When Can I Wear Hoop Earrings After Piercing? (Expert Advice)

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Every girl has dreams and fantasies in which she lives happily. To look beautiful and stunning is the prior most dream of her life. So being a girl piercing and wearing different styles and designs jewelry including earrings is your tool to look magically appreciating. You must have a proper guideline and knowledge about how and when you should wear hoop earrings.

Normally people take two to three weeks in changing and wearing new hoop earrings after piercing which in my opinion is not a cool decision. The best and doctorly prescribed time period to give your piercing get to recover and heal is 6 to 7 weeks. After visiting any store or wandering the online store, girls get attracted to new styles of hoop earrings and start wearing instantly after piercing. It is not good for newly pierced ears because they can get harmed and infected.

Regardless of how the event is near in which you have to wear matched earrings with your dress, you firstly care for your healing ear. A common survey counts 6 to 7 weeks for healing of earlobe piercing and 8 to 9 weeks for cartilage piercing. But a girl honest to her health will wait till a minimum of 5 to 6 months so that she can wear heavy hoop earrings and statement pieces.

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Why Wear Studs Instead OF Hoops?

Take some time to get your ears to heal when you get pierced. A maximum time-lapse to wear hoops will be good for your ears. Otherwise, you will tangle yourself in healing issues like soreness or infection with itching and agitation.

It is likely to get attracted to new and latest fashions as she wants to be up-to-date. She wants to adopt every fashion whenever or wherever she sees it. No doubt girls want adoration from every eye looks at her. Style herself by different kinds of piercing, a girl’s world moves round selecting new design earrings and studs light and heavyweight.

It is good for girls to wear studs instead of earrings instantly after piercing as they are lightweight and their tips are narrow and plain. There is no round or complex design that can create difficulty for your newly pierced ears.

Wearing short earrings with lightweight matter such as wood or medical plastic or even sterling silver will be a relief for girls crazy about doing fashions. The transition from studs to the hoop and dangling earrings is somewhat a patient time period with great rewards.

Here let me also share you one informative video from youtube as well.

A medical fact is that if you don’t wear anything in your ears after getting pierced, your ears will close off instantly. Because if there is not something in that newly pierced hole, it will heal instantly and all your efforts to bring a change in your personality will end giving no results.

So wear short studs that will make you easy to move, easy to take bath and easy to sleep as well. There is no harm to wear them 24 hours for 7 to 8 weeks during the completion of the healing process. But a wrong selection of hoop earrings will make you restless and uneasy as they will tangle in your clothes or hair ane even in a pillow or quilt. You can hurt by wearing dangling earrings and the healing process can get prolonged.

So the best idea is to have studs during the healing period and wait a bit more to style yourself according to your own will.

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What Earrings for First Piercing?

Girls become enthusiastic after being pierced and want the latest designed earrings and studs to move gracefully in society. The jewelry they choose means a lot while being pierced.

Some many well-known stores and clinics do satisfactory work. It is harmless and risk-free piercing as they use good tools as well as good material studs. A lightweight stud of good metal may be of gold or sterling silver with a narrow and sharp tip will be a good decision. Some girls unknowingly choose hoop or dangling earrings as an initial piercing tool that becomes a source of troubles for them afterward.

The Transition Of Hoops And Dangling Earrings

Ready to have a shift from studs to dangling earrings? It’s sensational for a girl who waits almost 6 months for a transition. It’s a hectic time interval but its fruition will be very sweet and ripened. Look! wearing hoop earrings and dangling earrings with heavyweight can rip your newly pierced soft and sensitive earlobe.

Even if you carelessly wear heavy dangling earrings after 2 or three even 5 weeks after getting pierced, it will create complexity in the healing procedure. So make your mind and be strong enough to wait till 6 months for a successful shift from wearing studs to hoop earrings.

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Quality VS Design

Good quality earrings may always have simple designs with less weight that may not cause any damage to your ears that are newly pierced.

There are lacs of eye-catching designs and styles of jewelry especially earrings coming in the market on daily basis. But a reasonable choice is what you wear should be qualitative not the attraction, class not mere dazzling colors.

Don’t hesitate to buy one quality product instead of too many and cheap products. Spend a little bit more money but it will not make you regret your decision. The choice is purely yours as to choose from gold, sterling silver, platinum, titanium, medical plastic, or any cheap quality earrings with nickel in it.

Value of Weight

A good quality earring or stud will always have lightweight and will comfort your ears instead of agitation. It is very easy to judge whether the stud you are buying is of good quality or not by only checking its weight. Gold, sterling silver, or titanium are light weight metals and the jewelry purely made of them will be very light weight.

Simplicity is the Name of Queen

Instead of selecting heavy designs loaded with gems and pearls, prefer to wear simple and graceful designs. Wearing intricate designs will be troublesome for your newly healed ears as they can tangle in your hair or clothes and hurt you. Indeed, a personality is mostly judged firstly by appearance. So be choosy and classy whether you have to spend some more pennies. The more simple earrings you take, the more charming and appealing you look.

Silicon Piercing Protectors Helps Alot!

If your time period for healing has gone completed successfully and now you are ready to wear heavy earrings or strangling pieces. Then take one more cautionary step by wearing silicon protectors around your ears. They will provide you a safety guard against any type of ear stretching and ripping. Prevention is better than cure by just putting these silicon protectors as to bear every weighty hoop or strangling earrings.

Still, if you have to wear hoops instantly after healing your ears, then please select light and good quality items.

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What Kind of Hoop Earrings Can You Wear after Piercing? Choosing The Right One!

Yes, girls! now you are ready to change your styles by wearing a hoop and dangling earring after the completion of 6 months healing period. Now comes the question that what should be the exact right choice to be made. A keen survey on wearing hoops right after the healing period says that you must select only ball closure earrings and spring closure earrings. Let’s discuss it further

Ball closure hoop earrings

Ball closure earrings are perfectly made for girls with newly healed ears. They have a small ball at both ends that make it not to move around the ear and a small indent makes it stay in place. There a thousand brands and companies making ball closure earrings with good quality materials.

Spring closure hoop earrings

Spring closure earrings are specially designed for freshly healed ears. The spring works as a lock and makes earing stay at its place. It is very simple to use by just opening the spring and putting it on your ear. When want to put them off, also stretch the spring and easily remove them.

Things To Be Aware of Selecting best earring for you

  • Always select sterile tools or studs while getting pierced.
  • Choose lightweight hoops after the healing procedure is completed.
  • Use studs with sharp tips and even surface.
  • Don’t make an immediate selection of heavy and dangling earrings.
  • Try to remain clean and hygienic during the piercing period.
  • Clean your ears and earrings properly.
  • Earrings made of nickel or cobalt are surely a risk to ears.
  • Don’t sleep with intricate designs earrings so the chances of tangling hair and clothed in them will hurt your ear.
  • If you get wounds on ears then hurry to the doctors or consultant instead of applying something yourself.
  • Always wear silicon protectors as they will help you protect from ripping and stretching ears.

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Why Are Studs Earrings Best for New Piercing?

It is obvious that when a girl is getting pierced.she wants to add as much beauty to her ears as possible. But she must think wisely that studs that are small in size with a sharp tip and narrow post can relieve her throughout the healing procedure. Everyone knows that it is along period to get your ears healed and if you choose hoop earrings may be small in size, they can be a cause of wounds.

Some piercing stores don’t prefer the health of their customer and offer them different lightweight hoop earrings. Apparently, they are harmless but after you get used to these hoops and forget to care for your ears, these earrings can create problems for you.

Why Does Inverness Use Studs Piercing Earrings Instead Of Hoops Or Other Styles?

It is a crystal clear fact that Inverness prefers to use studs instead of the hoop while piercing a girl’s ear because studs are more reliable during the long healing procedure of pierced ears. The reason behind this is that studs are small lightweight articles with sharp tips and a narrow ending that makes your ear risk free whether you are sleeping or traveling anywhere. The companies providing Inverness for home piercing suggest and recommend using studs as they consider them more reliable.

Every girl undergoing the process should decide wisely because it is the question of hr physical health and taking a wrong step may cause damage to her ears.

How long do you wear earrings after piercing?

Earrings that normally pierced through during the piercing procedure should remain in your ears for a minimum of 6 weeks for earlobes and 12 weeks for cartilage piercing. This is what is called a starter piercing stud or earring you have to carry till the described time. If you try to change any other earring as you get bored of them, can get wounds on your ears and the time period will get prolonged as well as painful. So the answer is yes you should wear your studs according to the doctor’s prescribed time.

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Can I Wear Hoops Or Dangling Earrings After The Healing Period?

Yes, you can wear hoops or dangling earrings after the healing period is completed. But if you do some cautionary step by wearing silicon protectors around your ears to minimize the risk of stretching or ripping of ears. If girls are smart more than beautiful, they can polish their beauty wisely.

How Do I Make Sure My New Piercing Won’t Close?

A long time survey has made it obvious that after the healing procedure is done, you should wear your earrings 24|7 if it is cartilage piercing that can be closed if it remained open or without any earrings. As far as earlobe piercing is concerned.it can’t remain open for more than 24 hours as the risk of closing lobes can never be neglected.

When Can I Switch To Other Styles?

The healing process is done in 6 weeks for earlobes and 12 weeks for cartilage but switching from light to heavy and studs to dangling hoops can take 6 to 12 months properly. We know that after getting pierced, it is celebrated and girls get gifts from their beloved ones. The gifts may have different styles, weights, and materials. But you can prepare a plan on a monthly and yearly basis so that you can enjoy your gifts without getting any harm.

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Can you pierce your ears with hoops?

A clear cut answer to this question is no. The reason for this is obvious that wearing hoops can give ears wounds and also become a cause of infection. Try avoiding this type while piercing as hoops are round and remain moving all through the hole and can enlarge the healing process.

How long after ear piercing can i change earrings?

Earrings can be changed simply after 6 weeks for earlobes piercing and 12 weeks to cartilage piercing. Don’t try to change your studs before the prescribed time if you don’t want to get harm.

How to change earrings after piercing?

The time recommended by doctors is 6 to 12 months to change earrings after piercing. It is good to practice on what is prescribed by doctors as acting against it can be damaging for your ears.

When to wear dangling earrings?

Girls feel astonishing and sparkling to do fashion. As the matter of fact, dangling earrings look stunning on girls but be careful while shifting from studs to dangling earrings. It is good to wait till 12 months so that your ears get ready to carry weight. we know that dangling earrings must have weight because they carry different gems and pearls.

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How long after piercing can you wear dangling earrings?

When you get your ears pierced. you need to wait a long time for doing fashions according to your own choice especially to wear dangling earrings. Dangling earrings have the weight due to their intricate designing and use of different metals with gems and pearls. So if anyone wants to wear them comfortably, she has to control her desire almost for 12 months.


After the long discussion and having a keen look at above all factors we can easily say that everything has its time and doing it before time can cause problems for you. Ear piercing is a tradition for years and every age has its own demands. Nowadays due to the current researches.it has become easy to decide which is the best time to get pierced and how and which material we can use to get pierced.

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