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What Piercings Can you get at 12 Years Old?

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What piercings can you get at 12? is the commonly asked question now a days, Piercing is originated from countries such as Egypt, Africa, Israel and many other. Piercings also carry a great deal of cultural meaning in many civilizations. In some manners it is also linked with religious ritual. But in today’s world this is a trendy fashion which is common almost in every country, culture and in every age group.

It is one of the traditional way to get body modification. Even piercing is seemed in world’s old preserved mummy Otzi the ice man. In region of Pharaoh it was the sign of Honor and Nobility, especially used by the women of respected and higher families. Hence it is quite old but always in trend. So before you get your first pierced at 12 here are something interesting to know.

What piercings can you get at 15 without parental consent?

If you are under 18 years old, you can’t get your ears pierced without the consent of your parents or your guardians. Take permission from your parents and the piercer checks it before getting pierced. It is not the same case in all countries and states. Some states have their laws and they restrict teenagers from getting piercing and tattoos on their body. But some states allow teenagers to get pierced on their body with no permission of parents/guardians.

What piercings can you get at 16 without parental consent?

No, if you are 16 years old, you have a state ID that needs to show at a piercing time. You can’t get pierced alone, your parents should be with you, and you need a consent signed by your parents. Excepts all these your birth certificate is also necessary for getting pierced if you are at 16. Some piercers also forbid the piercing of the body if you are not young enough. It is harmful to your proper growth as your body is in developing procedure and piercing on the body can disturb the developing system of your body. It’s good for you if you don’t get your body pierced at 16.

How old do you have to be to get a piercing without parental consent?

There is not a definite age limit for a legal piercing. Any person can perform body piercing who has consent. Legally age doesn’t confirm, but teenagers can’t get genital piercing. It’s not a morally acceptable practice, and not permitted by laws, and not considered good in a civilised society. Some people are giving some relaxation by allowing piercings above the neck areas. You don’t get pierced below the neck if you are under 18 years.

What piercings can you get at 10 years old?

You can get earlobe piercing at 10, but you must take consent for this piercing. You are not young then, your parents should be present at the moment. Although you can get it, it’s not good for you. The first reason is that it affects your body growth and second is that you can’t do proper aftercare precautions for that piercing area and it’ll create further complications for you.

Can a 12 year old get their helix piercing?

No, a 12-year-old teenager doesn’t get a helix piercing, he can get helix piercing after 13 years old. For 12 years old guys earlobe piercing allowed by the regulatory authority and you may submit some documentation for this purpose. You need a photo of you with parental consent of getting pierced.

How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced?

For getting your tongue pierced you must be at least 16 to 17 years old, so you can bear the pain and can do aftercare treatments. You have proper documents like a birth certificate, your photo, your consent signed by your parents with you. Your piercer must ensure that you are performing this with the permission of your parents.

Can a 14 year old get a septum piercing?

Septum piercing is difficult to look after, and it’ll be difficult for a 14-year-old girl/boy to handle it. Therefore septum piercing is for 16 to 17 years old guys, who can handle their piercing and can follow all treatments suggested by their piercer. For a 14-year-old teenager, earlobe piercing is best and easy to handle.

What Happens If You Change Your Earring Before 6 Weeks?

What are awareness and medical advise?

There are some point to keep in your mind. And be prepared, these scientific terms are for your benefits and health issues.

  • If you are 12 years old then permission and presence of your guardian during piercing are most important.
  • Regulations and licensing standards are different from one place to another place. Check out your  county’s health department for information.
  • In medical advise ,your skin and mental health also matter so make sure you are prepared medically. .

Guidelines for the time when you go for piercing!

  • When you go for piercing ,make sure you have someone to encourage you.
  • Don’t forget to take a good meal then go to piercing ,it will help to keep blood sugar steady.
  • Don’t pierce yourself or with piercing gun,it is similar to sharp instrument and can cause infection .Go to professionals.
  • If you have mental disorder and you are pregnant ,do not go for it.

Piercinggun vs Piercing needle.

First and foremost it is so painful when you try to Pierce yourself through piercing needle then it is quite tough as well. By following medical suggestion it is best to go to professional piercing gun.

 Can I get pierced at home by myself? 

This one question is always occur in several teens and sometimes they do wrong and make hasty decision so firstly get proper knowledge.

It requires a good knowledge of piercing that professionals have. You can also do it at your home through needle, But everything that piercing needs can you get easily such as needles?

The second thing is obviously because you are piercing yourself so there are chances of getting wrong and negligence. There is also an issue of proper hygienist. If you get infected after piercing so your piercer will help you and help you to cure it.

What piercings can you get at 12 years old?

The answer is yes ,even in common cultures it is earlier than 12 but it is vary in different places by defining it in the bases of some medical and environmental health.Culture also leads the age of piercing in various places.

Ear piercings are originated from Egypt .In ancient Egypt it is used to denominate a kind of Nobility in Pharaoh region.Then it spread overall in entire world.In Asian countries it is a trend to Pierce ear first then nose.Ear piercing is a kind of important ritual there.

Here are some simple and popular varieties of ear piercing that any Young or 12 years old can try.

Lobe piercing

 Why lobe is first and foremost piercing? 

One of the most common, famous and beloved of teens ,also known for first piercing.Almost everywhere when people go for first piercing they choose it.Here are some reasons as well that why people choose this piercing.

  • Easy to handle for beginners.
  • Easy to handle infection.
  • Convenient in terms of wearing jewelry.
  • Great and easily looking part of the body.
  • The Lobe area skin is soft rather than other so easiness in piercing.

What is earlobe piercing?

For those of you who don’t know what is it?.It is a fleshy ,soft lower part of the ear also know as earlobe.The skin of this area is  soft rather than other piercing area so less pain at the time of piercing in comparison of other.

What earrings to wear for your face shape?

After, you can wear light earrings then different fancy earrings.You can wear any kind of jewelries. Titanium jewelries are best or whatever your piercer is recommended.

Remember lots of teens are excited to wear heavy materials after first piercing but without following precaution and before curing period it is not suitable to use heavy jewelries it can be the cause of Keloid.

Helix Piercing

It is again very common type of piercing also known as third piercing in India.This is also known as upper ear piercing.Usually people take this piercing after lobe piercing but you can also try this first .The reason why majority of people want this piercing after lobe piercing is very simple,it hurts a bit more so firstly people interested in lobe piercing.But there is not any specific reason.It is depend on you what you like.

What is Helix piercing?

The word Helix derived from Greek vocabulary.Helix is the name of one of the curvatures of outer ear, commonly we use word cartilage for it.This is the hard and rough part of upper ear.

Helix piercing infection treatment

This Piercing is little painful than lobe but that doesn’t mean it is so much hard to attend.

Healing time – It requires a proper care.Curing period is in some cases 6 months or in some cases it can be cure in 3 months with proper precaution and by avoiding negligence. . Don’t be panic.

usually people wear small earrings or straight earrings.Wearing long and heavy earrings in Helix are not in trend.

Orbital piercing

A piercing like orbit, Although it is looking quite simple but it is very complicated . Specially for those people who are fond of different and complex trendy fashion.If you don’t want two Helix piercing then you can choose this particular one.

What is Orbital Piercing?

Usually we have heard this world orbit most of the time in our high school.Orbital is a ring or a path in which electrons rotating.As same occur in this specific piercing in Helix region of the ear.Orbital piercing is comprised of two piercing but the jwelleries we wear in this is one to connect both piercing ,which also means two holes or two Helix piercing in one region.

About piercing and cure

This one is less painful then Industrial or Conch piercing .The piercing process take much time than previous piercings.

Healing time-This piercing take around 10 months to cure then you can try any kind of jwellery which is suitable on it.

What orbital earrings you can wear?

People use to wear orbital shape or ring like earrings . They may be heart shaped or any other shape but there are not so varieties in earrings like lobe piercing.

Upper Lobe

Also known as second piercing in some places.Normally people interacted in it after their lobe piercing.

What is Upper lobe piercing?

As name suggests ,this piercing happens in lobe region of ear .Upper lobe piercing always to be done above lobe piercing area.

Once ear got cured then usually small or ring shape Hoop earrings.The earrings that are common are smaller than first lobe earring.Point like small earring could be wear.

About piercing and cure

Lobe region is a soft and fleshy part of the ear but not all piercings that are happening in lobe  area like lobe or lower lobe piercing.The area of upper lobe is sort of fatty than lower lobe.But it is also less of painful than Helix and orbital.Cure time-within 6 months

Flat Piercing

This is not so much popular as upper lobe or lobe but fancy people are interested in it.

Generally Hoops and stud earrings,Drop and Dangle earrings will create uncomfortably.

About piercing and cure

Flat piercing located in flat area of cartilage or Helix.This one is painful because of it is present in cartilage region and obviously cartilage is hard part of the ear.

Cure time-maximum six month.

Nose Piercing

It is one of the oldest and trendy fashion.Nose piercings have huge Variety of choices.There many argument.The one argument tells that it is originated from Australia .This piercing got spread in 80s in Britain.And became popular in Mughal Region in India.

There are many kinds of popular nose piercing such as,

Nostril piercing

One of the the most trendy piercing.This piercing is Obligatory in some places in  countries such as India and Pakistan.The varieties of nose rings are available for this one in market in huge quantity.

What is nostril piercing and cure time?

As per name, it is located in nostril or nasal septum the fluffy and broad part of the nose.It is one of the convenient area of the nose where you can try nose jewels easily.This is painful but sometimes depend on your age and skin type is it hard,thin or fluffy?

Notice- lots of people have doubt regarding their nostril piercing should it be either right or left side?.In my opinion it’s completely depend on you or in place where you are living.Nostril piercing generally means hole may be either side of nose.In India , people in South side they have their piercing on left side whether in East right side is in trend.But commonly lots of people suggested left , remember there is no specific reason.

Cure time-May vary ,4 to 6 or 6 to 8.Depend on your skin type and where you have got done  your piercing.

What nose ring to wear?

Initially when yo get out of your period of healing use thin Neem Straw as a jwellery after that you should start from light nose stud, then you can wear whatever you want such as nose bone, Circular barbell.

High nostril piercing

Commonly done near the nose bridge ,as its name suggests it is higher than the normal nostril piercing.

It is a delicate piercing so in starting days neem straw or light made up of titanium jwellery is best or whatever your piercer told.Then depend on you.

What is high nostril piercing and healing?

First of all this is specifically for those who have ability and experience of receiving and caring of piercing.Because in some cases it can give swelling.But Responsible people can take it.

Cure Time- 4 to 6 months.

Double nose piercing

This is basically two piercing at once .It requires a very good care because you have to take care of two piercing holes.Responsible teens can handle it easily.

Same as nostril piercing but same nose rings in both holes not different.

Double piercing and healing time?

Usually this piercing is done in nostril region either two holes at right or two holes at left, may be one-one hole either side of nostril region.It takes dual time to nostril piercing.

Cure time-almost 3 to 6 months.

So ,These are few piercings comfortable for 12 years old.

What piercings can you get at 13?

In standard and terms age of Thirteen (13) is a sensitive age, so turning the pages of magazine and choose a design and go for it ,is not done. Get to Know some piercings that are actually suitable on your skin and according to health, your age and no medical harms.These piercings are specifically classified for 12 to 14 or Youngs.

Can you get all body piercing at 12?

The answer is no.The age and skin really matter.If you want to get some complex piercing such as third eye piercing , eyebrows,Tongues.According to medical science it could be danger .Any kind of oral piercing is not for teens scientifily .For soft and sensitive skin these are few which is medically best and match with your skin ,age and health.we are try to provide you best.

Things to do after Piercing

  • Make a healthy cleaning routine.
  • Use dew drops daily in your holes,it will help in healing.
  • Don’t wear earrings immediately after piercing.
  • Use organic soft moisturizer in holes.
  • Wash your hand before touching your piercing.
  • Dip a cotton swab in saltwater and rinse your piercing with it.
  • Wash your piercing area with mild soap.

What to do if your piercing get infected?

Don’t worry it is common and can be treated by proper care and precaution.

  • Put off your jewelry first.
  • Fill up your pierced hole with dew drops.
  • Clean it daily with rubbing alcohol.
  • Use antiseptic cream.

Identify keloid

A keloid is look like any other infection.Due to lack of knowledge in some cases teens ,even adults choose to close their piercing which is not right solution.A keloid looks very similar as infection but it is not severe instead it is normal condition after piercing.This is happened when some jwellery mantels don’t suitable for your skin.A keloid is treated by following( above )mentioned healing tips.

What to do if my piercing went wrong?

This is happen when a piercer pierced your skin not in proper way .The common situation that happens with ear is either side of holes are above and below (not in same direction) to each other.

So the simple Solutions are.

  • Go to professional.
  • Mark with sketch pen on area where you are going to be pierced.
  • Avoid tilting during piercing.

There is only one solution talk to your piercer or close your pierced area .Take another piercing.

Phobia toward piercing

Can I look beautiful without piercing?

The answer is yes.You will definitely look beautiful.All of us are creatures of God,as he created ,he created us beautifully.

Lots of people have phobia toward piercing then it is not possible to have piercing.Accept yourself as you are.You are beautiful.


We have discussed all pros and cons of piercing specially for teens .Now you are ready with your piercing,try new jewelries whatever you like.This discussion is completely based on the prospective of medical science so that you will be able to understand what is on going. By following them you will really see positive results.

The awareness regarding jewelleries after piercing is very important because it will be the reason of infection in hundreds of cases.This is a simple point but not to neglect.


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