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Why can’t Sterling Silver Rings be Resized? Complete Answer

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Millions of people are forced to ask the same question that why can’t my sterling silver be resized? What makes them do so? Why are people not satisfied by the resizing of their sterling silver?

Resizing any ring whether it is silver or gold, platinum or stainless steel is a very complex procedure. Normally jewelers and many well-known brands refuse to resize their rings. Sometimes it is written in the company policy that we will not be responsible for the resizing of the rings.

This thing is a little concerning and makes us think upon. But don’t worry guys! The chances to resize are never finished. Sterling silver rings are resized and we need not be suffocated by the thoughts that our rings will become useless.

Metals like sterling silver and 18k gold are too soft that they can lose their original shape and texture. Sterling silver rings are resized under expert jewelers. But only one-time resizing can be under control. If you think it to resize two or three sizes up or down or a second time, it will certainly damage your ring.

Reasons Why It is An Uphill Task to Resize Your Sterling Silver Ring

We buy our heart favorite rings and when we wear them after some time; we find them a little small to wear comfortably. We realize the mistake and start to repent that how should it be resized now.

sterling silver rings resized

But no worries people! You can get your sterling silver resized. But still, some reasons make jewelers hesitate to resize the sterling silver rings. Let’s understand them.

  • Sterling silver is a very soft metal and by doing its resizing, it can lose its original strength and shape.
  • Sterling silver bands if fixed with precious stones as birthstones or some Sapphire or diamond, will be a risk to resize the ring. It may surely affect the quality and color of the stone.
  • The softness of sterling silver makes it lose the stone if it is resized. This is because when it is resized, the setting of the ring damages and may loosen the grip of the stones fixed in it.
  • The women, who use to wear decorative rings and have some sterling silver rings with many loaded patterns, can lose the structural coherence of their ring.
  • The surprises gifts are almost all the time face this issue of resizing. You want to surprise your beloved with a ring to propose to him/her. The emotion goes spoiled when the ring denies fitting the finger. Normally engagement rings or promise rings contain expensive stones or pearls. It becomes a herculean task to do the resizing of that ring without damaging it.
  • Rings inherited don’t normally match our fingers. Sometimes our parents or ancestors had already get them resized for themselves. Now when it comes to us, it becomes an unsolved puzzle sometimes. An already resized sterling silver ring is quite impossible to resize. But if you know some expert jeweler or jewelry company that ensures you resize it without any deformation, you can let it be.
  • By resizing your sterling silver ring, there may be a knot underneath the ring that may be the cause of irritation and disturbance for you.

All the above are the reasons that make the resizing of sterling silver a difficult task. Still resizing is being done all over the world. Everything creating problems also has solutions. Just you need a little careful while giving your ring for resizing.

Things to Consider while Resizing Your Sterling Silver Ring

A lady with a good collection of jewelry normally doesn’t care if she has a ring loose or tight for her finger. Time passes and she never notices what a unique thing she has in her collection.

simple sterling silver rings

Suddenly she notices it and tries to resize it. But things are not working in her favor. Almost every jeweler refuses to take the risk to damage the ring. It is a risky thing. We should keep certain things in our mind when we are reconsidering the sterling silver rings

Resize the Ring Just Once 

If you are trying to resize your sterling silver ring, take a perfect size. Just think about all the aspects that can happen in the future. If you are inclined towards getting bulky, resize it a little extra than a fit size. You can gain weight in months and it will never resize the second time.

 The reason behind resizing your sterling silver one time is that it is a soft metal and can’t bear repetitive change. 

Sterling Silver is Delicate

It is noticeable that sterling silver’s delicacy and softness are a hindrance in its resizing. There is a fear of losing its original shape and integrity. If we have decided to pass this test, we should choose a well-known jeweler who has a claim not to damage the originality of the ring.

Don’t Let the Sterling Silver Ring Stretch Gain the Size

While you have made your mind to resize your ring that may be a gift of your husband, boyfriend, mother, or brother, spend some money for it. The dear one ring needs your care and concerns. Never let the jeweler fulfill the size deficiency by merely stretching the metal.

Doing so will weaken the ring and it will lose its vigor. It may also lose the gems or stones that are fixed in it. This is very simple that heavy and valuable stones need strong support.

A little change in the original make of the ring will destroy all the structural composition. It will weaken the base of the stones and you knowingly or unknowingly Los the stones.

Try Avoiding Manual Resizing

If your jeweler is a very famous craftsman and he asks you to resize your sterling silver band manually. But your band that has small and precious stones all around it, has a risk to fall the stones. You can refuse that crafty artisan.

Get in contact with some jeweler who has advanced technology and ask him to do resizing only by laser cutting. This is the only safe way to resize the sterling silver ring without any damage or loss.

Al the above described important things will help you when you are ready to get your sterling silver resized. Try to consult your old family jeweler as he will certainly guide you honestly. The market never lacks cheated and liars. They will promise your ring resizing will be done harmlessly.

But when you will see the results, you will get shocked. This is why prevention is better than cure.

The Cost Of Resizing A Sterling Silver Ring

Now guys! It comes to the question of how much money it may be spent in resizing a sterling silver ring. The cost will depend on the quality of stones and also the placement of stones. It will surely be different in case of up resizing or down resizing.

how much does it cost to get a sterling silver ring resized

The company name and its expertise also have their value and price. So if you have a plan to get your ring resized, you must have a budget for it.

Cost when up resizing The Ring

It is a general phenomenon that increasing the size of your ring will increase the use of metal in it. Because if you believe in mere stretching the ring, it will be a great setback in the future for you. After some time, the ring can not only be broken as it will become more delicate and weak but also the precious stones will also get lost.

A simple up resizing can cost you a minimum of 20$ to 50$ because jewelers will add some sterling silver in it to increase the size. They will also cost the polishing and maintaining money.

But if you have an intricately styled sterling silver ring, it can cost you more. An estimated cost can be ranging from 50$ to 150$ as there is an expert hand needed with some laser machinery. All this cost is only for the sake of saving your ring’s original shape and design and not damaging its gemstones.

Cost when Down Resizing the Sterling Silver Ring

Hurrah! We cannot have a burden on our pockets when we are down-resizing the ring. It is far less than the cost of resizing the ring. It may involve only the cutting and resetting of the ring and its gems. While in up resizing, we have to add extra sterling silver.

The down resizing will only cost the craftsmanship’s fee and the resizing charges. There is no excessive money spent on it. Just be careful in the selection of jewelers that he may deal with your ring on personal grounds and concerns.

Stop! Don’t Try To Resize Your Sterling Silver Ring

It is not certain that every time you are going to get your ring resized is right. Sometimes you can misjudge the resizing of the ring. Maybe the ring that suddenly fits in your finger and makes you feel uneasy has some reason behind it.

Try searching for the reason for this change in your finger size. Maybe you have gained weight because of pregnancy that will take you to normal after a few months. So it is not necessary to resize your ring and risk it.

Secondly, there may be some allergies that you are noticing. A seasonal change sometimes causes allergies and you start to swell. But after taking some anti-allergies, you come to your normal physique.

Similarly, the decrease in your ring finger size is not always a sign to resize your ring. There may be some temporary reasons that may fulfill after some time.

The weight loss and your continuous exercise can be an agent in making your fingers lose weight. Similarly, intense cold weather can be the cause of yr finger to get shrink.

All these and many other reasons as the weather changes or an intake of some viral food can swell or shrink your finger’s size. There is no need to resize and change the originality of your ring at any cost. The thing you will do is just waiting.

Easy And Cheap Ring Resizing

If you are afraid of losing the originality of your ring and the loss of its precious stones, don’t go for it. There are many cheap and common ways to resize especially to reduce the size of your ring. By adding them you can save the ring from being weak and d-shape.

Buy A Sizing bar

A sizing bar is very commonly sold in a jeweler’s shop. You can adjust it o the underneath of the ring. It is u shaped bar that will help you resize your ring. No one can see it as it is on the backside of the ring.

This resize is easily available in the market and will prevent your ring from getting damage.

Plastic or Metal Beads

Some beads are easily fixed on the ring. They will decrease the size of the ring and it will fit yours perfectly.

Some people don’t like this idea as it becomes painful for your finger sometimes. It is good if you are wearing a ring only for some time. But if you want to war your ring permanently, these beads will be a cause of irritation and disturbance.

A Spring-Based Ring

Jewelers have designed a spring-based ring that can easily fit inside the ring and will be helpful to fit your finger’s size. It is available at a cheap rate and can fix your resizing issue.

Get an Additional Shank Ring

There is a solution to everything in our world. W just need the awareness. A few decades before, people lost interest in buying sterling silver rings as they considered it useless to contain their valuable gemstones. They chose to set their stones in gold and platinum.

But no the use of sterling silver is at its peak. Finest and delicate jewelry is found in it. This is why jewel companies try every problem’s solution

We can buy an elegant ring that contains a shank beneath it. This shank can easily adjust the ring size according to your finger. It can prove a permanent solution for our problem.

Try to buy your sterling silver ring with this shank. But if you have an old sterling silver ring with a normal pattern, you can hire the services of a good jeweler company to add one to your ring.

Now it will be the decision of the company whether your ring is marginal enough to fix some extensions or a shank.

Some DIY’s can Work For You

It is your wedding anniversary and your husband asks you to wear the promise ring that he gave you on the very first date. You open the jewelry box and remember that this was the ring that never fits you. It was a surprise given by your husband that very first time without knowing your finger size.

Now, what to do? There is no time to take the ring to resize it. The only thing you can do for the sake of your beloved husband’s happiness is to DIY it.

Normally jewelers don’t allow DIY of your ring. But in case of emergency, you can use some home DIY to make your event. Let’s have a look at some of the DIYs

  • Add a cloth pad with your ring with the help of some tape or glue. It will prove successful to fit your finger for some time.
  • You can add a plastic ring guard that will certainly prove helpful for you.
  • You can use scotch tape under the ring in as many folding as it starts to fit your finger.
  • A thick layer of silicon can also prove useful as it will remain unnoticed and will help you enjoy the party or even.

But again it is a warning to all of us that using DIYs will prove alarming to your rings. Your ring can react with what you use to shorten the size. Many alloy metals can react with the plastic or silicon or any other adhesive you are using.  Just be careful.


Oh my Lord! All the above-given facts hope to us. The theories that sterling silver can’t be resized, have no existence. With the advancement in science, people have devised many ways to solve any problem.

Resizing a sterling silver ring was a problem once. But now it has become very easy and within the range of everyone. All you have to do is to consult with your trusted jeweler and get your ring resizing process on the go.

The most noteworthy thing is that a sterling silver ring will only be resized one time. This is because of its delicate nature. If we try to resize our ring twice or thrice, it will get weaken and there is a danger of its breakage.

Similarly resizing a sterling silver ring that is too decorative will cause the loss of some precious gems and pearls. It can lose its originality and shape too. There may be a lapse in its structural firmness.

Al these are the facts that you must keep in mind while taking your ring to be resized. But still, the good thing is that you can resize it. You can enjoy the gifts of your beloveds, you can enjoy the legacy from your family, and you can enjoy the surprises given to you.

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