10 Best Earrings For Athletes in 2021 | Complete Guide for Every Sport

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In this world of trends, style has become a mandatory part of everyone’s life. Everybody even in professional life wants elegance to be a part of their personality. Wearing a different kind of jewelry can help them to look perfect. Among jewelry wearing the different types of earrings with unique designs are always seen on top.

These are used in discrete events or even by the athlete or by other professional sportspersons. But using earrings by the athletes is difficult because they can interfere with their performance by dangling or may create other distracting issues.

To prevent the athletes from all these issues here is a list of unique earrings that the athletes can wear even during their performance without disturbing them. These perfect earrings are perfectly and comfortably worn by the athletes by maintaining their elegance.

Shappy 1000 Pairs Plastic Earrings Post Clear Ear Pins


clear earrings for athletes

Shappy earrings are clear earrings perfect for athletes. They are made of acrylic and silicone rubber, thus they don’t contain any metals. They are lightweight and can be used by both men and women. They don’t cause any allergic reaction and are recommended to not be used by children under 3 years.


  • These shappy clear earrings can be used by casually or even at any event.
  • Their pin is made of acrylic and the earring back is made of silicon rubber.
  • They don’t contain any metal so they don’t cause any infection and discomfort to the ears.
  • They are small-sized thus don’t cause tangling and tearing of the ears.
  • They are extremely lightweight thus are best for sensitive ears.
  • They can be used by both men and women and can also be used for the second hole piercing.
  • Children under the age of 3 are recommended to not use these earrings.
  • These earrings can be adorned with different pearls to add elegance.

Plastic Earrings Posts and Backs Clear Earring Pins

Plastic clear earrings are made of acrylic and silicone rubber thus don’t cause any allergic reaction. Length of the earring post is 12mm, while the diameter of the earring post is 3mm. Size of the rubber earring back is 4mm*4mm. Lightweight earrings make them best for sensitive ears. These are small sized earrings and can be used for a longer time.


  • Plastic clear earrings don’t contain any metals that do not cause any allergic reactions.
  • These are made of acrylic and silicone rubber thus these are best for sensitive ears.
  • The lightweight of these earrings makes them suitable to wear all time without infecting the ears.
  • Their small size makes them suitable to use by men, women, or even by adults.
  • They are designed such that they prevent tangling and tearing the ears.
  • Due to their tiny size, these are recommended to keep away from the children.

Ruifan Ball Flat Flexible Bioplast PVC Plastic Blank Ear Pin


nose pin for swimming

Ruffian ear nose pins are the best option to use by the athletes. These plastic ear nose pins are made of Bioflex Plastic. These ear nose pins are metal-free thus they are non-toxic and do not cause any allergic reaction. The length of the bar is 11mm while gauge is 0.8mm. These are small-sized and light weight ear nose pins packed in a beautiful box.


  • These ear nose pins are simple but beautifully designed and are easy to wear.
  • These are made of Bioflex Plastic thus are nonallergic.
  • Plastic ear nose pins don’t contain any metals, thus they don’t cause any discomfort and infection.
  • The small size of these ear nose pins makes them suitable to use all the time.
  • The lightweight of these pins makes them easy to use and prevents them from tearing out.
  • These unique ear nose pins are beautifully packed in a beautiful box with happiness guaranteed.

uGems Silicon & 14K Yellow Gold Earrings Backs

silicone earrings for sports

14K Yellow earring backs are covered with silicon thus are best for sensitive ears. Earnout of the earrings backs has a cap style on it that is best for the earrings with thin post. Earrings backs have a diameter of 6mm, and a thickness 5mm. Perfectly used for different sizes of the thin posts. These are lightweight and nonallergic.


  • These earrings’ backs are made of 14K Yellow Gold, which is covered with the silicon.
  • These earrings’ backs don’t contain any toxic metal, thus there is no fear of ear infection.
  • These earrings backs are perfectly used by the thin post and there is no fear of poking out of earrings.
  • Cap style on the ear nut makes it suitable to use by the earrings with the thin posts.
  • The small size of these earrings’ backs makes them capable of use all the time.
  • These earring backs are non-allergic, thus don’t cause any allergic reaction.
  • These earrings backs are available to use in different sizes of the thin earrings posts.
  • These are available with a 14K stamp for authentication.

TOAOB 100 Pairs Plastic Earring Posts Flat Pad Blank Pin Studs

plastic earring posts and backs

TOAOB 100 Pairs Plastic earrings are made of acrylic and silicone rubber. The thickness of earring posts and back is  0.8mm and 4mm. These are non-allergic so prevent any allergic reaction. These simple earrings are bendable so easy to use. The lightweight of earrings makes them suitable for sensitive ears.


  • These 100 pairs of simple earrings are surely the best choice of athletes.
  • Earring pins are made of acrylic and the earrings back are made of silicon.
  • These earrings don’t contain any toxic metal thus does not cause any infection to the earlobe.
  • The small size of the earring prevents the dangling of the hairs.
  • These are hypoallergenic so prevent any allergic reaction.
  • The lightweight earrings make them suitable for sensitive ears.

Stuppendux Style-7 350Pcs 16G Unisex Anti-Allergic Silicone 

best earrings for sports

Stuppenduc Style earrings are made of silicone and plastic. They lack allergic metals thus prevent allergic reactions. Different colors are available for this product. These are lightweight and comfortable to use. These are small size earrings with a simple design thus suitable to use at any event and occasion.


  • Simple and unique design of these earrings is best to use at any time without any irritation.
  • These are made of silicone and plastic thus are hypoallergenic.
  • The lightweight of the earrings makes them suitable for the second hole piercing.
  • These earrings are available in different colors to add elegance to any event and occasion.
  • These unique earrings are best for sensitive ears because they prevent infections.
  • These earrings are designed such that you can comfortably take a nap by wearing them.
  • The small size of the earrings prevents the dangling and tearing of the earlobes.

Why are plastic earrings suitable for sports?

As compared to the metal earrings the plastic earrings are much lighter in weight than metallic earrings.So plastic earrings are used during sport because they don’t burden the earlobe and also prevent any irritation during the performance.

 Here are some more reasons for using plastic earrings by athletes. 

Because plastic earrings are discreet

You can use plastic earrings comfortably on sports because they are discreet. You can rely on them during your performance because you can easily hide them whenever you don’t want to show them.

Plastic earrings don’t tarnish

Plastic earrings are simple because they are not adorned by pearls. They are simply designed plastic earrings that are metal; free thus they maintain their luster. Their shine is never faded with exposure to any chemical or air.

Plastic earrings are lightweight

Plastic earrings do not adorn by pearls and any other fascinating materials. They are made of plastic thus they have lightweight Due to the lightweight you can wear during sport because it does not burden the earlobe thus you don’t feel like you are wearing earrings.

Plastic earrings are cheap

Plastic earrings do not contain any metal or any other material thus they are available at a much cheaper rate as compared to metallic earrings.  As the plastic earrings are cheaper so one can easily purchase a number of pairs without any problem.

Are plastic earrings hypoallergenic?

Plastic earrings are hypoallergenic because they do not contain any metals. They are lead-free, nickel-free purely made of plastic. Due to the hypoallergenic property, they do not cause any allergic reaction and infection to the earlobe.

Are plastic earring backs safe?

Plastic earrings are tough earrings so athletes can easily use them during their performance. There is no risk of poking out earrings so you can wear it all time without fear of losing them.

Are plastic earrings good for sports?

Plastic earrings are considered the best earrings for sports due & to a number of advantages. But besides the positive features, the plastic earrings also have negative features as well.

Pros of plastic earrings

  • Lightweight & small-sized earrings
  • Hypoallergenic thus prevent an allergic reaction
  • Made of hard & durable plastic
  • Prevent tangling & irritation
  • Easily hideable
  • Available at cheaper rates

Cons of plastic earrings

  • Low quality plastic easily bendable
  • Hard to find if poke out
  • Low-quality plastic may cause an allergic reaction


Earrings are designed in different ways to add elegance to any event or occasion. Whether on an event or during sports they are widely used. Athletes also use earrings to add glamour to their look. But the earrings for he athletes are far different than the earrings used casually because they may be tangled and disrupt the performance

Keeping this in mind the above list of earrings not only prevent the athletes from the poor performance by distraction issue but also maintains the charming look of the athletes.

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