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Can You Wear 14k Gold in the Shower? (Complete Guide)

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After 18k, 14k is considered to be the purest and highest karat quantity in the gold jewelry. It is not just flawless looking in its outlook appearance but at the same time, it is tempting to wear all the time even in the shower.

 But can you wear 14k gold jewelry during the shower? That sounds tricky! 

Well, we have researched this query so much and here we will be discussing a few important facts with you to let you know about the concept of 14k gold and shower.

Can you war 14k Gold Jewelry in the Shower?

Yes, it is allowed to wear 14k gold jewelry or other jewelry pieces in the shower, but it is not recommended at all.  It will not be damaging your jewelry piece completely, but it can reduce its shine.  And repeated encounters with water can fully change its whole appearance with time.

If you want your old jewelry to look best and brilliant in its appearance for a long time, then make sure that you keep it away from the water. Not just water, but even soap can ruin your gold piece. Soap will leave a certain residue on the

Why does 14k gold turn my finger green?

Have you ever noticed that why your gold jewelry has turned into a skin green color in the water? The reason for any jewelry piece to turn into skin green color is due to the oxidization of 1 or 2 metals where they start to tarnish the skin in this process. Metals will start to oxidize either due to the reaction to some acids in the skin. Also, it might be due to the direct contact of any product with the skin like lotion or soap.

It is rightly being said that pure gold will never stain your skin.  Gold is known to be the least reactive element and it will never combine itself with the oxygen or gets dissolved with acids.  But as the karat quantity will reduce, the additional metals inside the gold pieces will start to increase.

These metals will most likely get oxidize against your skin.  Few metals which are included to strengthen the pure gold are nickel, copper, or zinc. Copper is the major element that is accountable to add the skin with a green tinge.

Can you wear all kinds of gold jewelry in the shower?

Just like the 14k gold piece, it is not recommended to wear all types of gold jewelry pieces in the shower. If it is a solid gold piece, then it won’t not be suffering too much!  But with time, it might get dull and will also its slight coloration at its worst.

Different types of alloys will be mixed with the gold jewelry and each one of them has its own different and repeated exposure towards the water.   It is just pure gold that will stay unaffected inside water.

Can Water Damage your Gold-Plated Jewelry?

Well when it comes to wearing gold-plated jewelry in the shower, then it’s a big “NO”.  Gold plated jewelry is a piece of jewelry that is crafted through a thin layering of any gold material. It is also covered with some base metal such as copper or sterling silver.

These all pieces are durable and they even mimic the overall appearance of solid gold. It is possible much that the thin layer of gold might get rubbed off or chipped quite easily under some conditions.  As much frequently, gold-plated pieces are submerged in or repeatedly exposed to water, the more likely it is that the gold layer will wear off completely. No one wants that!

Is Saltwater Harmful for your Gold?

No, this is a completely wrong assumption! Pure gold never gets affected by saltwater. But there are some of the metals which can negatively get affected by saltwater.  On the contrary, some metals can also be used to strengthen the gold jewelry pieces. As you move into various karat levels, there are some of the gold pieces which cannot fare in water or swimming pool.

If we overlook the karat number factor, then there are some of the gold types which are known by its color and not the karat number.  Gold can even get change with its color due to the combination of certain alloys present in it.  Therefore, we have yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.

Rose gold has a red hue in it because of the copper and alloy combination. And based on copper presence, its rich color gets flooded into gold.  Rose gold is the strongest of all the gold types and the copper can easily get corroded by the salt due to which all such pieces would not last for a long time in various salty conditions.

White gold and yellow gold are included with certain alloys such as nickel or zinc. They will get affected by salt but not too much quickly.  So to sum up, we will recommend you to keep all types of gold jewelry pieces miles away from ocean water.

Does 14k Gold Fade?

Now the main question which probably hit so many minds is that does 14k gold fade or not! Well, the possibility to have your gold fade away is another topic to discuss, which probably depends upon your gold color and different types of metals that are mixed in it.

At a general level, 14k gold will never fade at all. 14k yellow gold will never fade but a 14k white gold will fade to slightly yellow color with time.  But you can easily fix it through some quick process of polishing.

Does Gold Pieces Last Forever?

Yes, pure gold can last long forever! Pure gold has nature which is indestructible and it does not tarnish, corrode, or rust.  Even in the fire, it won’t get destroyed completely and will just melt away.  Even the gold that has been harvested many years back still exists and it can still be repurposed or reused.

Most of the gold pieces in the varying karats have a life span of almost 30 years. If you want to increase their life duration then make sure you avoid wearing it during showering or before swimming in the ocean.  Even though if it is not completely damaging the gold, still it will ruin the entire gold color!

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

  1. Can you easily wear 10k gold inside the pool?

It just needs one exposure to star the destruction process.  So you have to be careful while wearing any piece of jewelry which is made out of sterling silver or karat gold.  You should not wear it inside the swimming pool! You should not be cleaning it with chemicals that contain chlorine.  They will not be damaging your gold completely, but they can cause discoloration.

  1. Can you wear 18k gold in the shower?

Take off all the gold jewelry pieces before swimming or showering.  For a lifetime piece of gold jewelry, you can look for 18k which is the strongest of all. It is recommended for everyday wear. Try to keep it away from any sort of abrasive surfaces or any harsh chemicals.

  1. Can you easily wear gold filled inside the shower?

Its simple answer will be “YES”.  Owners of the gold-filled jewelry may shower, or bathe and swim with their favorite necklaces or bracelets on. It will not be damaging your gold at any stage.

  1. Is 14k gold worth?

14k gold is quite cheaper as compared to 18k because it is included with lesser pure gold quantity in it. 14k gold has a durable nature which makes it come about as the best choice which will let your jewelry stay for a long time.

  1. Can you wear 14k gold every day?

To sum up this query, 14k gold is the best choice of gold jewelry that will wear every day. It will wear down slowly due to its hardness.   14k gold is even preferable if you want to save your money over jewelry.

  1. Can 14k gold rust?

Gold alone or even pure gold does not combine much easily with oxygen. Therefore, it stays shiny and it does not rust nor tarnish, again, that is pure gold. Pure gold or the 24 karat gold is considered to be too soft that can be used in jewelry so it is usually alloyed with other base metals altering its properties.

Final Verdict

So this was the end of the discussion about whether is it safe to wear 14k gold jewelry in the shower or not! This query will have mixed responses because gold jewelry can get damaged in the water-based on its karat number. Before you take your gold jewelry in shower or saltwater, make sure you know about its karat number in advance for better protection.

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