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What Does a Septum Piercing Say About You?

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What Does a Septum Piercing Say About You? Well, we all know that with time the old trend of having septum piercing is all over back again. It is becoming a top favorite trend among teenage girls and so as the elder age group of women as well. Septum piercing is available in different sizes, shapes, or styles which range from the posh ones to the exotic look.

No matter whatsoever type of piercing you are getting for yourself, it brings a sophisticated and elegant look in your whole personality. Changing the piercing jewelry and its coloration will add an extra charm and finishing in your face.

Some of the women do have a conception in mind that having septum piercing will not be leaving an elegant impact on your personality. Piercing is all about giving your personality a bold look. But that’s not true at all! It is a myth that every single woman believes in.

What was the purpose of piercing in ancient times?

It is getting quite normal to wear the piercing on different areas of your face which can be either nose, ears, or even on the chin. Some of the people even opt to have the piercing on the belly area or on the nipples which is becoming a new trend now.

Young and teenage groups of boys and girls have not started to adopt the art of piercing along with the tattooing as well. This is best to highlight your self-expression in front of others on better terms. Check out following video to get better understanding.

The trend of piercing was started for the first time through the celebrities or the athletes who introduce the art of wearing septum piercing in ears. But as they are known to be the public figures, therefore, the ordinary public or their fans started following the fashion trends which they do keep all the time.

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing?

You need to just choose the one which is suited according to your rebellious spirit.  It is your choice whether you want to adorn the piercing with a small set of jewelry or the big one.

Are septum piercings cultural appropriation?

In the old times, ancestors used to pierce certain parts of their body due to basic other reasons which were interconnected with one another. Over the ancient era time, some of the tribes used to pierce their nose or ears or prefer having a tattoo on different parts of the body just to make themselves completely different from one another.

But now the same trend is being followed where people have been opting for the piercing just because they want to make themselves completely different from the crowd.

How Ear or Nose Piercing Helps to Introduce your Personality?

septum piercing on different nose shapes

Apart from making yourself unique in the crowd, you can choose various kinds of ear piercing as a medium that can work as your personality identification.

Straight away from the personality or the personal style, ear piercing has been known as the perfect way which will enable you to reflect your personality traits on others.

Every single person has its reason and basics to get the nose or ear piercing which has probably made the septum piecing to be one of the most demanding art in the world.

 What does a septum piercing mean? 


Once you have done septum piercing, you will meet so many people in your daily life who will probably ask you a question as if why you have opted for the piercing.  Not just the ordinary people, but even the piercing expert will ask this question from you before starting the piercing process. And the only answer which they probably get from every single person is just to look different and unique while walking in the crowd.

They are in want to express their personality and traits towards others just through one small piece of piercing either in their nose or in the ear.  With so many different variations of piercing available, it becomes so much easy for you to pick the one which is highlighting your personality on better terms.

Why people choose to do septum piercing?

septum piercing jewelry

Sometimes it is your passion or hobby to bring a change in your face or personality based on which they look ahead to pick the art of septum piercing.

Septum piercing is categorized into different types and styles which talk a lot about your personality. Right in this guide, we will be explaining some of the most common types of septum piercing and what they say about your personality most often!

Larger Gauge & Exotic Appeal

Large gauges are normally available in 16 gauges which are best to opt if you are planning to get some bigger gauges for giving your personality an exotic rock appeal.  It even talks about your gothic chic personality as well.

Lobe Piercing

Many of you have been so much conscious about how you have been living your life daily.  You do like to take the risks all over but you are quite curious to make some calculations to get an idea about whether they are worth taking the plunge or not.  This piercing will identify your personality to be a complete planner.

You make sure you have a complete schedule planner and you prefer staying connected with your calendar to make sure you don’t miss anything.  Lobe piercing will let others get an idea about how much organized and a proper planner you are.

Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing is all about being free and wild.  A person with such personality will never let anyone get down or feel demotivated.  You have your own set of rules or you make sure you go against the mainstream if it is not in your favor. This might leave some people shocked who are closer to you. But this doesn’t put any effect on you because this is one such sort of reaction which you have been expecting most often.

You do like to grab the attention of people towards your graceful and charming personality. You have a small circle of friends and you do not like to get closer to people very quickly.  You might look hard in nature from outer personality but from inside you are completely soft-spoken.

Daith Piercing

The Daith piercing will let others get an idea about your personality in terms of how confident you are.  As at one side, so many people have been struggling with the issues of self-confidence, on the contrary side, you are not one of them. You are already born with a bunch of confidence in you.  From a very young age, you start looking into you to know about who are you and what is the main purpose of your life.

Why My Daith Piercing Hurts When I Smile? Experts Advice

You are focused on life and have a driven goal to achieve something. You are never letting any sort of pitfalls or speed bumps to come in the middle of your way to achieve success in life.

You like to work hard and put all your motivation and dedication in any sort of small or big task. You do know the trick of maintaining a perfect social life in a completely balanced way.

Conch Piercing

when can i change my conch piercing

Conch piercing is a form of hidden piercing that lets others get an idea about how mysterious you are?  You do like living your life in complete seclusion which is not too much surrounded by many people all the time.

As at one side some of the people look forward to spending their weekends outdoor, you are one such person who likes to chill inside your home bed watching Netflix and your favorite movies.  You feel much more comfortable when you are all alone. You do find certain issues to get into communication with people in a crowd.

Tragus Piercing

Getting a perfect tragus piercing will let others get an idea about how much energetic and lively you are.  You know how to boost up the mood of other people through your energetic presence.  You can simply change the mood of a person who is down and upset.

Hence you are always in favor to keep the atmosphere light-hearted and fun-filled all the time.  You are not so much attached to the boring people around you.  Plus, you always wanted to be the first to crack the jokes in the group. In short, you have a charming and sweet personality that can let anyone get mad at you at any time.  You will never get into trouble at all.

Snug Piercing

what is a snug piercing

A lady with the snug piercing is a completely balanced one and they do know how to make fair decisions towards life.  You even act as the best and professional mediator in case any of your friends got into a fight.  This is all because you do know how to reach the stage of the compromise to deal with both the parties together.

You always feel bad for the people who are not being treated in the right way and therefore, you are always standing for them in the need of the hour.  You like being a close friend to everyone. You do have a caring feeling even for strangers and you wish them to live a long healthy life.

Rook Piercing

Rook piercing people are adventurous and are always looking forward to trying something new and exciting in their life.  You are always looking forward to some new things related to and plans which are coming in your way to achieving something new and everlasting memories.

You are fond of spending more of your days outdoor and do not like to sit inside.  Experiencing plays a vital role for you in your life and you are not so much attached to your phone at all.  You avoid getting yourself connected with the world of materialistic.

Helix Piercing

what is a helix piercing good for

Lastly, we have helix piercing! A person with this piercing is much attracted to the finer things in their life. They are fond of having different luxuries in their life on the day to day basis. You do like showing your money all the time and make sure that you are justifying all your habits by way of insisting cash which you do think will not be going anywhere once you die.  In simple, you have a proper idea about when you need to spend and when you are in a need to splurge.

Which are different types of septum piercings styles?

As you will search for you will probably be finding different types of septum piercing such as conch, helix, daith, snug, industrial and so many more. You need to just choose the one which is suited according to your rebellious spirit.

It is your choice whether you want to adorn the piercing with a small set of jewelry or the big one. Both bigger and small piece of jewelry knows very well how to grab the attention of people around you.

When Can I Change My Cartilage Piercing?

Why you should get a septum piercing as a trends?

It is not important to just pierce your nose or ear because you are in want to make yourself look different or want others to know about your personality But still you have one question.Does a septum piercing hurt? Sometimes it is your passion or hobby to bring a change in your face or personality based on which performing the art of septum piercing is the ideal option for you.

You have to get in touch with the piercing expert to know more about septum piercing information aftercare tips and maintenance guidelines. So you can better heal the piercing area quickly.

Benefits of having a septum piercing?

With time the demand and trend of septum piercing have been getting a lot famous and popular. This art of nose and ear piercing is just to look cool and making yourself looks unique and different while walking in the crowd.

The use of septum piercing men has been existing for the last so many ancient years where the African tribes used to opt the art of piercing to let their tribes be identified, here let me also share you a video from you tube which define the Pros and cons of septum piercing in detial.

There are so many benefits of septum piercing which we are about to discuss below for you. Let’s have a look:

  • You can easily hide it without any hassle.
  • Plus you can wear different styles and designs of jewelry patterns for your nose and ear.
  • It is not painful at all because in case if you put intense pressure on the piercing area due to the sweet spot, it can cause a little septum piercing pain  for you.
  • It can easily get healed in a quick time and does not encounter any sort of rejection or infection at the piercing area.
  • You can perform the piercing on nose, ears or for your chin areas.

Apart from the pros, it has been adding up some cons as well. You can most often feel a weird smell when you have done a nose piercing. This smell is temporary and will be vanished as soon as your piercing will be completely healed.


To sum up the whole discussion we would say that if you are in want or desire to let others know about your inner rebel, then choosing cartilage piercing is the best option for you.  This septum piercing meaning is the old concept for you which has been used by the ancestors for a long time and still it is back in the fashion market with a new concept and a new era. This trend is being followed where people have been opting for the piercing just because they want to make themselves completely different from the crowd.


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