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How to Fix Tarnished Gold Plated Jewelry?

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We all know that gold has been holding a high value over the past few decades and hence it is known to be a huge investment. But it is obvious that gold is one such item that needs your extra care and attention in terms of keeping itself away from tarnishing. Selling the tarnished gold would never fetch the best of the price.

So what you can actually do with the tarnished gold jewelry? Can you easily restore the beauty of it and add value to its overall appearance? Is it possible to clean gold at home easily?

Well yes, it is! This guide is about the quick detail on which we will explore about few of the simple methods for fixing the tarnished gold jewelry and making it a brand new one all over again. Let’s get into the discussion below:

What Causes Gold to Tarnish?

By the term tarnishing, we generally mean that the gold has started to corrode. This tarnished surface is darker as compared to the rest of the item surfaces. The corrosion process will occur as the moisture, oxygen, and sulfur compounds mix with the rest of the metals which ate present in your gold.

Pure Ring gold is available with fewer metals whose interaction will cause some sort of tarnishing. This generally means that if your gold is having higher purity, then the tarnishing will less likely to happen.

Hence the composition of the perfume, sweat with the lotion, or detergents can often speed up the reaction of tarnishing. These all compounds contain elements that accelerate corrosion.

Top 3 Easy to Follow Ways to Fix Tarnished Gold

Now below we will be discussing a few of the easy to follow ways for fixing the tarnished gold at home:

  • Wash it with Soap

Make use of gentle soap and use the soft brush for scrubbing the side of the gold piece. You should be careful with the cleaning to eliminate the leftover ammonia, which might somehow harm you or the gold.

After you are done with washing, you have to rinse the gold in the warm water and then dry it with a soft towel. Let the gold get the air dry for a maximum of 10 minutes before you place it in safe storage or wear it.

  • Mix Water, Soap & Ammonia

Pour warm water in one small cup and add one teaspoon of the mild soap. Now stir the combination until and unless the soap dilutes. You have to next add half a teaspoon of ammonia into the mix and then stir it well.

Ammonia is known to have a powerful odor that somehow might irritate your throat. So it would be rather best to work in a well-ventilated room. You can even wear a mask to somehow prevent inhaling harmful fumes.

  • Add Dish Soap to Warm Water and Soap the Gold

Add some warm tap water in the bowl and add some drops of mild dish soap. Just mix the soap and add water solution as well. Now place the gold into the water and soap solution and then soak it for at least 15 minutes.

This soaking eventually softens the accumulated dirt, by making it easier to remove as you scrub it all. You can also use this tip for fixing the tarnishing of silver jewelry.

Tips to Follow

  • You can make use of a soft baby toothbrush for easy cleaning the gold. But you should be gentle at the time of rubbing so it won’t cause any scratches.
  • Jewelry cleaner is hence available from most jewelry stores. Just follow the complete directions on the bottle for the proper cleaning method. You should have the guidelines of professional cleaning if your gold jewelry is yet still dirty after cleaning it at home.
  • You should never clean the gold with the tissue. It does contain some small wood fibers that will scratch it.
  • The use of abrasives, baking soda or the toothbrush will scratch the gold.
  • Store the gold being wrapped in the anti-tarnish tissue, or a clean plastic bag, or even in a special setting for your particular piece.
  • You should never use any spray on the gold-plated jewelry. By using the cologne or the perfume on the regular basis, it might contaminate the metal of the jewelry, making it looked blemished or even stained.
  • For cleaning the gold-plated jewelry, just mix a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent with warm water. Rinse your entire gold-plated jewelry in the solution and then allow it to air dry.
  • After you have washed or dry the gold-plated jewelry, just buff it with a soft microfiber cloth. Over time, the oil can make the gold flake off, but this buffing can help to minimize oils.
  • If you are not using the gold-plated jewelry, just put it in a plastic bag and remove the excess air by simply squeezing it, and just seal it. This lack of oxygen within the bag will even help to yet keep the gold-plated jewelry bright and extra shiny. Put just one piece of jewelry per plastic bag to simply avoid scratching.


Avoid using baking soda or toothpaste for the cleanliness of the gold piece. You should never any gold jewelry in a swimming pool or in the hot tub because exposure to chlorine can somehow turn your gold into a black color. Plus, the soap can even leave a dull buildup on the gold.


Well, we hope that with this guide, you must have got enough information about how you can fix the tarnished gold without any hassle and at home, No matter whatsoever cleaning method you are using, make sure you avoid the scratching of the gold and dry it completely before you use or store it.

Follow the tips now ad give your gold a perfect and brand new look!

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