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Best Earrings for Toddlers with Sensitive Ears | Experts Guide

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Yes you care about your child innocence as well as her beauty. Its great to be so conscious about your basis as they are your whole world and from their birth up-to every day you become crazy about her health, hygiene food and appearance. Some families or nations have a family tradition to pierce their babies ears and some do it only to increase their child’s enchanting looks more fascinating.

But stop! Be careful while choosing your child earrings and studs she is going to wear. Everyone must have enough knowledge about how their child should be pieced carefully, medically and hygienically good that she will not get harmed because baby skin is too soft and gentle as angle. So we have to take every step of our baby.s piercing and selection of earrings quite keenly.

Lets handle this matter with the help of professionals or these days medical science has made everything so easy. We can take help of a doctor to get our baby pierced. It will be more safe because of medically prescribed equipment and under the doctor’s keen attention.

we can never allow our toddler ears get infections or give a lope sided look. Make your selection more acute not to choose nickle studs or earrings instead nickle-free and hypoallergenic earrings should be the choice of every sensible parents.

Why Are Hypoallergenic Earrings For Toddlers Necessary?

While selecting earrings a parent must be aware of all kinds of negative impacts that a wrong selection of it can do with their babies skin including skin allergy, itching, irritation or even puss. Mostly parents are so crazy about enhancing their child.s beauty that they ignore the critical most part of selecting a jewellery that afterwards create problems for the innocent toddler. The metal that touches sensitive skin of your baby can have many allergic reactions normally or medically known as contact dermatitis.

An increasing demand of fashion accessories for children has also revolutionized the fashion industry, This is why different kinds and different varieties of jewellery specially earrings are coming in market that has made it very difficult to choose between right or wrong.

Once a bad selection, Specially a stud having a bit of nickle in it will be a stimulus of pain and continuous itching for a child and it is not sure that the allergies may appear instantly, but can take some time particularly when earrings are used routinely.

Your choice matters a lot for your baby’s skincare. Don’t select only the cute and beautiful looking earring but the materials is much more important than its looks. Nowadays hypoallergenic earrings are specially designed for toddlers and it has been a normal shopping part of parents.

Earrings and studs made of titanium, platinum, sterling silver or 24 carat gold, or even plastic earring with fine quality are getting more and more popular because of their material and risk-free nature.

Make a selection from a well-known store or brand with sterile packaging to make your baby face more attractive. A piece of demographic jewelry is normally designed by jewelers as parents have become now more conscious about the skin sensitivity of their child. As much hypoallergenic are the earrings, the chances of comfort for babies increases as much.

Best Material for Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Medical Plastic VS Titanium Earrings

Our children are the best asset of our life and everyone of wants best for them whether it is related to their studies, their upbringing or related about enhancing or polishing their angelic beauty.

That’s why fashion world is forced to design good, durable and light weight medical plastic jewellery specially earrings that are having almost zero percent chances of allergy orany harmful effects for the soft and sensitive skin of babies. They can both be found in rings as well as stud and have a wide range of designs.

Same is the case with Titanium based earrings that are also a sensible choice of any parent who does not want his or her baby to get harm by wrong selection.

No one can bear their child crying with pain of the heaviness or allergic irritation caused by any earrings made by nickle or with the mixing of nickle. This is why titanium is one of the best metal that is beautiful and durable and the exceptional quality it has is it is light weight. That’s why many of surgical instruments are made up of it as they are easy to carry.

Medical plastic and titanium based earrings have a large variety or designs and have beautifully engraved pearls and gems like zerconia, topaz crystal quartz or even diamonds. The choice is purely yours about how much you can afford but be sure about the hypoallergenic nature of all these earrings or jewellery items.

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Best Features of the Earrings For Sensitive ears

A good jewellery for babies has many features that makes it popular among folks who have cravings to adorn their babies with enchanting and colorful jewellery specially earrings and studs. But the selection matters a lot as we should have enough knowledge about the kinds and varieties of earrings while purchasing something for our toddlers. Here we give you some guidelines about which kind of earrings we should select.

Should be Hypoallergenic

A premium quality earrings or studs should be hypoallergenic that means they may not be harmful for kids ears as well as their skins. This term is basically known for items that are not cause of contact dermatitis which means something when touches your skin can create skin agitation or itching. So one must be careful in selection of earrings as everyone knows that toddlers should be handled gently.

Should be Light Weight

Time has revolutionized everything and made things easy for us. We don’t have to bother about making right choice for anything related to babies.Ear piercing looks cool in toddlers and we should get our babies wear light weight earrings made of titanium or medical plastic that may not harm child’s skin. If our babies are not feeling comfortable by wearing any studs then what is the benefit of such beauty in which babies remain restless and agitated.A good quality product is always light weight and according to the standards of health.

Should be Plain and Ungibbosed Designs

Toddlers are very active and have alacrity by nature and every time they want to explore something new.So wearing earring or studs will be entirely a new experience that can possibly agitate them and they may inquire about what exactly they are wearing in their ears. It may be devastating for them if the studs are gibbosed or uneven in designs. Therefore we should make an intelligent decision while purchasing earrings for them. They must be plain and ungibbose and should easily stick to ears. Market has too much varieties of jeweler specially designed for toddlers.

Should be Nickle-Free and Unalloyed

Try not to select an item that may have any coating of gold or anything. Instead we try to take some earrings that have no nickle at all or even don’t have any alloy in them. It is because babies sensitive skin cant bear the rough and heavy nature of nickle which normally a grown up man can wear. Stores with good repute may provide you with a good range of studs that are purely made of medical plastic or titanium.

Should be Medically Prescribed  and Authentic Metals

This is not the age in which traditions may cause harm to anyone but scientific progress has made everything very clear and under control. We can make a good decision while shopping earrings for toddlers or getting them pierced. There are special centers where sterilized equipment is present to get your toddler pierced. They also have good reputed company products this offer medically prescribed and authentic materials for baby studs. So choose wisely!

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What are the Best Metal or Materials for Sensitive Ears?

Now remains the question of what and how to select a good jewellery item for your children. There are thousands of jewellery items available not only in market but also on internet. But all that glitters is not gold. Here are given some guidelines that may help you a bit.

High Karat Gold

Wearing gold is fashion since centuries. If we make our toddlers wear earrings then prefer high karat as 24 or minimum 22 karat gold. It is obvious gold with high karat does not harm our skin not the skin of babies. But mixing of cheap alloy does not have any guarantee.

Sterling Silver

Jewelers promise to provide you 99.9% pure sterling silver that is soft and durable and will never harm your baby’s skin. But unfortunately they lie to us and mix 92.5% silver and 7.5% nickle or cobalt in it as an alloy that make a fine product unsatisfactory because it cause many of us particularly babies with some allergies.

If any company claim money back guarantee for their sterling silver earrings,then don’t hesitate to purchase.


Another valuable metal metal is titanium which is medically authentic,durable and light weight. This is one of the best choice for babies. All products made of titanium cause almost zero ratio of allergies among people.

Medical Plastic

Medical plastic is easily accessible for everyone and the best part of it is they don’t cause any kind of allergies in skin. Plastic polymer and fiber made earrings are getting popularity day by day. Now doctors are also in favor of jewellery that is light weight and non allergic.

Surgical Stainless Steel

Surgical stainless steel [SSS] is best option with low and affordable price. The designs are beautiful and are non allergic to skin specially for kids.This metal has stunning designs and easy availability.

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Important Things to Know About Best Earrings for Toddlers with Sensitive Ears

If we are aware of fashions and making our babies up to date then we should also be aware about how the nature of our babies skin and how to deal with them while undergoing the process of piercing or wearing earrings.

We will give some tips for sensitive natures skin types.

Sensitive skin and earrings

Toddlers having angelic skin looks gorgeous to wear earrings. But wrong selection can make them uncomfortable and agitated. Shopping for your baby may be the best part of your whole specially when she’s got pierced but don’t forget her sensitivity of ears. You must be choosy and strict to decide for.

  • A wrong step may become a source of restlessness for you babies, so choose wisely.
  • 2.Buy studs for toddlers that are hypoallergenic and medically proven.

Light weight and alloy free metals are good to select as your baby’s adorn.


Rhodium is a sister of platinum and is very best choice as a jewellery product. We can buy rhodium plated earrings for toddlers as it is used in many metals to increase its luster and beauty. Over all we can rely on such products with less chances of allergies.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is really soft and durable, material we can depend upon. If some company promises to provide fine quality with 99.9% pure sterling silver then there is no worry to buy them. Their soft nature is harmless for babies.


Gold with good quality alloy and high karat as 24 or 22 will be good for  sensitive ears. Toddlers wearing gold studs will feel more comfortable and relax.

Keep up with cleaning baby ear piercing

Now become a little bit careful about your baby hygiene as if you have made your baby pierces and you don’t bare about its cleanliness on daily or at least on weekly basis then then it can create troubles for your babies.

  • Use alcohol to clean baby’s ears as it is anti-bacterial and anti-septic
  • Make sure that during sleep child’s ear should be in a relax position so that it may not harm her.
  • Take care of baby’s jewellery [caring for baby jewellery]

All jewellery you buy for your babies are an asset you make for her. When your baby gets mature,she will feel much much happier to see all little jewellery she has. But it is your responsibility to keep it with care.

  • Manage them with care and in a proper way
  • Make them polish on regular basis.
  • when it gets dirt on jewellery,you should clean them with warm water
  • Rinse all jewellery with clean cloth
  • Do not use paper clothes as they may leave some stains on jewellery items.

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How Are Toddlers Earrings different From Any Other Earrings?

We get crazy whenever see any beautiful earrings or studs and run to buy them for our babies. But here is a great difference between toddlers earrings and a grown up common earrings

A baby earring need to be more simple or nearly flat that may decrease the chances of trouble for them. A baby earrings may have different style and designs as hoofs,stars smiles, sun or even angelic faces but their made is so soft and harmless that a baby can carry them comfortably.


We can not deny the fact that with modern world,our needs and demands are changing but the innocence and sensitivity of babies is still the same.

We must be careful to choose anything for our babies as making them stylized child of society. Ever select jewellery specially earring that is hypoallergenic, light weight, durable, comfortable and easy to carry for your babies.

No one can control the desire to buy every good product for their babies but a little bit smart mindedness will make you and your baby’s life more relax.

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