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How To Heal a Ripped Ear Piercing at Home? Torn

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Do you want to know how to heal a torn ear piercing?  If you are performing the ear piercing for the first time, you might be dreaming about wearing dangling and heavy earrings as well. They do look fashionable but at the same time, they can harm your earlobe as well.

Wearing heavy and big jewelry pieces can pull down the whole tissue of your earlobe. They can even tear down the main hole by the end of your ear.

Healing the ripped ear piercing can be challenging for some of the people! The only solution which is left behind is performing the plastic surgery. Based on the individual skin or knowing about how big the hole has been, the hole may or possibly they may not heal on its own.

What are the causes and How to treat a ripped ear piercing?

my ear piercing ripped out is also known as widened ear piercing or split earlobes.They can happen due to the acute trauma, which can take place if the earrings have been pulled through the piercing hole.  Besides, repeated pulling of the clothing all the time over the head can even ripe your ear piercing by causing trauma to your earlobes.

Besides, if you are regularly wearing heavy earrings then it can lengthen the whole piercing hold and can, later on, pull the earlobe skin out which can cause stretching. Normally those people who are having thin earlobes are predisposed from such occurring of small tear in ear piercing.

Split earlobes somehow can also take place among those people who are not having ears properly pierced.  Most of the time, clip-on earrings which are quite a lot tight can even restrict the flow of blood to their earlobe. It can lead to the results of death or necrosis in that specific part of your earlobe. Hence we would say that there have been so many congenital causes of the split earlobes.

Widened ear piercing holes are also known as partially split earlobes. This can result due to the wearing of heavy earrings that can gradually give your piercing hole a better widening.

Nevertheless, it might happen that the ear piercing has purposely stretched just to accommodate the large-gauge ear tunnels. It is important to learn some home remedies for the torn earlobe.

Risk Factors & Complications in Healing Ripped Ear Piercing

In almost all the surgical procedures you have witnessed the cutting of skin. Well in all such operations the presence of risks and complications is so much high. The same is the case with ear piercing as well. Certain complications that can take place in ear piercing surgery are scarring, pain, bleeding, depression, or even a high allergic infection in that particular area.

It is possible much that after the procedure, you will experience some small scars.  In case if you have a personal family medical record or have bulky scars, then the chances of facing this type of scar can even be more.

How to heal a torn ear piercing Post-Surgical Care in Healing Ripped Ear Piercing

Soon after the treatment of ripped ear piercing, your physician will let you know about some important and major post-surgical care tips as well.  Let’s discuss a few below with you:

  • You should keep the wound dry for at least 24-48 hours soon after the procedure. Once you have crossed this whole period, daily care of your wound is so much recommended.
  • The physical will also recommend you to apply ointment over the area of ripped ear piercing pierceddaughters ear piercing ripped.
  • Some of the physicians will also recommend you to apply some silicone gel sheeting or the injections if in case you are facing some large, or the bulky scars just like keloids.

What is the time for ear piercing to heal?

  • Well as regards the healing time has been concerned, it is around one-week maximum. But you should avoid wearing the jewelry if you are not sure whether the ear has been completely healed or not.
  • There have been so many over-the-counter painkillers that can give you better and quick healing in case of any pain or numbness. These painkillers are just needed during the starting days of the surgery when the pain is at its peak time.
  • If you are a smoker, then it is recommended that you should quit smoking at least one month before the surgical operation. This is much needed because smoking can bring certain complications and interference during the operation and increase the risk of chances.

Home remedies for torn earlobe (Quick Guide)

No matter whether you have a widened piercing hold, or the split ear lobe piercing ripped or even a stretched ear piercing, all of them can be treated easily through the surgical procedure.  You can take the help of different dermatologic surgeons in this respect in which we have facial plastic surgeons, or ear;as well as throat doctors (ENTs).

First of all the area will be cleaned by using an antiseptic. For letting that area be numbed easily, local anesthesia is injected right into that specific area that needs to be repaired.  In this surgery, minimum skin is surrounded by the split or the widened hole that is cut out.  It is later on re-stitched by using a special technique known as “W-plasty”. This will prevent the notching as soon as the scars will heal and gets mature.

Based on the stitching material, the suture is used as you probably have to make your way back for the removal of suture.  Some of the sutures are completely absorbed by a human body and they do not need any sort of removal.  If no such complications are happening, then possibly you can make your way back home by following some simple precautionary measures.

 How to fix a ripped ear piercing? 

If you are quite interested to repair or reverse your ear piercing ripped a little, then consulting a medical expert or professional should be your first option.  You should openly consult your medical professional to give them details about your history of keloids or large scars.

Let them know what you are expecting from the earlobe to look alike after the surgical procedure. You should already confirm from your doctor about whether you can wear earrings after the procedure or not.

Some of the insurance policies will not be covering this basic type of procedure, so this repairing treatment of ear piercing will be performed in a complete out-of-pocket expense.  The stage of re-piercing your ear again after the procedure will be based on the fact that how your repairing procedure has been conducted.

How long to wait to change earrings after piercing?

It is primarily stated that after waiting for a minimal month is a top sufficient time earlier than inserting on light-weight studs in ears. It is fantastic to not put on heavy jewelry once more to keep away from tearing.

If you must, constantly put on that more ear chain that goes all spherical the ear to supply help to more heavy earrings. Do consult your healthcare professional accurate when it comes to after-care and post-ripped ear piercing surgery maintenance.You should avoid wearing the jewelry if you are not sure whether the ear has been completely healed or not.

How to close ear piercing holes naturally?

Well, you cannot close the ear-piercing naturally! Once you have done the piercing, the piercing will remain open with the use of stud whereas the skin will start to migrate all along with the tract to form a shape of the tunnel in which the ring can sit easily.  After the ear has formed a skin lined tunnel, removing off the earring would not make it go away because according to the tunnel it is on the outer side of your body.  You can only close it through surgery.

How to make ear hole smaller naturally?

You cannot make the earring hole smaller on your own! Earring holes can easily get stretched if you will wear heavy rings or even by increasing the sizing of your earrings as intentionally. In a second another case, the stretching can even happen on its own with time. you cant say that my ear piercing has ripped.

To reduce or to make your earring hole smaller, you have to go through the surgical procedure.  You need to seek some advice from your ENT surgeon or the Plastic surgeon.

How to close ear piercing holes faster?

Closing any piercing is so much easy and simple to perform on your own.  You have to, first of all, take your jewelry out and clean the main piercing hole with some soap and water. You have to make sure that you clean it every two weeks.  Healing time might differ based on the piercing or the cartilage/lobe sensitivity.

The cartilage will heal down in just a few weeks as compared to the lobe.  Lobe will take a long time.  You should not be putting back the earring if the piercing is not healed completely otherwise it can cause some infection or can damage your lobe tissue, Some time also ripped ear from earring.

How to fix stretched ear piercing naturally?

You can easily fix your stretched ear piercing wring angle naturally at home by following some precautionary measures recommended by your doctor. You should be careful about the selection of the jewelry you are choosing to wear in your ear lobe, daughters ear piercing ripped as well due to mentioned situation.  Wearing of heavy earrings that can gradually give your piercing hole a better widening.

Normally ear piercing can get stretched if you are wearing some heavy piece of jewelry in your ears. If you are healing your stretched ear piercing, make sure you prevent yourself from wearing heavy pieces of rings until and unless the piercing is not fully healed.

How to reduce ear hole size naturally at home?

You can’t reduce the ear hole size on your own! Earring holes can effortlessly get reduced if you will put on heavy rings or even via growing the sizing of your earrings as intentionally. In a different case, the reducing can even occur on its very own with time.  To decrease or to make your earring gap smaller, you have to go via the surgical procedure.  Consulting ENT physician or the Plastic surgeon can guide you better about if tragus piercing ripped ear.

What to do when cartilage piercing gets ripped out?

There is no such best or any fastest way to easily repair ripped ear piercing after the ear piercing gets ripped out.  You can still make sure that the wound has been fully cleaned. If you feel that it has got infected, you can use some antibiotic cream. You should not be wearing back the earrings back in piercing until and unless you are not sure whether the piercing has been healed completely or not.

How to fix a ripped belly button piercing?

For fixing the ripped belly button piercing, you can make the best use of warm compress. You just need to place the warm compress over the infected piercing area.  This will help you to reduce any sort of redness or swelling which has happened on the belly button.  If you are not having a wet compress, you can also use some warm washcloth through some cleaning solution.If will probably take the period of 4 to 6 weeks for healing as it does not get completely healed within 1 year.


So this is the complete end of the discussion about how you can easily heal the ripped ear piercing! You don’t need to put any such hard efforts for the quick recovery of the ripped ear piercing.  Just an ordinary and daily care of the ear piercing is recommended. If you find any sort of issues to get required results in terms of the healing sessions, then consulting a medical professional is an ultimate option.

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