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Are Tattoos And Piercings A Sin?

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Are you an adventurer? Do u want to try something new? Do you want to have a tattoo of your love? Do you like to wear studs? Do u want to look rebellious just because you have a different point of view?

Well, if you ask an opinion from your friend, you might get demoralized. In this article, we will discuss all the aspects of tattooing and piercing.

“My body is my journal, and my tattoo are my story “Johnny Depp

A lot of stories revolve around tattoos and piercings, people like to have a design imprinted on their skin with the help of dyes, pigments, and inks. These can be either permanent or temporary, depending on the demands. Most people like to have temporary tattoos so that they can change the design as per their liking. The art of making tattoos on the body parts is called tattooing.

Tattoos fall into three categories, these are

  1. *Decorative: this category has a different Design and no specific meaning to anything
  2. *Symbolic: this includes all the spiritual, linguistics, religious meaning
  3. *Pictorial: consisting of all the diagrams which illustrated anything related to the wearer of that tattoo.

All these things were about tattoos but what about piercing, now the piercing means a hole in any part of the body, even though the debate prolongs the idea between piercing, a sin or not, many people get their body parts pierced, and they even though liked wearing many jewelry studs.

What Does The Bible Say About Ear Piercing?

What Does The Bible Say About Ear Piercing?

Bible is the ‘’holy book of Christian’’, the book consists of old and new testaments, and it is compiled during the era of the king, it is used to spread the wording of god towards humanity.

As we all know that the piercings are a controversial subject with the believers, few think that it depends on our own free will, others preach the Bible, and a small amount believes that piercing is a way to show rebellion towards the laws of nature.

As per 1 SAMUEL, 16:7,

The lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

This verse clearly gives the idea that the people judge the person with the external personality while the god himself has the different criteria of judging his creation, he judges the creation with the inner esteem, rather than judging them with the piercing.

Now as you all know that these revelations are somewhat neck to neck with the fact that piercing was prohibited to Israelites to make them differ from the pagan and other Egyptian cultures. As per the historian, it is well debated that the piercing is not considered to be a healthy thing to do, only ear and nose piercing are done and that too just to show off some studs, not more than that.

What Does The Bible Say About Piercings And Tattoos?

People fancy about many kinds of stuff that they wanted to try in their life, one that things are tattoos and piercing, Egyptian belong to a different school of thought, the belief that doing this is a way to show the dedication towards god, Buddhism, Neopaganism, south Asia, all I’d them accept the tattoo tradition with open arms.

If you see a man, having big tattoos, reflecting from the shoulder, forearm, or wrists, they are having a shady past, a gangster, or maybe doing something illegal, but this is just one out of many blizzard assumptions, given by the Catholic church as it’s the thing which is prohibited in their religion.

The Hebrew prohibition is based on interpreting Leviticus 19:28 and the verse clearly stop the Israelites from tattoos and piercings and made them different from the pagan’s nans their beliefs. They were asked to be patient and be ready for the sacrifice when asked by their lord.

There are many inscriptions, details, and discussions related to having a tattoo on the body, most people think that the tattoo is the old culture which was then used to protect pregnant women with the inscription of “fertility goddess”, they were only for them before people started noticing how well they look, they say, it’s their own affiliation where to spend money.

A few decades back, people working in the military used to inscribe their regiment names and tag on their bodies in case of any recognition matters, all this were seeming to be legal but keeping with Hebrew prohibition in mind, it is believed that the Israelites are banned with tattoos and this was done to make them prominent other than Canaanite pagan practicing around them. They were once taken as a source of mourning of the deceased beloveds.

In Isaiah 49:16, the lord shows a way to people and remind them that their lord is always watching them and has their names branded on the mere imaginary hands, in a way the Lord speaks to his believers that no matter what you do, always remember that I am watching you and you as my creation always must follow the laws of the nature.

Revelation 19:16 again tells the feeling of the lord and the condemnation of tattoos and piercings, and make the people realize that their bodies and soul are meant to do something far better than the engraving of tattoos.

Corinthians 6:19-20some how shows that a human body is a temple of god, we should protect ourselves from sins, whether they are physical or emotional, spiritual, or mentally, we are bound to return to our god, and to do so we must prepare for the sins we have done, and tattoos and piercing are not allowed in any condition apart from the ears and nose piercing. That too only once to wear the studs as a women fashion. The piercing is only allowed for the women population, men are prohibited in that aspect too.

Are Piercings A Sin Catholic?

Are Piercings A Sin Catholic?

If we must define the piercing as a sin, we should go back and remind ourselves what is the meaning of the word ‘’sin’’, now basically this word means an immoral act, a serious, regrettable offense done against the divine law. It is a violation of some religious and moral principles of life.

Now as per one of the documents all the way back in Genesis, when Abraham sent his servant to ask for Rebekah’s hand for his son Isaac, one of the gifts he sent to Rebekah was a gold nose ring (Genesis 24:22).

Now if we see this, it supports the idea of nose piercing, but other than that, no other body parts can be pierced, and taken as a sin. The piercing, the holes in your body somehow represents rebellion, sometimes a dark figure, a shady person, that kind of behavior is not a good representation of a human which God had in mind, that’s one of the reasons the piercing is taken as a sin and still, the catholic takes the belief very seriously, and the belief that the piercing the body is a sin.

Is Piercing Your Nose A Sin In Islam?

Ever since the world and the creations were made, there was always a way for Allah to send down His laws to us, in the form of Taurait, Zaboor, Injeel, Quran, but with the passage of time, the modification and changes occurred and the changes were blended in such a way that all the preaching were mixed. On this topic, we will have to walk on a sharp knife, as piercing and tattoos are prohibited in Islam, oh yes, it’s a big NO! But did u know that the religion Islam also gives exemption,

This is a new thing because the fact all of us knew that there are very rare cases where the laws of Islam are bend and people can take advice according to their condition. Now it is written in Qur’an 43: 18 and If we go in the depth of this ayah, it is clearly said that the women, are permissible to wear all kinds of gold, silver, ornaments, and thus it is not a sin in regards of piercing a nose in Islam. The women are allowed to wear silk garments, wear studs in their nose and ears, but that too only one, more than one piercing are not allowed to them also.

Are Piercings A Sin In Islam?

Are Piercings A Sin In Islam?

As we have discussed earlier in the article that women can look beautiful and as such no objection is recorded in piercing on nose and ears for the women, as for the men, there is no permission regarding this. Now the question arises that what are the obligations regarding piercing as a sin, here we will discuss in detail piercing in Islam.

As we all know that the Islam is a religion of peace and harmony, and all the laws or tradition before Islam was prohibited once Our Prophet, announces the preaching of Islam. Before Islam, many controversial theories and traditions were in use, as common as it can be, the piercing was also common, they thought that by doing this, they are pronouncing their slaves.

There’s a big NO for slavery in Islam, all kinds of slavery laws were condemned and slaves were set free and were given equal rights as of a common man. The piercing was taken as a way of salvation through which they redeem themselves in the eyes of God, but when Islam was spread, all of these things lasted.

The Truth About Tattoos And Piercings?

The Truth About Tattoos And Piercings?

The truth ??

Well, the truth lies in front of us all the time, we just need to see it with our open eyes, but do we believe what we see? Or do we just follow our heart and will deal with the consequences later on?

Most people thought about the hidden truths, which can be understood by the reading of different revelations and verses, explanation of words can be different according to the situation at the time of revelation. There are many people who belong to the school of thought where all that matters is that ‘’ we have the money, we will do what we want’’ these people only take notice of such verses where it is written to have the tattoo or piercing, as a way to god, they believe that by doing this, they show their belonging towards god and the marks on their body will safe them from hellfire once they are dead.

Do u believe in this?? its a big question as there are also those verses that strictly condemned the tattoos and piercing as they are a sign of rebellion, a way to dishonor the Lord, as it is seen that mostly those people who have a stubborn nature and do not believe in lord, they enjoy doing this on their bodies, they love to defy the family ties of a catholic church or Jewish bonds, and they also get attached to these anti-catholic groups so that they can do whatever they want?

The tattoos, piercing are only allowed to have marking of farming animals, tagging to the rare wild animals to monitor the growth pattern in them. The piercing on men is not taken as a good thing, can you think of any verse on this?? apparently there is none, but the explanation covers the area which includes that only women are allowed to pierce their nose and ears that too for fashion and look beautiful.


Oh! Are we done yet??

Nope.. but this topic needs a lot of research on the verses and their explanation on it, many ideas were reflected throughout the last few centuries, even before Islam arrived, these all old thoughts make us vulnerable to mystics and myths, one must have a deep knowledge of Catholic, Jews, Islam to debate on this topic.

However the fact will remain there that these things are prohibited to an extent to everyone, the only way they are allowed are to be done as a fashion that too for women, and cattle farming, apart from that, they are taken as a bad sport, and something which is not taken lightly. There are many shops and people who have taken this as a profession, but it does not make it right.

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