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Ear Piercing Retainers For Sports in 2021 | Athlete Advise

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Everyone is crazy about his outlooks and he works to maintain it as well. We can see that piercing is getting more and more popular among men and women equally. It has gained a new and different status. We pierce ourselves at different parts of the body.

Ear piercing is the most demanding piercing from early times till now. Ear piercing should be cared for and treated properly. If we have some sports to play, we must take some precautionary steps before wearing the sports kit.

invisible earrings for sports
BEADNOVA 500pairs Invisible Earrings for Sports Work School Piercing Retainers
clear plastic earrings for sports
YOYOSTORE 3mm Invisible Plastic Earrings Blank Pins Studs 
earring protectors for sports
AISHNE Clear Plastic Ear Piercing Retainers-10 Pairs
Earring Posts and Backs
EBOOT Plastic Earring Posts and Backs Clear Earring Pins Ear Safety Backs
clear plastic ear piercing retainers
YIDARTON Store Clear Plastic Ear Piercing Retainers

We can wear ear-piercing retainers that companies specially make to solve our problems. If we don’t wear ear retainers, we can just hurt our ears to ripping. Such retainers are very soft normally made with plastic or some material friendly for our sensitive skin.

But be very careful to wear these ear retainers if you are newly pierced. The reason behind it is that normally these retainers are porous and can catch germs. You can get infected easily as your ears are very catchy for germs at this moment.

We have plenty of ear retainers for you to help and support in making the right choice. Let’s have a look at them.

BEADNOVA 500pairs Invisible Earrings for Sports Work School Piercing Retainers

invisible earrings for sports


These earrings or ear retainers are very soft and comfortable. BEADNOVA has designed these retainers for the sportsmen and school-going boys and girls. You can rely on them to help you during your sports. These are very peppy plastic retainers fit to use as cartilage earrings.

The retainers are an ideal choice for you to wear them on while facing a busy schedule. They are very light-weight and easily stick to the ears. The students who are worried to hide their piercings can rely on them easily. You can wear them and save yourself from school management’s eyes.


  • They are light-weight and skin-friendly.
  • They are nickel-free hypoallergenic ear retainers.
  • The plastic used for these retainers is super allergy-free.
  • This invisible earrings for sports can also trust to wear when you are having trouble with your metal earrings

Final Verdict

These 500 pairs of invisible earrings are a handsome package for students, players, and office workers who don’t want to show their ear-piercing can use them quite comfortably. Just go to the online store and grab your pack.

YOYOSTORE 3mm Invisible Plastic Earrings Blank Pins Studs 

clear plastic earrings for sports


YOYOSTORE has brought for you all the players to make yourselves free from all troubles you face during your sports! These invisible pair of retainers can be very helpful for you by giving you ease from a tough playing routine.

You just need to change your studded or dangling earrings with these light-weight invisible ear retainers. They will stick to your ears quite conveniently. You are not forced to bear some heavy or luxurious earrings. These earrings will make your ears remain open. The retainers are very simple and cozy.


  • The package contains 50 pairs of hypoallergenic super soft plastic earrings.
  • These clear plastic earrings for sports are provided with strong back locks.
  • Their pin length is 11mm and it is 1 mm thick and its diameter is almost 3-4 mm.
  • Their crystal clear material makes them invisible to the common eye.

Final Verdict

It is honestly recommended to buy these pairs of ear retainers from YOYOSTORE online store for your daily usage. Everyone including school-going kids can even wear them to make their piercing unnoticed.

AISHNE Clear Plastic Ear Piercing Retainers-10 Pairs

earring protectors for sports


 Do you feel uncomfortable with your earring during your sports? Do you have some skin sensitivity while your sports activity? 

No need to be worried anymore! AISHNE has brought very special light-weight plastic retainers. These dainty and decent ear retainers will be good support for you to hide your sensitive ears. The sport kits or hed dress you wear while at play are very hard and sometimes very tight. It certainly can damage your ears if having some heavy metallic earrings. So, there is no need to be so concerned. Just try these colorless clear piercing retainers.


  • The best quality of the retainers is their anti-allergenic effects.
  • They give everyone the impact of empty ears so no one can recognize your piercing.
  • These earrings are a safe choice for parents who want to keep their kids’ piercing open.
  • It is an exceptional quality that you can adhere some pearls or stones with them to make them look more special.

Final Verdict

A pack of such qualitative pairs of retainers will be good support for you. It is a dependable package. We can not only play our games with no fear of closing our ears but also rely on them as hypoallergenic pairs.

EBOOT Plastic Earring Posts and Backs Clear Earring Pins Ear Safety Backs

Earring Posts and Backs


Wow! Let’s have the solution for our on-ground problems. We feel uneasy due to our ear piercings. We can have cartilage piercing or lobe piercing. We can also have Tragus or anti Tragus piercing. It can be a painful experience to keep such sensitive ear piercing while having any physical activity.

EBOOT Gives you very soft, easy to wear ear retainers. These retainers are matchless in their class. You can depend on them before going for practice or game, office or school.


  • These earrings are made with acrylic which is purely anti-allergenic plastic.
  • The earrings are very dainty, soft, and light-weight.
  • They are special DIY packages that can be designed on your own.
  • Their back locks are made with silicon that is a very soft and durable material.
  • The package contains 400 pins and 400 backs that you can also sell easily.

YIDARTON Store Clear Plastic Ear Piercing Retainers

clear plastic ear piercing retainers


 Hey buddies! Worried about your ripped ears during your play? It hurts you a lot when you wear your sports kit? 

No need to be depressed anymore. YIDARTON store understands the problems a sports guy faces. It has introduced very soft ear-piercing retainers for your pierced ears. You can go in the ground with much more confidence by wearing these retainers.

The plastic used for these retainers is very soft and will never hurt your ears. Normally the ear nuts or stoppers we use for our earrings are very hard and allergenic. But this item is pretty much soft as they are made with good quality rubber.



  • These ear retainers are transparent and will support you to save from your boss’s eyes.
  • These earrings are also a good DIY to adorn them according to your own choice.
  • Children can wear them while at their schools.
  • Kids can also increase their creativity by experimenting with these retainers.
  • The retainers are fully anti-allergenic and durable.

Final Verdict

These ear retainers are a better choice for sports boys and girls. These items will provide you an environment comfortable enough to focus on your game.

What are Ear Piercing Retainers?

An ear-piercing retainer is also jewelry we can wear anytime. This normally is used to save ourselves from ripping our ears during sports. These retainers are soft and dainty, made with qualitative plastic.

These retainers are very clear transparent that cannot be seen with a normal eye. You can wear them at school, offices, and on the grounds. If you are afraid of closing your ears as the administration doesn’t allow you to wear earrings. Don’t feel sad because these are ear retainers for you.

If your piercing is healed and gets older, you have a choice to use these retainers. Never try to use these retainers when your piercing is undergoing the healing process. The reason behind this is these retainers are porous and can cause your ears to get infected.

Our ears are considered to get close if we leave them open during our sports. It is the nature of our skin to get healed instantly if we leave them open for a long period of time. This is why we can depend on these light-weight plastic retainers.

Pros Of Ear Piercing Retainers

  • Light-weight and soft.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Easy to put off.
  • They will make you reduce the risk of infection.
  • Super durable.
  • They are anti-allergenic and nickel-free.
  • These are transparent and sticky to the ears.
  • You can add something to them according to your taste.

Cons Of Ear Piercing Retainers

  • They can cause bacteria production because of their porous nature.
  • They are not reliable for newly pierced ears.
  • They can become reshaped on heating.
  • They should be cleaned on a daily basis because plastic can catch bacteria early.
  • You cannot repair them if broken.
  • You cannot reshape or redesign them.

How to Protect Your Ear Piercing as a Sports Man?

If you are a sports person and most of your time is spent on the ground. You must have some precautionary steps and strategies to save your pierced ears get ripped. If you are careless about your piercing, you can hurt your ears badly.

Here are some precautionary steps we are telling you to save yourself from damage.

Always Be Cautious About the Healing Time Of Your Piercing

Yeah! Ready to do ear piercing? You also have a right to do fashion and make yourself up-to-date. Ear piercing is a dive these days.

The thing you just have to do after piercing your ears is that follow all the instructions told by your piercer. If you are newly pierced, it will take some time to make you feel free to do your physical tasks.

It is obvious that you will have to wait for some prescribed time for the perfect healing of your pierced area. It can be 6 to 8 months, it can also be 10 to 12 months or so on depending on the place of the piercing.

A cartilage piercing takes more time to get healed.

If you are an athlete, you must be more cautious about the healing time. Neymar, the world-famous footballer remains too much busy with his schedule. He would also have cared about his piercing when it was new.

It is therefore recommended for you to choose a time period you must have a long gap from your sports activity. Or you can also pierce yourself instantly after the completion of a sports gala. It will help you heal your piercing wounds thoroughly.

Keep the Piercing Clean To Prevent Infection

Being an athlete looks very dramatic and dream-like life. But it is very difficult to fulfill its requirements. It is still a heavy task to make yourself clean enough not to encounter any germs and infections. Whether the cleanliness is about your ear piercing, or about your earrings.

It’s a tough task to give your best at the field and look cool enough to attract the attention of your fans.

If you have ear piercings and you don’t even care for them. It will result in drastic pain for you. It is a well-known proverb ‘’cleanliness is half the faith’’. It is too much truth. You must have to be very careful about the cleanliness of your piercing as well as earrings.

We know that a sports person gets sweaty early and he/she is more open to germs, dust, bacteria. This is the reason that we recommend you to be more cautious and cleaner during all your sports activity.

These types of ear retainers are introduced to comfort you for sports. But how you make them clean and how you justify their usage, it’s all up to you.

Removal of Jewelry Properly

Hey buddies! You should be a responsible sportsman about your health issues. Be careful about your earrings before going into the ground. It is a sign of a good sportsman that he/she cares about all his actions.

The same is the case with your ear piercing. You should remove your earrings before going for your sport.

If you have pierced your ears and you go on the field without proper care. It will result in ripping off your ears and can hurt you a lot. Such a situation can create problems for you. You can affect your performance. You can even be advised to take some leave from your sports activity by your doctor.

This is why you should be quite heedful putting off your earrings before going into the ground. If you remove your jewelry for sports, then there is a chance of closing your ears. Ear retainers are here to solve your problem.

These retainers are very soft and light-weight and are very helpful to keep your ears open. They don’t hurt you and make you feel comfortable and focused on your game.

You are an athlete as well as a common man with lots of wishes. You can do fashion as well. Piercing your ears and wearing stylish Earrings For Athletes make you classier. But prevention is better than cure. So be a little bit careful about putting your earrings off and wearing some retainers instead.

Is Taping your ear piercing is an option?

Yes! Taping can be a very good option if you are not in a position to put your earrings off. Many pharmaceutical companies have made very soft and cozy bandages that you can use easily.

If you have no proper arrangements of retainers and you are in a hurry to be available at the field. You just stick a good quality tape on your earrings and all is set.

This is best when you are newly pierced and there is an urgency to be present in the field. This tape works a lot. It will help your ear not to get hurt or ripped to bleed.

This is very painful for a player if his/her earrings get tangled in a sports kit or anything else. An ear that is undergoing the process of healing, will again reach the reverse stage of pain.

This is what we are trying to convey that doesn’t start your games before getting fully healed. But if necessary, adhere to these tapes to avoid some damage.

How to Keep Ear Piercing Open without Earrings?

Hurrah! I have found the solution to this commonly faced problem of how we can keep our ears open without wearing earrings.

We love to pierce our ears and also different parts of the body. Men and women equally love doing this fashion. This fashion has a very old history. But with the passage of time, we have made piercing the part and parcel of our fashion world.

Ear Piercing Guage Chart

We pierce ourselves fondly. But there are some reasons that we have to prove ourselves empty-eared. This can be a compulsion from school, a strict office dress-code, or your parent’s old and conservative thinking.

All these elements make you remove your earrings and let them close.

But no worries! We are here to give you the solution to all of these problems quite surely. Let’s have a look at these ways to keep your ears open.

Cut the Ball Off Of a Small Post Earring

If you have pierced your ears and want to hide your piercing. You need to take a small post earring and cut its post off. Era piercings can be of many kinds. They can be helix, tragus, anti-tragus, lobe, or transverse lobe piercing. But to make them unnoticed is a tricky task.

It is impossible for you to continuously open the pierced ear. It will start to close because, after a limited time, our skin starts to repair. The hole of our ear can get shrink and ultimately leads to the closing of it.

If the earrings you are wearing are very expensive, you can buy some inexpensive earrings and cut their post intelligently that it may not be seen with a normal eye. Be careful while cutting the post of the earring. It can hurt your ears. Just do it with the help of any friend.

Use Glass or Quartz Retainers

Are you worried about your piercing’s secret to open in front of your school management? If so, then feel free by using glass r quartz retainers. These ear retainers are very good to make your piercing unnoticed. Such retainers are good support because they are hypoallergenic.

But please avoid using plastic retainers if your piercing is new. You have to be very careful about the quality of retainers. It is advised not to use rubber or plastic retainers till 6 months of the piercing. The reason behind it is that plastic catches bacteria very fast. It can cause you serious harm.

Remove Your Earrings When Necessary

If you want to get your ears pierced, you should get them pierced with the help of some expert piercer. After getting pierced, you should act upon the advice of your piercer and keep the initial earrings in for the prescribed time.

But if it is necessary to put your earrings off because of some school routine, office duty, or some sports activity. You can remove them for some time. It is a fact that piercing can get close after being open. But it happens after some time. If you remove your earring during day time and then in the evening you can wear them again. The ears will not close off.

Only one thing can happen. A thin membrane can cover your piercing hole. Putting a little pressure can open that membrane easily. If you feel some pain doing this, you can apply some lubricant to it to make the process easy.

How To Hide an Ear Piercing for Sports?

You are happy and contented by the piercing you got with your ears. But the happiness spoils the very moment when you are ordered to put off your earrings. It is very annoying to do so. But we can face such a situation and it is very painful to let your ears close up.

There should be some solutions to avoid facing such a critical moment of closing up your ears. Let’s try some ways to hide our piercing instead of removing our earrings.

Keep Your First Earrings In for Almost Six Months or More

If you have contacted some specialized piercer, he will make you keep your first earrings in for almost 6 months. If you are not doing so, you can create problems for your ears. Just try to get pierce your ears when you are on a long vacation. It will help you keep your piercing open and heal easily.

Use the post of a small and inexpensive post earring

Hello! You are forced to keep your ears empty? If this happens to you? Just take a small and inexpensive earring, cut its post, and wear it. It will not be noticed easily. If someone notices it, he can consider it only a mole.

Cover With flesh-colored band-aids

We can cover our earrings with some good quality skin-colored bandages.

It is a very easy, cheap, and authentic formula. We can get super results by doing so. You just need to buy some band-aids of your flesh color and stick them on your piercing. It can prove fruitful for you.

Wear Your Hair Long And Down

Yeah! A haircut can solve the riddle. If you are worried about your piercing being hidden. Have long and stylish hair cut to hide your piercing. If you are a boy or a girl, just keep long hair as a fashion and make them a good tool to conceal your piercing.

Don Scarves and hats when necessary

Are you upset about hiding your piercing? No need to be worried! Use stylish scarves to cover your piercing. There are beautiful hats that are long enough to cover your ears. Such things not only make you classy but also can solve your problem of not being noticed about your piercing.

You can remove your earrings if necessary

Sometimes we have to suffer a strange situation after piercing our ears. We haven’t enjoyed our piercing yet that we have to remove them for some official orders or school rules. But don’t worry guys! There are theories that our ears close as soon as they are emptied with earrings. It is so, but not to that extent. Ear skin starts to develop a thin membrane over it after some time of opening ears.

But if you are forced to put off the earrings, you can do so. You can wear them again after performing your duty or coming back from your school. During this limited time, it is very difficult for your skin to get close.

Use Crystal Clear Quartz Retainers

There are many ear retainers that are made of glass or quartz. They look not only stylish but also very good to hide your piercing. You just need to buy such glass or quartz retainers and wear them confidently. You will easily deceive your management by not wearing anything on your ears. Try not to wear clear acrylic plastic retainers if you are newly pierced. It is because plastic has more chances to catch bacteria that can cause infection.

Wear Flesh Color Jewelry

The fashion industry has introduced many styles and shapes of ear jewelry. It is aware of the fact that you can have to face many problems after piercing your ears. There are flesh color or skin color earrings in the market. You can buy and get yourself free from all issues. By wearing such an earring, you will make yourself unnoticed among your officials or management.

These flesh-colored earrings are easily found in silicon and acrylic plastic. These items you can found at a reasonable price. But try not to wear acrylic and silicon earrings if your piercing is undergoing a healing process.

Use Beauty Product as Concealer or Foundation

Hello buddies! Don’t worry about how to hide your pierced ears in front of your boss. If you find no way to hide them at all. Just go to your beauty box and take the foundation or concealer out. Apply that concealer on your earring and pierced area. It will be a good idea against your tension. You must have a foundation match with your skin in your purse or pocket every time. It can be very helpful for you at any time.

Your Multiple Piercing Can Be Helpful to Hide

Sometimes it is prohibited by your department to wear more than one earring. It is good for you. Choose a big, round stud or earring covers for sports your second piercing.

Another option is to choose some intriguing style of earring that will make your second piercing unnoticed or less noticeable.

Fight Your Own Battle

Despite all restrictions and compulsions, you want to wear your style. You want to live your own way. You should try something different and intriguing. It can be some symbolic earrings or some minimalist studs. You can give some solid reason for wearing these earrings to your officials. It is your own battle and you can fight it with your own tools and arms. It’s all about your genius how you convince them all.

The same problem you face when your office or school rules and regulations or your parents with some old and stereotype notions make you hide your piercing. At this moment, plastic or acrylic retainers may prove heaven in hell.

Question And Answers About Ear Piercing Retainers For Sports

Question: How to stop ear piercing from closing?

If you want to make your ear remain open always. You should keep wearing some implant-grade metal earrings. They may help you to heal your piercing soon. Another thing you must do is that you should not let your ears open more than 24 hours, especially within 6 months of your new piercing. Use the best hypoallergenic metals for your ears that will certainly be very helpful for you to keep your ears open.

Question: How do you cover your ear piercing for sports?

It can be a hectic task to cover your piercing during sports. Applying some qualitative bandage on your pierced area can cover your piercing. You can face a severe injury if your earrings get stuck in your sports kit. It is essential to cover your earrings with some tape or should wear ear retainers to avoid this pain. There are flesh-colored tapes that will help you cover your piercing comfortably. If you don’t do so, your ears can be entangled in some sports equipment and rip ears off.

Question: Can you play sports after getting an ear pierced?

If it is necessary to go in the field and perform your sports activity. You must have to take some precautionary steps. You should wear ear retainers made of plastic or acrylic. These retainers are light-weight and soft. They may help you on the field. Firstly, you should try to get pierced when you are free and on vacation. Otherwise, your unhealed piercing will be a source of much pain for you.

Question: Can you pierce your ears with a retainer?

Ear retainers will help you hide your piercing as well as make you relax during your play. If you want to do some exciting and thrilling experience, you can go for a try to pierce from these retainers. These retainers are made of plastic or acrylic rubber. Some of these retainers are made with bioplast or Bioflex material. This is a nature-friendly material and will not be harmful to you. But you should take all the precautionary steps before and after piercing with these retainers.

Question: Can I take my newly pierced earrings out for an hour?

It is dangerous but possible to take out your newly pierced earrings for an hour. It can be done only in a situation of extreme urgency. If you want to put your newly pierced ears, you must have to take all the precautionary steps before and after taking them off. If your ear piercing is only one week old or a few days. Just apply some ointment before removing them and care for your pierced area for that important hour. Do wash them with some antiseptic gently.

Question: Can you use a retainer in a new piercing?

Yes of course! You can use a retainer in a new piercing. Normally we are recommended to use some authorized 18k gold or stainless steel earrings for piercing. But if you are compelled to go to your sports field, office or, school, you can wear these retainers. Just try to use bioplast or BioFlex retainers to avoid some infections. Try to care for your piercing especially by using the antiseptics told by your piercer.


To conclude all the above discussion, we can safely say that ear retainers are a part and parcel of a sportsperson who is pierced. He can use them for his on-ground activity. But if you don’t have some restraint from your sports activity, try not to use them. It is because these retainers are mostly made up of plastic that is a good conductor of germs.

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