Pierced With A Hoop Right Away?

It is not an easy task to wear your hoop right away after piercing. Many things matter loads. The first thing that is very crucial is the body conditions. Sometimes your skin acts too prone to allergies and skin diseases that it only needs some little excuse.

Nose piercing means to make your nose properly wounded and hurt. And in such a situation you want to wear a hoop immediately, it will be harmful to you. Some people have thick skin and it can repair early. These people are fortunate to get their hoops right away after getting pierced. Many countries and tribes have their custom and tradition to pierce their body parts. They feel it quite normal to wear anything anytime as it becomes a part of their routine life.

How to Prepare For A Nose Piercing?

Nose piercing is something that not only is the custom of some people but also it satiates the esthetic sense of man and woman equally. If we are going to pierce our nose the first time, we must be prepared for it quite well. There are certain things one should keep in mind. The first and foremost thing is the body conditions and anatomy.

Sometimes we compel to pierce our nose that our piercer is strictly prohibiting us. If we don’t act upon his advice, we have to suffer severe results. He knows that the skin and body type doesn’t suit nose piercing. Similarly, if we don’t get the consultation of our piercer that whether it’s going to suit our nose or not, we suffer pain and embarrassment.

With this, we should care for the medicine we take. If we take some medicine beforehand that thins our blood, it will be risky. Our blood will start to flow immediately and will be difficult to control.

How To Tell If Your Nose Piercing Is Healed?

Nose piercing is too difficult and time taking procedure. You need to be patient and cool-minded if you want to look like Miley Cirus and Alyssa Milano. Nostrils are made up of cartilage and it is quite painful to pierce this area. It takes time to heal. We should confirm its healing before doing any new experiment. There are certain signs as:

  • the perfect and smooth skin all around the pierced area is felt visibly
  • The fluid or discharge stops to flow
  • It stops to stink
  • The stud or hoop moves freely forwards and backward
  • The pain you are feeling from day first reduces to almost none

All these points are most important to consider while you understand that your nose has healed. It will decide on changing your nose ring boldly.

What Will Happen If I Change My Nose Piercing Too Early?

The nose is one of the most sensitive parts of our body and it needs extra care when we are going to change our piercing too early. The average healing time of nose piercing is almost

3 to 4 months. But if we want to change it early for the sake of adopting any trend or being bored, it will not good for it. There are many painful things we may suffer including bleeding, allergies, swelling, unwanted and sticky fluid, and redness. It can slow down the process of healing too. But some people can survive this change of piercing because their body anatomy can bear it.

Can I Get My Nose Pierced With A Hoop?

Yeah! You can pierce your nose with a hoop. It is up to you that you choose a hoop or a nose stud for the piercing process. Just keep in mind that the structure of both these jewelry articles is different. The hoop is curved and we need a professional hand to pierce with it, Let me share you a complete detail in video.

It can hurt our nose if someone doesn’t deal with it expertly. On the contrary, the stud is straight and easy to handle. There is almost zero risk to pierce with a stud. The prong of the hoop is small curved as compared with the stud and it is difficult for it to carry swelling. A stud has a long prong and our swelling can best reside on it.


This constructive debate tells us that we can get a hoop nose piercing right away. There are certain things we have to consider if we have made our minds to get a hoop nose piercing right away. It will help us to go through this process easily. The shape and style of a hoop ring matter. It is a bit curve and intricate as compared to a stud or simple ring.

If we give our nose the perfect healing time that is around 3 to 4 weeks, it will bring fruition for us. If we don’t care for the healing time to pass peacefully, it may bring lots of allergies and infections for us. The metals and the material of the hoop ring are important. We must use an authentic hypoallergenic hoop ring that will help our wound heal soon.

On the other hand, cheap hoop rings are available in the market in many appealing colors and designs. But they will not only prolong the healing process but also cause us various allergies and skin issues. The other most important thing is the piercer himself. If we don’t follow the advice of our piercer, we have to suffer pains. Understanding our nose anatomy, our piercer will tell that whether our piercing is going to suit us or not.

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