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What Does Getting Your Ears Pierced Feel Like?

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Ear piercing is the oldest form of body modification and people have been piercing their ears for thousands of years. Ear piercing means pushing the needle through the earlobe and it gets out on the other side. So it is a painful practice although earlobe piercing is the least painful piercing as compared to other body piercing.

You can feel two types of pain; a sharp pain which lasts only for some time and replaces with a duller pain that will last for some hours.

Its intensity depends on your tolerance, how you react towards this action etc. During the piercing process; try to divert your attention on other things like listening to music or talking to some person, think positive, stay calm and do not be afraid, this will help you in building confidence. Home piercing is not recommended due to unsterilized instruments and non-professional treatment.

Does ear piercing hurt with a gun?

Piercing your body is a personal decision and you have to decide which method you like for piercing. Piercing gun is used for ear piercing but it is mostly designed just for earlobe piercing, it is not suitable for cartilage piercing or piercing of other body parts.

It is not the most recommended method as it has many impediments and disadvantages; it may be a cause of infection due to multiple uses and diseases can easily be transmitted with a gun. It creates complications due to poor hygienic condition and poor quality jewellery which is not proper for the healing process.

Let me also share you with one experience from my friend.

Piercing gun is made of plastic that’s why it can not be sterilized and only cleans with an antiseptic solution that is not enough for body piercing. As the use of the gun does not require special training, most people are non-professional and untrained and do not know the after-effects and complications of the piercing.

Therefore piercing gun is not commonly suggested by an expert and it hurts you more as compared with other piercing methods.

Does getting your ears pierced hurt more than a shot?

The intensity of the pain depends on you, how much pain tolerance you have is this your first experience or have you pierced many times before it and the area where you want piercing etc. All these factors participated in your piercing process.

Some people feel more pain with the shot than other piercing methods. Ear lobes are made up of cartilage tissue and there is no muscle therefore you feel more pain. Speed is also considered in shot piercing how speedily they are injected in your ear.

You can not avoid pain but try to divert attention and look away when the piercing is started. Company of a good friend is also supportive and makes it less painful and stressful.

So, piercing with a shot may be more painful but it varies from person to person and their attitude how they react against this procedure. It is not the same for everyone. Your experience can be different than other people.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does ear piercing hurt?

Pain level is difficult to measure as you can not say how people rate their pain, it is their personal experience and depends on their tolerance and area of placement. The least painful piercing is the earlobe which is more famous in both men and women and rated as 1/10.

Most painful piercings are anti tragus and couch because of their sensitive location,anti-tragus is rated as 8/10 and couch is rated as 6/10. Each piercing carries a different scale due to their unique characteristics.

Daith piercing and industrial deserve 6/10 points on the pain scale. In helix, piercing is performed by single or multiple punctures and your pain maybe 6/10.

In Rook piercing, you may expect a sharp pain due to the puncturing of antihelix and pain level maybe 6/10.

Cartilage gains 4/10 and stretching which is used for wearing large size jewellery gains 3/10 on the pain scale. We can be listed as follows;.

 On a scale of 1 to 10 how much does a tragus piercing hurt? 

Anti tragus 8/10

Couch 6/10

Daith 6/10

 On a scale of 1 to 10 how much does a helix piercing hurt 

Helix 6/10

Rook 6/10

 On a scale of 1 to 10 how much does a cartilage piercing hurt 

Cartilage 4/10

Stretching 3/10

Earlobe 1/10

By applying certain methods and suggestions, you can make piercing less painful.


What does getting your ears pierced with a needle feel like?

Ear piercing with a needle can be safer and less painful if you go to a professional piercer. Piercing with a needle can save you from many serious complications. A needle can easily be cleaned and made with a material which is less prone to a skin infection.

Piercing with a needle requires a long time training therefore only an expert can use the needle for piercing. With the needle, you can choose a variety of piercings all over the body. As it is sharp you feel less pain and find a better result than any other method.

Piercing with a needle requires more training, it may not be easily available in every parlous. It can be more costly as compared with gun piercing due to its accessibility on every part. Before getting pierced with a needle, make sure that the piercer is wearing disposable gloves and needles should be sterilized, this will save you from many intricacies.

Do they numb your ear before piercing?

If you are so afraid and want to make this experience less painful, ask your doctor or piercer to suggest a numbing cream or sprays, they will decrease your pain but you will still feel some sensation during the procedure.

Numbing cream which contains lidocaine derivatives performs as anesthesia and you will not feel pain. Apply a thick layer of cream at least 30 to 60 minutes before piercing but keep in mind it does not decrease pain completely, you can feel a little pain.

You can also try another method if you do not want to use numb cream. Try an ice cube before piercing, ice will numb the pain receptors for a few minutes and you do not feel pain. Cut a potato in half and place it against the back of your ear so the needle does not hurt you. Some piercer does not recommend numbing cream; they argue that they should feel the pain for a real understanding of the procedure of ear piercing.

Does getting your ears pierced hurt with a needle?

It is the most recommended method, least painful and much safer method for all types of body piercing. A needle is used for all types of body piercing, the body area where other piercing methods do not work properly, it is pierced with a needle.

Needle piercing is extremely sharp and accurate that lessens the chances of infection as it is sterilized and disposable before use. When you choose a needle for piercing, it means you will find an expert and professional piercer because piercing with a needle requires long practice and training. It may be inconvenient to find needle piercing parlour easily.

You find it much more costly than other piercing methods, it depends on the piercing type and how many piercings you select one or multiple piercings. The jewellery which is used for the piercing method is of the best quality material that protects and helps in reducing any infection or irritation. So you should give preference to needle piercing.

How long does ear piercing hurt?

You can hurt because of the new piercing and type of jewellery you wear so give attention to these issues for the proper healing process. You may feel soreness, infection or irritation etc, it is because of a puncture wound if you use a piercing gun. It will decrease within some days when it heals.

Your earring hole hurts you because of infection due to unsterilized instruments, lack of proper care, touching with dirty hands and not following the appropriate treatments. The symptoms of infection are followings;

  • Redness and pain
  • Soreness
  • Swelling around the area
  • Thick, yellowish fluid with a foul odour
  • Irritation
  • Fever

You seek medical assistance if you find all these symptoms after piercing. Another reason for the hurting is your body’s natural reaction. Your body does not accept your new piercing and rejects it, so you should not remove your earrings until it will fully heal.

The ear has a different type of tissue which takes time for healing, earlobe piercing takes 6 to 8 weeks while a cartilage piercing can take 4 months to one year. Helix piercing usually takes 6 to 9 month for healing.

How bad does it hurt to pierce your own ears?

You can pierce your ear at home if you do not afford the price of piercing but you should know all the basic steps of it. It will be cheap and not time-consuming because you don’t need to go anywhere. You can do it at home, first do not use a gun, use a needle or a safety pin for piercing your ears.

You can use a numbing cream or ice cube for this purpose. Before starting piercing, make sure that all the instruments and jewellery should be sterilized. When you start piercing, a razor or a half potato put behind your ear so that needle can not hurt you.

Insert the pin or needle through your earlobe and into the object behind it. Clean the wound with alcoholic cotton and put your earring in your new piercing and do not remove until it heals completely. Follow proper care and precaution after piercing.

You can pierce your own ear at home if you are so confident and have no fear of needles, otherwise do not perform this action at home.


Piercing is a very painful act which is performing for many years but now you can pierce at a very affordable price and with least pain. Piercing lasts your whole life with you, once you choose a style it will never leave you so your style must be your choice. You must have to like your piercing otherwise it will become a source of discomfort for you. Different methods for body piercing are used these days and you can choose it according to your inclinations and capabilities.

You would not take risk of your health at any cost and try to adopt the best ways for piercing. Consult your doctor if you have any serious health issues so that you may not face any complication after piercing. If you do not like to piece your ear, you can wear fake jewellery in a different style. It will be the easiest way to enjoy the trendy look without any pain of getting piercing.

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